Yearly Horoscope – Forecast for 2010 (through the story of Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Libra)

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Jupiter in Pisces or: Will Godot come tomorrow?
(from January 18. till June 6. 2010 & from September 9. 2010 to January 22. 2011)

2009 was the year of the first more serious adjustment of the world to the new spirit of the times. To the new, devastating tempo of life that demands remaining on your feet but also a simultaneous crucifiction of the psyche – so while 20 – 30 years ago people could take sick leave for psychological and nervous breakdowns, we have to notice that today this is all considered a ‘normal’, unprivileged state. Unlike the psyche and the emotions in 2009 that had to be crucified and sacrificed – the mind and the body drew energy from suprisingly everlasting resources. To a great extent, that put us in the shoes of a zombie while we walk, run, work, live – not having time to experience anything. People have become numbers. “Five thousand three hundred fifty six people died in…”. While recently investigating my roots, I stumbled across an old municipal logbook from the beginning of the 20th century with the entry : “57 souls” live in village so and so. Maybe a connection would be established between us and those who had unfortunate casualties of earthquakes, floods and other disasters, if they becasme souls instead of numbers. That gradual cleansing of authentic human emotions started about ten years ago, with the first opposition of Saturn and Pluto. This year we will again have a sqare of these two planets – but that I will discuss separately. The point of mentioning all of this in the story about Jupiter is that this whole, several years long scenario created a perfect show for Jupiter in Aquarius. His task in 2009 was to additionaly accelarate us, to make us taut as an arrow; so put in a situation at ready under tension and with unease we would plunge into the new, make reforms (whether we desired to do so or were forced to by tough working conditions, resignations etc), rebel and silently wait for courage – for which some were ready and some were not – turning to self destruction.

Suddenly in 2009 everything became urgent. Emergency services were working full steam and man went beyond himself and his natural capacities in order to satisfy demands. All this left its mark on the psyche. And what does man do when he is anxious and nervous? He drinks a pill, a sedative to calm his nerves. To attract sleep. So that at least in that sleep he can escape from the crazy tempo and his millions of obligations. Analogous to that, all of mankind in 2010 with Jupiter in Pisces is rushing toward a gigantic sedative, is invoking Hypnos to cast his net of sleep over its eyes, the psyche now wants therapy, healing, since we have pulled it to pieces, self-destructive dynamite has brought down even the indestructable in us and now we need healing. That is why, from January 18th – when Jupiter enters Pisces, we are all in therapy. Healing. And depending on what the individual circumstances will be at that moment for every one of us – the prescribed therapy will differ. One thing is certain – the pharmaceutical industry will be blooming and making millions of dollars; psychologists, astrologers and prophets will have there hands full; holy temples, churches, mosques and sinagogues will be overflowing, new preachers and “New Age Gurus” will appear and will have files and files of new followers. Wait a minute … what is it that people will apparently be chronically in need of? A remedy for the psyche? No, it is FAITH. As Becket’s heroes Didi and Gogo, here we are under the tree we didn’t hang ourselves on in 2009 since we don’t have a rope, and Godot may be coming tomorrow, so let’s wait for him.

