translation: MAJA MISKOVIC

Before reading your sign’s forecast for 2015, here is the general outlook:

New Year has its own history in the rituals that human kind is prone to from the beginning of the times. How could we know that something ended or something new began, if we don’t ascribe some symbols to such events in the form of food preparation, gift giving, and putting up a Christmas tree? According to Frazer and i Eliade, the magic had been created in this very way: as a need to protect ourselves from the higher forces, and later on, when we got skilled in those, to connect our brain and hands (mind and act). Hence the New Year’s expectations are nothing else but an attempt to magically direct the future. It’s the magic of our wishes, expectations, and beliefs … and so our expectations are high. Don’t we all have a clear feeling that something ended on December 31? Although January 1 is a day like any other, and astrologically speaking, the solar year begins on March 21, when the Sun is on the zero degrees of Aries, old habits die hard (or not at all). The ancient habit says that January 1 is the Day One and it’s like this in many calendars, on many To-Do lists, imprinted in our mind’s schedule. January 1, the Decision Day. The day for change. But could any of us change without saying goodbye to the old self? It makes sense then that New Year falls into the time of Capricorn, the ritualistic ending of the old, but not as, “it’s finally over!” but as showing respect to everything that is behind us. An insight into what we have gained, what has started, changed, acquired … only then we are ready to step forward into the new – but still uncertain about what we want in 2015. After all, isn’t all that we wish to others on the New Year’s Eve exactly what we want foremost for ourselves? That’s why it’s important to know what the 2015 brings astrologically. And what we need to leave behind. Only with this full package we are ready to move forward. Toward the new.

In my previous annual forecasts (especially the 2011) I talked about everything that is still happing globally, and we have arrived not only at the cycle of cataclysms, crises, and the old being replaced by the new (the March 2011-2018 period), but also to the moment when the individual needs to say farewell to the global. Imagine you are watching a movie, the plot has developed, but at certain point, a character, who until now was the victim of crazy situations, takes up all of your attention and you don’t think any more about the story line, but only see how the character transforms from the victim to the hero. Something like this … This is, therefore, the time for you become the main character, if you haven’t already. And this means taking responsibility for yourself in all the instances, which is a radical shift in regard to human life from only a couple of decades ago. Personal responsibility has replaced the permission for others (from the family to the society) to take care of ourselves and our lives, which was the case in the 20th century. The Ideas are now placed high above the Emotions, Humanity above the domesticated Goodness, the willpower of the Vision has won over the predictable Future, and Science over Religion (i.e. The Faith in Man has conquered the Fear from God). This is an ongoing process, but we could already see its dynamics.

So don’t aspire to perfection but to progress in small and firm steps. Fight for what you need. Don’t wait – learn to ask for it. Be assertive.

Although our stories are individual, we will all have a task to untangle the Manichean struggles between the opposites. Everybody will get their lot, but the game is between: Giving and Taking; Knowledge and Ignorance; Ruling and Servitude; Vision and Desperation; Intimacy (Trust) and Loneliness (Mistrust); Determination and Apathy; Bravery and Cowardice; Life and Fatality; Action and Passivity. Until 2018 all of us need to go through and overcome these crises.

An adventure and departure out of the comfort zone is awaiting everybody and some of you may be heading in this direction already. This time it’s not a choice as Saturn got to Sagittarius and will find a way to dislocate you from the safety of the everyday. For some he will bring a new job, which will require much more dynamics, for the others this dynamics will be denied for the purpose of finding an anchor. For some this anchor will be their partner, while the others will have to go alone this year. Education will be a common theme; for a change, young people will choose unpopular academic fields, eager to gain genuine knowledge. Medicine, pharmaceutics, genetics, ecology, everything related to the music, sports, the exploration of space and humankind, are back on the academic forefront.

Travels will intensify, entire families will move from one part of the country to another, and the rest will travel to find peace, making pilgrimage to sacred places, skinning their knees on rocks as they conquer mountain peaks. Travels by boat, getting to know new cultures, nations and their customs, and mixing of genes will be prominent. The secret mission of these travels is to carry across new knowledge, the goods and the customs, as well as genes for the exchange of some new skills, generosity, and virtues. Travels propel people to recognize the good in other people and places and we get cultivated when we take the road. This year though the travels will be more adventurous, full of twists and unplanned turns, delays, and acquaintanceships that alter the route of life.

Mid-August will bring a better work situation given the current negative outlook as people are still jobless. In August 2015 Jupiter enters Virgo, which will bring about much needed optimism for people to do what they are capable for, even if it means creating something within the confinement of your own room. From baking cookies to carpentry, the capability of all of us to make and build something of use to others will become a way out of crisis. Jupiter in Virgo represents not only the basic skills and services, but also consulting and networking regardless of the profession. You could be a lawyer, an insurance agent or a psychologist. People need people again! And this is good.

Everything related to medicine and pharmaceuticals is going to expand. This is equally true for the traditional as well as alternative medicine, which will result in a growing number of physicians, healers, and shamans, but since Jupiter and Saturn will make negative aspect to Neptune in Pisces in the fall and winter of 2015, do not overdo it and be careful with the alternative paths to health and well-being, as the charlatans and self-proclaimed helpers will grow like weed. You don’t need wrong treatments, erroneous indicators, and complications. The traditional medicine will progress as well. We will hear about quantum medicine (Jupiter in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn), and the pharmaceutics (Neptune in Pisces) will shrewdly, as always, look for the soft spots to avoid its decline. From diabetes, erectile dysfunction, stress and depression, to the trite hyperproduction of supplements, to the medication for the most severe diseases, big pharma is ever plotting how to entice people to buy the stuff. This will be a dangerous time for massive addiction to prescription pills, so take care of your immune system and think about prevention. Walking will serve well your overall health as Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizes walking mileage and influences cardiovascular system/network/path within our body. So: get into walking, but be alert and fully present when in traffic, and above all, don’t rush because Saturn in Sagittarius is the most dangerous position for traffic (accidents, traffic jams, impassable roads, towing service…)

