Yearly horoscope for 2009. (through Jupiter in Aquarius)

photo: “Connected” © Patricio Betteo Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika.

The story of the yearly horoscope is always popular, often commercialized, people seem not to lose hope that, if nothing else, then at least the calendar will change the world! Our gaze locks, at least for that month around New Year’s, onto astrologers and prophets, “are we going to have it better?” we ask…And the visit to my blog always increases in these days. And I am not a prophet. Astrology is as much prophecy as genetics is. So if you know, a hundred years back where you come from and from what kind of family, your future will not be unclear and unknown. Because, nothing new ever happens to us. And, dear people, believe it or not, this whole nightmare reality, our grey everyday existence, the bureaucratic press, including the fact that power is in the hands of the people that have it – we ourselves have summoned, but not with elections and some sort of “new-age” mumbo-jumbo energies, rather we were born with needs, inherited from our ancestors, that could not live in a different society and time. We couldn’t awaken it. How is a rebellious or revolutionary gene to live out itself if it first doesn’t feel the abolishment of freedom? How are the Samaritans among you to understand that they are “full of charity and forgiveness” if they are not first pushed into a corner and hurt, and then not only will they heal their own wounds, but also the wounds of all people similar to them. Empathy…How is the intelligence that since the Enlighteners and Dositey lives in some of you, to be angered enough, she that is otherwise so subtle, well behaved, dignified, if it first isn’t served a big helping of garbage : Pink, Big Brother and favouritism of illiteracy? Do you understand that you were “chosen” to be born in this time not so you could adapt to everything, but so you could awake the best in yourself?

Although “compromise”, just like “deal” is a word so often mentioned in the media, on the street, this is not a time of compromise. Be as uncompromising as possible! Otherwise, not only 2009. will break you, but every day in this and any other year. Are you looking for love in the new yearly horoscope? New job? Diploma? Car and family? Loan to buy an apartment?… The status concerning existence is very clear – survival is guaranteed, but not life. Let’s ask ourselves, since it’s good while we do that (that means that we are still thinking), honestly, do you think that 2009 will change something and release you from you debts, concerns, bring back the long forgotten enthusiasm? My friend in the book “School for servants” (reading recommendation: Natasa Milovic, “School for servants”) reminds us of the difference between creative work and a blind obedience that we all know, especially if we work for “factories”, companies, where you work overtime, at a job you got because of your honesty and morals and now you leave your last atom of strength there instead of building your own life and family. But what does all of this have to do with a horoscope? Of course it does! There was no better introduction into the story of 2009, that will be marked with many aspects, but above all with Jupiter in Aquarius and his vision of freedom (that will remain there until January 2010) than this.

Let’s remember last year’s Jupiter in Capricorn, remember, he warned of the great differences between the rich and the poor, justice and unjustice, reminded to always turn away from ourselves and see the jeopardized and poor, to be grateful, and although some knew how to live in this way, although tired (since all, even nature and the sky and God are tired during Jupiter in Capricorn) the fact is that the differences in society and among people are now clearer, harder. Look at your business environment and you will see the difference between the “masters” and the “slaves”. And when Pluto, end of the year, entered Capricorn definitely, the world global economic crises was used as cover for the millions of notices. So let us think, what does this heaven want of us? If we are expecting it to bring us some good this year, we should first ask ourselves, what is the good that we can first offer to ourselves?

And who will Jupiter really help now, who will he extend his noble hand of rescue to? Do you think he will extend it to all? Ah, no…As much as he had a right to be strict, serious and frown faced, as a severe judge while he was in the sign of Capricorn, now he takes for himself the right to be rude, arrogant, a mocking bird, absurd, uncompromising, shocking, as the greatest atheist he now rises and puts himself above God in who he no longer believes. What humanity are people talking about, he asks himself, listening how people are even rejoicing that he has gone out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, and is laughing from the top of his voice, at human ignorance and indolence that appears every time a man says “I just want it to be good for me”, even the most modest of the modest, when it is for the self, this Jupiter will mock and not give, “I will not give to anyone! Apart from the one that only lives for others and creates and lives for others. And all of you that think only of yourself will gain nothing from me apart from public ridicule and shame!” And as he is looking for the Prometheuses among us, consious victims, he has now come to elevate to unsuspected heights the brave, visionaries, idealists that hunger but think, for why not tell you, Jupiter in Aquarius is the foundation of Neokommunism and the rebirth of the principles of solidarity and brotherhood. I want to point out that the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is still “isolated” in the sign of Pisces where he will in 2009 receive opposition (provocation) from Saturn in Virgo (we’ll talk about that later), but when he exits Pisces in which any communist ideology is isolated and stifled, forbidden and tabooed, and enters the sign of Aries: what I have just said about Jupiter in Aquarius and the new priciples it forces on mankind – will then be more than visible and obvious, especially from spring 2011!

