11178252_933430700042342_7188083942440886960_nWe are entering August. The month which naturally belongs to the sign of Leo. You probably know that it got it’s name by the emperor who defeated Marc Anthony and his darling Cleopatra. The Roman senate even took away one day from February (previously it was always 29 days) and added it to this summer month (which up until then had 30 days), just so it could be equal to July. For if the month of July, named after Julius Caesar – the reformer of the calendar is called July and it has 31 days, then it is out of the question that the month in which civil wars ended, enforce state order, when Egypt fell and the Roman Empire triumphs, can have less!

And it appears that the imperial glory follows this month even now, centuries later. For with the sign of Leo, our Ego and will for power, our ambitions and desires of glory, success, and of course the admiration of others are the only thing that count. It leaves behind those parts of our being which expect help, benefits, mercy. We are as clear as the day, direct as the sunlight which pierces the every veil, we expand as the heat. And we want more! Inferiority is deleted, at least temporarily, and it lets us see and feel how it is to be superior. Introvertness yields to extrovertness and all of the sudden the world turns toward us. We are more visible, refreshed for the strength that draws itself from the Ego. From ourselves. From what we really are. From the things we take pride in. During this time we are more real – if we want to be. Real to see what is doable, to focus on achievements and to do all that it takes to achieve the triumph. Little by little, we will arrive to bigger goals and bigger triumphs, for the Leo would never allow himself to suffer defeat. Not  because he doesn’t know how to lose. He knows how to lose, he is aware that it is a part of reality. But he will never give up. Defeat is for him just a redirection to another way of doing things. He changes strategies, but not goals.

That is why “to be real” is an attribute which Leo knows how to appreciate. When he first met you he evaluated how real are you, because that is what he does. He makes assessments. And he doesn’t mind if you make assessments of him because he did all for that what he represents is solidly backed up by his experience or knowledge. That is why he knows you will have a hard time to find holes or errors in that what he represents. For no one sees them better him. And when he sees them, he does all that it takes to remove them. But he will not hide them, for he hates hiding. That is why he proudly bears all that he is. Even when he is overweight, when he has a speech flaw,… when he has bad memory he will pull out a notebook and write down all that he needs to remember, in a manner like that is the only proper way of doing it. So, remember and apply! And, indeed, that is the impression Leo often makes. The impression that others must follow his example and at the same time to be impressed by his charisma. Everything is seen sooner or later – that is the Leo wisdom by which he lives.  And that is why he doesn’t mind assessments. That is why he easily accepts school and competition when he is young, that is why he loves sports, that is why he is eager for a duel, tribunes, stadiums, theaters, all school competitions, doctorates, post post doctorates… he wants admiration, applause, ovation, and trophies. Prizes and medals. I remember when a school friend of mine, a Leo, stud up just after it was said “and the winner is..” before her name was called. In spite of laws of  probability and odds that someone else has won, she stepped forward with confidence.

Confidence is a trait of Leo from birth, so during life he can be bothersome and strenuous to others, for he naively thinks that everyone is born with confidence like he is, which of course is not always the case. An assessment from Leo you will get also – is for loyalty, a trait without which you cannot even think to be with him in love or business, not even on a coffee! If he makes a mistake in assessing your loyality, he will say: “I was wrong about you, good bye.” And don’t even think to talk with him about hesitancy. As far as he is concerned, it does not exist. There are only cowards. Courage gave birth to his resolve, clear goals and plans that he makes based on his future, not the present. He will never say “What do I need now?”, instead he will always say “What will be good to get, have, learn? Where would be good to live?” That is why it appears to us that he is able to fantasize a lot, to rush into things, to want too much. And when he accomplishes all that, then people usually gossip that someone helped him, that it isn’t possible if you are alone… But what if Leo is predestined to succeed, and it is lonely on the top? Step by step, goal by goal, boldly and with ambition, and of course he is never totally alone. But he thought of it in time and has it covered.

Already during youth he made his pack. The hierarchy is the principle. Loyalty is the law. Within this hierarchy everyone is important. Everyone is the best. Everyone is unique and in what they represent are the true example. There, at the same round table, sit the richest together with those who don’t dream about riches. The most wise and the most practical, the pious with the atheists, engineers and mystics. That which connects them is respect, loyalty, confidence and true skill in the field they are in. And to them, as well to all others that Leo loves, he will be protective, although the Lioness more than their male counterparts. She will look upon all like her cubs, a typical mother, ideal parent, carrying friend and a good pedagogue. Up until third year, she will teach her children to take care of themselves, to be real, not to be stupid and naive. She will teach them to trust themselves, and to always remain true to themselves. That’s why, years later kids will remain their best friend. A Lioness is a hunter who hunts in a man’s way, she is able to take care of three houses, not just one tiny family. A woman with almost no need for a man, if there were not the sensual and passionate side of her. A woman who falls in love and desires love. This weakness of hers, which in dance, acting, playing with children, running 3 multinational corporations without a problem is always a virtue, when it comes to love it turns into a weak link where she can surrender even to those who don’t deserve it. Whom do not have equal strength. Or courage. And if her partner was without loyalty and, Heaven forbid, cheat on her – he would be despised as if he was never even born. She might stay with him for another 10 years, but there would be no intimacy, tenderness and love. She would punish him, not out of revenge, but from true repulsion to the thought of giving him a second chance.