The spring full of promises is worth mentioning here: as early as March, and then in April and June of 2015 Jupiter will trine Uranus in fire signs, signifying an accord between a will and optimism, knowledge and vision, financial and moral support and ideas. This will be an opportunity for many to realize some of their dreams. These dreams will be more about the place of living, career and professional satisfaction and less about romantic love, which could actually go through a crisis in this period. Individual partnership will be successful only if both sides are aware and have good communication channels, and above all, if they trust and respect each other. Since this is not the case with many couples – despite the glossy surface – this year may bring a teeter-totter in relationships: the very moment one gets it all, the other is being torn by suspicion, which could bring distancing and changes. The 2015 is a year of fears related to unfulfilled expectations, but this is also the year that ultimately demands these three ingredients from both partners: friendship, respect, and trust. Passion, romance, and seduction games are all fine if you are single, young, and far from a committed relationship. A bit of flirting and verbal playing could refresh marriages, but the 2015 marks the edge of the New Era, the era of Aquarius. The 2015 will for the first time test our readiness to love the Being. The essential question becomes: How much do you love the Human in your partner?

We loved to suffer throughout the twentieth century, we loved ourselves in the other only when the other loved us, and it was “I desire you as much as you adore me,” it was almost like a trade, a corruption based on “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” We are slowly getting over these narcissistic-egoistic love programs. As with any process, this one will last for years, but its intensity begins this year. Actually, we felt it a bit in 2014. Many marriages and long relationships got shaken: betrayals, lies, affairs, loss of trust and respect. The real question is, has the trust ever been built? Reset is therefore a must. My advice is: go slowly and carefully. Be patient and acknowledge your narcissistic whims and ego-sabotages. This aspect that I started talking about and then detoured to love, the good aspect between Jupiter and Uranus, was conducive to break ups, but for good. The partners needed to free themselves from the old, the self-imposed chains in order to freely rebuild their relationship. That’s right – nothing is lost, it just needs a fresh start. Marriages will be frequent in 2015, if only because the entire institution of marriage has become less traditional. People will easily step into marriage, diminishing its almost inquisition-like quality that had hovered for too long. The fear of marriage is finally vanishing, accompanied with the acknowledgement that we have a right to be wrong. We will give ourselves a new right to choose who we want to love, not once but forever, and with this choice comes an imperative to protect our choice.

While some will get married overnight, others will consciously say no to marriage in the name of their beautiful, desired togetherness. This is a step toward the evolution of love, where the root remains romantic love (Jupiter in Leo), which is enriched by the Love toward the Human in our partner (Uranus in Aries). Trust. Respect. Friendship. There is no perfect, ideal relationship, just the most perfect among all the imperfect ones, where both sides are committed and don’t give up.

I want to mention one more influential aspect that will be felt, irrespective of the personal sign: Venus will be retrograde in Leo. Venus’ time in Leo will quadruple, which means a much stronger effect. This will look like a prolonged going out lasting from June 5 until October 8, with the highlights around July 1 when Venus gets together with Uranus and Jupiter (sense of freedom, travel, cash, good mood, happiness, adoration, self-esteem), as well as from July 13 to August 3, when she goes back to the old, cleaning up the backyards she had once left, manipulating, provoking, and blackmailing. In this period Venus will not believe in the good, she will change to be loved, not to be true to herself. This will be the time of crises, break-ups, mutual hurting. One side will attack, but we are both in this. Always. Communicate during this period; if there is no communication and clarity (and such situations will abound), and when we are stubbornly silent, acting as if everything is alright (Venus in Leo is pretty vain), there could be no triumph. Young women will get pregnant easily during this transit, especially at the end of August and beginning of September. When I say “young” I mean teenagers, which brings back to the surface the abortion issue. If you have a daughter, please talk to her before it’s too late. This Venus transit is going to be important for the material situation as well. Material gains, business offers, if only seasonal and temporary, but the fact is, people will find a way to make money this summer.

Young people in general are a big topic in 2015, not only in the context of education, but also in shifting the boundaries of their own growth. What are young people capable of today, that they weren’t 20 years ago? They will organize their own life, and this ambition to secure the quality of their path could frighten some (“but you are too young!”), but recall if not your own father, than a grandfather who at the age of 15 ventured into creating his own life. The history repeats itself.

What follows is the 2015 annual forecast for each sign (read your ascendant as well). The images I used to accompany the text are also a reminder of Saturn in Sagittarius, which represents the humankind, all the suffering, destinies, cultures, and ambiances. It’s a reminder to travel with a backpack only – not all the travels require a lot of money – to understand different cultures, to respect the experiences different from your own, to promote what you believe in rather than stress what you despise and what annoys you. Don’t forget to give, share, help others, and of course, to walk and a read a book weekly.


