Uranus In Aries

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Translation: Ida Popovski

Welcome, bold vision, clarifying thought, daring youth, ingenious action, brand new science which, as Prometheus did, have come to awaken from slumber, the minds, of those of us still blind. I don’t care about your contra-revolution and new technological evolution, or about wars, treaties, new frontiers, more strict laws, and modern militarisation. And I do not care about the fact that you already know, that many will misuse your good intention and turn into hell a brilliant idea, for they do not understand and cannot fathom the greatness of your visions. Forgive me if I ever say ‘I can’t’, and think that there is no way out, if it seems to you that I have given up – unleash my inner wrath, lead me to the only battle that you deem worth living for- the battle against myself, so I would create a better New Man; better than the one I am. I count on your contempt of stupidity, and on your wrath whose sole aim is to do away with everything that is false and superficial. Surround me with brave and daring people who are not afraid to think and speak, and who bare their honesty openly, for all to see, boldly and foolishly at the same time, because so many of us are, like you, so self-sufficiently creative and brave. Alone with their passionate and inquiring minds which say ‘don’t give up, run, catch up, release!’ You have come from the future to set us into motion, to stir up the action, render freedom personal and make the mind determined. Help me live this life with eyes wide open, build it with the fervor you possess, and fear it not; to punish myself. To be able to bring myself down, then rise again, conquer time and fly into the future, so I would remain true, until the end, to the idea and myself.

Of course, we could observe Uranus in a different way. Uranus in Aries means radical changes, with more aggressive and commando type of action; also attacks, burglaries, fires, extremely harsh punishments, because the penalties for breaking the law are going to get more strict everywhere even here, then it will also be about auditors, supervisions, bombs, thunders, floods and devastations because during this 7 –8 years period it will spend in Aries it will also be squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Throughout history, radical changes happened during these aspects, assassinations, abdications, and executions. There you can find Albert Camus ‘rebellious man’ whose maddening rage makes him become the judge and the jury. We can talk about the great Polish king Kazimir, or our own Dushan, who during the rule of Uranus in Aries passed mighty and very strict laws, reformed the army, expanded their countries. And what about the rights of workers and their strikes, and the uprising of the farmers which will happen again because of their, once again, bad position. All the greatest conquests in world history (the Great Serbia, Great Poland, the Mongolian empire, the expansion of the Roman empire, etc.) happened while Uranus was in Aries and the annexation of countries happened as a result of Aries being a conqueror. This could get even more frightening! If fear is what we want – then we shall have it, for example the most deadly plague that wiped out 75 million people from the face of the Earth (the only one really called ‘black death’; although the later pandemics were called the same) happened while Uranus was in Aries.

But, if we talk about this only on a universal level we will forget the most important thing – Uranus is about MAN! Man and his mind, consciousness and visions. For Uranus is not the one that attacks, kills, tramples over, destroys and turns into dust. He is the exact opposite! He is the one who wishes to prolong man’s life span, the one who wants him to be set free, to let his mind reach the sky and realize that he has forgotten HIMSELF. We listen to what has been happening around the world, in Greece and China, how many people died in plane crashes, and we keep absorbing and getting intoxicated by these fears. Local and global wars have become part of our everyday life and we have forgotten about the idea and wish to live our lives without fear. We live our lives in fear of everything, instead of trying to live and fulfill them the best we can.

If Uranus’ main focus is on man, is global then more important than the individual? No it isn’t and it cannot be! And this is why I wrote ‘even if you know than many will misuse you’, because Uranus hasn’t come to create havoc and cause death, but to sow this new seed, from which a new man will spring. A man who will not be influenced by media, who will not be afraid of traveling by plane, not let himself be manipulated, and won’t feel small in presence of this new time, but be enlightened by it.

