Story of Saturn and Uranus

Would faith exist if it wasn’t for fear? Is superstition the lack of faith or excessive faith? Here’s an ideal topic to discuss while there is an opposition of Saturn from Virgo (doubt, analysis, anamnesis of man, his illnesses, fears and actions) and Uranus in Pisces (search for truth, for the ‘holy grail’, the merger of faith and vision, the moment when every one of us says ‘I am sure but I can’t explain how I know, but I KNOW!’)… Are we all prophets to some extent? And are we all, at the same time now scared and of what? Of our own consiousness and awareness, of all that is served to us on a daily level on the platter of life, that we consider to be too much for our fragile beings, weak and still unclear by definition…

In the time of Uranus – technological revolutions, fast cars and communication with the Universe, we have forgotten what we can actually do. Are we capable (in the physical sense) to work 15 hours a day? Are we capable of dealing with mega giga fast cars, when a human eye and a human reflex is still just only – human? Are we capable of not seeing family, parents, friends, truly forgetting that we are made in the greatest part of emotions that we need a daily dosage of what we usually give and receive, at best, in an entire week? Is there someone out there that wants to turn us into machines? Understand me? I am not an idealist, I am born under the optimistic and idealistic sign of Sagittarius, but I don’t have the false hope that anything will change. Did you ever think about how Gagarin felt when he sat in Vostok 1? I am certain, that in spite of all received instructions, practice and other the last thing he was thinking of was when the door shut closed behind him was ‘and now let whatever may come – come!’. Because he was also only – a man. And then the absurd becomes even greater: after the glorification of his flight “First man in Space! First man in space!” that first man dies in a freak air accident as a test pilot at the age of 34…Hey! A man can not do that. Or – if you insist he can, but only if he is ready for a sacrifice, to give his life in order for technology to develop, technology that someone cunningly named ‘humanity’. “Development of humanity” … sounds humaine, altruistic, victorious. Victims are always turned into heroes anyway.
But how many human lives are really necessary? How many bloody Asian hands for one load of Nike sneekers? How many hungry and refugees for another oil field? Technology should serve people, machines should replace manufacture, but everywhere! To every man on the planet…try to think as a citizen of the planet, not as a Serb, Croat, American…What makes us so privileged? Uranus is technology, and Uranus is by its nature Truth and it is normal that he does not allow anyone to manipulate with Uranus and with his only ambition to really bring people – not individuals, rescue, remedy, show a way out. That is the reason Uranus punishes. That is why Jupiter – as the father of justice, now, while he is in Aquarius, punishes! He punishes Man for wanting to become a screw, a machine, a robot. For the irony to be even greater – he strives to become it as best as he can! He punishes our loss of humanity. How? The only way he knows how: with strictness, intolerance, insolence, openness, directly – through sacrifice. The same way that Zeus (in Greek mythology – Zeus is Jupiter) punished Prometheus when he brought fire to people. Although until recently I, as probably all of you loved Prometheus, I am beginning to understand Zeus, I understand Jupiter for he knew that not all people need fire. He knew what Prometheus could not have known in his aspiration to the future and vision, he knew that knowledge, if found in the wrong hands is a powerful weapon from which people will suffer more harm than good. That is why we are just now witnesses of how our knowledges, our experiences serve us in the least degree. Tell me, does what you do at work every day serve anyone else apart from the owner of the company? And do you know how it should have been? It should have been that you do what you love doing and I benefit from it and thousands of others and of what I do you should benefit, a man should serve only other people. We should have exchanged our goods, whether it was knowledge in some area or bread or making clothes. Serving is the key word for Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces – easy loss of faith in general ( which is most easily felt as depression) at the point when man comprehends that what he does every God given day does not serve anyone except for the owner of the company. The greatest crime ever commited was conning us into working for money. Which is why today you work for money, not for people. Not for yourself. We all work for money, because we are blackmailed into believing that if we do not have money we will die of hunger, we will be thrown out of our apartment, our child will be thrown out of kindergarten. And that is so far from human nature and what we are esentially. Social beings that need love and a job they will love. You can not convince me that anyone in the world ‘loves sending invoices’. What kind of a job is that? On the other hand, according to astro-symbolism a man who does any kind of administration must have a strong Mercury, and with that skillful hands as well, probably from the trade – commerce gene that he gets from his family, so that is again someone who can decide tomorrow to go into a trade or some completely different job.

