Venus in Scorpio – Otherworldly Love

Translation: Dragana Rainer

Venus is in Scorpio. It will stay here for almost a month, until 7th October.

You know, this is the period we all feel because we are all one Venus in Scorpio. It does not matter if Venus is not in your natal chart in Scorpio, like it does not matter when every spring Venus enters Taurus and then, apart from the rerun of „Breakfast at Tiffany’s“ we don’t feel the charm of that richness, stylishness for real, but only imagine a little how it wouldn’t be so bad to have a rich husband, and how a woman is a lady who deserves that kind of man’s gratitude. Only a very small number of women really live that Taurus Venus happily, like Venus laughing in abundance. The largest part of the population does not get anything else but a kilogram or more during Venus’ transit through Taurus, and just a small part even pays for beauty. Well in the same way, when Venus enters Scorpio, you can’t tell who has more sadness in their eyes, because nobody will succeed now – in hiding this. And men with Venus in Scorpio search exactly for that kind of woman, with sadness in her eyes and a scar on her heart, the one they want to save and turn to joy. Ok, they do exaggerate afterwards and demand that she ONLY laughs for them and when she is with them, to only give THAT smile to him and nobody else, to have that word JUST for him and that voice, that sexiness that others just can’t resist.

Therefore, perhaps many of us never even dreamed of a partner that will have money (Venus in Taurus) and with whom life will become “dolce vita” sugar-coated, festive, daily celebration of the material world, realm of the senses and beautiful sceneries from the Travel Channel. But there is no one who did not (at least in one phase of growing up) dream of being loved exactly like this, like men and women with Venus in Scorpio would love them. „You are mine, till’ the day I die and till’ the end of the world!“ Of course, there must be some apocalyptic script to enlarge the love. Oohh, for how long I was only evoking such guys and all of them had Venus in Scorpio or Venus with Pluto (which reigns Scorpio) while I was struggling with my Moon in Scorpio. I was learning how not to be possessive, while still evoking all those passionate, uncompromising types who wanted me to be only theirs, their celebration and joy. At the same time my Venus in Sagittarius yearned for loud laughter in the company of other people, freely and spontaneously without drama in the aftermath of the: „Why-did-you-laugh?-There-must-be-a-hidden-reason!“-kind. 🙂

Now, although I believe that I exited all the horoscopes, where I was even for a second represented with their Venus in Scorpio, it would be a lie if I would not admit that even today I feel a strange weakness for the owners of Venus in Scorpio. That probably explains why all of my friends, to whom I am attached to through some kind of inexplicable ties from the OtherworldTN1 have exactly this Venus. I am talking about men and women, about my friends. Because that kind of fidelity „until death do us apart!“ they’ll tell you, is only known to them. When the relationship is created, it is impossible to break it apart because it enlivens, magically whenever these two persons meet again. Their language, their nonverbal communication becomes alive in that moment and really, everything there is made Forever- and EVER- and Not only until we die, but even beyond death. We stay alive there, forever. And that is the dream of every Eros: to be alive forever in someone else. It is enough that a person appears and Eros obtains instant energy, making us think… „Hmm, that relationship with him is strange; it must be from a past life.“ And if it was not a past life, then it must be some kind of genetics, where our grandparents were looking at each other over a picket fence, ready to break all the rules of their time, because they shuddered all over, and their skin continues to shudder for centuries actually, whenever they meet those eyes from a hundred years ago. And then some ex-lovers meet… like in the movie „Casablanca“ which is 100% a Venus in Scorpio, completely with the ending, and this line: „Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.“ She didn’t have to; she didn’t even know she would! The energy was leading her, and his was conjuring her magnetically so all the meetings during the time when Venus is in Scorpio are in a magical way, a destiny. Evoked for a long, long time… So don’t complain afterwards and ask yourself why you needed it… you invited it with your passions, loneliness and sadness.


That is why I wish to each and every person to have at least one Venus in Scorpio person close by, among their people, but for love I am not sure if I could wish you that from the heart – although to some of you I could. Just to those of you who know that sooner or later the loss is unavoidable, who passionately plunder happiness, love and passion, plunder everything of such a moment. Unfortunately, I met many who have even the very Venus in Scorpio and still they hold back. They do not understand the magic they were given and close off from fear or wish for perfection, in advance hedging from possible losses, which are not only possible but certain. C’mon, it’s life! The losses are overwhelming, but with them the winnings arrive, joy with tears, the sun after rain. So let this day be that day! If our love is going to last one day or a hundred and one or until we die – it does not matter. It lasts for centuries already and only at this moment we can continue something that begun a long time ago (we don’t even know when), but it takes two to tango.TN2.

Fear is the archenemy of a Venus in Scorpio, fear is whispering to her (a woman with Venus in Scorpio) to wait to be sure and like that she stays alone. Fear is telling him (a man with Venus in Scorpio) that she is too self-sufficient, that he should demean, break, spite her – and like that he stays alone, because he did not see it with his heart that she belongs to him already – since a long time ago. However, many sad stories and out of them many wonderful books, movies, poems were born from this Venus.

But all of them were written in fear, by those who had that „feeling“ but not the story. And I wish for you to tell the story and let others write the poetry like Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin – there is no Venus in Scorpio that did not understand him, or Pushkin who „[..] loved you silently, without hope, fully, In diffidence, in jealousy, in pain[..]“TN3 , dear Miss.


