Yearly Horoscope – Forecast for 2011 (Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn)

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translation: Maja Miskovic


Worth our attention. Worth our effort. A year we have been waiting for, but a year we might not be ready for. Feel free to think of 2011 as the year of Great Beginning, one of the most important in history, the year that opens the gates for the progressive, the brave, the ready, all those with an idea and a fire within. We are all going to feel Aries, no matter what our sign is!


On January 22 Jupiter enters Aries. It will storm through the first zodiac sign, cardinal and fiery, with an unstoppable strength to move things, rush towards the aim, to be steadfast, and – well aware that others might not believe the hype – fulfill its biggest dreams without apologies and remorse. Precisely because of this, Jupiter in Aries is an eternal winner. Sheer delight, a fusion of strength and wisdom, optimism and action lead towards the goal. An adventure is Jupiter’s whim, searching for the new and doing something that hasn’t been done before its mission. For Jupiter, a defeat is an unknown word; victory is its only aim.

Jupiter’s sense of justice in Aries is the most similar to the principle of natural justice (jus naturale), which had been regarded as divine and defined in all the constitutions in the world identically as: the right to life, liberty, and security of person, without attacks upon any person’s honor and reputation; and the right to a home and to a fair hearing by an impartial tribune in the determination of one’s rights. Everyone is entitled to these rights and freedoms without distinction of any kind such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other views, national or social origin, property, birth, or other status.” Jupiter in Aries will cheer us in fighting for these very rights. Next year, at least once, all of us – even the most devout pacifists – are going to take law into our own hands.

The bigger the injustice and assault on freedom and rights, the bigger Jupiter’s influence on our sense of social responsibility is going to be (of course, in accordance with our own conscience and sense of ethics). Some of us will become ruthless generals who will, even in the twenty-first century, regard the law of talion the only measure of justice. Arkan, Che Guevara, Francisco Franco, Goering, General MacKenzie, Oppenheimer – they all had Jupiter in Aries.  If somebody invented a justification for wars – it was Jupiter in Aries. It was Jupiter in Aries that, from the codex of samurai onward, wrote up all the military books and laws, delighted even that wars and conquests exist, sure that this way is just fine. But wars don’t break on the battlefields only, particularly today. It is war when you are the only one brave to point to or act upon injustice. It is war when you challenge, say no, or won’t allow somebody to oppress you.  Action is the key word here, and this time, words only won’t do do: an action is inevitable. Consider this telling example:  One Bob Geldof believed in the possibility of organizing a huge rock concert for the hungry in Ethiopia and while others sat idly, disbelieving the idea, he was all action, because his Jupiter in Aries believed. And in 1985 the Live Aid happened. And then, the great humanist Sir Thomas More, and then Clara Barton – she herself less known than the Red Cross, which she organized – they both had Jupiter in Aries. Or Nikola Tesla, a man who believed in impossible and changed the world, literally.

Perhaps we have learned who we are when in love, what is our professional or social self, but who we are as humans, that is the truth that won’t be contained anymore. But know this, everybody around you will see you ten times more clearly that you’ll be able to see yourself. And this is the trap of Jupiter in Aries, for it makes its own rules, creates ad hoc philosophies, and marches forward, not realizing that in the end it could become a beast devoid of any humanity. And this is why…

Next year, Jupiter won’t have a single aspect that will guarantee an Olympic euphoria, a sense of adventure and readiness for a fair fight; instead, in February, Jupiter in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn, immediately followed, until June, by the opposition with Saturn in Libra.