I don’t know whether you have read here on this site a text about the astrological/astronomical watch Orloy that is situated in Prague, but in short, the man who built it, did it so well that to this very day nowhere in the world is there a watch that is so precise and has so many options. And what happened? The individual – the king, was so afraid that the master would build another one for someone else that he had the master blinded. Therefore, all that happens today with monopolists and rulers that hold us in the palm of their hand is not new. It happened always. Saturn has always – reflected in the vanity and fear of an individual wanted to subdue by force Uranus and take his genius for himself. According to mythology, Saturn is the son of Uranus who overthrew him from power and castrated him. Force. Vanity. Fear. Sovereignty. Power. While actually, only fear.

I know there are a lot of digressions in my writing because pictures replace each other in my head, however here we are now, in this powerful techno revolution (actually in a time where the force of a true revolution is castrated as Uranus, where we are terrified and castrated to change anything, silenced in advance in order not to rebel and alone, terribly alone, alienated from other people) here we are floating one beside the other as ‘gagarins’ or as ‘sputniks’, as Murakami phenomenally said in his novel ‘Sputnik Love’:

“Why must everyone be so lonely? Why is it necessary to be so lonely? When there are so many people on this world, and when everyone wants something that exists in another, why then, in spite of that, must we be so far from each other? Does this planet revolve by feeding on human loneliness?
I shut my eyes and listened, and thought about Sputnik’s descendants that are flying over the sky, with the force of Earth’s gavity as their only connection to the base. As lonely metal piles, they accidentally meet in the vast darkness of wide Space, they pass each other by and part forever. Without a single word they could exchange, without any promise that could bind them…

That is why this period is as it is. That is why Saturn is in opposition with Uranus since Jupiter in Aquarius started to work and be felt in a stronger way. Aeroplanes began to crash again, ships collided several times in a weeks time, a volcano erupted, car accidents I won’t even mention, they are overwhelming, but what is left in the end after all of that apart from the victim. So if technology was indeed free to apply itself, common sense will understand that then in the 21st century we should have a longer life span, less disease, more security… if indeed that technology was in the service on mankind. But it is not. And therefore people are victims. Mainly innocent ones. That is why Uranus is now in Pisces – the moment when technology as an entity of its own now loses its faith in its self, this is the moment when Uranus – technology becomes suicidal, the moment of Uranus’ repentence since he didn’t help anyone – but instead disrupted, because he is closed and alone, terribly alone in Pisces. Just like Gagarin in Vostok who has – I am sure, despite the smile we remember him by from the post stamps, even then somewhere in Universe understood that it was more of a mistake to have been so self important in his individuality and vision, demonstrating to man that he can even go to mysterious Universe.

And all the time while this aspect is in the sky due to Uranus in Pisces – man will lose faith, unnoticably and quietly, he must lose faith while watching all of those innocent victims, while he is wathcing all the senselessness of his job, while yearning for a hug he is sitting alone in a secluded room. And exactly then, Saturn from Virgo – the ancestral man in him speaks, the one that remembers hords, and community boar hunts, the one who knew how to communicate with nature, the one who first understood disease, pain and loneliness, the one that was the first to understand that every man is born with all illnesses, hundreds of pathologies and understood and accepted him as such – unfinished and imperfect, the one that looks upon cloning and technological discoveries with sincere disgust, remembering Pasteur and Koch, those who indeed healed humanity and made them proud, the one that remembers with nostalgia the ancient wisemen and who can only trust and put faith in animals, feeling eternally abandoned by people.

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3 thoughts on “Story of Saturn and Uranus

  1. Solar Power kaže:

    Site Bookmarked!! I usually dont comment on blogs, but this is an awesome piece of work. I finally found1 that Im into… I’ll be back often.

  2. neta kaže:

    hey there this is a great insight into the matter – i wonder what you think about different generations: and effects different combinations of saturn and uranus create. for example mine is uranus in sagittarius (fall) and the all so hated saturn in scorpio. any thoughts on that?

  3. Unknown kaže:

    I am a great fan of your site, especially your work with Lilith. Aesthetically it feels quite homely in here, you’ve mustered a beautiful energy.

    I say, until I read your story of Saturn and Uranus I was quite certain I had them figured out, at least on my own chart, but you bring something new and creative to the scene – leaving me wondering, searching… yet again.

    I think if you were a mind of a few generations earlier, you would have been up there with many of the Great Writers, but alas, you are instead a great writer in your own rite – and an honorary mind of today – Honors.

    Need I say keep up the good work?

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