So, as a big sponsor, Jupiter this time sponsors: the mind, courage, the spirit and visions. But not matter. He considers it to be the culprit for inequality between people, so he ruins it, devaluates it. One of the ways is inflation. The other – financial devastation of any kind, flood or fire, a traffic accident from which you walk away with your life but not with the brand new Golf that was left destroyed and that you will have to pay off for the next seven years. All of us will lose money, it will fall out of our pockets, we will forget bags and valuable things, for somewhere in the collective sense, we are all now turned against matter, we abhore it since we are becoming aware of the price we payed for it, we are aware of the human freedom that we have enslaved because of it. And if you are not becoming aware, then become aware when your new, expensive cell phone falls to the ground, when your pet relieves himself on your thousand Euro laptop, know that Jupiter is sending them to mock matter, and maybe, while there’s still time, to make your spirit aware. If we are talking about money gained through intellectual work – there you will see income, not loss. So the more rebellious you are, the more insolent and provocative, the more daring you are in your vision, the more courage you have to resist attempts at your dignity and spirit, the more Jupiter will reward you with money, a better job, with essence…whatever, but you will be on his list of the rescued. You will not receive help from those that you should, because as a rule, everything will go haywire and vice versa, so individuals will help you now instead of the Ministry and other institutions from which you should ideally recieve help; money and support come from one single person – who you, as a general rule, do not know very well. Maybe you met him online, maybe it is the neighbour of your aunt’s friend, maybe someone you casually meet in the train.

NASA will perversely advance in its mind blowing new projects. The sky will be for sale, boundaries will be set in the universe and what belongs to who will be determined. Space stations will expand and unite in some sense. If I knew all that could possibly happen up there – I would write about it, but I have no idea since it is not within my sphere of interest. But if I say that there will be a highway (Jupiter) in the universe (Aquarius) that will facilitate communication and traffic, that means that satellites and all that is derived from that, becomes even more modern and advanced, like internet through which the stations will be linked to the Earth. Providers for the universe…something like that. Generally, technological progress in every sense. New telescopes, new machines, automation. Revilatization and modernization of airports and railways. Laws will be established for the internet. Humane technology, that denies the right to slavery to man and in which Jupiter sees meaning. And what if this new technology is precisely the reason you get sacked, since you are replaced by machines, which Saturn in Virgo will still bring while he is opposed to Uranus (especially)? Rebel. Go through the laws with a fine toothed comb, for when Jupiter is in Capricorn, the natural sense of justice and injustice (third world vs developed countries) then Jupiter in Aquarius is the law above laws, the court above courts and man above God, so if you dare to believe that you and your case may end up in an international tribunal where you sue your company, I tell you – go ahead! And if you are laughing at me just now, laugh until you read the headlines (and I guarantee that there will be one) about a man from Donji Milanovac or wherever it may be, that managed to get his rights and even got compensation for damages. You say “ there is no law that regulates mobbing”, I tell you there is. The fact that it is not written, does not make it less real. Be one of those that will write it by example. Because man needs man and that is why I am telling you that this is the renewal of solidarity and brotherhood. Because when you see that Pera the neighbour has managed to get what is rightfully his, courage and vision will also move in you – which is necessary and important for you to do the same. But do not expect to get as much as he, since the most corageous and the first (always the trait of Aquarius) – those who have expanded boundaries – are now getting the most!