1 - ovan

Private life: Since 2011 all the members of this sign have entered the seven-year period that brings about frequent changes. This doesn’t necessarily mean the change of partners, break-ups and dramas, but it’s evident that some of you will break up with the old in order to search for something new. If you are older you could experience novelty in the form of moving, getting an offspring, or changing your habits, which will affect your relationships. An offspring is important to you and if you have been passive in this arena, the 2015 may bring the family expansion. It is crucial for your healthy private life to build a healthy relationship with your primary family, to forgive your parents and yourself and to find a new common language. If you are young you are still going to have emotional problems within you primary family rather than within your love relationship. The adults need to take care of those who only until yesterday drove them up the wall. Strong symbiotic connections that made you leave your home in pursuit of freedom have not been broken by distance as you are still controlled by the guilt. You are finding an escape from the emotional turmoil in your own individuality, strength and bravery to make your own path. So stop blaming the others for having to do everything alone – yes, it was exactly what pushed you toward your maximum; otherwise you’d be a scared lamb. Such experiences need to be carried onto children and youth who will surround you in 2015. The key periods when you’ll be in a situation to react too quickly and hurt yourself and your intimate others are the second part of July and December. In March you may not find the support for everything that’s on your mind, but it won’t prevent you to push your own agenda. While April will bring about the easiness in relationships, new people and excitements, in the second part of October you will become more moderate and in December your focus will completely shift on your partner.

Work life: You could easily change your job, even profession, in the second half of 2015. Your work has been oppressing you for a while, there is a sense of saturation and outgrow. If it’s not jour work per se that oppresses you, it is then the system that doesn’t provide an adequate material or status related satisfaction. You still carry the system on your shoulders and I don’t see much change here. The most realistic advice, therefore, is to take care of yourself, and avoid conflicts if you don’t have a backup plan or vision. Mid-March, mid-July, and the beginning of December are particularly difficult. The money situation will be a rollercoaster: in the end of March and April you will work a lot and the money but the expenses as well are abound. However, at the beginning of fall and in October you will be more careful and economical. Legal issues are hanging over your head from 2015 to 2018, so try to pay all the bills on time, since the debt that could accumulate in a couple of months or years will grow big and heavy.

Health: Sinuses, head, ear, nose, and throat, nerves – these are your standard weak spots that could cause sporadic problems. The novelty for this year is the gastrointestinal tract, so pay attention to it. The question is: who or what is churning your guts? This weakness could manifest as ulcer, viral or bacterial infections, food poisoning is possible too, especially during the travels in November and December.

The rest: Although you are clever and have a good perception, your idealism often deceives you and makes you not see the wood for the trees. You are prone to be the victim of a lie or gossip, but sometimes it’s your own doing as you are a master of carrying the weight of the world. Self-sabotage is around the corner in mid-January, then at the end of September and beginning of October, when the work environment is not as good and trusting as it appears. If it’s of any consolation, the worst that can happen is you feeling used by others who may take advantage of your good intentions.

Remember: “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” Hunter S. Thompson


2 - BikPrivate life: With the departure of Saturn from your house of love, committed relationships, and lasting partnerships, you will feel the bridges between the inner and the outer established again. Long transits have the power to make things look arduous to the point of giving up, and many buckle under, lower their criteria, compromise or accept the minimum – but not you, Taurus. Taurus doesn’t give up and doggedly waits for a reward, as this sign, above all others, knows its own value and is clear about what it deserves. You despise changes for their own sake and always seek the quality and stability. Love choices are therefore aimed at the partners with whom a committed relationship is possible, rather than a fleeting romance. You will though stylishly accept an invitation for a drink and leave a satisfied impression even if the date was way below the expectations. Apart from Saturn, who brings back the possibility of choice, you have an additional ally in 2015. It’s Uranus, who, with its trepidation warns you not to forget your fear of loneliness. Running away from loneliness and falling into partner’s arms is your common scenario. Young Taurus often escapes the primary family and immediately lands in the partner’s home. If somebody could surprise us all with the sudden relationship status changes in 2015, it’s you Taurus. March and October will especially work in your favor, as Venus will be in your sign. April promises erotica and the sophistication of senses, which lead to passionate kisses, but the duration of this relationship is questionable and resembles more the awakening of life after a long winter. For those of you already in a relationship this is the time to bring it to the next level, given that in the past two years you showed all the patience for your partner’s problems, discontents, and depressive moments. For some of you it was physical separation, or any other difficulty – prior marriage, children, the age difference – that prevented a stable relationship. In any case, things were not as you imagined them, but as early as January you will have a chance to re-evaluate your relationship with better clarity and without feeling pressured: With whom are you and is this something that you really want? Those of you who have been unhappy for the past two years but maintained the relationship for the sake of not being alone, will feel the breeze of fresh Eros (especially at the end of August and in September), and if you are ready, you could redirect yourself toward something new. If you are in a relationship, be careful with flirting and seemingly innocent acquaintanceships, since things can catch fire easily, with no return.

Work life: New vistas are on the horizon influenced by Jupiter, who, from August 2015 all the way to the beginning of 2016 brings substantial changes, promotions, good job offers – all in all, a big “Yes” to your demands. October is a particularly significant month, when many of you will feel grateful for doing the job you really love. A sense of freedom and adventure through work is typical for you, and it’s interesting to observe you gathering new knowledge, learning new skills, and trying something new. For those of you looking for a new job, the opportunities will come from abroad, so it’s likely that some of you will move. The relationship with your environment is problematic this summer (especially in July). Finances will be much better, but insufficient for you to relax completely. Inheritance, credits, sponsorships, and funds are some of the ways to secure the finances in 2015. Everything related to the nature, wood, antiques of any kind, all the things retro and related to healing will become your everyday themes.

Health: Generally, you will be in good health in 2015. Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo will support you in prevention, so don’t miss annual check-ups and rely on preventive medicine. Saturn in your eighth house requires regular cleansing, detox, and heightened care of sexual relationships – don’t engage too much in risqué behavior and listen to your intuition and fears rather than following your desires. If you are young, be especially cautious since Saturn will pull you toward promiscuous lifestyle.

The rest: Taking care of property, buying/selling, expansion, significant renovation. All of this comes as a game, without much planning, spurred by coincidences. Friendships are still under the influence of Neptune, which means illusions, idealizations, and disappointments. If you want to bring some order in this domain, honest communication is necessary. Do not be vague: You need to say how you feel and how your friend’s actions affected you. If you manage to do this, the throat chakra, which is essential for you, will open up. In April, play lotto, bet, and look for coupons. Significant or big travels are on the repertoire in spring and at the end of the year.

