Transiting Moon in Cancer – Let’s not Forget about Love

translation: Maja Miskovic

(This text was posted on Facebook, but I deem it important, since until Uranus is in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon will make this two and a half day transit in Cancer. This text is applicable to this February transit as well as each subsequent transit through 2017. Until then, the Moon in Cancer will be in difficult aspects with Uranus and Pluto. Also, the Moon will square Mars every time when in Cancer until August 2014.)

The Moon is in Cancer. This is the gentlest, the most intimate place within us, the place of all desires dreamt with trepidation, the place of all insecurities and loneliness. The place of love and what we share aloud only with those we trust. Or we speak inwardly when the lights are out, our head on the pillow. In the following two days, The Moon will cruise through Cancer, which she rules, so these aspects will be brought up to the maximum. All would be subtle if not for a considerable ambush on her short 30 degree path. Uranus has prepared some shell shocking from the sky when the Moon least expects it. And when is the Moon surprised?  When everything is fine. When all is in its place. After a romantic dinner, in the moments of dreaming, in heavy slowness incapable of swift movement.

Uranus in Aries is immediately followed by Pluto in Capricorn, which is positioned right across, on a bare peak, ready to unleash the stone avalanche – so be careful if you are skiing these days. This is the barrage, a sense of being buried, a torrent of emotions that were frozen for a long time. This is the inevitability of being attuned to the emotions that rise from the lower belly, a second location of the heart. This is the strong desires that we hid and that will be buried even deeper should we decide to ignore them. This is the end of unstable relationships, misunderstandings if partners are out of sync and lacking empathy. These are the two individuals who feel each other, but who will remain in their trenches if their vulnerability is not let out. This is a fear of being hurt and a desire to have it all. The high demands without an awareness of the need to give back. For those willing to verbalize their emotions and receive what is coming their way, for those whose relationship is strong, these are the days when the connections deepen and become even stronger and more valuable. I am not writing this so much for them but for those who need to know why the things went downhill, if they did.



But this is not all. Venus is in Capricorn, across the Moon. Tenderness, vulnerability, inner beauty, love and intimacy are eying detached aesthetics, popularity, and power. Although this aspect is being described by the feminine principle, I would argue that this aspect is one of the basic tenets of capitalism and contemporary society is general.  This is also “unpopular goodness” and “fake fancy.” This is a socialite dreaming to be a mother and a mother dreaming to be a gallerist. Any way you look at this, you see frustration. This is retail therapy, but also shopping bags full to the brim, sitting unpacked in the middle of a room, as they cannot console us. This is the inability to deceive ourselves about what we want but don’t have. And this is still not all. Mars is ready, waiting to strike the weakest planet in its weakest position. As if this hope for goodness and love needs to be crushed and broken. There is no light and light bulbs will burn these days easily, reminding us that the light of love is fading, that darkness is prevailing like in Neverending Story. People have devalued the world of fantasy in which all happy loves live. They have sold their souls to the material, the order, discipline and obedience imposed by the Sun. Fortunately, this is only a transit to remind us, if for a moment only, how easy it is to lose what is important and to gain it if you just slow down a bit. “Low-key, please,” quips Mercury from Pisces. “And only with forgiveness,” underscores Jupiter from Cancer. Let it slide, transform rage into love, insecurity into giving, expectations into making happy those that you love. Then you will show that you know how to tend to and cherish those you love; how to appreciate your own dreams and desires. To truly hear and embrace them. To not throw yourself onto the daggers of this world, but to make the world a place for love, goodness, and kindness.

nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2014.

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