Moon in Scorpio – Emotional Profile

Astrology is all around us. In other people’s lives, in books, in the street while you’re walking, in songs. After reading&learning, it must be experienced. Literally. And beside my old text of the Scorpio Moon (which I chose entirely subjective), today I will illustrate for you the Moon in Scorpio through the songs…

Thread opened Sting, with the song „Moon Over the Bourbon Street“.

„It was many years ago that I became what I am
I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb
Now I can only show my face at noon
And you’ll only see me walking by the light of the moon
The brim of my hat hides the eye of a beast
I’ve the face of a sinner but the hands of a priest „

When you have Scorpio Moon your soul actually carries this dualism – angelic and demonic, sinner and saint in itself. And all that you experienced, all that you’ve seen, all bad things that happened or twist of fate plant a seed of hatred inside your soul. So whenever it seems that a seed will start to grow, person with Scorpio Moon face a bitter struggle with it, and that hurts. Light hurts eyes, love hurts, good hurts, kindness of good people also hurts. We are ‘bleeding’ to keep good alive.

Most often, the causes are found in the lunar period – in childhood. Domestic violence, hopelessness, violence, depressive atmosphere at home, tragic, early death, alcoholic parents… Moon in Scorpio from all vices most inclined to alcohol, because the alcohol must already runs through the family. It is more ‘a hope’ that soulpain may be burnt by strong liquid shots (instead of Scorpio’s poison tail). The story about childhood of people with Moon in Scorpio is best illustrated in „Family Portrait“ by Pink.

“Mama please stop cryin’
I can’t stand the sound
Your pain is painful and it’s
Tearing me down
I hear glasses breakin’
As I sit up in my bed
I told dad you didn’t mean
Those nasty things you said
You fight about money
‘Bout me and my brother
And this I come home to
This is my shelter
It ain’t easy, growin’ up in world war 3
Never known what love could be
You’ll see,
I don’t want love to destroy me
Like it has done my family.”

And also, the one of the best Moon in Scorpio descriptions, „Cleanin ‘Out My Closet“ (Eminem) All Scorpio Moons may be calm, invisible, kind until anger burst out! And with anger comes hatred, with hatred comes guilt, with guolt comes pain, rejection, abandonment, all accumulated in early age of childhood – when we were too weak to defend ourselves or the one we loved.

„I’ll take you back to ’73, I was a baby, maybe I was just a couple of months,
My fagot father must have had his pantie’s up in a bunch cause he split,
I wonder if he even Monday, kissed me goodbye,
but I do not on second thought, I just fuckin ‘wished he would die .. „

But by time and with maturity comes the question: How to forgive your parents? How to create a home, raise child? Or maybe the New decision – to end the family line, to break the chain of sorrow, suffering and violence. Morrissey has the Moon in Scorpio himself, and her he said:

„Our family tree hacked into decline
And I’m spared the pain
Of ever saying
I’m the end of the line
The end of the family line … „

Later in emotional life, intimacy is switched with intensity. Emo-line is like a rollercoaster from possessiveness to indifference, from animal thirst for body pleasures to long period of abstinence.

„Will you take the pain
I will give to you
Again and again
And will you return it?“ (Depeche Mode)

And then, ‘love will tear us apart again’. Ian Curtis (Joy Division, singer) also has Moon in Scorpio. His life, biografy and recent biopic portrait more than this specific song, or another one: ‘She’s Lost Control’.

„…I could live a little better with the myths and the lies,
When the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried.
I could live a little in a wider line,
When the change is gone, when the urge is gone,
To lose control. When here we come.“

Another singer with Moon in Scorpio, Bjork, at the beginning of her career record a masterpiece „Play Dead“.

„I have to go through this
I belong to here where
no-one cares and no-one loves
no light no air to live in
a place called hate
the city of fear…

it’s sometimes just like sleeping
curling up inside my private tortures
i nestle into pain
hug suffering
caress every ache.“

Is it normal to be so familiar with hurting? Obviously. Usually, people build walls to keep themselves from pain. To keep pain out. But Scorpio Moon build walls to keep pain IN and avoid joy, promises, romance, light, easiness. Really rare weirdoes.

What if inspite of everything, promises of beautiful love arise? Robby Williams answered long time ago:

„Before I fall in love. I’m preparing to leave her.
Scare myself to death. That’s why I keep on running.
Before I’ve arrived. I can see myself coming.“

When that experience starts to be repeated, Scorpio Moon become the King (or The Queen) of anxious relationships. Preoccupied first and tend to worry a lot about their partner’s ability to love them back, and than avoidant – with a loss of independence they constantly try to minimize closeness.

But even Robbie Williams, who is a representative Scorpio Moon, changed. So what happened? He became a father! He is a married man! Ha has a family now!!! So, does it mean that Moon in Scorpio can be happy? Really, really happy? Yes. But never without dark journey through the wild jungle of childhood and youth. Only then, people with Moon in Sc will find the strength to protect themselves. With all love, gentle and care. Johnny Cash (also Moon in Scorpio) reminds us:

„If I could start again
a million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way.“ (Johnny Cash, „Hurt“)

I would like to finish this post with a song Robbie Williams wrote for his daughter. And for all Scorpio Moons all over the world. „Go gentle!“ So simple, but yet, there were no one to told us when we need it most… Love ya!

„Go Gentle“

You’re gonna meet some strangers.
Welcome to the zoo.
Bitter disappointments.
Except for one or two.
Some of them are angry.
Some of them are mean.
Most of them are twisted.
Few of them are clean.Now when you go dancing with
young men down at the disco.
Just keep it simple.
You don’t have to kiss though.
Don’t waste time whit the idiots
think that they’re heroes.
They will betray you.
Stick with us weirdos.[Chorus]
For all your days and nights
I’m gonna be there,
I’m gonna be there,
yes I will.
Go gentle through your life.
If you want me I’ll be there.
When you need me I’ll be there
for you.Don’t try to make them love you.
Don’t answer every call.
Baby be a giant.
Let the world be small.
Some of them are deadly.
Some don’t let it show.
If they try and hurt you.
Just let your daddy know.Now when you go giving your heart make
sure they deserve it.
If they haven’t earned it.
Keep searching, it’s worth it.[Chorus]
For all your days and nights
I’m gonna be there,
I’m gonna be there,
yes I will.
Go gentle through your life.
If you want me I’ll be there.
When you need me I’ll be there
for you.Go gentle to the light.
I’m gonna be there,
I’m gonna be there,
yes I will.
If all your days are nights
When you want me I’ll be there.
Say my name and I’ll be there
for you.

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