Saturn at the Border

skorpion strelac granica


Saturn is right there, on Scorpio Sagittarius border. He has been there a long time, and will be for some time more before he vetures deeper into Sagittariuses uncharted paths and charts the trail. Let your imagination run wild with this collage i just scratched the surface.

* His further crossing into Sagittarius will turn our attention more and more, to religion and faith. Therefore comes an important period of migrations which in turn ask new religious questions and rattle up old doubts and fears.

* Is guilt just a matter of justice? It’s origins are much deeper, older – religious. Who is to blame? How to be (to remain) tolerant if someone points his finger at us? Are we allowed to defend ourselves? How will we defend ourselves if there is no one to represent us? Do we know how to represent ourselves? How brave and great is our spirit? The spirit must be consistent to one self.

* Opened skies and raized tents (in the image) apart from reminding us to the current picture of the refugee camps, are in general an assumption of Saturn in Sagittarius that being in nature is safest, most humane. Nature must remain humane. Contact with her reminds us to the pure and religious being which hopes for peace, has a will to live and wishes no harm. Forests and  glades will be our medical institutions for the next few years.

* One thing is certain: there is hope. But only under condition we keep the humanity of Sagittarius. Compromises, for personal material goals instantly cause deficit of humanity. Is it possible to remain consistent to the spirit? If we betray the spirit, where would it lead us? What is the potential image of the Sagittarius – Capricorn border which is due in 2018? Can we, while we are on the territory of Liberty (Sagittarius – no matter how absurd it sounds in a real life crises) to do (act) properly so we could avoid potential future slavery? Capricorn on the border has no need for weapons. Or fences. There he has a giant grey building and a mill that grinds. People in shackles, because they didn’t know how to throw away things they don’t need, but instead they thought they can have it all. That is why the Capricorn principle of „Nothing“ can be very hard if we don’t pull ourselves together in time. So before Saturn join Pluto in Capricorn, we have enough time (untill 2018) to create Liberty and Humanity, to protect weak, to change expiriences, raise spirit beyond any law and religion. Take care of your Inner Human.

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One thought on “Saturn at the Border

  1. cj kaže:

    things surfacing raised awareness Norwa. S.ria (Letter gone) are scorpio ruled. doesn’t that just make sense. Saturn and scorpio death drowning.
    Immigrant said beauti is gone. (spirit) but it should mabe be over with saturn leaving. So unfolding brought mE right into politics of compassion/religion. What to do. How to cast the vote. media is to make a voice of the people and guilt is our sense of
    responsibilit once heard. Sort it out. am or am I not.
    Nature seems not at all the good word animore but still the best bet.
    Capricorn the prin. of nothing? uhm its on mi 9th. Where did that idea come from? Saturn Pluto, I just wanted his time not his monei roll. lol.

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