Easy come, easy go… false power, false joy as a result of (false) freedom, false democracy, and hypocrisy. It’s so easy to make mistakes whose repercussions will redirect your life in a completely undesirable way. And that’s why we are obliged to strive for spirituality, to help, give and abandon arrogance and smugness. Unfortunately, in the first half of 2011 unemplymement will be on the sharp rise; thousands of people will lose their jobs. Aries represents workers, since Aries is labor, exertion, sweat, early rising – all in all, our efforts to earn the means that support our living. Withholding the means from somebody – which is getting rid of the employees (Jupiter in Aries square Pluto and opposition with Saturn) – is, in effect, withholding life, which is our primal right. And as we know, the gap between the haves and have-nots, not only on the individual countries’ level, but also within companies, is growing, not disapering.

In negative aspects, Jupiter in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn represents the defeat of generals, a suicide of some wealthy person (with Uranus beginning March of 2011 this means murder and assassination of the powerful and the rich). Above all, Jupiter is conscience, but this conscience could be a purgatory or an inferno (with Pluto). Einstein had this square in his birth chart. Did he really need Hiroshima? Here, there are no second chances. Therefore, don’t fall for the false and hypocritical inner voice that tells you “it’s not your responsibility.” Your responsibility is no lesser than that of an executioner and when this inner voice quiets down – and it will for sure – your conscience in this aspect becomes a torturer and an executioner, which could, in most radical cases, lead to suicide or some other ways of self-torture and self-punishment (bancrupcy, spiritual, moral, or psychological fall, madness, or prison).

And justice for all…

The first association of Jupiter opposition Saturn is illness, since Jupiter in Aries often means blood -and lots of it, as if it were a war. This aspect also represents blood related diseases. These negative aspects could lead to criminal activities; for example, blood trafficking. There will be a lot of surgeries, as well as situations when we’ll realize that our health is the most valued treasure. Money will flow to the doctors (and lawyers) and medical bills will go through the roof. This aspect also means a bribe of some sort or state and bank fees for the late and unpaid bills (Pluto in Capricorn). Be wise and don’t accumulate debt, don’t be swindled by some pyramid scheme and promises for a quick profit. I’ve found this add from the 1930s, during the Great Depression: “Are you unhappy? Don’t have enough money?” This piece of history will repeat itself.  Somebody’s for sure gloating over these negative aspects and wants to empty your already small pockets. Don’t be deceived, don’t trust this false optimism.

On the other hand, these aspects are all those who will give and share, make good deeds, volunteer and help the needy. Such individuals find an affirmation and inspiration in helping others. Therefore, we need to invest in children and culture; we need to give, help, and nurture. We’ll read about people who, during their lifetime, give away a part of their fortune, just like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did recently. Under these aspects, people ask you for money in the amount you can really give, for these aspects alone offer the cosmic balance and warn us that justice does exist. When you give, you don’t need to be afraid, even if seemingly you don’t have enough for yourself. When you give, money will find its way back to you, you’ll experience success at work, or receive news that somebody you care about got well. However, when you are selfish, you feel stuck.

Jupiter in Aries is also good as it awakens our animalistic and instinctual side. In relationships, men are more potent and feel braver, while in women, it brings more ovulations and possibilities for a conception. This will be an excellent period for conceptions, particularly for the passionate, the fierce, the impulsive, for those who follow their instincts in searching for a mate.  Jupiter in Aries searches more for the even power and less for the beauty. It desires passion and spontaneity rather than still beauty.

Jupiter in Aries will bring about the brain drain and, in general, people will travel much more.

Know that this aspect gives the enthusiasm and strength mostly at its beginning. So everything that you begin, finish it up in one breath; try to sustain your enthusiasm and when you think that you could continue tomorrow, keep going for an hour and you’ll see how one hour turned into two, two into three, and hey, your task is completed!

This aspect represents metallurgy, steel plants, and construction sites (military objects, industry, extreme sports), but demolitions (ordered by a law or in accordance with urban planning) and destructions (earthquakes) as well. Aries could bring about fires: forests could be endangered, warehouses might burn, and bigger (ecological) catastrophes are possible.


image: © Banksy

Pluto represents human energy, which perpetually creates, destroys, and creates again. It wants to live and multiply life, but is still now.  This is the fear that deadens and totally hinders the flow of energy. Life has been sucked out of people, especially since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time and will remain there until 2024. As if life energy is frozen, like deeply frozen Disney’s body that awaits awakening.