Remember: “You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake – it’s a choice.”


3 - Blizanci

Private life: It’s usually said that Gemini embody the easiness, a smile as a prelude to communication, playfulness, curiosity, and agility – it really seems that life is always good. It’s not perhaps perfect, but it’s surely better than for the rest of us! However, realistically speaking, there is an introvert side to you. Within your four walls you contemplate the meaning, how to realize the grandeur of life, which, you feel, belongs to you, and how to finally be happy in love. You are an honest sign: unlike Libra, you don’t aspire to the movie-like ideals. You only want somebody to hold your hand, somebody to talk to all day (and night!) long. Somebody to awake you with beauty and inspire you to joy. The past three years brought back the old loves and partners who stayed only for a while, and everything that was supposed to be the recognition and intimacy had turned into conflicts and the triggers for the suppressed traumas. The scenarios pushed deep down found their way to the surface and solitude was the only path toward the inner peace. It felt almost like an ultimatum. The end of December will mark Saturn’s entrance into your seventh house of lasting relationships and this is the outlook: you will get what you expected; a mutual understanding with a partner, but what if this person has an advice for everything but a solution for nothing? Are you ready for somebody wiser than you, somebody who will talk about acceptance and situations for which there are no solutions? The second option is to continue pursuing the distant internet relationships, which could bring occasional travels, or to find yourself falling in love with the younger version of yourself, the version who you had forgotten to love when you should have. Yes, love will open itself to you; not easily as you imagined but with lesson after lesson that you need to learn. Consider every person that appears in your life this year as an important teacher, even if they are not aware of it. Mid-January, April and the entire summer are good periods to get a maximum out of your love life. After that you will shift to work and paperwork, state and legal matters, which, after all, have never really left you.

Work life: Hallelujah! Saturn is leaving your house of work where he was since October 2012. Depressing atmosphere at work, the pressure from those above and insolence and disrespect from those bellow, or even being out of work – it’s all coming to an end and the structure and order could take place. Although the world order is not your main thing as you care much more about the order of the universe, you could benefit from the patronage and trust of the powerful. Avoid the public, and if your work is public related, be extra careful, and if needed, find an associate or mentor who could be of great help. Don’t overshoot yourself with suggestions as they may get stolen. Your best possibilities in 2015 are related to nature, health, access to information and knowledge, courses, lectures, mass media, corporations, humanitarian organizations, and big systems. The finances will be significantly better in the second half of 2015. Pay off your debt on time as you will get into new credit or pay a higher rent. If not, then an investment into or renovation of your property is highly likely.

Health: Kidneys, urinal tract, and lumbar spine are your weak spots in 2015. Dangerous periods for vices in general (narcotics, alcohol) are January and September, so don’t overindulge. You will be prone to stumbles, falls, and injuries, especially due to fatigue. Pay attention to traffic. Be alert.

The rest: New people and new interests, learning through the practical. Travels and moves are possible during summer. Watch out for public affairs, don’t flirt with the illegal as the price to pay is too high. If you have problems related to paperwork, inadequate degrees and documents that are preventing you from tasks realizations, attend to them while Jupiter is in Leo (until August) and when those in powerful positions could help you. After August, everything is much more difficult and uncertain.

Remember: “If you still talk about it, you still care about it!”


4 - rak

Private life: As much as your romanticism and dreamy nature could dazzle and attract all those different and interesting people in your life who fascinate and are fascinated by you, love relationships don’t come easy, since for you Cancer, it could always be better. The feeling of not being loved or attended to enough appears often. Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, which represents your natural house of partnerships, you have experienced big shifts, your adaptation boundaries somehow have become narrower, and as a result, you also experience much more frustrations, not so much because they simply happen, but because you dare to feel and not repress them. None of this is nor should it be fatalistic. This is simply about learning to articulate your needs and desires in small steps. It is easier for you Cancer to write a love novel than a love letter; it’s easy to travel a thousand miles for love; it’s easy to show by your actions how much you really care about someone, but it’s almost impossible to clearly ask for what you need and want. For what you passionately want from your partner. Yes, you are clear (too clear) when the last straw can’t be ignored, but then your mouth works faster than your brain. Shakespeare wrote: “Speak low if you speak love, “and so speak low, but speak right away. Speak when you feel the chemistry of your soul changes, when the acid floods your stomach. In this regard July brings exciting situations with the partner or intimate others. Many of you will fall in love, plan to or get married at the beginning of autumn. If you don’t find a way to communicate clearly, the second part of May and December could lead to conflicts and break-ups. In March you will feel an irresistible need for a change and could rush toward new experiences, but remorse is possible.

Work life: Although discipline, order, and servitude are not your favorite words, if you take them seriously and make your daily schedule full, irrespective of profit, you will save yourself from depressive phases and discontents when Saturn transits through your house of work. You could go to work and then to yoga or fitness, even try the martial arts; whatever it is, your task is to learn how to initiate a conflict, how to attack, and not only to defend yourself and wait to be accused. Due to Saturn’s transit, your work becomes more controlled and demanding, it requires dedication and punctuality, and its worst enemies are postponing and piling up of unfinished tasks, which could weigh you down. This is the best period for those of you in the field of medicine, agriculture, nutrition, catering, and transportation. If you have a small business this will be a difficult period, as the government will be breathing down your neck. The laws could change or you’d be expected to fulfill some additional conditions. Therefore, pay attention to the contracts and the deadlines. Be diligent; in the next three years your conscience will be your ally. Financial situation will be flexible given that you have some sort of a backup: either some cash on the side or a rent that brings additional profit. You won’t be upset about this, but the expectation of others to assist them with money is a different story. The first half of September will bring financial reorganization, you may change banks, credit rates, and if you plan an investment or a new credit line, my advice is to wait. If it’s not necessary, you better not do it.

