Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio

translation: Maja Miskovic

Black-Swan---2010-007Venus is in Leo, Mars in Scorpio. In their fixed square, a world unto themselves, they are seizing each other up in a relentless desire for the divine and absolute distinction. Inasmuch this constellation leaves us breathless it frightens us as it appears that these two will be at each other’s throats in any moment and that only one will survive. Either Mars will bestow the throne on Venus only to withhold it the very moment pride yields to tenderness in her glistening eyes, leaving her dreaming the return of the black knight, or the proud Venus, despite fire in her heart, will turn her head away, which could enrage Mars. How to surrender and yet keep up the fight? Why are lovers ridden with fiery fights these days, which in some cases could lead into serious antagonism? Everything that unravels on the inside will now include the audience; all turns into a theatre. If the children are present, they could witness love that looks awfully lot like hatred. This Mars is fearful of Venus and this Venus is apprehensive of Mars. Mars is afraid that this Venus is truly distinctive, worthy in her self-sufficient solitude, but what is worthy, asks Mars, when in the end the bitter taste of disappointment awaits, the fleetingness of time takes away the beauty, or the child replaces the lover – and that is why he wants her to abort. However, if the conceived child is a girl, she will be born despite everything. Everything in Leo is brave and so is this Venus. The wife of generals and the powerful, she wants to be adorned only by the bravest.

Mars and Venus are square until early October (Venus changes the sign on the 3rd and Mars on the 7th when both enter the mutable signs).

Video illustration of the Venus Mars meet-up (a clip from the “Black Swan”)

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  1. cybel clarke kaže:

    I am n a relationship just like this .I am female venus in Leo he is Male Mars in Scorpio.very passionate fiery relationship.We fight and we have great sex. He is very passionate but at times very stubborn.His sun sign is saggitarius with the mars in scorpio placement my sun sign is virgo with a leo in venus placement.

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