Lilith in transit through Scorpio

On July 18th Lilith stepped into Scorpio. She returned to her home, to her dark cave where the castrated Samuel awaits her and the assistant Blind Dragon, thanks to who, the two of them have hundreds of demons daily…

Since Scorpio is the sign of her dominance, I believe that the following eight months – wich is the duration of her stay per sign, leave a mark, and that this desert goddess will this time not allow herself to go unnoticed!

When she entered Libra, 8 months ago, I wrote that marriages will be in crises, for along comes she, free and nobody’s, that tempts and forces the need, she mesmerizes men with her sexual powers, irresistible as they are dangerous, and to women she brings the double action – free to become mistresses of married men, and to married women the feeling of bitterness and rage tha Lilith felt the day she was driven out.

Look around yourself…I already have, and truly, unbelievable statistics of how many charts that I have had in the past eight months are like that.

And now, what now?

Whenever a planet finds itself in the sign that it rules, we say that is where it most easily fullfills its ambition. If Jupiter has the ambition to travel and learn, he will most easily fullfill it when in Sagittarius, if Venus has the ambition to be beautiful, she will need the least effort for that if she is in Libra, and Mars will find it most easy to make a stand and show initiative when he is in Aries. For Lilith, the stay in Scorpio emphasizes that she will now find it easiest to put to wotk her sole ambition which is REVENGE.

Psychologically, every man in his subconscious has tens of unresolved situations with others, unfinished circles, he has hundreds of situations of being rejected, humiliated, when he couldn’t “find his place” and when he was undesirable. All of that is now summarized, and all of that is now easily transformed into an urge to through further acts and opportunities that will arise, either through personal success or the suffering of others celebrate our own triumph. A man is only primaly afraid of evil, for evil is dark and for him, who is geared towar life, is a big mystery, almost as big as death itself. To awaken primal evil is rare for people even when they clearly possess it.

A man whose reputation is ruined by enemies will say “ Nobody’s candle will burn unti dawn…” hoping for the failure of his enemies, and a woman scorned will say “Let him stay alone, and let him suffer for me all of his life…” But neither of them will indeed spring into action and dedicate their life to creating spite that will lead to a situation they themselves have experienced.

For even when he does evil, a man will usually do it unconsiously, the other party will fill endangered and bitter, angry and scorned, without having foreseen such a result. When a director resigns which in the psychological sence means “ There is no place here for you”, he does not have the ambition to impart evil although the other party can interpret it that way.

I have long researched Lilith, and tried to discover some opposite, a positive side. But Lilith is for herself unique, and although in much of the astrological literature it is suggested that she is the prototype of the modern woman – independant and her own, you know… although I have also written it earlier, today, after reading hundreds of works on the subject, focusing mainly of historical and psychological texts rather than astrological that are always somewhat suggestive, I retract everything that I have written, since Lilith has the sole ambition of being evil, by disguising and transforming evil, that sometimes in the beginning she is not aware, takes revenge through some act and prove her superiority.

She can appear as the opposite to the light – filled, good side of the personality, but on her own she is a unique entity, indivisible, and therefore she can be only evil and nothing else.

I became convinced this is true after numerous psychological views and interpretations, but not popular, that have, as I said, ascribed to her the status of the “heroine” of the 21st century, but those who probe much deeper into the age old needs and instincts into a whole anamnesis of her motives and situations from which she comes from.

It is interesting, that primordarily Lilith does not have jealousy within her. What is even more interesting? Adam has, according to the myth, later while he was with Eve, going to Lilith, so that is why, according to the myth, Lilith continues to visit him, actually all men during the night while Eve, their lawful wife is sleeping nex to them in bed. But Adam never cheated on Lilith. She is the one that mesmerizes man where he is weakest , in his sex, giving him the opportunity to successfully satisfy all the erotic and sexual fantasies that he does not get with his wife – but where he also becomes addicted to them, experiencing them as unique, where she, the “divine whore” (or the God given whore), because of the irresistible male attraction to the perpetual experience of the new and different (in regard to the experience that they have with their wives) leads him to be overwhelmed by instincts that don’t allow for a sensible defence from the challenges of Lilith who meets his desires thus destroying in in him the capabilitity of rational insight, and reduces him to her victim or a slave to his most primitive impulses, and actually an object, the tool of her own superiority and absolute necessity – that is then in the sweep of male lust equal to the impulses regarding life and death as hunger or thirst.

