Planetary Dispositors

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 translation: Ida Popovski

Today I want to write about planetary dispositors. Traditional astrology has generally looked upon the planetary dispositors as the final response to the meaning of an aspect in a horoscope. Dispositors are therefore about PLANETS (not astrological signs). For example when we say that a person is an Aries, it means that her Sun is in Aries, further meaning that Mars, who is the ruler of Aries, is also the dispositor of the Sun. You will also find on the internet more about dispositors locally rather than globally, so if you have Mars squaring Venus, with for example Mars in Cancer and Venus in Aries, and then also if the Moon (dispositor of Mars since the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer) and Mars (as the dispositor of Venus) are also in a difficult aspect, what you have here is a story of intense passion, inevitable destruction, un-acceptance, great struggle and a bigger conflicts in love than if the dispositors (Moon an Mars) of this same square were in a trine.. There, they will still somehow bear with each other.

But if we talk about global happenings, dispositors are more than significant, but then again rarely mentioned. Uranus is in Aries since March, where he will stay for quite a while, approximately another 7 years. During all that time his dispositor will be Mars, but it seems that even this Mars, who is hovering over our heads now, isn’t the same old Mars that we used to know. This Mars carries from March until further on, information he more or less gets from Uranus. This is a different rebellious Mars, who is not diligent anymore, he is now known to be giving up on everything, throwing away his tools, dismissing everyone, destroying everything, and demanding that anarchy be the new world order. The signs through which he goes through (Gemini at the moment) just show the scene, people and other events where this ‘new’ nature of his will manifest itself. This is what makes him more dangerous, unpredictable, prone to changes of heart, sudden decisions, able to get angry in a second, and he who was known to be unbearable, now is even worse, irritable, and insufferable. We will witness this at best during his passage through Virgo that will take almost 8 months (from November 2011- July 2012) Since Virgo is also about the work environment, apart from notices and strikes that are already causing problems, this also means raids, riots, chaos (as opposed to order)- we will be asking ourselves what happened to the exemplary, ”by the book“ Mars in Virgo, who now instead of training everyone else and being a role model, is setting libraries on fire, mocking knowledge and undermining all that effort man has put in to becoming human, all morality, values, the system, and that biggest illusion of his that he believed in – righteousness. Righteousness stays in the books and this is why he will be burning them, books, rules, he will turn laws into criminal ones, and make work look like nonsense. Who burned the wheat fields? Remember that? That is the picture of Mars in Virgo, who burns down all sorts of fruits, achievements, especially now, with Uranus.

Same thing with Venus, who wherever she is now seems to be carrying some sort of sadness, chill or eminence, while Saturn is in Libra because she is his dispositor.  She is being very serious now, although overwhelmed with doubt, busy- no time to spare, rational- she also, started thinking …Now while in Cancer, she goes to the shrink, the astrologer, she wants to ‘understand’ what’s going on, and during her transit through Cancer I got served, at home, with not a lover, but a piano (Saturn in Libra). But when she enters Leo, there she goes chasing after her very long sought ambition, instead of just swaying her hips on a dance floor. And then next year when she goes retrograde in Gemini (from April to August 2012) you will see even the most frivolous conversation turn into a dead serious one, nobody has time to chat anymore, and everything superficial and frivolous turns into something that despises shallowness more than anything. Well if nothing else, there is no better aspect for art and creation, or taking your vows –there will be marriages then, because there will be no stalling, but also lying and cheating – but not successful ones so be careful not to get caught, because it will mean separation and divorce.

And Saturn? Saturn is not even close to who he used to be, he is now an enormous mass of Plutonian energy. And what an inconceivable picture of Saturn that is, with all that energy! That is like an erection in an eighty year old, it is the paradoxical picture of the first Rock’n Roller, or of Sisyphus, managing to stop the stone and defying gravity. If we weren’t talking about dispositors but just an ordinary aspect of Saturn and Pluto, this would be the dam blocking the river, the illness trying to cheat death, the resurrection of dead things (archeologists, speleologists and other scientists or the pianist reviving Rahmaninov) but as Pluto’s dispositor – Saturn is now driven, almost like by a remote control, guided by this energy that always had power over him, and you now only need to scratch the surface while Saturn is in Libra, for example the surface of a relationship, and you will see that shadow of  doubt turning into a beastly obsession, because this isn’t just a piece of stone that fell off, this is an avalanche, this is the flood that carries away everything. So don’t even try to have an affair while married because everything will change. With just one touch. One touch and nothing will ever be the same. While in Virgo he didn’t just bring unemployment to some, but to many people, in a Plutonian way. And while in Scorpio? In a sign ruled by Pluto, he who is now the dispositor of Pluto from the sign of Capricorn, while Pluto is still in Capricorn – a sign ruled by Saturn, meaning the switch of dispositors ( reception)?

