The Face of the Moon

Astrology was made famous by heavy and slow planets. Not every one practices astrology, but every one knows that once Saturn enters his sign, he will bring about grey clouds. Or Jupiter some new chance for success. Even for the swift Mercury it is known that it is not good when he is retrograde. But, unless I am very mistaken, the least is known about the Moon, except that people follow his cycles for diet purposes, or the hypesensitive ones with an eager eye follow the full or young moon, because they heard somewhere that he influences headaches, mood(iness), insomnia or whatever.

Perhaps since he is the fastest of them all, it seems impossible to follow when he is in what sign, but it is that particular Moon that instead of you choses the music you will put into your player, choses programs instead of you, choses what will find its way to your table today, determines what you will dream on a particular night, how long you will sleep today and how many packs of cigarettes you will smoke. He will bring you crowds and a good mood, and he will bring you crowds and being nervous. He is the uncertainty of the evening while you happily go to work in the morning clueless that you will be crying bitterly in the evening because a movie may remind you of your own loneliness, or you will see a wounded puppy and his helplessness may push all the joy of your day in a deep ravine and deeply seal this encounter. He is the one that brings happy ends, and he is the one that interrupts a conversation when you least want it. He is the one that withdraws instead of you for the Moon has no strength, he has only love and warmth, he is made of gentleness, he forgives everyone but himself…which is why he “eats at himself”, it is visible if you track how he reduces to the point that he almost disappears. He determines how much money you will spend today and how much tomorrow, how much you will kiss with your partner and how much you will yearn for kissing, how easy you will go to sleep, and how much with thoughts that will give you trouble you until morning. He even influences, why not give a banal example, whether your laundry will be well washed. When he is aspected with Neptune, double check whether your red socks have found their way among your white linen. But the same aspect will give you color not only in the laundry, but a confusion of emotions on that day, and you will drink colored water, be it juice or whisky on ice, since there must be water in some form. And onward, as Neptune strengthens, as the darkness descends, you will turn off the strong center lighting. You will turn on the TV, but the interference will not give you the true image, but a distorted one, and if the image is true, then the story is false, or it will be the show of some illusionist, magician or maybe a movie that is mostly done in 3D with a handful of effects that distort the image and create an illusion in order to heighten the feeling. Or maybe you will switch the TV off and turn the music on, and the CD will skip or the songs that are on will be chosen by the subconscious in order to make you pour a bit more wine or something else, to smoke some more cigarettes and create smoke in the apartment that will later lead you to open the windows wide and gaze upon his humanly features, not understanding that they have everything to do with you.

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2 thoughts on “The Face of the Moon

  1. mermaid kaže:

    i noticed you repeadetly refered to the moon as ” HE” or him…. the moon is clearly feminine energy .

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      I write in Serbian language, and than, my friend (and she is not astrologer and doesn’t know astrology at all) translate, beacuse my English is not very good… Thanks for comments, I didn’t notice this mistake before. In Serbian language, we have gender for nouns… Moon is in Serbian ‘Mesec’ and it is noun of male gender… (in other words, it is all grammar thing) Thanks again. 🙂

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