Mars in Libra – Desire to be Desired

translation: Maja Miskovic

„You have to be very fond of men. Very, very fond. You have to be very fond of them to love them. Otherwise they’re simply unbearable.“ – Marguerite Duras

In the early December of 2013 Mars entered, rather slowly, Libra. Usually quick and goal oriented, this time he is cruising on auto-pilot, because who is up to running around, sweating (yuck!), and let alone working? But hey … he loves money! In order to get money, he needs to roll up his sleeves first, and in order to roll up his sleeves, he needs a swanky shirt so that those rolled up sleeves will look good like they do on Vincent Cassel. And so the first thing our Mars did was buying a new shirt!

A sales girl blushed when she saw him. Not because he’s handsome. Nor because he’s dressed to the nines. Nor because he’s a man; the store is full of them anyway. She blushed because of herself – how could she be so beautiful in the eyes of the other! Just the way he’s going to look at you, give you a compliment while running his fingers through his hair or stroking his beard i67935_10151329068056480_1738418722_ns far from the crude sizing up of a woman’s body. No, it’s as if Humphrey Bogart, leaning on the bar and sipping whiskey, wishes you a wonderful day with his mere gaze and a smile. All that he knows he learned from Sinatra and Bogart and even from hose gangsters in their stylish pin stripe suits, white overcoats and fedora hats, whose rims cast a seductive shadow over their face, eyes brimming in the dark. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already fallen for this! Mars is Libra is an ultimate seducer. He is here to seduce us all: men and women, the young and the old. Even children can’t stay indifferent. There is a candy in the pocket, a trick on display, or if he is feeling a bit lazy, a wink will do.

This long stay of Mars in Libra – until the end of July 2014 – is easy to encounter and walk with hand in hand. He won’t resist even if you are not up to his taste; after all, he’s stylish, with great manners, learned from the old masters of style. Kiss him freely if you wish, he won’t mind. Want to dance? Approach him at once without even knowing his name. Not only does he adore music and can’t live without it, but his self-confidence is hard to match. However, he won’t approach you first. Ha! What a trick!

But throwing a bait – oh, yeah!

And as the story goes, a lot of fish will take the bait. Let the tournament begin! If the game is at the, shall we say, lower end, the tournament resembles a boxing ring with women pulling each other’s hair. He, of course, has “no idea” what’s going on! In its essence, this Mars can’t stand women. He was born to love men, since so much masculine self-infatuation leads to love for his own gender. I am talking here about sincere and supportive relationships. He’s the one always siding with another man, saying, Poor guy!, while watching his friend suffering after his wife left him, upon discovering she was cheated on. The fact that she was suffering because of her cheating man means nothing compared to his sobbing friend at the center of this scene. He would beat her up if he could or permitted, but no.

Even if he manages to love women, it’s only the women with whom he can have a good, honest fight. The ones with a strong animus. Brash women with poisonous tongue can’t do much; it’s the more sophisticated and confident types that have his attention, even obsession, but only until he finds their weakness, breaks them down and humiliates them. If this doesn’t happen, if the woman is the one that comes and goes as she pleases, this Mars could be infatuated for life with the woman he can’t have all for himself. He can’t because she, just like him, loves herself and her own charms, style, and power of seduction. If love happens here, it’s the classic movie story about highly charged passion and contempt. In those moments, all the sophistication is thrown out the window, but a single mirror is enough for them to adjust their attire, pull up their chin, and dash out to the world, full of desire to be desired. He loves only as much as he is desired and not an inch more. She is the same. If you adore him, it will make him happy, but if you show it every day, he’ll be smothered. He knows very well what a cad he could be and your own duplicity disgusts him. This is still Mars, after all. He can’t stand lies and sees through them at once, and only sometimes, God knows why, deceives himself and pretends that everything is just fine. He simply hates to break up or to get divorced. But now, with Mars in Libra, this will be the exact scenario for many if for one reason only: desire to be desired. This is my way of saying the “third person,” in case you didn’t notice. This is the power of the third person: storming into the existing relationship and causing the bitterness for the abandoned one and desire to be desired by the very partner who wants something new and something else.

For those who are unattached, it’s better to stay this way and enjoy the compliments, practice flirtation, make new contacts, and dance through life. Quick marriages and relationships are in sight though. It will be impossible to prevent them, even if the third person gets involved, as the two in love are totally blind now.

If this Mars is gullible, and this could happen as well, he will end up with manipulative women, because Mars in Libra is, generally speaking, women who, like hens, peck their partners without an ounce of consideration or empathy. They endlessly demand, expect, and require, without asking how he feels and never learning who the man besides them truly is. I am hesitant to say, but Mars in Libra is feminine evil. Feminine spite. Feminine spite, because the man is the attractive one. Yes. This is the secret of all feminine spite: the man who is more handsome, more stylish, with a flashier smile, with a stronger sensuality. Women will now compete with men, so if you want to lose weight or quit smoking, this is the ideal time. Find a good looking, slim non-smoker, who will trigger all of your insecurities and weaknesses. This is a much better period for men than women, except those who are in love with themselves and the world, their audience.

And I’ll add this as well: regardless of all the popularity and saying yes to the passing kisses, this Mars, when in love, when deeply and truly in love, is absolutely loyal. Attentive, full of poetry and beautiful love letters. But if the woman is stronger for an animus (our unit of measurement), she will take care of a man, no doubt. Similarly to Mars in Cancer, who moves in easily (this is also a sign that you have a place, as the serious Mars in Cancer can’t appear if you don’t), Mars in Libra pays the bills with a woman’s credit card. Don’t forget that deep inside he hates women, his own as well as others, and he’d rob her without a blink of an eye. Since he can’t actually do it, he sees her paying for his stuff as a small reward for his suffering. If you ask him, she is too much her own woman, but exactly where she needs to be for him to like her very much.

Going back the avoidance of work I mentioned at the beginning, he’s the first one to take off or at least arrange the best accommodations for himself. He is the one to choose a job, because if there are no women, flirtations, smiles, looks, or all in all Eros, he is bored. That is why he is a sweet talker, an excellent diplomat and negotiator, capable of completing the task with a smile and kind words.

As I mentioned before, this Mars will stay in Libra for long seven months making interesting aspects with Venus, first and foremost. The end of February and the beginning of March will signal breakups, arguments, new relationships, marriages, and passions, the outcome depending on each individual status.

At the end of March and in mid-July everybody will love him and on top of that he’ll swim in money.

Now that we are on the topic of money, this Mars doesn’t aspect well the current Jupiter in Cancer. They are in complete animosity and this Mars is broke. But when Jupiter enters Leo in July 2014, say hello to travels and celebrations, joy and laughter. And kisses, of course.

Kisses for whom? For Mars in Libra? No, but for all of us embracing life like a seductive actor admiring himself, beginning his day with a smile and ending it with a grin as he slips into the bed and showers his lover – be it a man or a woman – with smooches.


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2014.

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