Of the other aspects in the sky, as I said, we have an opposition of Saturn and Uranus; it was strong in January – when they turned off our gas (gas is symbolized by Uranus in Pisces, and Saturn is symbolized by the words “none” and “not allowed”), but it will be repeated in February, March, August and September. All that belongs to the symbolism of Uranus in Pisces will suffer then, so here is what it could be…aeroplanes that can not fly for some reason, internet providers that shut down, church leaders that divide, fall apart, churches and temples that are getting destroyed (whether from old age – Saturn, or, as my friend tells me, in the middle of London they are turning a cathedral into living quarters). That is also the exploitation of Siberia and new persecutions of people, we are cleansing the people because we need the land for work. Tectonic disorders, predominantly in seas and oceans, but in vulcanoes as well. Uranus wants to publish everything, he is a great adversary of conspiracy, secrets, lies and Saturn is pressuring and forbidding. He censors, persecutes, threatens, but just for a little while longer. At some moment, Uranus will explode, then a volcano will erupt, the Earth will tremble, and the labourer that has been unjustifiably sacked, has been clever to gather documents used to aid him publicly and very boldly for these times, in pointing a finger at wrong-doers. Everyone is writing about him and he doesn’t care. He didn’t want glory, just the truth. Another labourer, of an unstable psyche (again Pisces) takes weapon in hand and takes his own life, since he sees no way out, and a third – enters a conspiracy and murders the CEO of the company. Assassinations and murders, as a consequence of this aspect (plus Jupiter in Aquarius which gives strength and courage even to the assassins now) will make those at the top tremble with fear. So that is what, among other things, Pluton in Capricorn is (who is there, as I said, from the end of 2008), that is the image of our (but also world) politicians who will now surround themselves by entire armies of bodyguards. You can’t even see him from all of those serious faces, but sooner or later, the man must be alone and lose his head. Public assassinations, shocking news that bring drama and shortly disrupt the routine of the average man, so he has something grand to discuss, not think of his own life. Big traffic accidents on highways and routes beside the sea, coast, on bridges. Espionage of all things confidential. Nothing is secure now, from your password to the gates of the Pentagon, all is now leaking and porous, has a hole, and the truth is slowly spilling into the sea. And as I said, this is only the beginning, the pinnacle will briefly be in May 2010, and in the Spring (March, April) 2011. a new chapter of society will begin.

In the individualistic sense, this aspect can harm you in searching and finding for a job, there is no consolation and hope for me to tell you – “ it will be”. It will not be so easy, and the story of Saturn in Virgo (about which I have written more here) continues until November. Being sacked, having problems at work and so on…This aspect asks that you create in antagonism, to understand that man now with one part of his being does not want to be saved, so partly he sacrifices himself, unaware that he is now closer to being modest but independant as a farmer that sells his cheese every week at the market, rather than aspire to be chief or above all the other managers. But I know that not many people are truly aware, so as I said, to many it will happen that they will advance through loss. So they are raising their standard by purchasing the most expensive and unreal for the conditions under which they live, a car over which he will argue with everyone and remain alone with matter , buy apartments of 200 m2 while they get divorced three months later and ruin the family pay for the most expensive apartments only to be stolen from there, because, I repeat, Jupiter mocks and Uranus mocks and Aquarius mocks all which is material, but somewhere behind it all he shows the greatest love for man in the desire to save him and turn him toward…himself? Oh, NO!!! Toward another man.

So, in 2009 the moment you start to notice that beside you there are other people that walk this planet, this city and this building, when you begin to really see them, communicate with them, get to know them, when you naturally help because people need people, when, on your own initiative, you pick up the trash from the corridor of the building and throw it away to clear someone else’s way; when we start showing humanity starting from the person sitting next to us and not only by giving money to a charity for Kosovo children, when we show respect and consideration to another human being, maybe we will awaken the man in ourself. I know that there are those who have always lived that way, but this is not meant for them anyway. And since 2009 is the year of the absurd, they are not the ones that will have difficulties. Even one of the partners in a marriage will watch as the other one, that has always been with people and for the people, that has helped them, offered himself, in a way has spent and wasted his time and energy on others, who didn’t find anything hard to do, is now advancing and experiencing progress, while he, reserved and disinterested for others is now bearing the consequences on his own skin: he loses his job, is being criticized, humiliated and shamed, loses his mind, becomes more nervous. Although he continues to criticize the other one for being naive and crazy, the nervousness is becoming stronger in him and leads to anti-depressives, while the first one wakes up from one day to the next healthy and with a smile on his face. This is the victory of the true man, the rebellious man, this is also in astro symbolism the image of the great French writer, dramaturg, resistance fighter, rebellious Camus, at the time when he received the Nobel Prize, for Jupiter is reward (monetary), Aquarius is Sweden, and Jupiter in Aquarius is monetarty reward by the Swedish Academy, just as Nobel in the context of the inventor.