If only, he were a little bit braver then when he dreaded, shivered, if only, he wouldn’t have struggled with the fear but entered its jaw…

So how much ever it hurts, be sad but laugh too, because something huge has happened, something worth a life, worth the beat of the heart and touch something that you can only feel physically with this Venus, even if you are a meter apart. And when they really come close and touch, the belly of the one gets glued up to the spine of the other. Something like, that. Or their amygdala freaks out of happiness.

And let me finish this text. I mentioned at the beginning – sadness– well you see, it is not a kind of sadness where we are suffering because we are miserable. It is a kind of sadness that we love senselessly, it is the pathos for the love of drama, it is the realm of erotic senses that electrifies when we touch the abysmal of a dark cave in which this Venus lives, the Goddess  of Tenderness. The abysmal is Venus’ road to tenderness. Everyone has to go to their own depths, get stirred up in their own fears and forestall angriness, aggression and chains of fear to win. Tenderness that is already wretched because it saw the end be it in 80 years by death or something sudden that will tear them apart in a few days. Only that tenderness in this Goddess Venus can love like it is now and never again, like it was always hers, as if she was born only for that day. And all the others, they just wish to love like that while she is around, they don’t see the fear that stops them on a way forward to that experience, completely naked, shuddering.

This is the shivering because of love, awakening of Eros (Venus) and Thanatos (Scorpio) who stand in embrace here and now. This is Count Dracula saying: „Do you believe in destiny? That the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds true love?“ TN4 The book „Dracula“ one of the most amorous books in the world (recommended reading right now) a story about love that was waiting for centuries. Can you go that deep in yourself? I don’t know, but you should try. It is worth it, because that sadness is not of the Venus in Cancer which is in charge of mourning. This is Venus that cries while having an orgasm, because here the sadness and the joy are one and the same. „Blues is when a woman leaves you, but also when she comes back.“TN5 That’s it. You don’t know what is worse. I mean, better. 🙂


Translator’s Notes:


TN2 Idiom: “takes two to tango” and the song: )

TN3 Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August 1995, Edited by Dmitry Karshtedt, July 1996. Source:

Aleksandr Pushkin „I Loved You…“

“I loved you: and, it may be, from my soul

The former love has never gone away,

But let it not recall to you my dole;

I wish not sadden you in any way.

I loved you silently, without hope, fully,

In diffidence, in jealousy, in pain;

I loved you so tenderly and truly,

As let you else be loved by any man.

© Copyright, 1996

TN4  Full citation: „Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose? That the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds… true love? „:

TN5 Full citation: „You can have the blues one day because your woman leaves you. You can have the blues the next day because she came back.“ – Willie Dixon



written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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9 thoughts on “Venus in Scorpio – Otherworldly Love

  1. Adriana kaže:

    This is very accurate! With a Venus in Scorpio I have felt much of what it is written here, and I cannot say else but that it is one of the most marvelous things to feel and see all the shades of love, even if it is sometimes to the depths of hell and back again. Thank you!

  2. Tennie Alexander kaže:

    Damn, I think I just orgasmed! Oh the pain…oops I mean the joy of being in love with a venus in Scorpio!

  3. Lucas kaže:

    I don’t usually comment on pages and stuff like that… but I’ll have to admit that this, if not the greatest one of them greatest texts i’ve ever read about Scorpio venus, simply great, astonishing I would say, it describes it almost perfectly, and when I say almost, I say it because only the ones with Venus in Scorpio would understand that nothing would ever capture completely our essence… but I gotta tell you, this one got really close, that part in wich bravery and fear are compared and related to each other… simply fantastic
    as said above, one of the greatest texts I’ve ever seen… congratulations.

  4. ~ I.C ~ kaže:

    This article was truly beautiful and well written Aleksandra ♥. You gave perfect and colorful examples of what its like to be a Venus in Scorpio, and now I can’t wait to read the article you have on venus in cancer;D (my own Venus placement) ❀

  5. RC kaže:

    Hi im a Guy with Moon in Scorpio, Venus in scorpio,Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio!!…i always thought that no one else was there that cld be and feel like this or ever felt but ur article is gr8…ive been through the best and the worst of wat uve written and its kinda spot on i don know how the other scorpios affect but the moon and venus kinda grip onto u 🙁 ….to say its good or bad i dont know i flew through the good and m dragging myself through the bad!!..don wanna drag it..gr8 article ur good cheers!!.. im sorry if i wrote nething wrong im not the best:)!.

  6. ROban kaže:

    So insightful. You explained it like you are venus in scorpio who has been transformed already. 🙂

    1. really?! 🙂 but I am Venus in Sagittarius (in 3rd house)… know how to write about love (Venus stuff) 😉

  7. Darkwizard kaže:

    Beautiful…majestically beautiful

  8. Pilar kaže:

    This is heart-wrenching and beautiful! Venus in Sagittarius in 3H in relationships with Venus in Scorpio? What a conundrum! I’m glad that you know of other Venus Scorpio people who choose not to enter into relationships out of fear and your sympathetic/encouraging words towards us is like a hug. Makes me feel less alone to have someone totally get it. Great work.

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