Moon in Virgo

It is not easy to connect these two phenomenons, the planet of dreams, impressions, tenderness, one soft and uncertain being with a sign that must doubt everything and put all under the veil of one analysis before they can sigh with relief even for a moment , thinking, this is it.

But yet, as strong as dreams and fantasy may be, and that will, of course, always depend on how much, apart from the Moon, the sign of Cancer is pronounced, as well as what other aspects the Moon creates, the more will Virgo seek to understand where they come from, and whether dreams are indeed dreams or just a mirage that protects the sould from the greatest fears. That is why this is the position with which the greatest psychologists ae born, poets, romace novelists who are eternally gazing at the human soul, at Man himself, fascinated with that which we call Human Life, or , even better, the life of the small man and who he is in this world of unknown and secretive, a world full of mysteries that lurk from every side, and the greatest of all is of course death. Which is why an extraordinary fear of death lives here even in a dream, for the soul never forgets that it is only a tiny flame.

This position of the Moon yields tireless intelectuals, those who have read entire libraries, completed schools and eternally give some sort of aid to others, they give, show concern and understanding for everyones troubles. This person will never truly take revenge on anyone, nor will he ever hate anyone, because every evil calls to fears and the trepidation that an evil may befall others, no matter what they may be like. And even if it comes to that, it’s important to him that he is not to blame, that he has never wished, even for a moment, true unhapiness to someone, true suffering, because these people understand everyones suffering. Although without the necessary compassion to show it, considering that the Mercurian Virgo seeks reasons and is spilling everything into one analysis of circumstances and seeking lessons for herself, “what can I learn from this, how do I behave if this happens to me and, most important, how do I protect the most helpless, my children…and parents, if only I would have enough money to help them in their old age…”, this is how this person thinks eternally, seeing around him a million problems, fears, sufferings and by saving himself, since saving themselves is saving their souls, for they firmly believe that only a pure soul has a good destiny. This is why with these people we have something that resembles superstition.

Women in particular have understanding for everyone, they obey their husband, which is why they sometimes resemble a small town principle of woman, and even if she does not respect him, she still lets him guide every discussion although she is the one that has many a thing, wiser and meaningful to say, she is silent and lets him guide the dialogue. Hard working and capable, but quiet and as if waiting to be complimented by others. Although they are very responsible at work, still the oportunity for them to be at the top doesn’t present itself, the chance to get a particular merit. Doubt in honesty comes from that, but it is not lost by her. As I have said, excellent as a physician, psychologist, analyzer, statistician, veterinarian, midwives and caretakers, since they display perfect care for the unprotected and weak. All that she dreams and fantasises, that awakens desires is afraid of reason that, as a censor, analyses every action, perceives possible consequences, which is why a specific neurosis appears always when these people decide on an affair which will create panic for them and a terrible guilt, which the reason manages to shake only for a short while. In the ambiental sense, these are meadows, libraries, counters in hospitals and all Houses of Health. Workshops, pharmacies, salons, healthy food shops, pet shops, shops of all sorts of gadgets.

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4 thoughts on “Moon in Virgo

  1. Steve Heddon kaže:

    The page has a very cool layout, I love the art. And I know that you put a lot of effort into writing everything. I just think that each description in and of itself seems too absolute to consider the dynamics in personality with all the stellar bodies combined.
    For example, I’m a Virgo moon, and my Lilith is placed in Leo. In your description of Lilith in Leo, it seems so opposite of me, especially since I’m such a quiet person. My ascendant is in Virgo as well. The adjectives implied in the description of character just seem so “black or white with no space in between” that it makes it a little hard to understand.
    A lot of what you say makes sense. I just don’t consider myself to come across as very ego-driven; I’m just mostly serious but I don’t talk very much, and I don’t imply much either. I wish I could be more ego driven and talkative. I hope that people don’t “willingly and blindly” follow me. I hope that people see any value if any in following me.
    My sun is in Capricorn; I’m just not used to being a leader, but a lot of my astrology tells me that I’ll be more successful later in life (I’m 21)
    If you have any answers, that would be sweet.

    1. Felicity kaže:

      Hi Steve,

      Since you have Virgo rising, I’m guessing your Lilith would be in your 12th house, which would mean that its more outgoing qualities would not come to the fore. One of the hardest things to learn in astrology is how to blend what we read. It can be overwhelming at times. Since you have an earth Sun, Moon and Ascendant, you are not exactly the type to take centre stage. However, you are no doubt steady and reliable, traits I personally admire greatly. As for Capricorns being leaders, well, some are and some aren’t. Again, it all depends on how your chart is laid out as a whole.
      From one Moon in Virgo to another, I hope this helps!

  2. Allan kaže:

    I fear life, over death… Call me backwards. Maybe cause my Mercury is in Cancer with that Virgo Moon. Gotta be an Oxymoron…lol Left-handed, and day dreamin most of the time. I stay up for days, cause its hard for me to sleep. Have a hard time going to bed, its strange…Don’t like the thought of waking up. What are a thousand years In a state that knows no time? We measure time in moments, not in distance. A Life filled with quality over quantity, is what I do. I can accept death, cause I’m proud of my work. 😛

    Dyslexic, backwards n can’t spell worth the damn. Why the Virgo Rising?

    I don’t sleep to dream, n pretty good at being uncomfortable so I cannot stop changing all the time. If you want to know about the Virgo Moon, think of digestion…Instant gratification vs Stored nutrition. The Stomach and the intestines function together as one, As the Moon is the mother of Mercury, as the child is veiled, wrapped up inside his mothers arms. Just some food for thought.

    1. RA kaže:

      Ahhh yes! Another left handed Virgo moon who never sleeps. My sun is in cancer Mercury in Leo. Death does not concern me in the slightest. People do though, I don’t particularly like interacting with many.

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