Decorate Your Home According to the Horoscope

How would you like to live in your dream house? And what kind of house would it actually be? Believe it or not every one of us can bring out the best in the space we live in and create a small paradise. Regardless of whether you live with your parents, partner or are flying solo, your space – measured by one room or an entire space – can be decorated according to the horoscope to enhance your well-being.

In your chart the Moon as well as the Fourth House cusp will show the part of life related to “roots”, origin, home. Actually they show not only the genealogy of your family, but also of the home you live in. For example, the Moon or the Fourth house cusp in Aquarius indicate frequent relocations of ancestors, that frequently later accompany the person in question, while the same phenomenon in Capricorn paints a completely different picture and a long stay in one place, difficult adjustment to change – especially with age, since it is how it was a hundred years back.

However, apart from this external effect of the Fourth House and the Moon, they also indicate the most hidden place in the chart, our most intimate and vulnerable which is why the eternal insistence on the symbolism of home as a “temple” makes perfect sense. In your home you can completely be who you are. You can cry and walk naked, you can be tidy or untidy, that is the place where you will meditate, read, without the need to explain to anyone why you are doing it – except if you, of course, share your space with people who don’t understand you, which is a problem because such a person will then always have an internal constant anxiety and tension even where they are not necessary.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Aries

In your home it’s important for you to stay in touch with your fiery nature. When a person with these positions spends a prolonged time in an apartment that is mainly grey and cold – they can expect not only discomfort but soon medical problems since vitality and the constant movement of life force are the basic foundation of your healthy life. So introduce colour that will give the necessary warmth to your space. If you can, you should build a fireplace and if not, an enormous painting with intense orange or red will have almost the same effect. The problem that frequently occurs here is that people with these positions often work from home or move what they haven’t completed to their home which in time becomes a working place and resembles a tiresome office. If this is your case, you should visibly separate your work corner with a bed, a screen, a “wall” of plants or a shelf if you cannot put your work into a separate room. Signs that it is time to redecorate your home are frequent tensions, short circuits, problems with electrical appliances. A very important part of your apartment is the door – that must, along with the space in front of it, always be kept clean.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Taurus

You don’t have a garden? Then make one on your balcony or in your apartment. But in that garden, except for flowers and greenery, make some space for mint, basil and other plants that are used for nutrition and teas. The pantry, balcony and kitchen are the heart of your home which emit warmth to the other rooms which is why they must be tidy with many big bags, sacks, big flour boxes and other household goods. Once your ancestors had to have gardens, big dining tables around which a big family used to gather. This is in itself a good indicator that you will expand your home in years to comes and that in time the opportunity for better organisation of your space will come. A private corner should have a lot of natural materials – no synthetics, but instead wool, cotton, silk, big, comfortable pillows and sofas. Since you always possess inherited things – if it’s furniture you should give them a bold space, if it is a painting – you must put it on the main wall of the apartment – you can not fathom how much the spirit of your ancestors will protect you in this way. Music is also a very important ingredient of the home, so don’t regret spending money to wire the whole house for sound so that you can sing and move in rhythm even while cooking or bathing.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Gemini

Maybe it will sound contradictory, but for you your home is like a “station” for contact with other people, so telephones and a good internet connection are as important as a bed for you to feel good. Since you are a mutable air sign, air is very important in order for you to think good and healthy, airing the rooms as well as many mobile objects (chairs, tables, beds)…It would be best if everything had little wheels so that you can push it, move it and reorganize it when you get tired with one arrangement of things in the home. Surround yourself with books and quotes, appliances you can communicate with and through, whether it is the sound of the microwave which is calling you or the interesting sound of the doorbell that will make you always greet your guests with a smile. Modern phones that “talk”, six remote controls for the novelties of the comtemporary age and reserve batteries that you frequently forget about are a must.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Cancer

