Venus in Cancer – Love is A Many Splendor Thing!

translated by MAJA MISKOVIC

Venus is in Cancer since July 18.
Listen to the music I shared and read this text. Be intoxicated, just as Venus is intoxicated with love and trepidation.

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Let’s put things in order. First, Venus entered Cancer. Then a man poured a drink at the bar. He was joined by another man, and soon enough there were eight glasses in front of them. And then some old crooner was one and one of the men hummed. That evening, a young woman cried over her first love and her sister consoled her with tender motherly love, afraid that this very emotion will never happen to her again. She wished, oh how intensely she wished to feel the first love that made her chest heave heavily. Older women recalled their youth and past loves, retelling the days when they were young. How she slept in his shirt, how he wrote her poems and called her silly sweet names, and how her mother still cannot forget him! Venus in Cancer loves quietly and silently, her lover is treated like an apple of her eye. Splendor in The Grass is an anthological movie of this Venus, and the women in our story are laughing and cheering, telling verses they still know by heart: „What though the radiance which was once so bright be now for ever taken from my sight,though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind…“

And yet, underneath this laughter, there is a bittersweet lump in their throats and a glimpse of tears welling. Another drink, please.

Cancer is a crowd, so there is always a minimum of three women in these gatherings. Two of them set a meet up and the third one joins. Drinks are being poured again, memories retold, and then laughter and tears of happiness. Or memories. Does it matter at all – the women are young again. And they were beautiful, with big, bright, and warm eyes. Like the Girl from Ipanema, who was passing by and inspired two artists for the eternity. “Sheer poetry!” slipped from the poet Vinícius de Moraes’ lips. He folded his napkin and wrote down his famous verses. And she, Heloísa, gave him an honest, innocent smile. She was young, and this is her picture from the time that fully portrays Venus in Cancer, her emerald eyes to boot.


The Girl From Ipanema

Venus in Cancer is first and foremost the yearning for love and then the relationship itself. This is a desire for a kiss, a dream about happiness, an idyll for the two who would love each other forever. This Venus will never abandon this dream – until the children arrive. And she will relive their love joys and sorrows, especially with daughters, but not only with them. Her children will be pretty, sentimental, and artistic, as the sheer mother’s enthusiasm and youthful love flow into her children, who resemble a bit the old love from mother’s carefree days. Even when the divorce happens, this mother always chooses to stay with her children, but there is something secretive about this, since her children carry in them their mother’s dream of love.

In the days when Venus occupies this place in the sky, women daydream of becoming mothers or to experience the love they haven’t felt for a long time. This Venus cannot cross into motherhood without romantic love, so all the suggestions of sperm banks and adoption will fall through, even if the biological clock is ticking out. If Leo is the heart as courage, fearlessness to love, joy that love exists, Cancer is the heart that dreads and worries, that hovers over its object of love like a poet over his poetry, weaving the most tender and intimate words, protecting them from the gaze of others. This is trepidation that people won’t accept love, for what is Cancer than people, the masses, the crowd, which gaze towards us and which Venus is fearful of. This is the photographs of children and partners in the valets, hidden where only she can see and offhandedly kiss them. Passions here lose to emotions, and just like women, men here are carried away daydreamers who will kiss a woman’s belly even if she is not pregnant. He will caress her breasts, gently move a lock of hair from her face, and smile wildly happy to his on happiness. Neither of them will utter a word, but all will be known. And generally speaking, every time when Venus is in Cancer, people are more sentimental than usual. Households are happy and somewhere, right now, children who will be shy in the future when reminded of their beauty are being born. What is important to Venus in Cancer is warmth, tenderness, touch, and closeness, in a word – intimacy.

When Venus is in Cancer, everybody likes a bit of tenderness, warmth, and love. It’s good even without the fanfares and parties. And nobody needs to know. Although astrology has celebrated Venus in Pisces as the paramount of clandestine love, such love is actually another name for Venus in Cancer. We all have at least one, if not a secret affair, then a secret of our heart, the love of our dreams. Venus in Pisces is more about forbidden love, but that’s a story (about sin) for another day. Although shy, Venus in Cancer gives herself away fully and faithfully. It is the soul that loves here and is joyous even when it hurts. But when there is no love, Venus in Cancer collapses on her own. It is better to be on your own than succumb to social pressure that Cancer exerts rather aggressively and suggestively (“Are you ever going to get married?”). It’s obvious that in the time we live in love is objectified in the predominance of the physical and visual. He has a fancy car, she has expensive shoes, and it’s a hook up. But Venus in Cancer is a quite different story: if there ain’t no soul then there ain’t no use.

This is not an mp3 or iPhone; this is a gramophone and the vinyl records. This is not a Facebook album; this is an old, thick photo album, carefully chosen a long time ago. This is the love for all that is retro, for everything that reminds and evokes the soul. This is color and the beauty of the moment that escaped the quick passage of time. So that’s what’s up until August 12. If you have somebody who cancels out your loneliness and if somebody wants you to cancel out his or her own through casual sex, postpone for now this unnecessary encounter. You are only going to feel more emptiness since this is the period that yells and shouts love. The heart opens easily to music, the arts, the night, the song, and the people. This is prominent as Venus will form challenging aspects with Uranus and Pluto, which means unplanned encounters with old flames or a new love, and for some, this will be the sound of a tune heard twenty years ago. Emotional geyser. We are alive! The past is beautiful, the memories are divine, I love the people I am sharing this moment with. Dear God, thank you for the heart you gave me, the heart that can love and suffer and love it all to tears! Another glass of wine, please! Before I conclude, remember that this is an opportunity for the new beginnings, as this Venus has an endless power of forgiveness. It’s an excellent time to reset the relationship, and for those who are available, nights full of thick loving are coming your way. For those of you who won’t sit on either chair, dance, create, go out, and be merry. Of course, expect tears that go with smiles. And protect your love! Protect him or her, protect your heart so that it stays open when love arrives. Protect yourself from the frenzied diabolic time which degrades love and calls it a weakness. Oh, it’s so good to be weak… Venus in Cancer could talk about this for hours. I am weak, vulnerable, but so strong. My strength is in my weakness for love, my inability to say “No” to the one I love. I am Jacques Prévert and his Barbara, I am the Ipanema Girl. I am the muse of all the poets. I am a woman who knows how to love one man only. And who will never give up on love!


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2014.

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