A view from another angle

In my astrological practice after 30 years of experience, I can freely say that each consultation revolves around three topics:

Why This, How To, and Who Am I?

…but regardless, the most common question I hear is: When? which is fine.

The future should not be a mystery to us, at least not as much as it was in the past. Today, economists predict the future as well as Facebook algorithms, so why can’t astrologers?

People also used to say that my angle is much different and unique. Maybe it’s because of the storytelling. I love to talk, descriptive with  metaphors and references to pop-culture (scenes from movies, songs, books, even news…)

But there is a problem. My native language is Serbian and metaphors are not as easy for me in English as in Serbian, but I do my best. That’s why I need more foreign clients to improve my English.

In practice, I am guided not only by what we have in our Birth Chart, but by the entire picture that implies reality.

It’s not enough to have good planetary positions if it is not possible to live them. But fortunately, everything from our chart can help us a lot, if we first accept things which are determined by our birth: the place of living (including ancestors), the time in which we live (century, age) and the economic and social influences that are clearly reflected in the narratives around us.

Then there is astropsychology and my favorite part, the metaphysical review of the whole being. Not only in relation to other people but to the entire Nature, Existence and Secrets we are surrounded by.

I can write and write, but it is much simpler if you Try me! 😉 🔥

◽️Natal Chart is 100$ – 90 min (approximately)

◽️If you want Advice in a certain subject (Love, Job/Career, Education, Relations with others, Professional Orientation, Choice of school or faculty, etc) – 70$ (60 min approx.)

Contact for scheduling: sanjaperic.astrologer@gmail.com

…and this is me in the picture. My radio shows from Mixcloud about Astrology will be published also on YouTube with EN translation in the future period. For now there are a few, but soon there will be many more, so SUBSCRIBE for new episodes.