If there is a person who understands the one who said “home – a holy place and a temple for the human being” then it’s you. You ideal home is something between grandma’s warm kitchen and a fairy tale house with a lot of space to put away old things – since you find it hard to get rid of anything. Besides, as a collector you really need big cupboards and shelves – you should make sure they are wooden since wood is the material that keeps you connected to your roots and to nature. You don’t particularly desire cyber novelties – at least not in your space where the walls will more likely be draped with books, photographs, warm colours and the floors will be covered with colourful covers. Lamps are also an important element of the space since the central light will frequently not be turned on. The dim lights of candles and lamps give the nuance of light that you need to connect to your own soul. Not everyone can enter your home, since as I said at the beginning, those who have that privilege – by entering your space have the license to enter your most intimate place. The bed is usually big and low and the bedding must be carefully chosen, as well as the towels, kitchen cloths, tablecloths, curtains…

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Leo

Your apartment must be big and light. It must have big windows or good central lighting that will shine on the faces of all who are present. Cleanliness and high shine are very important, since even the tiniest quantity of dust is instantly visible. Your apartment should have a lot of white, beige, light nuances and sometimes royal red and gold. The furniture doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive but it must be extravagant and classy, big enough, sometimes enormous – since changes in the furniture placement are not frequent. This position suggests that your ancestors ambitiously embarked upon house building, acquisition of real estate that they later cared for enthusiastically as they would for a child. If they had gardens – they were the most beautiful gardens in the city and resembled city parks. In the home of every person – each thing has its own unique place.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Virgo

Since Virgo is the sign that points to detail, your home may be enlivened by details. Modest but beautiful. Your apartment is usually not big, it will rather be a one room apartment or condo and if it happens that it has more rooms – the person will always relate just to one of them that he considers his own. The most frequent problem with these people is that their apartment starts resembling a warehouse or is a substitute for a basement or garage so everything is taken into the apartment and saved – not out of a passion for keeping things but for lack of space to put away things. Sometimes it’s the lack of cupboards, shelves etc, and no type of solution can be devised since there is no solution. Nonetheless, for the sake of psychological order all the things that are protruding or dangling must be put away in an orderly manner, whiped of dust and potentially make built-in cupboards at the expense of reducing the existing space – to put away all of the clutter. Since Virgo is also an intellectual sign, always make room for books; as for things that are frequently used such as cell phones, cables, tools etc – learn to keep in one place so that your home wouldn’t remind you of an office.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Libra

This is a person that will do everything in her power to make her little corner tidy and beautiful. Harmony is extremely important for the psyche of this person, balance, symetry and cleanliness, so even as a child she will demonstrate that cleaning her room isn’t a chore for her. Later the person will chose expensive furniture and carefully chose everything from curtains and rugs to bed and bedding, including details such as utensils, ashtrays, cups, toothbrushes. Everything must be beautiful and harmonius. The toothbrush colour must go with the colour of the bathroom tiles, the bedding with the colour of the wall etc… Mistakes will occur if you get beautiful, but for you, inappropriate gifts – for instance a piece of furniture or a painting – that in spite of all its preciousness doesn’t go with any room. You better not put it up since in your space, “intruders” – things that don’t belong – are easily noticed. You should air the apartment because of your Moon element – air.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Scorpio

This is often and indicator of other people’s apartments – a rent status or of an inherited home. In a rented space it is not always possible to make the desired arrangement – but if you completely give yourself in to the stale energy, depression and discomfort will become inevitable. That is why it is better to invest in someone else’s property than to accept the old. Since this is an indicator of old energies that we could also call bad, regular wall painting is very important – at least every two years, regenerating the “tissue” of the apartment itself, regular floor washing (it is not enough only to vacuum) since negative energies practically integrate with the floor, walls, curtains, fabric…which is why they need to be chemically and thoroughly cleaned – and regularly! Airing out is necessary and since Scorpio is a mystical sign, the omens that will protect you and your home should be situated in the hallway or above the door. Whether it is prayers, icons of the saints or feng shui remedies. Often this role can be fulfilled by some personal belonging that you deeply believe brings you good luck and protects you. On the other hand – all that you consider to bring bad luck, that disturbs you in the space, which you – with these positions can always easily feel – give away or throw out without a second thought.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Sagittarius