In this chaotic state of humankind, although Jupiter in Pisces doesn’t bring any malice, and is even there to bless, give, teach forgiveness, love and goodness, we mustn’t forget that the sign of Pisces, apart from solace and mercy, also relates to tricks, illusions and deceptions – so we can easily delude ourselves. We can easily replace the true face of God with the false, we can easily allow our god to be sedatives or some hindu prayer we believe in because the harder it is to understand, the more mystical or unfathomable – the more we believe that the truth is hiding there, not finding it in familiar things. But that is precisely the wrong path because the biggest lie and mistrust is not when a man doesn’t believe in something, but when he thinks and says that he believes in something he in fact does not believe in. We have been served a plate of mesmerizing and attractive trinckets, that we need to turn our back to or, consume only that which we have really come to know and that we truly believe in. Jupiter in Pisces is deep, he seeks the truth and and he finds it, but he must be completely dedicated to the quest. So if you meditate, it is time that you learn everything about the tradition of the technique you are using, to translate all the foreign words and understand them; if you use alternative medicine – you need to come to know the method, to ask around and find out all about it and in future stick to the truth you have come to know; if you teach something and instruct others in something – you must sincerely believe that this knowledge is the truth, that it is necessary, you must be devoted lecturers. If you are merchants – you must again only sell what you believe and know is good, otherwise Jupiter in Pisces will become the burden of your conscience so for example, instead of doing your legal work in the legal system – you will be worse than a CIA agent that has discovered all the lies, frauds, tricks and has thus become more unhappy in being where he is, but with more faith to put himself in a clean environment and save himself from the swindlers, liars and coruption. People who have devoted their whole lives to cheating and who have on the backs and deaths of others built their lives – must be born to do that. An ordinary person with a clear conscience is not capable of taking that guilt upon himself, so he is tormented in sleepless nights wondering why he has no peace. Jupiter has now nested in Pisces, meaning: Conscience is nicely tucked away deep in the subconsious and is working from there so no one who is commited to cheating, affairs, lies will get away with it…! What does this mean in practical terms – we have the example of uncovering a cocaine chain of smugglers from South America… Ships (Jupiter in Pisces), an enormous quantity is in question (again Jupiter who is a megalomaniac and refers to all things big) Pisces are drugs, and since conscience has gone deep into the subconsious for cleansing, man thinks that he can, that he has no problems with guilt, no fear, so he enters into these jobs and then Jupiter from the subconsious forces him to make a mistake. Sometimes even a banal mistake, but enough to be discovered, because his conscience is now his spy, his secret agent and a man will denounce himself this year, report himself, he will betray himself with an almost banal act, with an almost unsignificant decision. Conscience from Pisces demands that a man redeems himself, repents, perhaps changes. It just occured to me that the biggest affair of the 20th century – Nixon and Watergate – happened in 1974. the year that Jupiter was also in Pisces. Well I think it is clear. Keep a clear conscience and if you are sinful – report yourself. Betray yourself with a punishment, reprimand or whatever it takes to save yourself. Although there will be more frauds and robberies, be sure that the secret services, polices and others will also have many successful actions because a man will leave his mark behind.

Be brave not to believe in everything they offer you in the year of the clearest conscience and faith and you will surely find your faith! True faith is free.True faith always materializes because as long as he believes, a man builds, creates, moves forward, he lives. There are a million people today who wander from one to the other spiritual teacher, who flip through channels while, void of all strength, they sit glued to their beds; they go from yoga classes to a whole weekend spa program and return home feeling more empty and tired; their life is becoming a circle and their money goes to New Age and Tele-Shop industries – the biggest dealers of the New Age. Hypnosis. Wherever in 2010 you recognize hypnosis, trick, manipulation by images and pretty faces for the purpose of making money – turn your back to it. On the other hand if you are a movie director, industrial designer, if your job is to imitate reality, to paint it, make fun of it, if you are in a way the ‘hypnotist’ that uses effects, music, art, poetry to impact the public – then full steam ahead – for this is the year of art and movies. Don’t be ashamed to send your work to international (not only domestic) forums, and even farther, across the ocean (America) where the greatest ‘dreamland’ is, your work may reach and you may return with an award.

That is why it is very important to stay true and consistent to your faith and to that which you believe in – regardless of whether it is the faith of others.

I am certain that Jesus, Budha and Mohammed were the first rebels, charismatic personalities with a strong individuality, capable of saying ‘no’ to everything that was up to then deeply rooted, to false teachings, brave to publicly criticize and moan, and in the life of saints that I have read – very few of them were forgiving in a way that is presented to us. Mostly they were savvy rebels of indomitable spirit who defied, and I believe terribly irritated their adversaries. Kierkegaard, inspired by the example of Jesus’ sacrifice, in his “Discources” asks: “Is a man allowed to give his head for the truth? Couldn’t have Jesus relented a little?” (no one told us anything about Jesus’ obstinacy but it is true that he consistently went after what he believed in) and then adds that : ”to have faith and understand Jesus means to understand his human life.” To take off, peal everything that the Church as an institution has plastered and understand that the individuality of a man is actually the individuality of his faith.

