Venus in Sagittarius – The Most Liberated Prisoner of Love

translation: Maja Miskovic

Venus is in Sagittarius.  She will stay in Sagittarius until November 4, and in the game called love, this Venus never ceases her quest. I know that people with Venus in other signs can’t understand this and they probably shouldn’t. For them, the conquest is the aim: getting married, for instance. But for those who yearn for the quest itself this means to reach only to run away and reach again and then play cool (read: cooling off the heat), and yet again grasp for the spark of ardor. So here is your month full of dance! If this were all, everything would be peachy. But this is not all.

For this Venus as if the chase itself and the hot-cool dance are not enough, but they have to be forbidden. Somebody has to be against it. It has to be morally or socially unacceptable. For how can she feel the freedom she carries if she doesn’t rub it onto somebody else’s nose for loving the very person she must not? For her, love and Eros are never sinful and forgiveness for it will never be asked. She understands all kinds of love and knows that Eros is unpredictable – we can’t plan who we are going to fall for. Only in spite, when she is doing what she is not supposed to be doing and where she is not supposed to be doing it, she is liberated, feeling the full force of Eros. Only then, pure and generous like Lady Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon noble woman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to remit the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband, Venus is ready to give and help, and she will easily, with the smile and care, connect people. This open heart that you feel warmly expanding and singing in your chest, yes, it’s this Venus. Human connection is eased up to the maximum, and this is a condition for something more, for love. To this Venus, all is forgiven and it distresses her the most.

She decided therefore to forgive herself nothing. And here is her sorrow, seemingly so carefree and arrow-straight. With all this freedom, having desire to lose it, if only for a moment, that is her eternal dream. But for a moment only… for she can’t stand Eros passing by, disappearing.  She’d like to be in love with one person for the rest of her life, chasing him around the world and universe. And if she has to live coupled, she will inscribe into her beloved the traits he or she never had. Her beloved must be her god, worthy of her adoration, and for a man who wants a woman who will always show her unwavering support, I think that there is no other than Venus in Sagittarius. This is everyday support, both passive and active. She will do anything for you to become the king. God. Superhero. If needed, she will fly 5,000 miles in a whim just to be with you. The glitch is that you don’t expect this, not from her, probably not from anybody. As you are watching her storming forward, wild-eyed and hair flying, you admire her, you want her, but you realize with sorrow, that you will never hear a “No” from her. No spite, not a tad of viciousness. An ideal sister, you’d say, her prudishness worthy fighting off the entire town. But if you dare to go further, in this Venus you will tap into the worldly irony of Eros and dirty fantasies, her darkness in Eros alive under the surface of purity. It is this Venus who first went topless, who invented a dildo, wrote love letters and romance novels full of detailed descriptions of sex and desire.

She doesn’t need a man-defender. She only needs a man to desire her, to chase and never possess her, and while you are tranquilly lying in bed next to her thinking that she is totally yours with her eyes shining with lust, you hear her saying: “what good is a faithful body when the mind is by is very nature unfaithful.”* I can lie here and fantasize about somebody else. And all in this manner – blabbing about and away – she will stick a knife where you are the softest and when you think that the fire subsided into a quiet glow. While you are rushing towards her, she’ll tell you how after 15 years she ran into her ex on the street. How you are going to take this is none of her concern. She merely wanted to share a story with you. Because she loves you. Truth be told, you like it when she turns her head for good chicks passing by and you think, it’s so cool to be with a woman who is not jealous. But don’t be fooled. She doesn’t envy women, she loves feminine strength in its many forms: physical beauty, intellect, wisdom, sensuality, skills… She likes being a woman far from being a feminist. And that jealousy of hers fires up when the passion comes over her. When the quest ends, when you had her, she will chase you in your dreams, open tarot cards, asking the weirdest question: “Who is he dreaming about?” She can’t run with hare and hunt with the hounds: if there is passion for one man that boils her blood, she won’t hesitate to tell off all her suitors. It could be blabby, but it’s clean.

To live this Venus with the full extent most often means getting married late, have a late motherhood, or crash on the ground sooner or later. But if for nothing else, this means living through crazy love stories; so there you are, hitting 50 and writing romance novels or movie scripts, holding workshops on how to liberate yourself from … whatever. Many with this Venus though took care of business on time and got married, imprisoning their Venus in books, movies, and coffee with friends. Venus’ freedom and spirit that dream of another are, however, still there and what does she do then – she bakes a cake for her hubby! Nothing is for sure, of course, love affairs are possible, turning stable and safe relationships topsy-turvy. But, again, if you live this Venus, your love life is without a firm aim, it gazes toward ecstasy, praying silently for the fires of passion to last long.

The movie The Portrait of a Lady captures this aptly. In the end, when Isabel can have it all, she does – what? – what she has been doing her entire life. Unwilling to surrender her dreams and desires that live only when the other is far away.

He: “Only for once, listen to me. Why shouldn’t we be happy? Why? Why, when it’s here.”

… and her response: “I beg you to go away!”

* quotation in text taken from „The Alexandria Quartet“ by Lawrence Durrell


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Venus in Sagittarius – The Most Liberated Prisoner of Love

  1. Slskab kaže:

    I know this wasn’t meant to be funny, but some of this made me laugh because it was a little awkward. Hope that’s not insulting. I had to comment just to say that some of this is very true, though. I had a dream when I was 6 that my crush and I were in class and he was trying to kiss me and I was backing up into walls trying to get away because I felt so repulsed. I literally felt it to my core. I had another nightmare like this recently for the first time since then and I felt the same suffocated feeling. It made me wonder if my Venus was the reason, that’s why I was tempted to read this and I’m glad I did. It’s not the same things they always write. *************************************************************** My crushes on celebrities always last longer because I can never figure them out, but I do get over people really quickly. The other day my dad said something that insinuated me having kids in my early-mid 20s and my reaction was to tell him I wasn’t gonna get married until I was like thirty, and even then in my head I was thinking a little after or maybe never. He called me some old-fashioned name that describes an older woman who’s single and I told him I want to focus on my dreams and future. He didn’t get it? Even today I was reading in a magazine that some women don’t believe their life begins until they’re in a relationship and that women who don’t get married early end up doing more with their lives. Also, marriages last longer the later you marry. It’s not rocket science, but yeah it said that. *************************************************************** I don’t know what it is about Sagittarius placements that have a strong affect on the person, but I think all your placements have a strong affect and I just don’t notice. I’m the same way with learning. I have Jupiter/Mars/Pluto in Sagittarius and I like to learn everything about a subject then I get bored and move on. I love learning about new things as long as it’s on my terms and I’m not being forced to learn something that doesn’t interest me. The other night I was watching a special on the history channel and I recognized the host and developed a mini crush on him, but then when it was over I was like „whatever“. How weird when intellectualism charms you, like in friendships and everything.

  2. Slskab kaže:

    One last thing: like an hour before reading this I was wondering if the attitude I have is a little disturbing. There’s no longevity in my feelings other than for family and stuff.

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