I have to mention another important event, about which I will write more in Autumn. Saturn will enter Libra at the end of October. The fact that he will be there is not so scary, as the fact that he will create a difficult aspect in the sky ( the T-cross) in the following years (2010, 2011) . Saturn from Libra, Pluto from Capricorn and Uranus from Aries. As I said, great changes await us, the image of the world will be changed, the borders will change in a large number of countries, Voyvodina will then secede, for Libra is Austro-Hungary, so hurry up all of you that now have any conection with Voyvodina to reserve another citizenship in advance. China, what will happen to it and the Chinese, i don’t know, but surely a kind of “modern genocide” or an atempt to compress that will this time serve as a trigger that will now bring about the collapse of the world’s economy or will at least block it in some sense or whatever…for a detailed explanation I would need knowledge of economy, and mine is minor, so I wouldn’t know how to envision more than this.

And what about love?
My article about Venus in Aries will be published in the February issue of “Sensa”, so there you can find a detailed explanation of, not what awaits us, but what it is that the sky awakens in us, for remember that the sky is in us, everything is in us, and that trail of Venus through Aries from the beginning of February until the beginning of June, on which she will be friendly with Mars and Uranus, but also quarrel with Pluto and Saturn, will bring an end to many long and feable relationships; it will reveal deceptions, start new loves, but again, only those that are fueled by sincerity, courage and strong passion – prepared to exist in spite of reason, time, matter or society that will or will not approve of them, and above all, in spite of morals – it will bring only these loves, and only to those who are indeed brave enough for these kinds of loves. So if your grandmother was not in the partisans, if you don’t have in your genes a love story from the camps and war, a story about some great-great grandmother that gave up everything or was given up everything for because she loved who she was not supposed to, if you do not have at least one, from beginning to end truly brave and defiant woman in your family, but rather quiet and scared women whose spirit has been broken by centuries of suffering and pain, no matter how saintly they may be because of that: you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

I think I’ve covered all that was important.

Text written to Darkwood Dub and their new album “Unity”

“…an excercise in motorics can move you
remember the instruction,
an excercise in motorics,
you are free robot…” (“Robot”)

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3 thoughts on “Yearly horoscope for 2009. (through Jupiter in Aquarius)

  1. wow! This article is very in-depth, and although I don’t understand a lot of what you write from the point of view of a woman living in Serbia – I do believe in what you’re saying. Especially that the skies are in us. I love what you wrote about how we can bring about positive change for our fellow humankind by making small changes ourselves (picking up that trash, as you say).

    thank you for writing this Sanja!


    ps. I still look forward to reading your article on Moon in Libra 😉

  2. Aegis kaže:

    I found a typo. But I guess I better balance this statement and say something good at the same time. Very well done. Love the tone and over all message. Says things I’ve found my self explaining to people and further elaborates. I’m gonna direct some friends to this to hammer in a point I was making about using the word concede rather compromise, as the sub-conscious hears all meanings, and compromise has many bad connotations, while concede has only good. It also just so happens I have moon in Aries, which as I have read means I have an uncompromising spirit, and pose the question what satisfaction is their in compromise.

    More satellites in space means more static. A lot more people realized they were psychic before all the power lines went up with their static pollution. Hundreds of years ago people wouldn’t have seen the need for a telephone, as they could actually hear their thoughts, and subsequently the thoughts others were sending them. In Atlantis they had crystal grid networks set up through which they could remotely transmit audio visual information, and this info would be received and amplified with the same power it was sent with. They also had one big crystal the generated all their food and all the power for their communication, and transport ion. Anything on the same frequency as this crystal could run of the energy generated through sympathetic resonance. Meaning no batteries, bus far, gas burning, power boards or pwr lines, and it was on a frequency that didn’t drain the planet or our bodies, and actually charged, and harmonized with both. The problem was they taped into the powers of the mind will disregarding the heart, and emotions. They thought they could access more powers of the mind by turning off other chakra’s, which created a huge imbalance and resulted in destruction. This was in combination with drilling into the planet a km or so to tap into the energy fields down their. Energy fields meant for that layer of the crust and not for the surface, they were warned against this, and even told what would happen if they continued in this way. They were greedy and kept at it, inviting their destruction.

    I guess all these power lines and static pollution are just constriction that challenge our psychic powers to function despite all the hindrance. After all if their existed nothing but natural psychic energies, how would we know their true power, were it not for artificial distractions.

    seen here

    “So that is what, among other things, Pluton in Capricorn is (who is there, as I said, from the end of 2008), that is the image of our (but also world) politicians who will now surround themselves by entire armies of bodyguards. ”

    Love & Light

  3. Robert kaže:

    Now THAT is a horoscope! Thorough and slightly crazed. Incredible!

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