Health: Sleep is crucial for your physical and mental health. You are a light sleeper and are chronically deprived. As if your best sleep occurs when you are at the seaside, on vacation, far from home, in metropolis’ hotels. A new weak spot in the next three years is the cardiovascular system in your legs, herniated disc, ischiatic, and rheumatology in general.

The rest: Language learning, travels, reading, and writing will occupy all Cancers. Psychology. Books and courses. Cooking and recipes, attention to health, possible hypochondria.

Remember: “You can’t always be nice. That’s how people take advantage of you. Sometimes, you have to set boundaries.”


5 - lav

Private life: Partnerships on and via travels, with strangers, or people from your past. Uranus, who rules your natal seventh house of relationship, is in Aries in your ninth house of travels, long distances, new philosophies, and life visions. Your entire outlook and the idea of marriage are radically changing. You will appreciate trust more: not that it hasn’t been your number one so far, but this time it will be hopefully without rivalry and competition as your chosen paths toward the solution (although this is your bread and butter when it comes to work). You usually meet your love partners at work, but this year requires fun as an ambiance and an easy-going atmosphere for love to happen. Ideological differences could be a hurdle between new couples, while young Leos will find new partners in schools and colleges. Many of your loves in 2015 will begin and end at the airport. Former lovers will reaper, since Saturn is in your fifth house of love, Eros, and youth. June, the first half of July, and August will almost compete in which one will offer you more, since Venus will be in your sign. The periods of crises are January, February. and March when some issues swept under the rug will demand to be placed on the table. If you are single, this period could trigger moodiness, seemingly for no reason, but the reason is there, just lies deep down and concerns your need to belong. If you have children things will be easier.

Work life: Jupiter triumphantly entered your sign in July of 2014 and will keep shining on you until August of 2015. Jupiter reminds you of all the battles you won, it won’t let you forget everything that you had to live through in the past years: you had to wait, endure pressure and aggravation. How many times did you resolve to give a notice of resignation and leave where you would never again have to encounter people you couldn’t stand, their ignorance, dishonesty and greed? If this was not your particular scenario, then it was difficult to find an adequate job either because you were overqualified or seen as a threat to the established structure. But the 2015 as much as the 2014 is a significant year for you Leo. Big bites, big rewards. The public wants you on the stage, TV program, in a place where you could shine and show off. Good for you, as you have a reason. Finances will improve as the year goes by, additional income is possible in February, March, and October, when really big business figures, who don’t make deals with just anyone, will take you into consideration as a potential employee or an associate. For those of you still working on your status, 2015 is a good year. Depending on the individual chart, this means the first executive position for some and a degree or reward for others. In any case, this is a year of success, especially from June to October.

Health: You are disposed to weight gain, you are passive not because you are lazy, but because you love comfort. Try walking, fitness, and swimming. Neptune is in your eighth house and Pluto in sixth – both are about health, particularly the psychological well-being, neurosis, tremors acute depression, and bipolar disorder. Pills and narcotics are not the solution. You need to accept the inevitable, above all the fact that control is sometimes out of your hands, and that time is all we have on our side.

The rest: You will travel a lot to short destinations. The return to hobbies and activities you liked doing in childhood and early youth. Contacts with people you haven’t seen in a while, not only because your obligations, but also because you had parted your ways. If you have children this year will be marked by your full dedication to them: their needs and school choices. If you are not a parent yet, 2015 could be the year to become one.

Remember: “A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret.”


6 - devica

Private life: In search for the identity through the partner – this would be the title of your 2015 love story. How does it feel to lose yourself in a partnership, to forget what you really like and dislike? How does it feel to adjust to partner’s wishes, to intuitively fulfill her or his needs? Sporadically tiresome, strenuous for your mind, regardless of how exciting and promising it looked at the beginning. Weariness will catch up with you this year and if you miss to address is early (the beginnings of February and March and mid-April), you will surely feel it intensely in November and December. The summer of 2015 will be an indicator of the situation: you will feel a clear need for solitude, for going on vacation alone. And no, it’s not about giving a chance to the new potential stories that might be better than the previous ones (“It could always be better” is the standard problem for you). It’s different this time: it is about your genuine necessity to hear yourself. You don’t know any more who is real and who is not and whether these are just illusions and you being carried away. It is for the best to spend the 2015 in this manner, without too much ambition for love, and to let things happen to you if they need to happen. If not, you probably need to be attuned to yourself if only for a year. You are most afraid of the lies, and yet you yourself are not the saint among the signs. Some lies will resurface and disappointments are possible due to unrealistic expectations. In general, this is a quite difficult year for you Virgo. Remember that what is going to happen may not please you, but it will set you free and make a way for something better. If you are in a relationship, try to close the distance or at least do not make it bigger, since the next couple of years may bring the questions about the essence of your relationship: who is this person that I am with? April could bring an intrigue, but since you are without your armor, hurt and disappointments are possible. October is your best month as it is reserved for getting close to somebody, while summer months (from June to October) as well as March will feel like you are biting off more than you can chew.

Work life: The work is a bright spot in 2015. Things are falling in their place, you are content. You are not delighted, but realistically good enough results are your measure of satisfaction. Because it could always be better! In 2014 you didn’t get all the praises and validations that you had expected, so it deflated you a bit, but honestly, you don’t even need them. If you haven’t already, there is a good possibility that you will change your job or your manager in 2015. Your financial situation is never as bad as you present it, although May and December will be difficult due to unexpected expenses. The summer will bring the lack of needed communication with work partners so some tasks will be delayed or postponed. Try not to insist and push. In September and especially October you will have another opportunity for advancement, either through a new job or better earnings.