If this world ever changes it will be then, and we, as it has always been the case, will not really feel that change, because while the change is happening we are it’s players, only when it is over and when we start speaking in the past tense of things that once were (like speaking of Yugoslavia today) it will be too late to do anything because that change would have already happened.

But individually, only some of us are ready and waiting for the right moment, for Mars the dispositor of Uranus, knowing that there is only one moment that matters, that this train is racing and that it isn’t going to stop, only slow down a little- he only has to be very focused under pressure as if walking over thin ice and jump in, right on time; risk to save himself, and then taking Saturn’s path that doesn’t represent what you have in  banks or properties- even though this also, is Saturn, everything material together with your body, whether skinny, fat, well build or very well kept, that could always be taken away from you during some of Saturn difficult transits, and that will eventually get consumed by time (Saturn again). But before all that people have made him to be ‘Saturn is everything that cannot be taken away from you’, what is called experience, all efforts, time spent waiting, beginnings and defeats, failures and renewed efforts, everything that comes down to ‘blood sweat and tears’ and that made you (some of you) triumphant today, and able to talk of those years you spent struggling almost as a joke now, because experience has really made of some people, who afraid of life are not. Someone who has lost his job many times is less concerned by the crisis than the one that has been working in the same company for 15 years, which is perfectly clear and logical. To conclude this what is Saturn’s message as Pluto’s dispositor? Don’t be afraid of Experiencing the end! Because that is the only experience that gives you power, and the only one that you remember as something that actually ‘happened’ and ‘ that was there’, the only one that drags you from the classical Saturnian agony- martyrdom- suffering, because as Pluto’s dispositor even Saturn doesn’t want to suffer anymore or make others suffer, so look around you a little bit closer and tell me if you see anywhere that Saturn is making us suffer?  Long gone is the time when Saturn made us endure; now with the last icons of the past gone, this kind of role is no more. Man was then tortured by his own shame, high moral standards, judgment of values and I don’t even want to talk about remorse … don’t tell me you haven’t notice the almost absence of conscience? Saturn is taking another form now, meaning there will be more mistakes, more fatal ones, the consequences will be greater than the ones during the ‘good old Saturn’, who knew how to wait for better times, who used to whine but could also endure. So instead of classic diseases (everything about Saturn was old school) he now brings the worst form of psychic disorders, from schizophrenia to paranoid psychoses, sadism…- I‘ll let psychiatrists who are more familiar with this complete the list of diagnosis and say which will be the biggest disease in years to come, especially while Saturn is in Scorpio.

But if instead of being the piece of stone in that avalanche that has started globally, you dare to and choose and be one of those who will start what just yesterday seemed impossible and un-imaginable to you, because suddenly you believe that anything is possible, but as energy, not hope, like effort times enthusiasm and tirelessness because energy becomes more materialized the more it spends itself through Saturn- since this represents the primordial form of materialization where man creates what he believes in. You will need to be brave to do this, skilled, experienced, healthy and with no psychoses and other diagnoses, you will have to stand your ground, not stray from your principles and not give in, because only those will succeed, really succeed. Only because they believed that they still had some life in them. Their life, and not the one they accepted to live because they had no other choice. Who says that there is no choice? I mean please…don’t you know that thousands of people were still working during the time of the biggest crisis (mind you the worst is yet to come), but still worked doing their best? Do you think that this is because they had a good aspect of Jupiter in their charts? No. They were just living their lives, because where there is life there is less fear, since life exists only where there is creation.  So have children if nothing else, nine of them if possible, but let the energy triple, if you can’t give birth than make something, create.

