Mars in Pisces

translation: Ida Popovski

image: „Snape’s Escape“ © Chantel
Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika

Mars is in Pisces until the 2 of April. While being in this water sign his hot-blooded nature has become hampered and smothered by the unstable and puzzled nature of Pisces. Actually, what is really happening …

He, who is the symbol of purpose and action, is becoming like the soldier who has wandered off and got lost amidst the fog, who doesn’t know where the rest of his army or the battlefield are. He is there somewhere, and at first he seems happy to be away from the danger, but going around in circles makes him become a danger to himself since he is loosing strength in his search of a way out, giving up of the whole thing in the end, while fear settles in. Because he is brave, he is angered by his own weakness, his laziness, his vices, the minimum of endurance he has shown and from which he suffers now. Many will realize that they have been to relaxed, that they are lacking strength, that there is no will, and all the things which only yesterday seemed real plans are now becoming just dreams and some fantasy, that others mock, and self-esteem is being questioned as well. And, there are two ways out of it. As I said, to stumble out of the fog, or get further lost in it.

Every Mars finds meaning in all that requires courage.  Doing things others cannot. To say, do, love boldly, to fight, surrender not, and regret not, to want, time and time again, to achieve more and conquer more, to secretly despise peace, stagnation and harmony no matter how good it feels sometimes. That is his nature, to always be on the move and achieve more. This is why he can’t do without courage, because without it there is no future, no motion, but he first needs goals that will help him have clear stances, because there is no planet that understands itself better than Mars! This is why he hates the Moon’s vulnerability and forgiveness, her remorse and inconstancy due to her emotionality, and why he doesn’t understand Saturn’s eternal acceptance and lack of action. Life would be more beautiful if people were brave, decisive, decided, honest even at the risk of becoming his enemies, but at a least worthy enemies!

But, while he’s going through Pisces, it is Mars himself that seems to have forgotten his principles as if he lost clear view of his destination. He, who always moves towards whatever he aspire with determination and resolve, seems to have lost interest now, while in Pisces. Everything is somehow changing overnight; today’s obsession is already forgotten tomorrow. The strength and energy that elated him, why he started going to the gym or ventured in some new business, seems to have left him quickly, even before reaching his goal. As if he suddenly felt sleepy, but no… What is this new sensation that has come over me, he wonders, this subtle sensitivity, sensuality almost, where instead of fighting battles, I am writing poetry, my imagination is paralyzing me, Hypnos is maiming me either with fantasy or vice, intoxicating my strength, taking away my beliefs, and making me unable to see my goals clearly. So today, I am in love and it feels like I am flying, just don’t know where, and I honestly don’t particularly like this state of mind, since I am not in control of the situation. Who’s leading me trough life now, who has blinded me, and as such made me become afraid as well, not knowing whether to start or give up, to speak or remain silent, whether to make a clean cut or postpone the act and hide from myself, into the depths of the subconscious. Where are my acuteness, my potency, and my strength this Mars asks himself, not realizing that it is precisely at night and trough his dreams- that might now be erotic or maybe war related, filled with gruesome and violent scenes, or in the silence of his seclusion when his body is being stimulated by strong sensations- that he is closest to his eternal enemy – God himself.

No other planet than Mars is at war with God and such an empirical atheist, who goes into battle beheading without any remorse or regret, knowing that sometimes, killing one means saving thousands, who sees injustice everywhere and hates being surrounded by people who mumble about the love of God and justice. Which justice? What justice? He asks again and again all those people, with that already known spiteful and disgusted tone, but now he is the only one standing in the battlefield, and God; the same one that they were all talking about, is nowhere to be seen. Now his nights are haunted by the faces of all those he punished without compromise, believing he was just, but deep down from the subconscious of Pisces, it is fear that is threading a net in which his strength and resolve are getting caught. He is fighting his subconscious, as if it was the inquisition itself, summoning a punishment for himself. And his own hand will punish him undoubtedly, but the punishment will only fit his crime, how wrong he was and how much injustice he has done, thinking it was the voice of reason that was coming from him. Sometimes he can even willingly emasculate himself mentally, get into a state of exhaustion and weariness, even impotence, doesn’t matter if he is 30 years old. But just as well, this is an opportunity to triumph over the inquisition, and God, which everyone apart from him thinks is impossible. This is precisely why he is Mars, because he dares what others don’t even dare to think!

And at this time, with Mars in Pisces, when we become aware that the dilemma and weakness we are experiencing (whether it is physical or about the ability to make a decision or taking action) is not a problem of the ratio, but the unconscious guilt that all those so called God fearing and good people have burdened us with, and all those lectures about forgiveness and unconditional help, it leads us to two paths: to draw the sword out of its sheath and cut through the thick web of our fears threaded in our subconscious, or give up the fight.

