Saturn in Virgo

I haven’t written for some time. Actually, I always write. Especially now, when my school of astrology has began and when I need to prepare my class every week. But the text about Saturn in Virgo, that I have been mulling over since August, I should now finally write. I wanted to do it then, so it would be “in time” before we start feeling it’s influence, but what is done is done…I am late, just as everything runs late as soon as Saturn has a hand in it (new hand). Saturn entered Virgo on September 2nd and is set to stay there untill October 29th 2009.

The clients that are coming, it seems, are all more than ever intoxicated with one fear, that is easily predictable in the time we live in. It’s a fear of being jobless, being sacked, poverty and destitution. Something is threatening small businesses, entrepreneurs, all the labourers employed in big companies, there is something trying to take away the last grain of human pride and dignity and to turn them all into slaves. Wages have been reduced over night, injustice is everywhere you turn…some are getting shamelessly high raises, while others received reduced wages, on the one hand we have those who obviously claim all rights, while others have none to speak of, and are waiting every day to be told “who they are today”, where they will be placed, what they will be doing today, are getting harder and harder work, undignified and demeaning in regard to who they really are, how many books and university degrees they have. First they feel rage, while they still have strength; they are looking around them, and they see poverty, but also a seductive shop window or two and the thought of the joy of buying and appeasing oneself, like a powerful sorcerer removes their worries for a while, and they decide to remain on their awful job just one month longer…and afterward, after that they will “find something new, much better…”. In a month, and then another month, and for the next six months, that strength and energy that stems from human dignity, that is angry because it doesn’t stand for insults of any kind, becomes petrified while waiting for action, for change, for the new, and before he even notices it – the longer he waits – he gives up and acquiesces. He is surrounded by cases that are worse than his own, so instead of looking toward his own goals, he now looks at the ground, and those who have it worse than he does, that are left jobless and can not find any work for months and have better CVs than he, and he begins to be scared, “if he can’t do it, how am I going to?…” So many remain where they are, and the desire to change jobs remains a dream of better conditions, of higher income, of a more realistic standard of living. Then in the first month of the week, they spend on some pleasure of theirs that lasts until the 10th of the month, and then again rage, despair and slavery.

Laughter, lightheartedness can not find their way through the clouds of concern that can not see through doubt, fear, pessimism that if laughter can mean anything, that anything can ever be better than it is now, so an agony and melancholic emerging into everyday routine that, being portrayed by Virgo, now becomes pure Saturn: cold, working, senseless and above all desperate in those moments when one asks himself “Where did my day go?”, “I can’t remember the last time I laughed…”, “When did I last see my friends”, “When was I last relaxed… had time for everything”. Worst of all, Saturn in Virgo is – shame. A shame that appears in time, when a person is ashamed of himself for being treated like a commodity, of not acting when he first realized that he needs something new. “And how big is this patience of mine, that endurance, for me to be able to swallow all of this torture, manipulation, orders for a small amount of money…” and there is no courage, as well as no action. Until…

Before man began to understand the importance of matter that has in subsequent centuries created economy and all her little sisters, from marketing to stock exchanges, man used to feel matter as something that naturally belonged to him. Those were the fields, ………….. that yielded exactly as much as needed. From that position, from a man’s need to “serve not man but earth”, to care about it, work it, water it, rise early in the morning because of it, be prepared to plant, pick, and reap it, agriculture was born which now, in the 21st century again becomes popular, in the age of the technological revolution, today again, because of Saturn in Virgo, landowners will be safe – the safest. Whether he decides to plant nuts that are sold in green markets for ever rising prices, or whether to sell land and buy an apartment, invest money in some sort of business, you will now see everyone talking about land.

About land that can be worked, but many will, out of fear and poverty, sell it to some sorts of construction companies – that are also – since they are matter and structure – represented by Saturn, so on the most fertile lands, instead of forests, fields and new fruit, now buildings will be erected there…but man will go on to use that money to happily buy himself an apartment or two and assure his livelihood for some time.

Those who want to do this kind of business, to sow seeds and restore agriculture to its former respectable position, especially if Saturn is now supporting them in the way of higher education and expertise, may now discover new types of pesticides, engage themselves in work that preserves agriculture and its advancement, because everyone that has Saturn in Virgo carries in his genes the heritage of a grandfather that has fought in his community for another three acres of land, or three more tractors, the first combines…So those who own land will not go hungry, live on the land or have acquired some financial security through it now. Where there is agriculture there will be food, homemade, so under that we also have restaurants, but also food stores which will surely increase profits by adding home made jams and various preserves to their offer….