And it is so. Every man is a being of faith – from the moment he takes his first step (because he believes), when enchanted, he dreams of love (because he believes), when he creates and makes a whole practical world that we relentlessly use today (from a lighter through an automobile and electricity to rockets) – because he believes. And only faith is the fuel for a life that will make us content and only when there is no faith – life becomes empty. And only there where faith exists can we speak the astrological language of whether there will be a new job or a new love. And as if all of us will in 2010 have to find our temple, to revive our faith, to dedicate ourselves to the labour we believe in, the work we are creating, the family we have made, the people that we love, the skills and knowledges that we possess and leave asunder all that we have been in the previous years, take off the masks of profession and character that we have voluntarily or by force entered – and which are not us. Or we will, as I already stated: look for faith in false teachers, idols, pills, other people’s beliefs and then completely lose ourselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must leave the job that feeds you because “it’s not you”. But you have to strive to, besides that job, find obsession and passion in something, something you will truly dedicate yourself to whether it is gardening, writing or learning, something that you will be able to do with genuine pleasure, losing track of time in peace, quiet and solitude. Otherwise, if you don’t even look for that and you do something that “is not you”, then the need to escape that kind of reality and life in which we do what we do not believe in, in which the truths that we have accepted are lies, will take us straight into the labyrinth. But I am an optimist, and I hope that many will, with smiles on their faces, say in 2010: “I am finally doing what I love!” And actually – you are only finally doing what you truly believe in.

Jupiter in Pisces is a misionary. He delivers. So however it is – there is no doubt that he will offer the hand of salvation at the right moment to everyone who needs it. It is important that he appears – as an extended arm of God precisely so that he can, through salvation awaken faith in Man. That is the moment when something really good happens, when we survive an accident, when we just barely escape danger, when a door opens that was only yesterday firmly closed, when in our most helpless state, not knowing where to go further, someone comes and lights up the way. It’s about the moment when we feel true gratitude. “Thank you, God” is the minimum that every one of us will have the opportunity to say in many situations. But that hand of Jupiter is actually always the hand of another person who will at some moment take us out of the jungle, help us achieve something, that is he who doesn’t seek any gratitude, after all: he is there only by chance. It happened that he came along – “thank God”. It just happened that he has a job for us – Ha, what a coincidence, but actually – “thank God”. People will almost in waves help each other, often not knowing that they have saved someone’s life of saved someone from suffering. Whether you work in trade, a hospital, in public or wherever – it is a fact that we, doing what we do, constantly come into contact with other people, and we never actually know how important something we have said or done may be to someone else. For us, it may be just one of a number of completed tasks – but if you think a bit about it, you will see for yourself that it isn’t always the same. Jupiter will work secretly and quietly, not giving people the opportunity to glorify themselves and not allowing their ego to feast on the fact that they have saved someone – since they won’t even know it. Now and again, maybe they will guess, but mostly they won’t be aware of it. What is important is what is going on in the person to whom the hand was extended, in the one who is saved. The person who expected to be criticized, quarrelled with but instead found courtesy and a kind word. The one who has, thanks to you, solved a problem. That is where the alchemy will occur since the psyche of every one of us is now a little lab in which the negative, nervous and anxious is transformed into trust, gratitude and love.

Let’s go to the next story which is only the follow-up of the essay about Jupiter in Pisces…

Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, or : Meeting of Moses and Zaratustra
(April and May 2010 & from September 2010 until January 2011)

Moses (Jupiter in Pisces) was the first biblical lawmaker and representative, fighter against idolatry and sprout of the faith in one God which he further expanded.

Zaratustra (Uranus in Pisces), Persian philosopher, believes that every man carries a personal responsibility for his choice of good and evil. As the first ‘democrat of morality’, he emphasizes the irrelevance of whether someone’s profession is ‘closer to God’ (clergy etc) and that all are absolutely equal in their position of tug-o-war with themselves, for which they shall be judged.