This aspect is dying forests, mountains that flow like rivers, which is possible when the snow melts creating avalanches. This aspect is, in fact, an avalanche and everything that nature can create in order to kill or burry somebody alive, like miners, for example. If you can recall, there have already been three mine related tragedies worldwide. Volcanoes are getting reactivated and rivers are drying up. When Saturn enters Scorpio in October 2012, this problem will escalate: power plants will be built, and “No Swimming” signs at the river banks could spring up. Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes a “sick hand” – dams, levees, borders on the rivers, or the rivers as borders.

Pluto in Capricorn can bring about the possibility of death penalty reactivation in the countries that had abolished it.

The good thing about Pluto in Capricorn is a mass ecological awakening, discovery of treatment for chronic illnesses (which used to be terminal). This will be prominent when Neptune enters Pisces and sextiles Pluto. However, this is also a frustrated peasantry, awaiting Uranus in Aries to start a mutiny. This also means significant material damages in the biggest museums like the Louvre or Vatican, as well as trafficking with the stolen exponents, rare stones, or stealing of important, rare and expensive items.


On March 12, Uranus will enter Aries and stay there for the next seven years constantly making a difficult aspect of squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus cannot show us its bravery, cannot teach us readiness for a change unless it is challenged, disputed, suppressed. And this is exactly what Pluto in Capricorn is doing now giving Uranus an impetus. Uranus must be irritated in order to be mighty! Its freedom must be quelled so it can fight for it; its ideas must be stolen so it can kick and knock. Anger is the source for the supreme bravery and readiness for action (see the video):

Uranus’ bitterness and contempt are unparallel when in Aries, and when feeling, seeing and experiencing a menacing fear. These fears – of helplessness, risk, death – are the exact fears that Pluto in Capricorn manipulates with and enrages our fierce, progressive, and future-oriented Uranus. Allergic to fear and aware that humans are, in their nature, free and worthy of life, Uranus is emboldened to act like never before. This is a transformation of human consciousness, but not through schooling, astrology, yoga, or meditation. Rather, this is a consciousness achieved only and exclusively through life experience, since seven years of spiritual magic and introspection are gone.

Neptune in Pisces

In order to understand well Neptune in Pisces, we need to revisit Neptune in Aquarius. Sitting in Aquarius for the last 14 years (since 1998), Neptune lulled the world and convinced us into believing that humans are gods. Neptune in Aquarius is here to weaken the strong, blind the visionary, and put the faithful to the test. Do you believe in God or are you going to make your own God? So instead of finding faith in their own backyard, people travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of Euros to go to Tibet; although, it is, perhaps, worthy to see Dalai Lama (Pluto in Capricorn could bring a new lama in the next two years). Instead of using our native tongue, we pray in Sanskrit, spiritual shopping is in as we look for a rescue and blessing everywhere they’re offered. We talk about conscience, while becoming unconscious. A name brand is a new God seen on billboards, churches are becoming shopping malls, and money our road to happiness. Why would Neptune be exalted in Aquarius, as it is, if not for the pains that will put our faith to test? Neptune has brought about all kinds of magic: cheerfulness of brand names, shortcuts to God, and huge TV screens. The more we became blind, the bigger TV we wanted to numbly browse the channels, melt away our divine unconsciousness into glitzy sensationalism and mindless consumerism, instead of striving for inner peace and tranquility. Transformed into social zombies, we accept the unacceptable and swallow easily the degradation of human rights and freedoms into crude usurpation of every right and freedom that pop into our head.  Neptune is not exalted in Aquarius because of humanness and dedication. No, it’s the moment in which God becomes an illusionist, sprinkling upon us the world that doesn’t exist, that couldn’t be sustained, but as if this isn’t enough, many have been persuaded that God doesn’t exist at all. Neptune in Aquarius is an illusion, just like David Copperfield makes the airplane disappear. Well, that’s how God made himself disappear! What a trick, sufficient for a man to proclaim himself a God, prescribing himself all kinds of powers. This is a fantastic astrological picture of godly illusion, while in fact, this is the biggest test of our faith. Neptune in Aquarius actually mocks us, just like everything in Aquarius does.  God mocks us too and decides to get lost for a while (at least for 14 years), until April 2011 when He is back into the Kingdom of Heaven (in Pisces).