Speaking of chances, a Leo will give you a royal pardon if you fail him here and there and properly apologize (beg for forgiveness) and give you a second chance, but you can forget about third chance in advance, either as a friend, or a colleague, or a partner. Because, (sarcasm) it is not like Leo female didn’t fight with themselves, with her loyalty to the partner, while the evening before someone’s eyes were cutting the air with passion while the air was cracking from electricity around her? And then she asked herself…..”and what then? All that passion, the unforgettable night…- ok, and then what? For, if there is no perspective future, if there is no realistic plan (preferably on paper with contingencies for emergencies), then why so easily to surrender?

Or, like the Leo male was not in the temptation to give the final words of contempt and shame while all others were insulting and humiliating his friend for making an unacceptable error in judgment. He held of from doing it publicly, for anything he has to say he will say it only to the one who can have real use of those words, while enjoying of denying the bourgeoisie of gossip. That’s why the excuse “I was drawn into it” “I couldn’t control myself…” means nothing to him.

Yes, Leo is full of dignity. Which means he sticks to himself and his future, which always must be neatly planned. He cannot stand chaos, he despises it. But, chaos can happen to him. Especially in youth, when you can see a Leo roaming from a dealer to a dealer, from a bar to a bar, from a crime story to prison. The vices are his greatest enemy if he doesn’t make himself a place in the world in time.

An actor by birth, when he knows who he is, while carrying with himself his dream and the long term plan, he will skillfully act and play along, he will partake but not inhale, while having fun. He will not waste himself with alcohol, for consciousness is his castle, and he doesn’t want to lose it. To be aware of it all. Himself and everything around himself. He quickly learns what he can get from his mother or father. He doesn’t manipulate or blackmail. He asks. By that did or didn’t he got what he asked, according to that he creates his reality. He leaves home, either by getting married or working for himself. But he doesn’t waste time, because his life belongs to him and not even the nearest will not have the final say in it. Not mother, not the children, or the spouse. He is brave enough to dare. And he who dares wins. He chooses the road less traveled with excitement. The risky road which can only be truly risky if he forgets of himself. The road that will serve as a constant reminder of what he owes to himself.

The attention that the Leo gives to the ones he loves is royal. They are the center of the center. He is not stingy on the compliments and admirations, he constantly fires bursts of ego busters and he is never envious. But he is not flattering.  If something is not right, if your suit or dress is looking funny, if you made yourself look stupid in public – he will tell you without hesitation. He will not go easy on you, for he doesn’t go easy on his children, why should he go easy on you? 11822675_933430550042357_7265817095106867674_nIf he notices that his child wants to entertain singing as a profession, he will find the best and the most strict teacher in the world. So, if the child sticks to singing, it will be best, or if they don’t have talent, to give up in time and find themselves where they should. Futility is the thing Leo has the most difficulty to forgive himself for. The time expenditure structure for him must be always applied.

Therefore, let us all find a Leo in us. The part of us which ultimately loves life and celebrates his triumphs loudly. The part of us which takes pride of ourselves. The part which has no problem of being clear, straight up, direct, in your face. The part which walks with confidence and doesn’t look away. Talk about your successes, about your plans, make them and write them. In another words, brag! Surely anyone among us has something to brag about. Don’t be only strict to yourselves. This is actually an ideal time for to-do lists, for August is our New Year for our ambitions and plans, long term and short term. And be proud like the whole world celebrated the moment when you were born. Make yourselves feel welcome in every room, in every company, free and unhindered among the strangers and friends alike. Feel free to use every space and situation to indulge yourselves, to celebrate yourselves, to show yourselves! And don’t forget what every Leo would say to you, happiness is what happens when long term preparations get their chance.

For the end, I will mention one young and relatively new name, for it represents in full what a Leo in his maximum is and you should remember her well. Jennifer Lawrence. Won an Oscar at 23, charming and endlessly charismatic Lioness,  witty and disarmingly direct:
“The hardest thing about being Jennifer Lawrence is not being ‘Jennifer Lawrence’.”

So, let the games begin!


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