Indeed, if we would let go the reigns of our imagination and picture these two characters in the ambiance of some kind of a contemporary conference on a global level – the result would be the creation of a new faith. That New faith renounces the illusions and premises of the past. Since the final phase of the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus from Pisces will be in the sky from March to September 2010, it is time for us to understand that we have been pretty poisoned, loaded with rubbish, manipulated by various doctrines (from our schooldays and beyond) and that the gap between the old and the new, between the indoctrinated, forcibly absorbed and taught and that which is our nature and true need to believe in or who to be is now experiencing its pinnacle. For example… Umberto Eco in the novel “The Name of the Rose” writes: ”Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith because without fear of the Devil, there is no more need of God.!” And that is the way it once was. Fear was essential for the masses to find comfort, hope, faith in the salvation of God. But that time has past. Let’s look around ourselves. Some learnings and theorems, although they were completely justified in the past – are no longer applied. There is no more shame or fear of God’s punishment as there once was. And who is that Uranus in Pisces, that Zoroaster or Swedenborg, anouncing and prophesizing that everyone will be his own prophet, that God doesn’t accept the mistakes of others any more, that all was an illusion, that God forgives. Actually, yes! God forgives – but only if a man dares to forgive himself and the fear of God – now becomes a fear of one’s self and what we have started to make of ourselves! Look at yourselves, he calls out, know your good and your evil, you don’t need a Holy book any more to teach you what is good and what is not. And what is most interesting, is that Uranus – who jumps to save everybody, now wants to save God. And that resembles the image of the modern world in which Truth, God and Faith need an urgent intervention more than any nation or person. But Uranus is not there – his gaze is always fixed to the far future. So while we are contemplating today and tomorrow, he is contemplating the future of the world in a hundred years, in fifty… And seeing that which only a prophet as himself can – which is that Man has begun to resemble God more, but instead of being grateful for his intelligence, inventiveness and capabilities which enabled him, as a God, to create a whole new world – Man has become selfish, bragging and is utterly abusing his “deification”. So how else will Uranus remind a Man that he is still just a man when all the old methods are useless, but with the old-school ‘great flood’ method, e.g natural disasters, a revenge of Man made machines and a drastic elevation in the number of human casualties – which I have written more about in the text about Saturn and Uranus. This time several other difficult aspects contribute – that we will witness in 2010.
Besides, it’s a fact that all of us will in 2010, thanks to this conjunction, be more intuitive, open to new things and find ourselves gazing at the distant future, so 2010 will be the year of great discoveries, inventions, demistification of secrets. Our spirit becomes an adventurist, wanting to wander and discover the undiscovered, to know the unknown. And that New faith is the faith in human intelect, in constructive action, engineering visions and the embodiment of yesterday’s dreams and fantasies. That is why this conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus depicts all the greatest prophets of humankind, from the biblical ones through Nostradamus to those who have prophesized through their work like Jules Verne, Da Vinci and others. In this year, some of us will, without knowing that they are doing so, herald with their actions the future of humankind. This is also Jacque Fresco with his futuristic idea of a better world. But definitely, we are all, in one way or another, prophets in 2010.

In this embraced travel across the sky, Jupiter and Uranus will almost imperceptibly continue their walk from Pisces to Aries…

Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction with Aries, or : Welcome to the “Brave (Jupiter) New (Uranus) world!”

Uranus will come out of Pisces and enter Aries on May 28th and Jupiter, who follows him as a shadow, will enter Mars’ yard of war, military, militant, dangerous, modern, new on June 6th and they will continue together until the first week of September when they will temporarily return to Pisces.

Surely these are no longer Moses and Zaratustra and definitely no one here is thinking about religion; all is subordinated to action, creation of strict laws and interventions so that authority will be once and for all completely integrated in human life. The mission of this conjunction is: Creating orderliness or – order (Jupiter), that is New (Aries) that will be valid for the whole world (Uranus)! Everything from Aries dictates and orders. It doesn’t ask for opinions, and when it does – it’s only checking the state to which it will adjust the intensity of action. Since eveything in Aries is power-hungry in the sense of freedom of action that authority gives, the greatest pinnacle of global force – whether it is personified in the Ministry of Defense located in the Pentagon or NASA or who knows where, is now working full steam to create a completely new world. Aries is the frist sign of the zodiac, it represents a beginning, turning of a new leaf and since Jupiter and Uranus will be on zero degrees of Aries receiving aspects from Pluto and Saturn for a long time, while they too will be on zero degrees of cardinal signs, all of that almost guarantees something completely new, radical, cardinal and ambitious. Beforehand it will take care of everything old, backward and helpless which it cannot stand, since this Aries order, because of the square with Pluto from Capricorn, is now merciless. Almost as if it is threatening a “natural selection” and the principle that only the strongest (and the most endurable) survive (remain). And as it usually happens, that greatest world power will pressure and viciously order those under it, those will further order the national authorities individually, and the national authorities of a country (Serbia for example) as in a game of dominoes – will transport that wave of the urgent, accelerated, inevitable, strict and radical to its institutions, companies, courtrooms, healthcare, education and so on…and at the end of the chain are – we.
Whether we want it or not, we will be faced with reforms and novelties in all the vital fields. The technological revolution will move into every home, a digitalization of life, everything becomes a code. Change of legislation and the instant application of laws – where there is no more waiting, there are no more delays and tolerance. If you are guilty – bear the consequences. There is no guilty conscience because someone doesn’t have enough for the electricity bill and is therefore not paying sregularly. That is why I think that the mortality rate in underdeveloped countries will surely go up, precisely because of these Capricornian causes since Pluto is there: famine, chronic and incurable diseases, poverty.

