Mercury in Leo – it is beautiful to live!

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Mercury is in Leo! I love his enthrallment with the world, his eyes wide open. Those are the children who are born googly-eyed. Those are the people who admire this world with eyes wide open. This is the need of the every child to climb up to the chair and sing, to act or to imitate adults. This is applause… and even more applause. This is not Mercury who wants to learn and to read and to write and to do that all over again… this first and foremost is Mercury who wants to SEE. To see life and the world, and then talk about it, for it is duty, my dear readers, of this Mercury to spread stories which will make even the most pessimistic misanthrope to feel the sweetness of life and to pull to a perpetually grumpy face a smile. And, more than any other Mercury, this Mercury in Leo needs admiration! But also, rivalry with his father, rivalry with authority, with the husband, with the boss, with the CEO – both verbally and intellectually. Who will have better arguments during a discussion, a student who during the first history classes in the fifth grade asks the questions from the bench to the teacher who can’t answer them. And then answers to them by himself, actually – teaching, for this is a student who teaches, whom everyone loves to listen. The good pedagogues support him for this, the vain ones punish him. These are all salutes to the ruler (Ave, Aferim, Salute) and also all the crests and insignia in the world, these are the autographs of celebrities, written recommendations from authorities, formal letters of thanks, diplomas, plaques. This are the coins with heads and tails and henceforth the monetary system of every country. These are the pounds, the dollars, the dinars and the shekels.This Mercury is not interested in telling and interpreting something to you in which he does not believe in, especially he is not interested in philosophy if it is not from his personal experience. This is experience and only experience. This is a writer who writes an autobiographical novel, and a reporter who interviews the great and famous, the special in some way. This is the mark, the logo, the brand, the registered trademark. These are copyrights.
This is impressive youth, and all the geniuses who made epochal works during their early days. This is Weininger, Mozzart, Wagner who translates The Odyssey and then decides, while he is nineteen years old, to become a composer without a single day of music school. For who needs school when there is will, when there is ravishment of will to turn everything he hears, sees, perceives into some kind of a work of art. This is the leitmotif of every composition, these are the stage lights pointing at the stage, these are all those lights on beautiful buildings who seek admiration even during the night. This is the need for earthly life, exclusively visible, not mystical and invisible, to be eternally celebrated! This is when you, all ecstatic, poke the person next to you and say: “Look! Look!”. This is the admiration to the new beautiful streets, this is the pride of making people impressed, these are ovations, the twenty minute thunderous applause. This is the word that brings back to life, every toast which moves the life. So, to your health, may we grow strong, may we live long… This is a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara). A letter to your father. And all those letters of children written to the presidents and rulers. This is the speech of a politician and him swearing his oath. This is the time when life is respected and celebrated, when you make a toast to your father and admire him, when someone becomes an aunt or an uncle because his brother/sister is getting a child. This is love for the debate, no conformity and surrender. That is why these are the reporters and lawyers, professors and rhetoricians, actors and musicians – who all equally yearn for the more lively conversation they can make, the noisier the better, where they jump in to each others words, where they agree to disagree. These are the people who are full of anecdotes from the lives of those and these, which they remember so they could entertain, amuse or laugh us to tears in hard times such as these. For this is the esteem of life no matter what it is. This is the life which writes itself so it would not be forgotten. Every journal, biography and autobiography. These are the contemporary celebrities on twitter and facebook who share the details of their lives to the world. This is the need to see life and promote it. The necessity to travel and see the whole world, if possible.

So, now while Mercury is in Leo – memorize something. A song or a speech, like you are going to an audition. Learn to sing a song, choreography and all, break the shame and stage fright where you have it, like when we were all children. Do an impersonation. Try to make people laugh. Learn a few good jokes. Ten flags of countries and five new currencies. Learn to say hello in six new languages… Draw. Doodle. Call your father. Say him how grateful you are, until is not too late.

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes and see you looking back

Oh, I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do

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One thought on “Mercury in Leo – it is beautiful to live!

  1. Sabina kaže:

    Hvala Sanja! I am Virgo Sun so I love how you describe this Mercury so precisely and concisely (precizno i koncizno) and yet also capture Leo so brightly and lightly and spritely.

    I always enjoy whatever you write and wish I knew Bosnian so I could read all your columns. Google translate does not know all the words ;P

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