Where have desires disappeared?

I was thinking about writing an article about Mercury retrograde who is back in the game, or maybe about Saturn in Leo. Perhaps to continue the story about the Moon… but there is something that I’ve been thinking about for days now. Clients are not as they used to be. Actually, we are not what we used to be. Rare are the people who know how to desire. The thrill is gone, sings BB King now from my computer, and there is no recourse, it is clear to me that I will write about Saturn. About a different perspective of this, incredibly infamous devil. About him as the initiator of every desire. I do not doubt that there will be those who are already reading these lines wide-eyed, if they have ever read even one astrology book…but it is truly so.

Think, why would he be the one to be given lordship over the TENTH house of the chart, the house of ambition and with that of those desires, that we will, as some “Blue Star” catch for ourselves and stretch our hands toward it, even from the cradle, that is always represented by the FOURTH house, the one that is exactly across from the tenth. That is the image of a child’s eye, gazing either into the image of his parent, full of experience, that we want to imitate because of it, take as a role model, or gazing into the blue skies. High up. That is where hopes live. There is the pinnacle, there is what astrologers call, the Zenith.

But the story would not be complete if I didn’t mention the Moon that is the Lord of the Fourth House, that says “ I will open up my arms and accept as much as I can”, who desires everything, and out of the greatest desire he dreams and imagines… and the bigger the challenge of Saturn to which the Moon perpetually looks upon, the greater the desire. A silly example, but an example…what did bananas represent for my generation? Something that maybe your uncle from Vienna will bring you twice a year, and you will, naturally, look forward to. Jupiter, who says that we have it all, geared toward capitalism, offers a lot, too much and too fast for it to be desired. Today children get everything in advance, before they get a chance to desire it…and the Moon that does not dream and fantasize, that is not apprehensive in his exhiliration, can not feel joy. Because joy is not Venus. Venus is sensuality, a kiss, laughter. Moon is falling in love and the feeling we all know can lift us to the heavens, it is the moment when we can not hold back our body to follow the rythm of our favourite song (like me now, to Bobby Womack’s song from my perhaps favourite movie “Jackie Brown”), or the song, word, fragrance inspires us to write something that represents nothing other than the materialization of our desires, dreams and our soul.

So although everyone comes for a seemingly concrete problem, some family dispute, legal problem, money, work… it seems that everyone has this question that he does not voice …the question:

“Where have my desires disappeared?!”

And the answer is, they haven’t disappeared. You just gave up…The astrological answer that becomes evident is almost absurd and I will accept any kind of astrological controversy by those who practice this skill, but I stand by what I will say. So, Jupiter has come. There is abundance, but not for everyone. That situation naturally forces giving up. People have come to know their possiblities and have measured what they can and can not do. In other words, society has forced upon us what we can desire and what not. Where we can see ourselves, and where not. Children enroll into school according to that principle, which is why I always rejoice at parents who have vision, not projecting themselves and their possible limitations of today to the furture generations. A majority of them, again, believe that the future lies in managers and bankers. Because that is what is on offer…

So the epilogue is such that Jupiter, that benevolent gift giver has pushed us into a corner, divided us by classes and payment possiblities, it is true everything is available, but not for everyone. Jupiter even dictates marriages today. When a marriage will be concluded is determined by the moment the bank will grant a loan. Much of it is not truly our reality, so, as if intoxicated, we live a life that is offered to us, forgetting that things can be different… to be different is Saturnian – slow, and those who know how to wait know this.

In the end it turns out that only what we can not easily get has value, only that can move us to change and mobilize all our strengths to achieve that something, under condition that we have not forfeited it up front since the state guarantees us we will not succeed since it is not realistic and that it is wiser to accept what we are offered. It is the old proverb, “ a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Well, bird by bird and we are left completely without desires. So take a look at Saturn in your charts. He always has the answer to “ where have the desires disappeared”, and he will always tell you how and in what way to get them back. Not Jupiter, nor Venus. All that comes served up is far from enchantment and passion.

And Saturn is there all along. And trust me that only he can take you back into a state of excitement that you can’t recall since the day you were supposed to start university, move to a new city, travel…stand at the altar. Every aspect of Saturn with Venus brings to many forbidden loves, that, the more impossible they are, the stronger and more fatal they become.

Saturn with Mars who is, by nature, always on the move, is the passion of a person that feels and lives cornered in his own country, but is living each day for that one day when he will leave. This is also the athlete that still is not part of his national team or still hasn’t put his foot on the terrain of Wimbledon and it seems he will burn out with desire before he sees it come true. Yes, this is why many athletes have this aspect in their charts.

Saturn with the Moon is a person whose life is truly and not make believe hard, full of destiny’s blows, concrete situations he had to face with courage and half martyrdome; those are people who do not even complain much, they carry their burden on their own, but they do not stop having desires daily, like a child. These are the ones that tell you that nothing makes them as happy as “ the little things”: the call of a loved one, pleasant atmosphere and children’s laughter and so on…

With this text I wanted to cast a new light on Saturn, who, it is true, constantly brings some restrictions, limitations, constraints…but at least now you know why. So you could truly desire that which he bans and understand that the true values are those gained through effort, waiting or simply – strong, undisputable desire.

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One thought on “Where have desires disappeared?

  1. shelley kaže:

    thats amazing! thank you for writing that, im so glad i read it. it makes sense of my life, my optimism, my desires, my firm belief in the fact of – the truth of – JOY. interested to read/know more of your stuff, your welcome to send me stuff…

    i have a moon saturn conjunction in the first house; a capricorn ac; venus sextile saturn; and a sun opposite pluto; and sun conjunct chiron. its so refreshing to hear this positive take on the malefics. thank you

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