That’s where we come to the rest of the aspects that will follow us into 2010, but also several years after 2010: Square of Saturn and Pluto, square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and the opposition of Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus.

photo: „Identity Crisis“ © Dot Desperation
Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika.


Pluto square Saturn doesn’t hate anything more than the sick, the miserable, those who hold him back and take him back, they are the ones keeping him from feeling free. “Who gives himself the right to constantly remind me of the pain that exists in the world?” and as an executioner he makes a decision to wage war against global poverty. That is why this is the image of the traditional colonial powers and of all the militant countries that have a pronounced dictatorship, industry – where work is maniacal, so astrologically these are always Japan and Germany, as well as Britain, Holland, Spain, partly colonial powers, partly countries known for there great conquests. In political ideologies this is fascism, so to Germany we can also add Italy. Whatever, to make it simple, a neofascist order that will, in the name of progres re-establish a kind of colonialism lies before us. Casualties are inevitable for two reasons. The first reason is the above mentioned destruction of people in underdeveloped countries that is going on for years, the unavailability of medicine in Africa and India, famine, poverty, epidemics, only this time millions of dollars will be ‘laundered’ on their account while the mortality rate will escalate. Saturn square Pluto is the inventor or euthanasia, the death penalty and the legal but unconscientious (Jupiter square in Aries) the application and experimenting (Uranus square) on people with a tragic outcome. At any rate, do not volunteer for any kind of experiments, no matter how much money is offered! Now that I mentioned it, I think that there will be such ads in the papers. “Volunteers wanted…” Furthermore, this is the aspect of genocide, racism, true hatred which, since Saturn will for the next three years be in Libra which refers to China, Indochina etc – I’m afraid that some kind of inappropriate policy will rule that will force the Chinese to withdraw or force them to destruction and suicide. Still, since they carry the tragic experience of suffering and torture in their genes, despite the fact that they are, as Milekić (the great astrolog of Serbia) once superbly noticed “ the most smiling nation in the world” (Saturn in Libra), I don’t see a logic in suicidal tendencies since suffering and endurance is deep under their skin. But their presence will be a thorn in the side of many, or within China itself there will be something like a war, a divide. Since we’re on division, Saturn in Libra can in our country pertain to the secession of Voyvodina. The whole story of the regionalization of Serbia, or the division of Serbia into regions so that Voyvodina could get certain autonomies – I think is only the first phase of this process. We will also experience a fascist-racist temperament at work where it has someone to expell, torture, murder – so these kind of events are possible in all multiethnic environments.

Jupiter in Aries is filling the tills of arms trade, acids, everything destructive, dynamite, explosive and with Pluto – lethal. This is the construction of nuclear plants worldwide, the destruction and shutting down of thermal power plants; new ways to acquire energy – but this time not as humane since they will destroy resources (Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter). This is burning, destruction of nuclear waste and in the years to follow (and particularly when Saturn enters Scorpio) some new diseases and epidemics that we never heard of – created in laboratories in 2010 or as a result of all the coming destructive influences.

I spinned the calendar a bit and searched when have Pluto and Uranus been together in the past 100 years. They will be square until 2017, and the beginning of that story can be seen from June next year. Before that, they were in difficult aspects from ‘62 – ‘68 (Vietnam); ‘30 – ‘35 (fascism); and 1899 – 1905. Great global reforms always followed, the appearance of new personalities on the global political scene that have in time managed to push boundaries and establish foundations of new cycles, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be so now as well. Assasinations happened regularly during this aspect – so I believe we won’t be spared of that either. But, Uranus and Pluto must always execute someone who is very advanced, or very humane. Someone who went a lot ahead of his time and was therefore dangerous. Just as in ‘63, during the previous conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, Kennedy was murdered .