Health: The period that has signaled possible problems will pass in summer of 2015. The biggest cause of your health problems is work, where you don’t spare yourself, so your heart, hormones, or mental health are in danger. You could achieve a balance through alternative means. Try to find your own way to the health and follow it with the same dedication that you show at work.

The rest: The 2015 demands of you to slow down and take better care of yourself. You don’t need to rush anywhere. The relationship with siblings is stabilizing after misunderstandings. Your friends who are going through a family crisis will need your support.

Remember: “When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.”


7 - vaga

Private life: Libra is perhaps the only sign for whom every year is the year of love, as this sign finds a trace of Eros even in solitude. In 2015 you will return to the love of your youth. You will be romantic, adventurous, looking for fun with a dash of theatrical. Since 2011 Uranus, that virtuoso of shifts and swift changes, has been often bringing you short and intense encounters, relationships that could not last despite mutual attraction, sometimes because of differences in culture and style, but even more so because of lack of sophisticated sensibility that you require. You speak even when silent, everything is a contact and communication, and if there is no mutual recognition, you will move on and adapt to solitude and wait for something new. Uranus also brought you sudden break-ups, which felt like a brutal stab in the heart, but you have managed to grow stronger and realize that sexual love with its deep desire is not necessarily the fatalistic one. It could also be spontaneous and easy-going. But will the 2015 be the significant year for you Libra? It depends on what you have leaned, as Uranus won’t allow a lasting relationship until you abandon the principle of adoration, which Narcissus in every Libra wants. Be as much as possible natural, laugh a lot, show less theatrics and more authenticity. This especially applies to the period when Venus, your ruler, will be in Leo in your eleventh house of changes. It will feel as if you are standing on a crossroad and need to make a decision. Whether to get married or go alone? Dive into passion and adoration stemming from seduction of the opposites or go with the friendship based on the recognition of the similar sensibilities?

Work life: A young Libra is industrious and ready to work, eager to prove him or herself. Once you made it Libra, you tend to become lazy, neglect personal growth, and succumb to the routine. This is your weak spot. Creative jobs somewhat prevent this, but boredom takes over even this domain. In the 2015 and during the next three years you will gain an awareness of the young stepping over you with their ambition, or that you will keep doing what you are doing now for the rest of your life. This should help you in dedicating yourself to everything that your knowledge and skills lack. You will get the support through compliments and subtle critique from the people whose judgment you trust. For some of you, a possibility for a small business will open up (maybe within your family or with your spouse). Since Saturn left your house of money, despite the expenses in the first three months of the year, you will have a heightened sense of security and your income will be more stable.

Health: It is important for female Libra to take regular gynecological exams. Smokers should seriously consider stop smoking as the low lung capacity and heavy breathing are already present among the older Libra. Sleep as a regular rhythm is important. Balance is your key word and its every disruption, regardless of the reasons, means stress and disorder (hormones, sleep, breathing, heart).

The rest: Selling or buying property, moving house in some cases. Financial transactions put in motion by the initiative to resolve your own housing situation. Troubles with the deadlines and administration, so don’t delay things. Forgetfulness, missing of important dates and events due to the trivial information overload. Difficult relationships with the siblings.

Remember: “If you carry the bricks from your past relationship, you will end up building the same house.”


8 - škorpion

Private life: The first three months of 2015 will be turbulent for you Scorpio. The shortcut you usually take in such situations is “delete,” “reset,” and “restart.” For those of you who have been enduring all kinds of humiliations in the past two years, this year will mean a big start and a grin. If you only now opened the Pandora’s Box, you need to wait out the 2015. Who’s to blame? Pluto, your ruler, and Uranus are squaring exactly in the first three months of 2015. Both sides being unbreakable and stubborn, their struggle is epic, without any agreement or solution, with no ideas and hopes, only the will to be right. However, when Jupiter enters Virgo in August, forming a good aspect with Pluto, friends’ good advice and money will solve many love problems. Money is power and without it you don’t feel like a winner, nor do you believe that you could have a partner you desire. That is why the work is always important and you are maniacally dedicated to it. Love resides in your house of subconscious and fate, it is a secret that haunts you and you don’t dare go with it without tests, scrutiny, and control. January brings the mistrust and questioning, but March will mark a new beginning.

Work life: If you didn’t advance at work in 2014, you should by August 2015. Promotion, bigger pay, the company reorganization that will work in your favor, the departure of a difficult manager, or an arrival of a new team that will refresh the tense atmosphere. The status change for the better is definitely a major theme in 2015. When Jupiter enters Virgo in the second half of 2015, your logical mind and the ability to get the job done will be useful. Lies and betrayals, gossip and dirty games could unravel so be careful not to get involved, especially in January and May.

Health: By transiting through your sign in the past three years, Saturn had brought you all the lessons you needed to learn about healthy life and self-care. If you haven’t already wrapped up the significant life changes (that could be self-destructive), attend to them now.

The rest: The end of December finally brings the day when Saturn leaves your sign after three years. It was difficult to be patient or to keep your mouth shut. Free will and despotism could be good traits in the times of crises – it’s the feeling when nobody bothers you and let you be, and when you get the things done. But in Saturnian years these traits came with the high price because of the illusion that you can control your fears of that by mere appealing to the solutions, they will somehow materialize. Saturn instead brought waiting, simmering of your most secret desires; he provoked you, brought you to anger, hatred, and helplessness. Now the transformed you need to move onward. Better, not bitter. No matter how bitter Saturn was.

Remember: “Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it.”


