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I don’t know how much you remember of the movie “All about Eve”, or a group that had the same name…No matter how much we swear that we have found out all about Eve, it is certain that this female icon will remain mysterious as long as she carries deep within her the shadow of her most secret wishes, desires, emotions…lets call them Lilith. They say that she was the first wife of Adam. From my perspective, it is all the same woman. Why wouldn’t we, for the first time, look Eve in the face and understand one truth, that she was the one who first approached with emotions and honestly, without restraint, without boundaries, she searched for a man who will stimulate her and be her equal, who will love her without subordinating her in order to secure his strength and security. She searched for a man who is the same as her, of the same matter that she is made of … She was honest and jealous and she knew how to show it. Whenever she wanted him, she told him so, she told him that she can’t when she couldn’t, she wasn’t afraid of his reaction, her starting point being that he will respect her in the same way that she wanted to respect him…made by God and hers.

But it happened that, outcast and driven away, she now had no recourse but to in the clever feminine way, show her other face. Suddenly she became naive, fragile and helpless, the kind of woman beside who the first man could easily feel strong and needed. And she stayed there…beside him. In time, she lost her past strength, forgot her passions, almost to the point of abhorence, since they were forbidden to her at that point. But sometimes, when she is alone, or when her man, sanctioned by God, yells at her, when he can not feel her need for touch, words or kisses, when he looks at another woman that most resembles the her she used to be earlier, a dark pit opens within her, one of burried passions, hopes and desires … and there, right there, deep in the bottom, lives her shadow, her other nature – rejected by her and therefore punished…Lilith.

Hence this time All About Lilith – that I have over time written about only intermittently, while researching her influence, is posted from today on this site.

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8 thoughts on “All About Lilith

  1. anna kaže:

    wow. This is such an interesting take on the Lilith myths. I’m so interested in astrology, especially the different aspects of the Lilith personality, and I love to read this page.

  2. Cat kaže:

    I LOVE your site here. Just thought I should mention though, your posts down the right hand side are blank. I can see the headings ‘All About Moon,’ ‘All About Lilith’ and ‘More Posts’ but each page is just a dot underneath. It was fun going through each as a result, but I’m not sure if it’s intended by you to be so. One of those ‘accidents’. Japanese refer to accidents as “God Leaks”. Love and blessed be xox

  3. calliroi kaže:

    your site is so elegant-if i could say so.i have a question : how can i find where my lilith is.
    thank in advance and keep on the good work

  4. Marina kaže:

    Great to find someone else who has put so much work into the Lilith Archetype. I’m not a big fan of the signs, I read them as having the same resonance as the planets/house. EG. Aries=Mars=1st house etc etc. For me reading Lilith in Aries, and Lilith in Sag were SO true for me because I have Lilith tightly trined Jupiter and conjunct Mars.
    I think you give a very balanced report on her. Too many people see her as a total bitch or shine too much of a feminist gloss over her. Well done for keeping it real!
    My blog is called The Lilith Pages, I’m researching Lilith through charts of famous people. I have put you on my Blog role.

  5. I absolutely love your astrological signs on the descriptive settings of lilith…it is vry good to know that you are very insightful….i love your bloggs on astrology….you are very accurate….

  6. anny kaže:

    how do i find my lilith?

  7. Dean kaže:

    Just stumbled upon this site searching for some insight into Lilith. Your work is great. Thank you

  8. Kerrie kaže:

    wow your description above is so true, with a man that i am interested (more like obssessed about), he was interested but seems like his feelings have gone 🙂 I feel that I am what you described as lilith.

    synastry: his black moon lilith conjunct my ascendant (and his own ascendant)
    composite: all 3 black moon lilith sit at 3 top points of our kite figure, my lilith conjunct composite saturn, his lilith conjunct composite sun, the composite lilith conjunct composite jupiter at the apex opposite neptune.

    Im going crazy!!! I think Im too much for him!

    Im not an expert but I thought it should be the other way around his obssessed with me 🙁

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