Uranus alone in Aries is the image of the rebellious revolutionary that doesn’t trust associations, syndicates and movements any more, doesn’t trust his own demonstration and the joint or passive, peaceful ideological struggle. He now separates himself and leaves to lead a revolution on his own. He goes to war alone. “Let be what needs to be!”, so all excited, he takes justice in his own hands. That is why this planet – all depending in whose hands this decision is – will be good or bad. In the hands of a surgeon who risks and decides alone in a split second on something that wasn’t in the medical books and saves a patient, he will be good. Although in the example of the surgeon we have an authentic image of Uranus in Aries and especially if it is a surgeon who is in a war situation, a volunteer who sacrificing himself fights his own battle. These are all of those heroes who will be taken out of anonimity by their heroism. Like that little girl who recently in Niš saved her life and the lives of her sisters. There are increasingly more heroes without medals and uniforms among us, in the neighbourhood. And those will be the bravest at the crucial moment – ready and determined. Although this knowledge makes me a bit tense, that people will be in a situation to save each other – separate from appropriate services, so if it is the intention of the universe for us to become true Prometeus’ – then fine; but if it indicates that the whole world will be flooded with disasters, rubble, wars, circumstances in which it is expected of people to protect and save each other, then all of this can also be a threat of the universe.

Although, in everyday social circumstances Uranus in Aries can be a moment of an explosion of consiousness, an eclipse that demands instant action not allowing time to think about anything first. That is why weaker people can be influenced into making wrong decisions and mistakes that cannot be corrected; demonstrators and those who are in search of their rights – separation of one of them who is now determined to personally fight the ‘enemies’, who goes to the attic to get his old gun and sets out for revenge in an ustable state of mind. That is why there may be unrest everywhere around us even with us. Fires are inevitable with Uranus in Aries, as are explosions, eruptions etc. He will stay in this sign until 2017 so we will still feel his influence in the seven year square with Pluto. This is also ‘Yound Bosnia’ lead by Gavrilo Princip, so it is as if Princip’s spirit will be cloned in some.

“Colonization of space” will continue, mission after mission, NASA will have superb successes but failures as well, mistakes and collapses – the question is whether the public will be aware of it. If someone will use these aspects in an affirmative manner, it should be archaeologists and researchers who can now raise academia to its feet with their discoveries that will negate theories and convictions. That can go pretty far, so maybe even Troy, Atlantis and other world mysteries will finally be resolved. Maybe I am exaggerating, but that is because I believe in miracles and that everything is possible. But tragedy is inevitable, so as I said – humanists, engineers, brave pilots, firefighters and others whith dangerous but humane occupations – they must have great casualties as well. Pluto doesn’t allow Uranus to go without personal sacrifice. Apart from that, these are all shocking deaths that the world is not ready for. Because of Aries – the death of young people, successful, famous, sportsmen or simply genius, as well as the destruction of classic monuments, statues, temples. As if everything that is old which stood as a monument to the previous period must die, so in the fury of destruction (which is that first blow) mistakes must be made and something that humankind will never forgive will be destroyed, burned, anihilated (something like the Alexandria Library). For example, as if they were to destroy the Eiffel Tower of the Great Wall of China. It is as if an invisible archetype we carry will be destroyed. Saturn in Libra is also Vienna as the city with the best art academies, the city of culture, opera, the greatest waltzes, so Vienna also must suffer a certain damage. Cuba just occured to me, that I recently read somewhere was, with Fidel as its leader, the only remaining stub of the 20th century legacy. In the next few years, literally nothing connected to the previous century will be actual. An enormous fullstop will be put on politics, characters and others that have remained, so if you haven’t visited Cuba yet, hurry because maybe next year Cuba will not be Castro’s Cuba any more.

But, in order for this not to turn into an astrological threat, I end my text with the story of Saturn.


Saturn in Libra or:”Love Will Tear Us Apart”

On October 29th 2009 (today) Saturn enters the sign of Libra. In 2010 he will make a temporary return to Virgo (from April 7th to July 21st ) and will continue further in Libra until October 2012.

photo: „Story of the Apples“ © Mahir Ates
Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika.