The question is, what does Uranus in Aries brings to you, me, individually and not universally. And the answer is courage. As Mars gives us courage for heroic actions in battle, as the Sun gives us courage and the will to organize life, Uranus gives us courage to envision that we can be completely different than who we are today. Yes, you, me and every one of us can transform ourselves, and not step by step as Saturn does but just ‘Jump’. Jump into the unknown, it’s a change that will happen overnight, and you’ll find yourself in a new life that sends the adrenalin flowing, awakens the flesh and stirs every living cell and makes them just want to be. That kind of man is the only kind we will need in the next 8 years. The ones that give up on themselves can expect all kinds of misfortunes, restrains, disasters, so that, in the end, they will eventually rebel against it- which they could have done, well, now!

So if Uranus in Aries teaches us that courage is needed, this obviously means that it wont be easy and smooth, life should be poked, probed, even penetrated (even by women) no matter what, carried by the vision and instinct to succeed, knowing that your life is in your hands and that you alone decide of it. And from this day on you won’t let anyone take it away from you. Before all the global disruptions that will be happening, with Pluto squaring Uranus which as I said will mean more riots, fires, madmen; before all, a new man will rise, the man of the future who’s task will be to bare the 87 year cycle, since Uranus has just open the door to a new world. The zodiac begins with Aries, and this is a new begging in every sense and not just a new sign that Uranus will be in. Man has awoke and what is more important is that he is rebelling against his fears who are not his own but have been acquired over time, because now he finally remembers that he was born free and with a will to really live life. This is why he has finally decided to do away with his fears.

As long as I fear I am not free, exclaims Uranus in Aries, and this is why I will not fear! As long as I hope that things will get better one day, I am living on borrowed time, because I live in the present and await the future, but that will change and I will begin to really live, carpe diem, enjoying every moment, I will be the sole ruler of my kingdom (like the eagle on the video I posted), I will choose my friends, I won’t let them choose me. I will choose whom I love, not endure or stay with someone out of pity, because I am guilty, every time, when I lie to myself or to others, and whenever I say I am fine and I am not. I will deliver myself, my life from the claws of globalisation; imperialism, middle class mentality and everything profane and make it holy. I will expand my horizons and let my mind believe here and NOW in whatever everybody will believe a hundred years from now. That man can change the world by the way he thinks, through his mind, and we should cut those barbed wires that keep us confined with guilt and rules, and we will be free.

History is repeating itself, says Uranus, and my son, Saturn is keeping it alive trough his reign of fear. Because those are his weapons, fear, ancestry, wars, accidents, punishment, morality, laws, memories, suffering and the past! And I see him, my beloved Saturn, as I always did, in his loneliness and fear, and how he passes that fear onto men; his fear of time gone by, which has petrified him so he is immune to it. He uses that fear to restrain men through the system, makes them powerless, with a ball and chain, to render every step even harder. Now I understand, smiles Uranus, I understand why he robbed me of my manhood back then, threw me of my throne and took my place. Because to present people with the truth, give them the freedom and power to rule their lives would mean his downfall, taking down the Sun with him, who is here to rule, preside and monopolize. This is also why the Sun hates me when I stir up people’s minds and awaken them, this is why I am ignored, why no one takes notice of me, why my ideas are rejected and my work discredited or stolen. This is why I am used and abused, because without me, the world wouldn’t exist, they know that well, there would be no idea and man would never see the meaning of it all, and the whole humanity would be plunged into the abyss for they would see no point in anything that is material, or in the comfort that it brings them. There has to be purpose to it all; a personal touch in their existence so that they could appreciate beauty and a gentle touch, a hidden agenda to the reason why they are here. There would be no meaning to it all, no love would be a happy one, no money would bring satisfaction to their lives, only me who sets things into motion, awakens them and makes them rebel against the darkness and emptiness, and they also know that without me their corrupt and fake powers wouldn’t be so powerful. So let them use and abuse me, frowns Uranus, but I will make man stronger, make him look for a purpose in his life, and make him resent everything that is not creative, that doesn’t concern the mind, everything that would make him less of a man and not proud of himself. I will make him rise like the first man on Earth and shout ‘I am the world’s future!’ and shed all that is related to history, the past, and that entire burden that has been building up and made him bare the cross for centuries.

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