What is, then, love? To discover love, we need neither religion nor some breathing technique. Serenity of faith is possible to find only through love, a love that is a deed, an effort, an endeavor. When we say we need love and need somebody, we actually want to experience another human being’s tangible effort. We want to feel the other giving him/herself away. That’s what love is and that’s the reason for Saturn being exalted in Libra. It is giving oneself away in delight, without feeling a victim. Neither this is a victimhood. Still, we ask ourselves, isn’t it easier when Neptune in Aquarius gives us instant ways, techniques, courses, skills, philosophies? You have to pay for it all – that’s why. On the other hand, faith is free, already within us. And every faith that you have to pay for, even a single cent, is not a faith at all, because God, regardless of how you call him, doesn’t collect his fees. All that matters, especially when Neptune enters Pisces and sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn to boot) is agape.  Faith, which is utterly different from religion, is peace, happiness, love and serenity that blossom when we allow ourselves to give and create, to make others happy, to be grateful. We often say, it’s a payback time; but no, it’s a “creation within” time. That is why the positive thoughts techniques won’t work if you give but wait for something in return (as in, something good will happen to me). The universe doesn’t work this way. When you destroy, the universe within you is being destroyed as well. When you create, the universe helps in the continuation of that creation. And that same god-apprentice coming from Neptune in Aquarius has brought about one more plague – sensationalism. Beware of it! Who’s going to be the first to post on facebook about an earthquake? Who’s going to be the first to take pictures standing next to hungry Africans? This need to be the first, to exoticise the other, distorts our consciousness, which in turn distorts our conscience, which in turn distorts our morality, which in the end distorts our humanness.

So let Neptune in Pisces make the anonimous sensational. Let us do something good and keep it to ourselves instead of telling others about it, expecting the approval. Let these anonymous deeds be the new experience and the exotic.  A secretive mission, Neptune in Pisces is the most potent medicine for it immediately “glues” Pluto in Capricorn, securing strength and faith for further action, for love, for the life itself. Only then the act of giving away heals, for we can save ourselves only by saving others. Know that life energy goes hand in hand with faith, which will be as strong as we are consistant, dedicated to something or somebody; as much as our life carries Neptune’s mission. Only as much and not a bit more, because faith can do anything. And Neptune – the God itself – will convince us into this when it returns to the Kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of Pisces. For the next 14 years we’ll see and hear of miracles, the impossible will become real, the fear of death (Pluto in Capricorn) will become faith in eternity (Neptune in Pisces).  As for the people, some will be happy as their beliefs came through, others will go mad. Therefore, beginning 2011, Neptune divides us into stable and feeble, lost and found, those driven by action and those moved by fear, those who will be elated and taken by the vortex of love, energy, and creation and those who will be numbed by fear as their world of yesterday (the world of illusions from Neptune in Aquarius) crumbled.

So, with this faith and ferocity stemming from an “allergy to fear,” Uran in Aries, impatient and glaring, is the inevitability of fight, beckoning action. Just like on this photo, on March 12 we’ll row away from Uranus in Pisces and become an example of either bravery or fear. It’s time to break down the walls of virtual madhouses and prisons, throw away the soft pillows, take of mummy’s bandages, like in the picture at the beginning of this text, and meet a new dawn on March 12 (although it’s already in the air!).

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