9 - strelac

Private life: You were the one who cheered and consoled Scorpio, Libra and Virgo when Saturn transited through their sign. The moment has arrived when you Sagittarius, the perpetual adviser, the creator of brilliant, often astonishing responses to the question “How to…?” need to show that you yourself can swim in such waters. Can you truly have an answer to everything under the sky? So nobody should be surprised to find a silent Sagittarius. You will see him less often, he will return your every third call. While with Scorpio, this same silence in the past three years felt like a “silent treatment” or absolute indifference, for Sagittarius the silence is needed for attending to his conscience. Less certain that he understood well the suffering of others, he is reluctant to offer easy answers and advice or to spill out his positive energy. It’s soothing now, Sagittarius, to be on your own and feel peaceful. You don’t look for fireworks and passion now, even though only until yesterday you were chasing them. Now you need solitude and quiet partnership. Although love is not primarily on your mind, it doesn’t mean that nothing will happen. It will, but without forced fun, which you tended to enjoy. Communication is at the forefront now. You need somebody to have a meaningful conversation, to hear in the questions of others your own, to feel the qualm about your positivity. The second half of 2015 is much more conducive to this type of relationship, when your ruler Jupiter is in Virgo. Jupiter will be in Leo in the first half of the year and it will draw you outside, to the streets, to the parties and festivities, but your heart won’t be in it. You will more likely feel tired, wanting to go home. If you are young, long-distance relationships are possible as well as December-May romances, so the professor/student love is likely to happen. If you are in a tense or exclusively sexual relationship, you will get tired of it and leave, if not this, then next year, depending on how much you can endure.

Work life: You are the happiest when the work is play and joy, when you do something easily be it a day or night. Such a privilege will last until the end of September. And then comes structure, imposed deadlines, and the expectations of others, so work loses the element of play and with it the sense of joy is gone. Responsibility and resolve will be supported rather than wishes. The ambition takes over the hobbies, and “I Want” is replaced by “I Would Love To.” If you are unemployed, September is the beginning of new activities; corporations and some foreigners are waiting to talk to you and small businesses will build up in the next three years.

Health: Although you are active in sports and when young probably took part in it, comfort is your main enemy as you age. Computers, cars, caloric food. Lack of self-discipline and easy self-forgiveness when you do something you shouldn’t. Saturn is in your sign now, conscience is heavy and the punishment even heavier: hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular system, and digestion. Try to get active again, run, walk, and eat healthy

The rest: Go on a short or long trip before summer. The need to learn and read science literature is strong. Follow this need. Be of help to others, those who are ill or in poor material situation expect your advice or help. You will be surrounded by the young more than ever and you will probably have patience for them.

Remember: “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”



Private life: Since 2011 when Uranus entered Aries in your house of inner peace, soul, the imaginary, family, and intimacy, you can’t keep for a long a sense of comfort with your family or a partner. Restlessness urges you to move, but in fact, you are running away from the avalanche of emotions you have been feeling for a while. As if your role as a cold and rational Capricorn at all costs doesn’t feel like a main role anymore. The time has come to show to the world how much you can love, how much you are ready to give and take, how much you are vulnerable, as your mind moved to your gut. To your soul. To your feelings. And so you are running away again. Some of you will find a way to disrupt the comfort zone and make either a shift or a chaos, depending on your maturity level. For some of you work demands or the primary family will impose responsibilities, which will disrupt the harmony with a partner. Where do I belong? Where do I live? These are the questions you will ask in searching for an anchor. The 2015 is still an uncertain emotional period for you, the storms and huge waves rocking your boat are still possible. Entering your natal 12th house, Saturn will influence your feeling of guilt. You are, perhaps, guilty, but so are the others. We are all the same here, so make an analogy between your individual guilt and readiness for crucifixion and the collective one. Dive into the metaphysics of love, relationships, and humankind. An understanding was never particularly helpful to you, but an insight into the problematic nature of evolution – if not followed by an individual change – is what brings you peace, since only you know how much you have changed and become who you are today.

Work life: When expecting tensions and stress, you’ll surprisingly find a totally relaxed work environment. But when you think that there is nothing to disrupt the balance and easiness, the work is here to dissuade you. The main theme in 2015 is not the work itself, but the mood at work. You won’t feel entirely stable; rather, it will feel as if the chair could be pulled underneath you at any moment. Although nobody will threaten you personally, the tense anticipation will color the entire work environment. You like the possibility of travels and if there isn’t any, many of you will for the first time consider going somewhere far away, across the ocean where life is completely different. Until this happens, the nature is here for you and you will often enjoy the trips and long walks outside the city. The work will put pressure on you with all kinds of expectations and responsibilities to sometimes resolve what cannot be resolved, and since it’s in your nature to not say, “I can’t” or “I won’t,” you may end up competing with yourself. January could bring fatigue, indifference toward the projects, and your attention will be redirected toward finding a way out. However, you will need an ally for this escape plan, which could happen when Jupiter enters Virgo in August of 2015. Don’t be sloppy with the paperwork, mistakes are easy to make and could become huge when some important document is in question. Pay attention and be focused. Make backups, keep the archives and important data as you are scattered in 2015 (at least at the beginning of the year until spring) and can easily lose the important items.

Health: Your stomach and digestion are your alarms for changes and reactions around you. They are overly sensitive. You are also prone to headaches and migraines as the consequence of weak blood circulation in your head, neck, and shoulders. Frequent spa centers and go for a good massage. Do yoga rather than pump iron.

The rest: If you like to explore the unknown and be a pathfinder, be careful with low bushes by the road, as you can encounter poisonous snakes and insects, to which you are allergic. Also watch carefully when driving at night.

Remember: “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks.”


