Mercury in Pisces

translation: Dragana Rainer

Mercury entered Pisces and it will be there until 2nd March.

This is the time of silence, like Vlatko wisely explained when he sung:

“I find the right words only when it’s already too late
I figure out the answer when I’m left alone

Now the files are being deleted, old statuses, photos from Facebook profile, directories, e-mails, sometimes coincidentally and sometimes on purpose because now we need intimacy, privacy;  freeing ourselves from everything that buried and choked us.

And if we do not put in order that what our psyche is looking for, the universe makes a scenario where it happens to us.

And while one part of this planet is hastening to illegality, the other is becoming infinitely nosy to find out exactly that something what is to be hidden, kept for oneself.

So this is following someone on Facebook or through e-mails, social networks; this is ‘tracing someone’, which is not that bad if you are looking for someone you lost a contact with, years ago.

Those are all persons abducted; and all faces on milk cartons and the information how many children, young and adults are missing.

These are all spying games, from children’s games like cops and robbers to the ones where good and bad boys are running around the city, laying an ambush, hunters in a chase with their pointers – or I don’t understand enough about hunt for this astrological portrait.

This are the hackers getting into the most strictly guarded archives, a thief in Vatican or a big museum, a mole in every secret organization or service.

This is the time for the movies like “Life of Others” and “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” or for a silent movie („The Artist“) where everything is gesticulation; these are pantomime, sign language and coded messages.

This is also every movie about search for identity like the Borne series or “Memento” or everything in your surrounding that is telling something about you at this moment.

That is why this is also a copycat, someone who copies others; stealing identities like a teenager when she is behaving and dressing like some idol she wants to look like.

Those are the colored fingers of designers and painters, a blue writing feather, ink, fountain pen and tattoo masters, as well as, all those artists working with colors and now having a lot to do…

Those are illustrations, literary allegory, imagology, everything is in the pictures.

But in order to see the pictures that are talking, a person has to be silent now.

Those are also the miracles, exactly because of that, because only then the healthy mind will bend down and give up in front of the secret.

When the miracle happens… when he sees the miracle – a man is speechless because he cannot explain ‘how’.

But to many a perception chained in ratio does not allow to see that something happening in front of their eyes is a miracle.

Like when the first screening of the Lumière brothers film “Arrival of a Train at a Station” created confusion in the theater where the audience began to flee thinking that the train is running towards them.

Meeting of a man with something that he does not understand and what he was sure that he does not believe in.

This is the last word. A hand that waves because somebody is leaving; every prayer, mantra, blessing, three fingers glued together while crossing oneself, or two while meditating, but fingers that are now like holding tight the mind in order not to disturb the peace and the spirit.

These are all torrents, pirate parties, sites, quotations, anonymous, avatars, nick names…

Those are all pianist with magical fingers; this is not the music sheets reading but composing. This is when the pianist Dejan Ilijic answers, to my question if he wrote some music for the wonderful version of EKV songs he did, saying: “I didn’t write anything, or did the arrangements, everything was recorded on first, second trial with very little planning of how to’s. Everything is from the heart, so to speak.” And then that sounds like this:

And those are for sure the fingers of Bojan Zulfikarpasic, one of the best contemporary jazz pianists, who in his horoscope has exactly Mercury in Pisces.

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2 thoughts on “Mercury in Pisces

  1. msfullroller kaže:

    “I find the right words only when it’s already too late
    I figure out the answer when I’m left alone”.

    This sums it all up for me. I’ve got a 7th house Mercury in Pisces. Thanks you for this post as gave me an „ah ha“ moment into better understanding this placement.

    Loved this post and the music choice…beautiful!

  2. jenny kaže:

    Beautifully written….what stunning images you weaves into this article….masterpiece xo

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