In that period the emphasis is on collaboration. Coupling and finding a support as firm as the Doric od Ionic columns. For Saturn in Libra are all the sculptures in the world that are exposed in museums, it is momuments dedicated to love (Taj Mahal, Djavolja varoš (Devil’s Town, which is a nominee in the New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign and also known as “petrified wedding guests”), it is a restraining order against approaching and touching valuable art pieces in museums, but these are also geishas, all the windows in the world’s most expensive streets that you can just look at because regardless of how much money you have – you feel miserable. But you still smile, because Saturn in Libra is smiling. Because Saturn in Libra is just peaceful and happy that there is art in the world. That there are waltzes, ballrooms and halls, that there is ‘haute’ (Saturn) couture (Libra). That there is ballet and opera. To enjoy beauty but be seen as well. A matter of prestige who has what seats at receptions, those who are in the boxes are closer to Saturn in Libra. This is every competition of wardrobes, styles, hairstyles, posture. With Saturn in Libra we don’t need a mirror, other people are there for us to measure against. And while the elite is on one scale now, the other scale is comprised of those who don’t have access to such glitzy and splendid places that only the ‘chosen’ can enter. And precisely that is why those who have not, instead of consuming – will create art here more than anywhere else. Creating fashion, cutting, tailoring, drawing. It is no wonder that China which I already mentioned, is the country of the greatest craftsmen, illustrators, whether classic caligraphers or those who work in modern day animation, while in their tradition, through all the dinasties there is a common thread of high positions held by artists, potters etc. That is also why Saturn in Libra is every chinese vase that someone will pay a fabulous price for at an auction. This is also expensive chinese ceramics, the Silk Road, handmade crafts, puppeteering. In our country as well as in the world in general – this is always the world of art, movies and poetry inspired by love. This is Kostić’s “Santa Maria” dedicated to Lenka Dundjerski, Petrarca’s sonnets to Laura, this is the love of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, as well as all the poems, illustrations for ‘Vogue’ and other prestigious fashion magazines, all the designs for ballet dresses and all that she has done before that in her life, all of the wonderful paintings of Milena Pavlović Barilli – who remained under-loved in her lifetime and mainly alone. These are all the movies about great artists that will be made in the next three years. These are all the schools of the beautiful arts, academies, painting schools and faculties in Budapest, Vienna and Graz, in the former Austro-Hungary, where countless greats were educated. This is prestigious art, but also art for the sake of art – l’art pour l’art- ism. This is maybe finally the completion of the renovation of the National Museum in Belgrade.

In a political context – since Libra is always the relation between two beings, but also between two states, two systems, two institutions, two ages, so it depicts the making of peace and of war, these are now the bridges between countries, the ‘ironing out’ of relations, all with a smile. This is the parliament, so the more conservative – the more it resembles it. These are all the buildings of parliament in the world and all the other grand and, to ordinary people, closed buildings in which the destiny of nations is tailored, whose lovely facades always attract tourist to photograph them.

Besides this pronounced artistic charge – that I am truly looking forward to, Saturn in Libra now turns us to love. Unlike Neptune’s butterflies and being in love, Saturn is serious and wants us to really know each other. Before that – to really see each other. Is there an eternal love? Is there a ‘right person’? And instead of getting hooked by these on Neptune’s hook of illusions, this time Saturn asks : Are you capable of loving eternally? Are you capable of remaining faithful? Do you know how to wait for love? Nietzsche wrote somewhere “ can you get close to your friend without getting close to him” so the same goes for love – can you truly come close to your partner? Saturn will bring love. It’s not true that he won’t. But he demands that the love is built on strong foundations. He is best for long-term relationships – which he will crown with matrimony and those marriages where the partners have already ‘ate a sack of salt’, giving them pride for what they have lived through and left behind, and the strength to make out of their marriage a monument to loyalty and love, reminding them of all the reasons that person is there, by their side, for all of these years. But where there is no love, where discord and chaos rule, to relationships and marriages where there is disquiet and agression – he will bring the end. Where new acquaintances are concerned – he supports serious matters, so where two mature and adult people meet who are aware of their imperfection so are not looking for perfection in another – he will fully support and marry, since Saturn in Libra is the registrar who will be very busy in the next three years, as well as the judge that divorces. The scales will be balanced which is still better than the time when divorces outnumbered marriages. That is why I believe that the number of marriages will significantly increase (or the number of divorces will significantly decrease), because we will become more realistic, aware of our imperfections (thanks to his long stay in Virgo) and thus more likely to find what is realisticaly available. Love that exists on Earth, reflected in acceptance, association, collaboration and respect. That is why there is no infatuation here, losing oneself, swaying on a cloud of enticing dreams and illusions. Here – everything is clear. When you accept your own imperfection you will accept the perfection of another to complete you, while your perfection will complete the imperfection of your partner. Yin and Yang, that symbol of (again) Chinese philosophy which represents the connection of good and evil as the only perfection – is the only road to a lasting and solid love.

