Some Thoughts On Love and Relationship

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Translation: Melody Cheers

Love – my favorite subject. One of my clients, Italian by the way, told me recently: “Sanja, when it comes to love issue, your English suddenly became perfect!”. It seems that I start speaking from the very core of my Libra ascendant, that is disassembling the subject of love and relationships between partners into millions of factors and which is capable of understanding, knowing and feeling that love has millions of faces. And of course, I am not talking now about the love between mother and child or love towards God or something abstract. Here in particular, it is about love between partners, man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, it does not matter. And it does not matter if it is a marriage, long or short relationship, if it is an adolescent love or love of a lady in the later years. It does not matter if it is forbidden or secret; if it is public, formal or debauched, scandalous or compromising; if it is one-sided or mutual; if it is an adventure in question, that will pass as a summer night breath or something that will last the whole life; if it is painful or easy as the spring day; if it mends or sickens us. That are all loves, if you understand it or not, my dear friends, that you have the need to experience! You invoked exactly that kind of love story, you hoped exactly for it, and if it hurts you ‘something in you wanted to suffer’, because as Freud would say, at the end of every pain, suffering, torment, lies a hidden trace of human pleasure. Happiness is also in suffering, ask Dostoyevsky!

Who is the right person for you? What do you think?

If you would meet now a person that you have been in a relationship with ten years ago, what are the chances that this person would interest you now again – under the condition that you meet them for the first time? What attracts us to each other? What is that what separates us? Read this what I want to share with you now. One small portion of the text written by Goran Milekić, that can not be found in his books but in an article that was published a long time ago. And understand why to the question “Is that the right one?” I always respond to my dear clients: “Each one is the right one in some moment, because they showed up exactly because we needed them at that moment.”

author: Goran Milekić

Strength, will and intelligence, tasks given to us, good and evil that we encounter in life and all problems that we have to solve, are clearly shown in the horoscope of the person that we live with. Even if we spend only one day with some person our psychophysical state and situation in which we find ourselves that day are clearly shown. Exactly the horoscopes of our partners and in general persons that are important to us, are showing who we are in a certain period of life, what we want and what we can become. We can negate this or be unconscious of it, but it is truth. If it is a fated relationship and if we have to live with that person until the end of our life, we are becoming conscious of how this person is experiencing us, how are we shown in their horoscope, but also how we really are and are going to be in the future, and not how we were. If you want you can clearly see it in the horoscope of your partner.
You could think that some persons with their strength or weakness are forcing us to be exactly like that, suitable to them, which is certainly truth. But it is also truth that we would never meet, let alone live with somebody, in whose horoscope we are not to be found. That person a.k.a. our partner is explaining us in time. In partner’s horoscope we will see who we are now and who we will turn into if we want to live together. Maybe you will want to find the person that has in their horoscope a powerful and rich man or pretty and serene wife, but that is impossible. In partners horoscope we always find ourselves the way we are at that moment, that year, but not even for a day more, unless if we aren’t the truthful measure and picture of those symbols that are showing our power and intelligence, our needs, preferences and universality of our being and images that are surrounding us.
And the more you recognize yourself in somebody’s horoscope the longer the relationship will be. But if you are not finding yourself and are not recognizing, regardless of being shown in there as powerful or weak, you will run away or be chased away and evicted from there. A person can live with somebody only as long as there is a balance in the partner’s horoscope, an equal measure of their powers. As soon as your and partners strength of personality are not harmonized it comes to the break up. And it does not matter who is overpowered or overcame by who.

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4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Love and Relationship

  1. Jessie kaže:

    ahaha i knew it! i also have a libra ascendant and so does my new love. i haven’t had a new love like this–real, mature, but full of light and fun—he also has a libra rising haaa!! (i am a gem sun and he is aquarius sun. . . . oh i could go on–but just wanted to share the libra rising thing)

    1. sanja perić kaže:

      thanks 🙂

  2. Violeta kaže:

    I don’t agree with you that love is everything that looks like it. There are many other intentions which imitate love (stolen face) in order to achieve their goals which are far away from the feeling of love.

    However, I didn’t know that we can see ourselves reflected in other people’s horoscopes. It is amazing discovery for me, and isnpirative, too. Thanks for sharing it. 😀

  3. Anonimni kaže:

    How can I find myself in my partner’s horoscope?

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