Venus in Pisces

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Photo: Das Totenkopf „The French Prostitute“

translation: Ida Popovski

“I am sure if you analyze your feelings, you will find you love Justine better because she betrayed you!… The whore is man’s true darling as I once told you, we are born to love those who most wound us “

(Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet, Balthazar)

Venus is entering Pisces tonight and will stay there until February 8.

When I saw this instead of my usual announcement on facebook, I spontaneously put up an astro-quiz – and asked people, by which Venus would they describe all the whores on this planet. I put up a video with pictures of prostitutes, which had all the symbols and environments of Pisces: doorways, dark passages and streets, hidden hotel rooms that hide all screams and moans. Black lace, high heels, (feet are the symbol of Pisces, all footwear and fetishes that tend to go that way, lace and especially fishnet stockings.) All these women are alone; they don’t even have their own identity. Once upon a time they had a name, today they have fake names and nicknames. Many of them don’t even have any documents, and often end up in a police station. All that smudged make up, all those teary eyes, lonely nights which bare the uncertainty of tomorrow, all that is wandering, it is hopelessness, despair, the bitterness of tears cried everyday. And who she is, nobody knows..  nobody knows what she dreams about, no one knows her fears, or what her favorite color is. Nobody knows what she dreamed about when she was a little girl, nobody knows and nobody cares to know.

And I am asking you, gentlemen astrologers, what kind of a trick is it to have Venus in exaltation precisely here?

Maybe nuns, who are the other face of this Venus, know the secret, if they are prostitutes at first. Maybe nuns could tell us how it is to be “married to the Lord “, to God, how it feels to renounce everything and surrender to His embrace. To leave everything – like the first ones, change their identities, renounce their real names, their mothers, fathers – forget everything, and join a “sisterhood” that takes under it’s wings all those who do not belong to anyone.

Because, this Venus doesn’t belong to anyone, apart to her Solitude, that she has wed.

But then again, she can fool anyone by her absolute surrender and the ecstasy she promises, which is trusted at first. She can be more silky and sensual than three Venuses in Taurus, she can be more beautiful than ten Venuses in Libra, she can be more passionate and lustful than a hundred Venuses in Scorpio, and sly as Venus in Virgo and Gemini together. She is the least her own, because she is everything that the person who showed up at her door is. Tell me what you want and that is who I’ll be. I will be a whore and a saint, obedient and demanding, I will like the music that you like, I will take all that is yours and make it mine…just don’t leave. Anything but being alone, again.

Millions of women have Venus in Pisces in their chart, and astrologers are telling them how she is really powerful there, potent, strong, “in exaltation” that here is where love will be charming, wonderful, beautiful… but they don’t see. They don’t see that love has to resemble solitude, with many wanderings. That the search for the ideal here means drowning in pools of light and a higher love that she only believes in (example: watch Lars von Trier “Breaking the waves”). That love is to love the worst in someone, because who else would love the junkies, alcoholics, the outcasts or psychopaths, or any other who carry within any kind of disease of the psyche, who will love all those idlers, lovers, Casanovas, thieves, crooks, liars, who is capable of a love supreme like Jesus showed toward the leprous, towards something that is the most despicable and rejected in another human being (as an example watch “Leaving Las Vegas”). And do not ask what you get in return from that kind of love, because you get more than any other living being on the planet, and there is nothing that you can get in return from your partner, but God himself gives in return and turns you into saints. Because only this Venus, enchanting and with a gorgeous body, is capable of taking Solitude by the hand – of the one that hasn’t been kissed in a long time, the one that lives amongst fears, and resembles a drowning man. Drag him into her secret chambers and make him the best he can be (the movie “Mon Homme” by Bertrand Blier, in which a prostitute finds a homeless man by the dumpster, takes him home, gives him food, nurses him, loves him, sleeps with him, tends him and at the end he becomes a business man..) another thing that many astrologers do not see, because they are blinded by Venus in Pisces- they do not see that love lives only where secrets live, where the impossible dwells, the untouchable, and most commonly the forbidden. From platonic and virtual relationships in which false identities and appearances that at least resemble us are springing all over the place, to the loves forbidden by not only people but God as well, between a father in law and his daughter in law, (watch, of course “Damage “ by Louis Malle) a husband and his sister in law, to the ex-boyfriend’ best friend, she is capable of even seducing a monk in a monastery. Because nothing excites her as much as humility and shame, as sin. In extreme cases, even incest is not alien to her (Anais Nin, apart from being Pisces, had Venus here, squaring Neptune on top of all.)