So what if love can turn into monotony? So what if your partner sometimes irritates you? So what if there is no sex sometimes for days and weeks? Instead of, as you always did, running to your girl friend for coffee and gossiping about your husband, instead of instantly replacing your wife with a handsome female colleague, instead of giving your mother, friends and some unknown new ‘friends’ on Facebook the pleasure of enjoying themselves while you bad-mouth the one who is still in your bed – stop. Be alone and watch your partner without criticizing but rather ask yourself – have you ever really gotten to know him? And ask yourself how does he see you and be realistic. Don’t forget your behaviours and rough heels. A person in love or carried by an instinct to feel that way is capable of instantly forgetting the real image of himself. Then he is mesmerized by the other person. I have heard numerous times of internet relationships that, ‘on chat’, were full of love and understanding, and most absurdly ’similarities’ but fell apart at the first meeting. Maybe you just didn’t try hard enough. Maybe you don’t actually need a real relationship so you run away from love which is always acceptance and responsiblity. Therefore, don’t ask ‘when will I fall in love’ since if you have a need to fall in love – you will do so over night with anyone, just so you could feed on it, but if you are interested in ‘when will the real relationship happen, marriage’ then first find the answer within yourself: are you aware that having a relationship – having by your side a being that is often completely different than us, with the absolute right to be and remain that way, and that true love is true only if it is free of the narcissm that makes us love only those who are similar to us or our copies.

In conclusion, I say goodbye with a perfect song – an illustration for the story of Saturn in Libra.
Joy Division, „Love Will Tear Us Apart“…

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  1. Sherry kaže:

    Interesting work you’ve done. Unusual and interesting approach.

    Could I make a suggestion?

    I have learned, and sort of developed a different writing style for online writing. ( I’m inventive AQ), and I’d like to pass this on to you.

    I have found that online reading is quite different from reading from a book, and smaller segments are needed:

    By dividing up what you say to emphasis changes, or new ideas, and by making new paragraphs separated by two lines, and often, it is far easier for folks to read online. It really works well.

    I’m not an astrologer, so reading astrology is not so easy for me, yet I can read anything if it is spaced so that I can go back over what I need to, and need to be able to find it readily.

    There are a few other tricks which are helpful, too.

    I hope this is a suggestion you consider, and my gift to you.

    If I can help, email me.. Sherry

    PS. I’m not selling anything..

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      Thank you very much for suggestion… I know that my posts are maybe too long. I tried to put segments and headlines into post, but obviously I need more smaller paragraphs. The same problem is on my primary web site on Serbian language (’cause this one is translated by my friend, I don’t speak English so well). Anyway, I’ll make changes 🙂


  2. Nuriyya kaže:

    I haven’t met love of my life

  3. Dolores kaže:

    Dali obstoje ovaj text u srpskom jeziku, sto ne razumijem engleski.

    Lep pozdrav

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      ovde su svi tekstovi na srpskom, ima ih mnogo više nego na engleskom.

  4. PT kaže:

    Wow, a very interesting read! And a great perspective. So you’re from the former Yugoslavia, where I have very precious friends, in Belgrade, whom I have not seen in 15 years!…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      Oh, PT,

      it was really wonderful weekend, indeed! 🙂
      Belgrade is still an open city with friendly people, so maybe it’s time for you to come again?

      have a nice day

  5. MarkSpizer kaže:

    great post as usual!

  6. Why is it that humans can move their eyes in opposite directions toward the nose, but not away from the nose?

  7. gigi kaže:

    God and devil inside of us?! HMM will see about that soon:)

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