And then a man’s joy awakens again, when he realizes that it is possible not to be dependant on others and that the price to pay is work, being without shame…” I will make 20 jars of ayvar and take them to market. That’s how I will in seven days make the money I would earn in that company by working all month!”. Those who do not have barns, fields, fruit or cooking skills, they will branch into trades. Intellectuals will go to courses, unaware that fear is what drives them now, that they need to have other knowledge, apart from the one they acquired at university, whether it is massage, cosmetics, astrology, cooking, sewing, book keeping, tutoring various subjects…Many will return to their first trades – so if they have once tutored foreign languages or piano, they will now again be calling on students to tutor them … and still be happy that they can do it on their own, but only as soon as they get over their shame. When they need to chose the lesser of the shames – the one that saves them, not the one that pressures them into feeling like slaves while they are forced to put up with insults in the office or feel like crying when they open the envelope containing their monthly pay.
Many are unaware that right now, while Saturn is in Virgo, they are going into new businesses that they have started long ago in order to make ends meet, that will turn out to be their almost second, new profession and with the help of good aspects in their charts, maybe these will be their businesses, their livelihoods, even sources of luxury. But this is how it will begin…out of fear, poverty, shame that they can not even buy a pair of boots, or if they do it would mean going into debt, and Saturn is always a minus, it remains on the bank statement an additional three months, and in that period, debt will be made, or they will have to be left to their own devices in order to survive.

And what about those who, while reading these lines, are thinking to themselves: “I have it good, I have it really good, I am content.” If you are one of those that has a lot, take a look around you. Look at those who don’t have anything and give to them. It is up to you to share voluntarily and from your soul, and even if it would be out of fear of some retribution, but when the knowledge that you have helped someone shines light into your life, you will be grateful that you were in the right place at the right time. If you never have enough and decide not to give and be selfish, you should know that Saturn will then stand in your way and take its due, he will take either for some necessity, through court fees, old debts that you have forgotten about, expensive doctor’s interventions, attorneys, insurances…For he is there to teach you. He looks upon you as his small children who have not yet undestood the power of the ascetic spirit is immeasurable with that material satisfaction that you have. He will make you say in the end, maybe even out loud, “ only health is important”, or perhaps someone poor will help you out when you’re in trouble and you will feel shame, terrible shame for being dressed the way you are and for selfishly looking down on the likes of him with loathing and despising.

And what of those who say that all of the above does not touch them, and they do not belong to the last group? That means that modesty has become their virtue long ago, and that the sad everyday life that abolishes joy with bills, negative saldos, debts, notices, the impossibility to find employment, always hides and guards one minimum of minimums, that they know how to see. That minimum is in the intellect, a pure and deep comprehension of life as it truly is, for believe me, they have seen enough of Saturn in Virgo long before he entered Virgo, that every one of those days that you spend smilingly strolling through luxury hotels and chose expensive jackets – is the reason why you now feel fear because you know how it was once, you should know that during that whole time they were the same as they are now, never too much, never nothing, always as much as necessary, and if he doesn’t have, he will work twice or thrice as much, from one job to the other – it’s not hard, he will help himself, find ways, study, for every soul that feels early on the pressure of the powerful on its shoulders yearns for knowledge, a knowledge that only in these people becomes pure wisdom and is called the acceptance of suffering. And only they are the ones that are laughing today, that can mock this era although they will sincerely be sorry that you lost your job and that you don’t have their experience, because all that is happening to you now, has happened to them ten or more years ago, much earlier than it should have…so they became the image of Saturn in their lifetime, where acceptance of suffering, inevitably brings peace and a life that can unhindered further develop because of it. They too will have it rough here and there, they will make some wrong moves maybe, but Saturn has nothing to deny to Saturn, except to give him some new situation to test him and remind him of who he is. If you are one of these, then be happy, for you have payed Saturn forward and he can now thrice repay you for your modesty, goodness, generosity of spirit and above all, that you haven’t cursed him and damned him but understood him – you understood him, suffering.

For all restlessness comes from fear, and is apeased with prayer, knowledge, wisdom, modesty, patience, strength of spirit and the truth that lives in self-denial, in the strength of the spirit over the body, that is destined to suffer from birth.

“Only that which does not live for itself does not decay”, said Tolstoy (Virgo), and in that service, which is the essence of the Virgo flock, lies the key for accepting every day life, no matter what it may be like, in that service for others, the serving of a boss for what he is, that feeds the spirit on completely different sources. That now ceases to be a sort of strength and endurance, but instead becomes the power of the spirit to preserve man and not allow him to lose his virtues over the financial fall.

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