To illustrate this, a young woman Vika (32) from Ukraine, who will show you the pace at which your blood should be racing (everything contrary to peace, meditative mood or a hibernating state that only mislead you if they are not followed by an endless and relentless cre-a-tion). And it doesn’t matter what you create, the important thing is just that you expend yourself over and over and over… I wrote more about this in the text about Saturn and Pluto, so as not to repeat myself look it up there if the topic has you interested. And now the wonderful Vika… (she is Scorpio with Mars in Sagittarius) and the melody that is the astrosimbolism of the time to come, when Saturn enters Scorpio, and Pluto is in Capricorn- Master of Puppets. You just have to choose whether you want to be master or the puppet.

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8 thoughts on “Planetary Dispositors

  1. ana kaže:

    What about Jupiter in Taurus, ruled by Venus??

  2. sanja perić kaže:

    here: http://www.sanjaperic.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Sensa%2038%20-%20Jupiter%20u%20Biku.pdf
    but only in Serbian, maybe you can try to read it by Google Translate…

  3. sanja perić kaže:

    and in context of dispositors, Jupiter’s Venus is giving a try to live perspectively, wealthy.. to enjoy in life – but MONEY (material wealth) is the most important for this Venus. Nothing without money.. so we can say, it is ok – but who really can live this way? only 3% of population… It is enormous and always overwhelm in hedonism, spending money on luxury…

  4. ana kaže:

    Thank you Sanja for replying.
    I am interested what do you think about quite opposite pattern in the sky, both Saturn and Jupiter ruled by Venus. works for the most part of this and next year …would love to hear what you think about it.
    Thank you

  5. ana kaže:

    of course, I meant in context of dispositor – Venus being dispositor of both Jupiter & Saturn for many months…

  6. sanja perić kaže:

    Hi Ana,

    Venus will go through different signs… Leo, Virgo, Libra, etc. and it will be difficult to write for each of them (I need a lot of time for explanation for each VE transit) so I choose Gemini, couse VE will be in Gemini from April to August next year.

    First thing first – what we know about VE Ge? We know that she (in Serbian language every noun has a genre (male, female or middle):) )
    So, she is talkative, curious, adaptable, with changing moods – but all of that in love matters only. Sentiments go with the words, touch, any move. She is just like a dancer, ready to seduce but throug play. Or, teesing playfull… just like a child. What she wants to know about? She wanna know everything, why, where, with whom, when… she asks a lot, and she is not sure what to do when answers arrive…

    Like dispositor of Jupiter in Taurus, all her merchant performances arise, she want to trade! Or more than that, she wants to get without giving… she wants present. A lot of presents! but immidiately she trade in love matters, she choose the man of good taste and fat wallet. She think that she deserves that! To get easy life, to be happy at Tiffany, just like Audrey Hepburn in the movie. She is ‘material girl’ here, and she wants to have fun! (tnx Madonna&Cindy) 🙂 But, let me tell you what I am sure that she is planing for this period from April to August.. she will get a more money to all those bussy girls, women, all of us who work a lot.. we will get rich (finally) 🙂 and some of us will think how to buy a house, some will spend money on vacations, Rome, Paris, NYC, or on different courses and learning… that will be! a new dress! But the good one! 😉

    Like dispositor of Saturn, she is serious, or in doubt, or she is suspicious. And everything else that I already mentioned in my text. So while she is in Gemini, she think, talk, about all problems, or maybe fears. (or, first I buy a expensive dress, than Jupiter makes me fat so I can not weare it, and than Saturn put me on diet while I cry and get more depresed for shapeshifting…) :)))

    And now – 2 in 1: She think that life can be easy, (thanks to Jupiter) but than she is suspicious, jelous or she wants to be married asap! to be sure.
    Saturn will come at the end , like an ancor to Jupiter’s enthusiasm and wealth.
    She will be forced to choose, or make decision at the end. Or maybe she wont be forced if she plays by the cosmic rules… by heart. 🙂 from the very beginning.

    where are you from? 🙂 nice to talk to you…

  7. sunshine kaže:

    What would you say about Venus and Mars dipositing each other with no aspects (Aries Venus and Taurus Mars)?

  8. sanja perić kaže:

    your question is off-topic.

    I don’t write for individual aspects in your or anyone else’s chart. I write only on global levels or about mundane matters, because WE ALL will be part of it and feel all that mundane corelations without doubt.

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