„Do Not Trust – Prove!“

(This text is from the book “Do Not Trust – Prove!”, written by Mile Dupor, the great astrologer from Korchula, Croatia, who lived: 1905 – 1981)

Rudolf Tiel, enemy of astrology as only a German astonomer can be, says:

“Astrology is the most successful spiritual movement of all time. It has infected every culture, irrespective of ruling religions, regardless of education and development level. It has penetrated the extinct Egyptian civilisation, the ripe and life throbbing civilisation of the Greek, Indians, Chinese, the flourishing arabic culture and the budding western Middle age. It didn’t matter to her whether people believe in Christ or Mohammed, whether they respect the platonic Eros or the wisdom of Confucius, whether their life’s goal is in Buddhistic contemplation or Roman organization. She has conquered the non believers and wise mandarins, the mystics and the friar’s robe and the stoic’s toga, Ceasars of the Second and the Popes of the Sixteenth century, visionaries of the apocalypse and the mathematical genius of Ptolomy. “

History finds astrology 5000 years ago in Babylon. It could have been expected that a learning oriented to the past, tradition and back looking, will soon be overrun by the advanced astronomy that is practical and forward looking.

In the beginning, Pharaoh in his glory who with his decorated cane determines the location of a building, and previously quietly aks the astrologer for the time so he wouldn’t offend Zebaka.

Thales calculates the eclipse of the Moon in 585 B.C. and is so sure of his prognosis that, for a bet, he rents the whole of next year’s olive harvest.

In China, Tchu Kong, astronomer, calculates the tilt of the ecliptical path and Confucious learns astrology.

In the 16th century, Copernicus discovers the helliocentric system – a death blow to Ptolomy, but astrology survives even that with it’s irresistible magic!
Villefranche discusses his amazingly accurate forecasts at exactly that same time.

In the 17th century, Helena Blavatski founded the Theosofian Society for astrology to give a global religion which it had at the dawn of all cultures!

20th century: cosmic distances are discovered, intergalactic worlds, theories of the beginning of the world are founded and at the same time we have the founding of societies of astrologers and eminent academics. A Soviet flies into space, an American walks on the Moon, people’s breath is taken away, the head of the greatest church and the most powerful state are watching this, clinging to their Bible and crossing themselves. At the same time, the Iron Curtain is penetrated by a worm that has brought down the walls of Kremlin itself: where the working place of four expert astonomers – astrologers is: Sarumakov, Shilipishev, Manhert, Lowenthal. Astronomy is moving forward at the speed of light but with it also it’s black shadow – astrology.

It is therefore hard to foresee the divorce of this astronomical- astrological marriage. Make your peace with this chymera-like occurence. So stop trying to destroy this monster – astrology, but instead start learning it! The hero Vaynemaynan conquers the enemy by learning about his origins, so research the “monsters” past…

(Mile Dupor “The mysterious saga”)

Before you is a film I made (it runs for a meager minute and a half) as an illustration of this fabulous Dupor’s text, of the traces of the astrological spirit which are peeping from every continent, from the monasteries as much as the city centres, municipal houses and palaces…enjoy!

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