Mercury in Aries

translation: Ida Popovski

Mercury has entered Aries. Someone is being delivered a subpoena to pay a fine for a misdemeanor, because this is the moment of carrying out a warrant, a decree. In the meantime someone else is reporting his neighbor because his dog won’t stop barking, as if animals didn’t have the right to a voice.

Children at school have gotten into a fight, and it is all fine, until this becomes the picture of a knife in a child’s hand. Because until then it was only the first sizing up of strength – trough arm wrestling. Mercury in Aries is nothing else but strength looking for someone to look up to, like a brother, and where the brother is not there, then the friend that went with you into battle or action, will become a “brother” for life. Before, these used to be all friendships, actually “brotherhoods” from the army or war (Brothers in Arms). Every pledge to a brotherhood, these are also the words you say when taking the oath in the army, the words of every anthem, ornaments, coats of arms and every symbol of courage, knighthood and honor.

In very early childhood, these are cartoon heroes that every child wants to be like or have as a brother. Youth is looking for strength, and the strength of grown up is looking for intellect. So this is intelligence and fast thinking, finding an escape route at the last minute (especially when Mercury will be in conjunction with Uranus), but the condition is that you are brave. These are warning signs, rotation lights, helicopters, bikers, and thieves who are running faster now.

A policeman was bored, so off he went, still in his uniform, setting out into some swift adventure in search of speed, action and a meaning to his calling, because he hasn’t saved anyone lately. These are emergencies and big actions that make all emergency services stand on alert – fire department, police, and ambulance.  This is the “ high-strung arrow of Robin Hood” because now, man wants justice more than ever, from the bottom of his heart. He doesn’t wait for the system that he doesn’t trust, he takes matters into his own hands to trick the system, and the world stands in awe by his bold intelligence, whether his name might be Anonymous or something else.

This is a finger pointing at somebody’s face, and in the Parliament this is Nigel Farage (Aries by the way) who dares to say what many others think but don’t dare to support even with applause. This is a hand holding a gun and as in western movies “ if you have to shoot – shoot, don’t talk” but also the camera of a professional, so there again “shoot”. Since I already mentioned photographers, this is the pioneer of photojournalism Robert Doisneau, who had Mercury in Aries; these are pioneers in every aspect, and even the ones whom with a hat and a red scarf take an oath that they will…

This is not sports but techniques, speed and skills that make sportsmen champions. This is a match between two brothers in tennis, these are pupils running a cross country, this is a rally; this is the training of dogs that will serve the army. This is a speech that will induce courage, every cheer, this is every call to “Chaaarge!!” and “This is Sparta!”  Harsh words, quick thinking and the boldness of intellectual virtue that sees telling the truth as a moral obligation.

This is the first letter. A. Every headline, and the exclamation mark in punctuation!

This is honesty that goes hand in hand with courage, and every admission of intellectual power and strength to your interlocutor- also the handshake for a well deserved triumph, which the winner, if honest will surely know to appreciate and respect. Intellectual knighthood, dueling swords of two rhetoricians or intellectuals, definitely two experts that without a shred of a doubt stands by and trusts their beliefs, a duel of writers, actually these are the letters of Albert Camus to his German friend in which he emphasizes the value of fighting for three of the greatest treasures of every man: truth, justice and freedom.

But if you lack courage, then this Mercury becomes everything you have been reading in astro-guides… arguments, gossip, and trickery that only a man of low moral and huge ego can do to another out of simple jealousy and envy. But that is not what I am going to write about because to try to put astrology down to the level of primitive people who are pulling dirty tricks and slashing car tires, is an abomination and a sin.


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One thought on “Mercury in Aries

  1. Oya kaže:

    Aries Sun… with Mercury in Aries…. I have classroom tourettes and have been known to call „bullshit“ in the most inappropriate gatherings (churches, classrooms, courts, rallies etc) I can’t seem to stop truth from spewing from my lips… all though recent saturn transits (opposing my sun) have made me less quick to draw as I discern the subjective nature of truth… Justice is not subjective in nature (although its subjective in our system)… still as I study under the restrictions of saturn (that are very literal and physical and LEGAL) lol I am collecting intellectual ammo for an eventual truth and justice festival, loud enough to shame the devil… and by devil of course I mean the American Justice System… 🙂

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