Sun in Pisces – Believe!

translation Ida Popovski


We have reached the end. Pisces have started, it is the beginning of the end of a solar cycle, a solar year. This is the time when are wisest. Maybe we don’t know it, because days all seem the same, but in fact we are wiser. We talk less, are more prone to silence, and searching for something but our eyes get lost in the crowd or stare at the horizon. Switching off from reality is just happening easily and without being noticed and we call it „escapism“, but it is actually the moment when we are closest to the truth. Who was it that said: if people told only the truth the whole world would be silent. Somehow this is what we resemble now. And everything we say now just remains hanging in the air, and every thought cunningly leads to more questions, that we do not have the answer to, and there we are again in silence in thought, in the middle of a sentence, as if we have lost the will and the wish to share with others what we wanted to say…as if it didn’t matter, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Listening to yourself, breathing, introspection. Wisdom. How much have we changed in this solar cycle? Realistically, astrologically, Pisces represents the end of a solar year and in those two months (March and April) when one thing ends another one begins, usually the biggest changes happen, announcements, situations, new people or else, which will remain there to guide us through the next solar year.


This is why Pisces is important, because faith is the only wa are alone. And we are fine. To support this, there is Neptune, ruler of Pisces, who is at the beginning of the sign, together with the Sun. It is time now to let go of all fears, because where there is faith there is no fear, let go of expectations, because only uncertainty is faith, give up all the big plans, because plans – the Sun- are now secret, and hidden even from us. Letting go, going with the flow…Here is a gallery with the text to make it clearer.y to embark upon something new. This why we are in Pisces now, to find our faith, to hear it, but for that to happen we need to really hear ourselves, and disconnect from the rush and the noise of the world. This is not a time for coupling in any sense, whatever Mars and Venus suggest, because this is a time when we are masters of solitude. But not lonely, actually happy because we have found ourselves. But for the world, for the world we have masks ready. Maybe we lie to ourselves in front of others, but the moment we stay alone, something happens deep within ourselves…w

written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2014.

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    Your writing is so beautiful. You encourage me. ~L

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