When you have these positions in your chart, make the effort to always create a space in your home where you will be able to feel expansive and free. Optimism and enthusiasm are the food for your spirit and when they are not there – your spirit feels bad. Discs, books and many encyclopedias probably already have their distinguished place, as well as souvenirs that you brought from exotic places. A big TV screen, preferably a plasma as well as a mobile screen for movie projections – which is inaccesible – can make you very happy. Big speakers, a big bed and a big working desk – or dining room table. All in all – you require a lot of space to feel good, but this position indicates that in time you will certainly acquire a home big enough for all of your hobbies, friends and of course – moving freely around the apartment without bumping into furniture.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Capricorn

This is an indicator of apartments that are usually cold, frequently facing the north or west – the side without sun. This is why it is extremely important to heat it, since these are the homes that are hardest to heat and that are cold even in the summer. Sometimes it’s because of the heavy structure, the concrete walls or the apartment is on the very edge, on a height or hill so it is exposed to winds and sometimes it is in front of your windows that a new building is being errected or a tall tree is growing which not only blocks your view but also hides you from the light. That is why light and heaters are necessary, but also colours that will warm the apartment. Avoid grey, and put in wood and the colours of the Sun’s spectre. Similar to Moon in Scorpio, you also possess great deposits of stale energies that require regular (deep) cleansing, but in your case it relates more to dust and things that take away space and are completely useless. Whether it’s books that you haven’t taken off the shelves in years or a heavy cupboard that you haven’t moved in a long time. The lesson you will learn from your home is to let go of things that once used to mean something to you, so ocassionally let go of details that you realistically do not need any more. One client with Moon in Capricorn recently told me that she managed to get rid of her favourite king size bed when she thought that the bed would outlive her. Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn has a lot to do with the phenomenon of time, and for you it is indeed healthy if you learn to deal with time although it is certain that you will go on buying things for your home that exhibit great durability, endurance and quality which you will not need to replace for a long time.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Aquarius

There once used to be a “commune” in your family or your ancestors lived in houses next to each other, so families and friends would get together almost every day. This is why this position is found in people who have the need to gather people in their home in the commune form and that maintain a firm bond with parents even after marriage and relocations. In order for you to feel good and free – the apartment must not be cluttered, and that is what you should pay attention to. Too much furniture will stifle you, you need a simple style that allows a lot of space to move in. You are more likely to have rugs on your floor than carpets, the walls are rather bare than covered in wallpaper, since Aquarius has zero tolerance for masks and hiding. Curtains – even if there are some – are usually drawn back and the windows are open. You need to camouflage the surplus of cables so that you wouldn’t trip over them so wireless seems to be the ideal solution for you. Since Aquarius represents height, the shelves and cupboards will be hanging and many things may be found if we would raise our gaze a little higher, so if you haven’t solved your lack of space in this way by now – there’s an idea for you. The biggest problem for these people is frequently a bathroom of insufficient size and a draft that someone is creating by leaving all the doors and windows wide open.

Moon or Fourth House cusp in Pisces

For you it is important to recognize the difference between clutter and a creative mess. Because if it is a given that your house can stay in perfect order for three days at most, then aim for the creative mess to remain creative, without turning into piles of things, papers, dishes, coffee and juice stains…The problem here is that the house unconsciousy steals energy. That doesn’t mean that the energy is bad but that the person has a need to immerse himself into the subconscious in his own home, to be passive: which often results in chaos all around him. Space can always be enlivened with spiritual, religious souvenirs, mandalams, fractals, icons – depending on your affinity. These people become more caring of themselves and of their home when they become parents or when they commit to care for someone, sometimes just living with a partner will be enough, so if you are single – get a pet since in that way you will have the obligation to care for yourself and your home.

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