11 - vodolija

Private life: If it weren’t for your partner’s good will, understanding, and efforts, the 2014 could have been the year of break-ups, especially the long-term relationships. When even your partner’s willingness to make truce didn’t work, you at least managed to stay friendly. The 2015 will be similar and the survival of the relationship for you Aquarius depends on your partner more than you. Not in a sense that your partner wants to leave; to the contrary, he or she willingly offers his or her wisdom, understanding, and hope for the future, even when things are tense, and the most logical move after your barrage of insults and disdain would be to slam the door. As long as Jupiter is in your house of marriage and relationships, the situation is – thank to the other side – stable. It’s less solid when due to the long-distance relationship you don’t see each other often, since even a dash of leisure is enough for you to envision a new life, much better without the partner. As if you are looking for a reason to oppose, break-up, and shift things around. However, Jupiter is leaving your house of love in August. It’s only you and your partner then. He/she showed what he/she could do for you. Her/his patience is fading, your nagging is not bringing any joy, so don’t be surprised if suddenly, in the middle of a meal, she/he calmly tells you that she/he is leaving. Apart from this scenario, there is another one, reserved for you Aquarius who know how to live in the years of Uranus, respecting an autonomy, yours and your partner’s, working together and not against, suggesting rather than insisting and blackmailing. For you, the 2014 as well as the 2015 are the years of happiness in a relationship, years of planning for the future, whether it’s children or marriage.

Work life: Everything related to the contracts is prone to changes, especially whether it’s going to be renewed. Anticipation and anxiety, with possible changes of position. Long-term stability is still not in sight. The company you work for will undergo financial crisis, which could lead to downsizing or firing. If you could accept the fact that things are out of your control and that the current situation doesn’t depend on what you do or don’t do, you will have an advantage. Let the managers sort things out. This way you are not going to exhaust yourself mentally and emotionally. You could get a job based on serendipity or a recommendation. You will get offers on the side that will provide nice and easy earnings, but they will require secrecy. July and December could lead to status jump or a change. Be mindful not to take all the responsibilities on yourself and distribute the tasks to the team. It is smart sometimes to respect the decision of the authorities and not to meddle.

Health: The 2015 will warn you to take care of your immune system: from common colds to allergies and infections, everything could catch you. The immune system is weakening and sport injuries are possible too. If you work out in a gym, do not overestimate your strength. Slow down, too much is going on in your life.

The rest: You perhaps haven’t thought about your offspring and this topic may be dominant in 2015. Adventures in the context of travel, meeting new people and learning about new cultures, and such a trip is quite possible, as well as temporarily living abroad for a while. Some of your friends may go abroad and those who stay may have financial problems, so think twice before venturing into shared business. Uranian nature is capricious. In these times where everything is fast and imbued with aggression, you Aquarius easily identify with anarchistic freedom, either as haters grumbling about everything that is going on around you, or you are brazenly opposing the authority, which you depend on. Set your terms, but you must have patience and show your gratitude for the chances you are given.

Remember: “Wrong is wrong even if it helps you!”


12- ribe

Private life: Swimming in the shallow waters of love has left you for the millionth time alone, with a bag of big expectations and small gains. The reason for this is not your horoscope or you being unlucky or finding the wrong partners, but in not giving yourself a space to really get to know somebody. It’s easier for you to play, chat and flirt, and enjoy the sexually charged anticipation of the calls and text messages than to remove your mask and see the others as they are. This masquerade has been intense since Neptune entered your sign and Jupiter’s transit through Leo only made it more spectacular, but not more lasting. What do you think would scare the person you like, if he or she saw/realized who you are? The less effort you make to impress the others, the more you will move toward the satisfactory relationship. However, the more you try and fake it, the more you create the situations that nobody responds to. I am emphasizing here that in August of 2015 Jupiter will enter your house of partnerships, which will facilitate the development of a relationship, but this still requires your participation. Your unrealistic, almost infantile expectations that the relationship will develop out of thin air, lead you sooner or later into loneliness. For you Pisces already in a relationship or marriage the 2015 requires more faith and less proofs of love. Don’t be suspicious, don’t trip, but believe and give so that it will be returned.

Work life: The next three years will bring about reorganization, redirection of interests, and for some of you a change of profession. The responsibility expected from you is not a problem at all since you are always dedicated and you know your stuff. The issue in 2015 is a realization of when exactly you stopped improving, which language, skill, or degree is missing for the advancement of your status. Many of you will go back to school or college, which is a good idea. The learning continues. Since Saturn in Sagittarius will be at the front of your business moves in 2015, there are great possibilities to start a long-term and solid collaboration with the associates from abroad or a company whose management is mostly foreign. Big success awaits the Pisces who are in the field of diplomacy. The most challenging period is the end of 2015 – November and December – when you could feel overburdened and exhausted from too much work. The best months are March, May, and October, when the public loves you and when you are seen more often with the people whose sensibility and level you share.

Health: You need to take more care of your blood vessels and blood count, and yoga and Pilates are more than welcome for the stiffness that could become chronic. Jupiter protected you in 2014 and will continue to do so in 2015 while in Leo, but his transit to Virgo will warn you about your bad habits – lack of sleep, bad nutrition and alcohol – that only aggravate your mental state. You sorely need vacation and many of you will plan a prolonged one this summer.

The rest: Your idealism is sufficiently utopian and yet pragmatic enough that with a spy-like detection and perfect perception you see where the 21st century currents are flowing. As a person with thousand faces, you have learned (and were often forced) to adapt to the people for whom you worked, whom you befriended, or lived with, and at the same time remain yourself. The 2015 could bring about such a situation, but you could find yourself discredited, so be careful about what you are getting into, especially in September.

Remember: “Don’t fall in love with potential.”



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