And that is her complete revenge. To get a man to the brink of obsessivness where he will accept all, where he accepts (unlike Adam) that she is on top and he underneath, where he as a woman, gives himself to her to do what she pleases with him. When Lilith is satiated, she discards him. Without remorse. Without compassion. And leaves him to wither beside his “female”, Eve, and this is the aspect of her second hidden victory – her victory over Eve, whose man she has forever taken away, and who now that he is no longer with her, will carry the memory of the experience of her and will never want Eve in that way which will, sooner or later, make Eve feel sexually redundant. Lilith primordarily is not jealous. She has not had rivals. She gains them only later, as a consequence of her whim and rebellion. She is so much superior in her fury that she feels abhorence toward Eve because of her weakness and meakness, ineqaulity, but not jealousy because she cannot see Eve as her equal and thus someone worhty of her jealousy. She is jealous only of Adam, that he has it good and she hates Eve indirectly for helping him successfully keep his status of authority, superiority and “ in charge”. That is why Lilith’s transits ofthen bring some rival relationship with a man, which sources in the battle of two free wills, whether it is the conflict between son and mother, husband and wife, two lovers or any other kind of relationship. And victory is directly connected with sexuality. Lilith will not be happy or gloat if her adversary is left without money, but only if he is left without sexual power, if she hears that he is not fine, that he has from the terrific lover (that he was while with her) ended in a trivial, frigid marriage. But why sex? Because defeat on the sexual field hits men and women the hardest, because it leaves a deep mark on the complete personality.

Lilith knows that the man she is with will not cheat on her. She does not see an equal rival in anyone else except in the one who is also Lilith, alone, herself, free, the seductress…And then the curious need appears to unite with that kind of woman, to approach her and help her destroy the man. Lilith in relationships is forced to display love, the highest emotion, which she is in fact void of, which is why she is gifted with an unseen power of transformation and pretence that lasts until the other side admits that it have given in, is committed, that it is weak and subordinate, trapped…that is when Lilith shows her true colours. In women Lilith desecrates the principles of fidelity and family, but we will be fooled if we look for the consequences of that in the 21st century’s acquisition of individuality. It is more the consequence of Lilith’s strong influence, to which alienation, mistrust and the conservative forcing of unimpulsive behaviour have contributed. For where there is shame – there is no Lilith. Where there is no dirty, impulsive sex, there is no Lilith, and Man is an impulsive being. From that dullness of impulse comes the rebellion of individuality as an anomaly, that people will put forward in the time to come as an excuse for their perversity.

That is how Lilith will act in the chart of a man, this is the experience she brings him, while in the chart of a woman Lilith brings a new reflection in the mirror that was her secret tool. Lilith took a mirror with her to the beaches of the Red Sea. Through the mirror she awakened in women that dark aspect, whether they have standing before it, seen staring at them the reflection of a desperate, unhappy, unloved woman or the one that was born with the sin of being a temptress and the “divine sinner” even if married for 15 years.

The view of Dr Stevan Petrovic, whom I have had the opportunity and honour to meet in person and since then appreciate his work is particularly interesting. In regard of Lilith as a mother, he says:

“Since she is dressed in a female shaped physical body”, she often becomes, for the environment in which she lives a seemingly ordinary woman, the bioloogical mother of a male or female child. But, strippled of her natural parental instinct, as a carrier of evil, she does not know true love for a child, but early on enters into a relationship of rivalry towards it , or through the child – as an intermediary, rivals his male parent, the father.

When the child is masculine, tiying it to herself, she actually castrates him for ll other women. This incestuous relationship rarely happens in the plane of the obvious, and more frequently unconsiously and on a symbolic level. Lilith is for her son what Jokasta was for Oedipus. The son of Lilith the mother is consciously, subcounsciously or unconsiously in love with his mother, he is not able to give emotional support to another woman or he expresses it through impotence in his relationships with other women, or, in the worse form, unconsiously denying his incestious lust for his mother, he remains fixed on the level of an adolescent and becomes puer aeternus, an infantile adult, that often resorts to his own gender and becomes a homosexual. Those rare ones, that are aware of the ambivalence of their soul can easily slip into manifest psychosis or, comprehending that they are the victims of their mothers, can become executors of the one guilty of their suffering, whether they kill the mother that is the culprit or by becoming serial killers of women similar to their mothers. And in the dramatic finale, after murdering the culprits that are the cause of all the evils that have befell them as men, they can finally raise a hand to themselves.”

And the motives for all of this? The motives are in growing up and in psychology. Who has castrated us in such a way to make us want to do the same in a new scenario to someone else, to a marriage, or to motherhood and in that signify our victory. For Lilith rarely takes revenge on the one who hurt her.

Because of all of this, Dr Stevan Petrovic thinks that: “ Lilith – the woman, Lilith – the mother, Lilith – the temptress is present in everyday life and psychopathology to such an extent that she deserves a special diagnostic unit in expert literature, such as is awarded to, say Oedipus Complex, Don Juan Complex, Cain Complex and others”.

All situations and characteristics enumerated above can be expected in the following eight months when Lilith will be in Scorpio. Loneliness, unsatiated sexual needs, the easy abandoning to challenges, negating principles of the family and motherhood are the dangers that loom.

Sex will quite surely take its throne as the trigger of many affairs and break-ups in relationships where there is no desire or desire has slowly transformed into frustration. Young people should carefully chose their sexual partners, especially those that haven’t had the experience of sex yet, for Lilith in Scorpio sometimes brings rapes and bad experiences, unpleasant and demeaning, after which only the sense of bitterness remains.

If you are left – that defeat will toll heavy on you while Lilith is in her sign, for being left now triggers an avalanche of all the seemingly forgotten situations, in which we felt precisely that way – betrayed, discarded, hopes destroyed…The important thing is to maintain common sense and not yearn for revenge.

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