Mars in Scorpio

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Translation: Ida Popovski

Mars is in Scorpio until the 28 of October

Bitterness. Rage. The defiance of time passing by. Which says, “You cannot stop time or life itself with your power, oh, you, god of the warriors, courageous, and the uncompromising! There is no principle of yours that can put a stop to our ephemerality. “And can this Mars in Scorpio, that will be streaming through our beings until the end of October, really bring that naïve and expected Martian optimism, aiming towards its goal with euphoric enthusiasm, full of self admiration, existence, life? No… this is a story about the hopelessness of strength, courage, will, this is the awful truth that one day everything, and I mean everything, will find its way into the river of death. Man and his love, youth, his passion, strength and everything that use to make him happy once, when he was young, infatuated; this is where all of it becomes the enemy, because it doesn’t last, because it dies and there is an end to it. Astrologers’ say that “Mars in Scorpio is a powerful energy” but that’s not the point, but where is that energy coming from and towards what is it aiming and to what use? Towards destruction, devastation and self-destruction because it comes from hopelessness. That is why this is the image of the water turbines in a hydro-power plant that will tame and ‘kill’ the river’s force as to produce electrical power, it is always the destruction of one so that another could live, even thought that, this other, to it’s end is traveling also, even electricity figuratively speaking ‘dies’ the minute we turn it into ‘useful, practical work’, when we turn the washing machine on, or turn the light on.

Angered by the presence of death and knowing that everything in life has to end, he precisely chooses Death and the End as his enemies, and into battle he goes with the strongest and most powerful demons. Nothing makes sense, nothing except to be tirelessly, tenaciously and in spite of everything, transforming and directing life’s course, even by force if needed! This is why this is the story about those rare ones who have the strength for such an undertaking- to take life into their own hands but not just deciding to do so but acting upon it! To change, when to do so seems impossible, to stand up against the absurd; transform life into an adventurous fight and endless war against the absurd and meaninglessness. So he becomes a surgeon, hydro-engineer, nuclear physicist, maybe a soldier that will be praying for war, or a midwife that delivers babies to spite death! During this period when Mars is in Scorpio there are more pregnancies than usual in spite of age, society, the system, and conditions that are dictating everything even this basic human need to reproduce. Millions of sperms will perish so that one will be fertilized, but that one is now mad, angry, furious, tenacious and determined to succeed. That one will not perish but transform into life.

But as the fetus, against death he fights, because the mother isn’t ready, the conditions are not ideal, and many pregnancies will end up aborted, but those that carry to full term usually carry this Martian energy throughout their whole life. (*Actually, this is called the conception chart in astrology, which is done for the time of conception, but because the parents usually do not remember the day of conception, let alone the hour, even if this chart gives a very good picture of the basic nature and often the person’s destiny, it is rarely done because of lack of data).

So during these days when Mars is waging war in Scorpio; which will be the case until the morning of October the 28, (next time Mars will enter Scorpio will be autumn 2012) we’ll be relentlessly consuming ourselves, experiencing little deaths on a daily basis, destroying one and brining another to life, producing, creating, falling and getting up again, but know that everything you do in this period will be coming from your defiance of death. We will be defying endings, giving up on things, even thought we are sick to death of everything, just when we think that our batteries have run out, that we are weak, that our energy is running very low, a shift will happen, giving us this superhuman power that will be lifting us up, as if only hopelessness could save us and remind us of the strength we have hidden within ourselves. As I said there is no typical Martian exhilaration here, there is no euphorical surrender in enjoying and conquering life, this need to consume ourselves is just for the sole sake of it, together with spite, defiance, anger and a will that exists only if you have a powerful enough enemy.

Evil is being summoned, wondering what good are people talking about when evil has spread its wings all over mankind. This is why evil is his enemy and his strength, as well as death. Revenge and contempt, power to change your own life’s course, which is, he knows, as hard as changing the river’s course. And he remembers how he too was naïve once, and believed in goodness, how he hoped to live an easy life, hoped to be happy and content, but usually a moment or event, an experience that transformed him, crippled him (see the clip down below) changes him forever. And it is precisely this evil that used to have power over him, that injustice, this experience that has destroyed his hopes that he uses as a shield, and which gives him the sense that for as long as he lives, over death he has power.

This is a time when you will make many mistakes in just everyday things, delete important emails, loose important memorabilia, crash your car, drive away someone you love, give your resignation, get sick and get back on your feet within a few hours, when you will be consuming and spending all of your energy, (physical and spiritual) so fitness clubs and gyms will be packed, and when you see your own sweat running down, instead of slowing down pick up the pace, be maniacs, because life will keep on going if I keep going, thinks this Mars. This is why he doesn’t wait to get fired – he resigns, gets another job but doesn’t stay there either, carries on as if going from one battlefield to another. He becomes merciless towards himself but also others, with enough power to hurt through actions or words, destroy and annihilate. This is a time of demolition, destruction and change-which is here about switching from one energy to another. This is also the need for physical change, therefore the gyms, but also plastic surgery (caused by the presence of Venus) poisons are his drugs (dentists will have their hands full and all those working with poisons and hazardous substances) determined to set an example and prove that you can exist without no purpose other than – to just be, among all that nonsense and meaninglessness of the life he leads. Without any hope in better times to come, that many await and believe in, full of cynicism, contempt and reluctance against the easy life and leisure, he adorns himself with the war colors of ancient warriors and declares with a voice full of hate: “Death, I still exist!”

He is the ”thirteenth warrior”, he is Mad Max who has nothing left but his hate and his need for revenge, he is Anakin Skywalker who becomes Darth Vader.

“May the force be with you!”

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    Sanja, I absolutely adore your astrology. You inspire me with every post. Amazing words, amazing insights. :mrgreen:

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      …and amazing translation of my friend Ida 😉

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    Yeah Loove Your articles,I have that placement in my BC,I Have always liked the Darker Side of life and stuff ;D

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    interesting…. but we carry out our lives normally most of the time… I can not denny we have that cocktel molotov of emoitiosn though…

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