Millions of women therefore live in hope. Hoping that one day a soul mate will show up, someone who will, like a skillful fisherman, a little drunk, cast his net and save them from the waves in which they are drowning completely alone. Millions of women dwell in loneliness and shiver from excitement while the skin is almost bursting from the ecstasy of the senses. Stimulants are the ones that set everything in motion here. The whole love mechanism is here impeccable, subtle, perfect. And love is the image of the intimacy between souls; everything is supported by neurons, love as much as jealousy, hysteria as much as calm. The madness of all the women of the world, sensuality and eroticism, the truth that the whore is man’s true darling, as Durrell said, and the even bigger truth- that only a few will consciously surrender themselves to the lonely wanderings and bitter solitudes without a drop of love, while their dried lips are longing for just a drop of passion. Because, this is the moment when Jesus reaches out his hand to Mary Magdalene, this is the moment of the biggest downfall that invokes the greatest love. Only when she falls down into the deepest pits of solitude, when she is almost ready to surrender herself to the drowning waves, when she is a step away from giving up hope on love, when she has no more strength to wander, to search, to dream and create the illusion without fear that she will be disappointed for the hundredth time, only then that exalted love will come in the form of a fisherman. So don’t fool yourselves that Venus in Pisces will, of her own, bring this great love, just because she is strong there. She is only strong because of the pain that this suffering is bringing, creating that ecstasy within her, and because of the depths that no other would dare to venture in. All the other millions who have her here won’t dare to go there either, because it is easier to lie to themselves all their lives, then to embrace the truth of solitude and surrender to the torments of ecstasy, lust and solitude. So she goes from one relationship to another, or lives in a marriage without any troubles, because she couldn’t care less. Without jealousy or passion, a prisoner of solitude who lives in a couple, who going to bed at night, still dreams that one day…

And now, when Venus is entering Pisces, you will maybe be inspired to write poetry or words of love, maybe you will let eroticism run through your veins, awaking your senses, but know that it is only the sweet longing for pain. Venus positioned here is at the same time holy and sinful. Sometimes it will be turned into art, sometimes into a poem, but more often into tears. Just don’t blame her envy, the fact that she can envy from the bottom of her heart when she sees your love. The love that you do not appreciate, the one you mock, the one you do not celebrate and praise. She, who’s thighs are bursting from desire, who has no one to indicate to her lust for a tenacious embrace, who achieves closeness through silence, elated, restless, who dreams of the one who will pull her into his embrace, she is the one who while maybe you have her love, has to let herself be dragged around like a dog by someone she doesn’t even admire, out of indifference; the one that will tiptoe around you while you sleep with your eyes open unable to see that love is withering right next to you, she will take that love to herself, to heal it. She will lick the wounds taking her time the way you never have, because nobody loves the wounded. Except her. The Kosovo girl and Mary Magdalene, every nurse that has to endure the passes of the old man while she is dressing him up, the one that didn’t know how to say no, when her friend put his arm under her T-shirt to touch her breasts. The one who hid her beauty for so long and when she finally showed it evoked a thousand sighs and the same amount of envious looks. The one that saves. So this period is everything but rational, predictable, clear, it is full of doubt, and tantalizing jealousy. While Venus travels the sky in Pisces, we are closest to solitude, and not to the partner next to us. We are closest to our yearnings and dreams, our fantasies, to the desires we hide under our pillows, not confessing our sins to anyone, since we are all equally martyrs in love. And we are all sisters to this Venus in Pisces.


Sister of night
When the hunger descends
And your body’s a fire
An inferno that never ends
An eternal flame
That burns in desire’s name

Sister of night
When the longing returns
Giving voice to the flame
Calling you through flesh that burns
Breaking down your will
To move in for the kill

Oh sister, come for me
Embrace me, assure me
Hey sister, I feel it too
Sweet sister, just feel me
I’m trembling, you heal me
Hey sister, I feel it too

Sister of night
In your saddest dress
As you walk through the light
You’re desperate to impress
So you slide to the floor
Feeling insecure

Sister of night
With the loneliest eyes
Tell yourself it’s alright
He’ll make such a perfect prize
But the cold light of day
Will give the game away

Oh sister, come for me
Embrace me, assure me
Hey sister, I feel it too
Sweet sister, just feel me
I’m trembling, you heal me

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9 thoughts on “Venus in Pisces

  1. Rayne kaže:

    Wow. Perfect! Could not have put it better myself. Everything you wrote, wow! Something I understand and feel very deeply and is very dear to me. 🙂 <3

  2. Sanja kaže:

    I’ve never seen a more accurate Venus in Pisces description – kudos! I’ve found this position difficult to live with, difficult to explain to others. All are attracted to the whore in some way. Yet the whore could care less about the vast majority save for a few fishermen who seem to need an extra dose of „saving“. Once they’re saved, they leave. What’s so exalted about that pattern? Nothing that I can figure out.

  3. IkarSub kaže:

    This is one of those articles which leaves you speechless.
    In mine opinion this is the best way to express the moment.
    I must admit that using the synonym of the prostitute you reach the center of the aim(goal). Perfect text. Congratulation.

  4. Tauri kaže:

    That was painful to read. Probably because it’s true. : /

  5. Oya kaže:

    Two -ing words. Inspiring. amazing. I love your insight.

  6. muddytaurus kaže:

    This is me.. I also have the Cardinal Cross exact on my birthday. Interesting times indeed.

  7. muddytaurus kaže:

    Almost forgot..also my Chiron and Venus returns. Snake-like, I shed my skin layer by layer and form new as I go.

  8. Claudia kaže:

    I have Venus in Pisces and I hate it!! 🙁

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