Venus in Libra – Love is Born When the Sun Goes Down

translation: Maja Miskovic

Venus is in Libra. Cleanliness is next to godliness!

Nothing is easy here as it seems. One would think that just because Venus rules the Libra, the wheels of love will start moving. They will but … this is a quest for the ideal and we are ready to strive for the best. No compromises.

Think of this as open gates: temptations for those already in a relationship, an opportunity for the adventure for those who are single. Dreams about marriage – but dreams only. As much as it sounds absurd, we don’t want to shed our ideals, our permanent, eternal dream that true love exists, that we can find it anew – this is it, he/she is the one!  This is the most romantic association of the humankind – the sunset – because the Sun goes down in Libra, and here is Monet, who, with Venus, paints Sunset, Impression, not knowing that the entire epoch of impressionism will be named by that painting. So there you go, love will come when the Sun goes down. Moby, with his Venus in Libra, said it all with this verse:

I’m gone find my baby
Before that sun goes down…

If you are single, don’t insist on trust, but on uncertainty, a smile and kind words. We’ll react to bad grammar, be irritated by misplaced commas, profanity will annoy us. This is not so because Jupiter is cultivating us, but because Venus is leading to perfection and harmony, which stimulates our senses and excites us. Each word here has a purpose to hit the raw nerve of Eros. The highest realization of this aspect would be a couple so breathtakingly beautiful, that you cannot take your eyes off them. They are an archetype of God given love and as such they are flawless. It’s unjust that truly beautiful people do exist, harmonious from head to toes, and then there are others. We feel this dichotomy as unjust, but we can’t be faulted. This envy is a source of literature, music, and fashion, which gives the less beautiful a chance to become famous and therefore suddenly very attractive.

If Venus is in Libra in your natal chart, forgive your cheating man, because he won’t be able to resist such a godly –like temptation, but only to fall on his knees from the exalted Saturn in Libra and then come back to you, grateful. If a man’s Venus is in Libra, every woman by his side feels fabulous and adorned, with cursed knowledge of countless other women who desire his very attention and love, and not only that: he himself wants to be their knight and rescue them from loneliness and misery. Some will fall for his mere smile and a kind word, many others for his touch; not much needs to be said here to awaken the Eros. All is well until such a man marries and then, if easy flirt and sweet smiles are abandoned, and soft, passing touch is gone, he himself looses that smile, but not forever, as calls for Venus never cease.

By the way, such people exist among us. Whether or not they have Venus in Libra, they are globally represented as people who inspire us to be beautiful, better dressed, kinder, delighted; they are like a gentle breeze that brings easiness and awakens Eros. We need them as the beauty will save the world. Beauty reminds us what it means to soar and experience the divine. These are the stylish people, first among them Oscar Wilde, with his Venus in Libra. They can make us sad too, since Venus in Libra prods us see all of our shortcomings: crooked nose, wide waist, ugly toes. How is such gracefulness on the other hand possible at all, as if gods themselves made sculptures? But instead of falling into despair, I urge you to dance, enjoy the music, savor fancy clothes, splash the perfume. And don’t forget to smile.

And so, my dear fair ladies, if a man with Venus in Libra appears in your life, get into his horoscope and be the perfection, if only for a day. The perfection doesn’t exist, of course, so it’s all summer night’s dream, so to speak. It’s actually more of a sunset, since the Sun goes down in Libra. Imagine the sunset, around 7PM: he’s approaching you with a big smile. Give back even a bigger smile, adore him, and be joyful. This very moment filled with Eros will stay with you long, long after it passes. Suddenly, you’ll catch a shiver going through you body and realize it’s been months since that man was in your life, and you can’t tell if what you are hearing is the thunder of the cannons or the beats of your own heart.


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Venus in Libra – Love is Born When the Sun Goes Down

  1. Gingo Scott kaže:

    Can I tell you child, that I am in AWE of your gift. I just thank God that you are sharing your wisdom with your much older (elder) student (57 years old). Praise God for the younger generations who are bringing much needed wisdom to me. I acknowledge and THANK you for enriching my life. Younger generations who are bringing their best are truly helping this world evolve to the next higher level. I am thrilled and excited by you.

    Gingo Scott
    Asheville, NC

  2. Hwangha kaže:

    Not really. I’m coobtrmafle visiting the rest of America or at least staying on the continent, going to New York, Cali, D.C, Hawaii, Mexico etc. But I don’t like to go far, I went all over Europe the year before last year and everybody was jealous- but I actually felt really isolated, nervous and sad most of the time. When I got to Spain I just couldn’t keep going, everyone was all lets go into Morocco or Amsterdam. I cut the trips two months short and went home.And I **** planes, I’d rather take a train, carpool with my family or friends or even stomach a bus/shuttle. I’ve been flying since I was really small, my parents divorced when I was 3 and I had to go back and forth clear across the country all the time for visitation because they lived in different places. Also my mom whose a Gemini always wanted to take me wherever she was going, Japan, France etc. But I still **** it,I always feel vulnerable and unprotected. Like I’ve got no sense of my self, I just feel ***** and floating away, I always feel nauseous though I never get sick. I’m cramped up next to strangers, people have taken my things away from me, and I’m so sleep-deprived (I can never sleep before I travel, I just stay up all night no matter how hard I try to get to sleep) but too on edge to fall asleep on the flight.I **** going through airports, its just horrible. People putting their hands on me and my things and searching us both as if I’m a criminal. You’re running around out of breath trying to find things, and all of this takes hours- driving there, parking, checking in, checking bags, getting to terminals, going to the boarding areas- which you must show up at an extra hour in advance for to be permitted to enter (even if your plane hasn’t come in yet,) then waiting for the plane. Then pray you don’t have a connecting flight because then you have to do it all over and over again all day long. I barely like to leave my house -Virgo sun, Cancer moon and Pisces rising. Eh, my Venus sign too? Cancer again.

  3. Mayra Xochitl kaže:

    I have Venus in Libra in the 12th house and yes I do often see this very presence I love the elegant warm beauty of presence in my essence that others see and in what I lack, I make up with Venus in Libra allowing me to fall in love with myself more and more deeply. I follow another astrologer name Simon Vorster and he explains Venus in Libra this way—-> Venus in Libra, which I say is very accurate observation. check him out at

    If you have Venus in Libra your evolutionary needs are about understanding balance, fairness and creating equality through extremes. In relationships your natural way is to experience total commitment to knowing and facilitating another person’s needs. At this point you lose your own sense self which leads you to isolate yourself from any social interaction. You are trying to learn the value and identity of yourself through the constant contrast others. The balance comes in where you listen to your own needs instead of always listening to others. This will create the dynamic were you express and communicate your inward needs as they are for yourself. This will help you balance between who is you and who is another.

  4. Selen kaže:

    Lovely writing. ♡

  5. Anna kaže:

    Venus in Libra and Venus in the 7th house is cheater and player placement in my opinion.

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