But to give up the fight would mean running away from the problem, running away from facing what we fear, and succumbing to the vices of Pisces, alcohol, pills or just sleep, anything that can narcotize strength, postpone the action, which can only be postponed for a short while or maybe forever. Will Mars surrender his arms or are they going to become sacred arms, (since throwing down to the floor as well as ascending towards the divine are all attributes of Pisces) depends only on us. Are we going to sink into the realm of lies, lie to others and ourselves, finding excuses for our weakness and helplessness, or are we going to cut ourselves down to size, and our fear; and without being afraid of retaliation, realize where we made mistakes, so that we could go on with more confidence in ourselves? Are we going to steal, (because this is a time of intensified crime in every aspect) or are we going to create and persecute thieves (these are also enhanced actions by secret police, espionage, etc.) Maybe we should first hack into our own systems and  find our ‘bugs’ because if we carry on acting as if nothing was happenning, not questionning our strenght and goals, there is great chance of letting ourselves down at a crucial moment and actually end up ruthlessly punishing ourselves.

No action should be taken in cases where you have the slightest dilemma, until you have bathed in your own sweat, but not sweat from hard work or physical activity but sweat you woke up drenched in from a nightmare in which you had to face your demons. Only then, when you have gone through, this baptism (Pisces) by fire (Mars), completely freshen up and new, born again and invigorated by this pristine divine force that is making you confident of our goals and victories, without a shadow of doubt or fear; only then can you carry on towards a certain victory that awaits us already in April, when Mars enters Aries, and where after these ordeals and dilemmas it will be really easy to be the judge and the jury, the warrior, and a sinner to others, but a living saint and an angel of justice and victory – to yourself.

I have to emphasize, that this is a test of faith in our beliefs, principles, criteria, and us. This is the moment of utmost disbelief in others, and it often happens that we could be tricked, robbed or betrayed at this time. Saying this we could be the ones to betray or trick someone, and end up in the torments of our conscience. This is the need of a warrior to have his conscience clear, and the need of each one of us to have a sound and peaceful sleep because we are in sync with what we think, feel and do. When this trinity comes from the same source it gets strength and inspiration that leads us forward. But if we do one thing, we feel awkward (often mentally and physically) for acting, because something deep down inside is telling us different, if there is action it will only bring chaos, torment and agony.

Also Mars is a planet that will not stand weakness and inexpediency, and here it seems that he is betraying himself just by surrendering to passivity and loneliness. Because it is Mars that we are talking about, many will be disgusted by their own passivity and lack of organization and will soon snap out of it with enthusiasm and exaltation, and carry on, because of Pisces. Not allowing lethargy to settle in, or the loss of working habits, leaving nothing for tomorrow.

Globally this means intrigues, conspiracies, chaos, actions from the secret police, grand theft, but also rescue ships, that these days are taking people from Libya, on board which at least one criminal has found a haven as a stowaway not only from Libya but from his punishment also, and where some illegal goods were smuggled.

What is new to Mars here is this sense of complete solitude, silence, a sense of ending, as the man in the picture who finds himself at the end of the road. It is night, the fog is surrounding him, and ahead of him the water he needs to cross. But it is not just water. This is the river that carries all those faces and events from his past, that he has so easily dismissed, punished, the ones he has pushed away or trampled over in a sudden surge of power and passion. And maybe there is a moment of regret, maybe a tear rolls down his face, so he looks upon them once more and seeing that they are still struggling, that this God they believed would save them if they were good, or even helpless- hasn’t come for them all these years; he frowns, angry and determined in his resolve more that ever, and takes a step forward, into the river…

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3 thoughts on “Mars in Pisces

  1. Name kaže:

    I am so impressed with the article you have written.
    Six weeks ago, I started a phase very much like the one you described above. I couldn’t focus on my goals (6 planets in Cap, plus Virg Asc), which is a very uncomfortable situation for me. I was getting very „lost“ in music. I played Chopin (who was a fish, with pluto on descendant) obsessively. I felt like I’d lost touch with the planet Earth. I was disappointing a lot of important people in my life, who rely on me a lot.
    Normally, if I have gone this far away, I would have gotten „further lost in it,“ as you described above. But somehow I managed to stumble out of the fog this time.
    It really is incredible how true your words have rung for me, thousands of miles away.
    Thank you for your article. I had a wonderful time reading it.

  2. christiaan kaže:

    I’m still wondering along in the fog.. A thick fog, that does allow me to see the stones I’m bumping my toes against.. Or the low hanging dead branches hitting me on the head.. Just stumbling on with no real direction…

  3. Kasper kaže:

    Excellent piece, thanks for posting. Your images are an apt description of my own feelings (Mars in Pisces, H4), They reminded me, in fact, of a short poem I wrote a while ago:

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