Moon in Taurus

Two years ago, when I started the series of stories about the Moon, I could not guess that it would take so much time. Many of you have written to me to ask what is going on with their Moons, it’s not fair that they wait for the remaining three texts about the Moon in Aries, Taurus and Gemini. But – that is exactly the story of the Moon…of the roads of the human soul, oscilations, high and low tides of life, of everything that begins and develops in phases, just like this series. Not only that… remember: Moon is emotions, the inspiration that leads us as the light of a candle, the Moon is soul, every change, love, personal emotion that we feel toward someone, intimacy, closeness and all impressions, all memories.

And that Lunar atmosphere that is today with me colored by music of The Doors is guiding me to start writing about the Moon in Taurus, where Morrison also had it (as of today his chart is available in the database). This Moon brought everything to Jim , from the deepest emotions and rare moments of tenderness to excessivness in vices, since excessiveness surely can not be a sin, you will be told by every Moon in Taurus. His Moon in the Third House and Square from the demonic Pluto gave him that recognizable and dramatic tenderness, as if he had attempted to snatch life itself from death. Pluto, that as always breaks everything in two, has put here the very soul, that most gentle and most delicate being in man, to the cross of destiny to be crucified forever. To love and with the deepest tenderness care, to feel every man in the world, ready to self sacrifice with goodness for those he loves, and with demonic malice that goes to repulsion, push those same people away in order to save himself of the fear for them, and himself from their ingratitude, treachery, hurt.

But, about Jim and his chart I will perhaps one day write a separate text, and now for all those born with the Moon in Taurus, their long awaited analysis.

To live is to have, to have is to give and to give is to love, is the message of this example of human love. From ancient times in the family history of this person people have been born that were gift givers, saviors, builders, bequesters, fund founders or kept and brought up other peoples children. Those are the people that offer you sweets at their gate, and then lunch and dinner, there is always place for another, and today their descendants are doing the same by showing hospitality to their dear ones on every holiday and are telling everyone how they would one day want to be restaurant owners. Even a beer house or a caffe, where the motive is never money but to create a place where they could gather all of their friends and make them happy with music, atmosphere, pleasantness and with that which is so essential and familiar – an intimate, homely atmosphere.

Women smiling in war and in poverty, although poverty has never really knocked on the door of this house in which there is at least earth, and fruits, and today there is even dried meat in the refrigerater, and the freezer is as full as the attic used to be. The kitchen is the warmest corner here, cupboards store millions of pots and pans, millions of spices and recipe books and all is grand, and all is prepared as if for ten “it won’t be thrown away” say these women, and what remains they will give away. The pots are big, the pans are enormous, the refrigerator – the biggest that exists, and also the bags, wallets and handbags. And often you will see these very women dragging three shopping bags from the market, but they will never complain nor will they say “look, they have to do everything themselves”, no…they will come in with a smile and start preparing food, they will turn on the music, some domestic or romantic, or Soul that would melt a stone with the voice of Aretha or Nina Simone. And what is the Moon in Taurus if not Gospel, Soul, the black man’s sound wich conjures life through its rythm, those are the large eyes of the black man wich glow in the dark and shine of emotions that remind of life. As much as the eyes of a Moon in Scorpio will contain hurt and sorrow, these are eyes that celebrate life with song, love, dance, rythm, giving and forgiving.

But of all that makes this Moon “rich”, more significant is the psychological wealth and a need to give wich redeems this soul from every sorrow. And truly, there is no other remedy for triumphing over tears, grief, emotional pain then to continue giving and doing. To be needed now becomes a mission that is the greatest burden and problem of these women untill they become mothers, because here there are no little psychological games, but yet there is no seriousness, hard relationships, no complications, except that here the woman finds it hard to say “no” to anyone she loves! As if she has no pride – so today while you watch a young woman runs to the arms of a lover, how she after the first date rushes on with him towards some apartment to meet passions, before you think that she is in the least bit promiscuous, you should know that it is the essential elixir of life that is running everything here, even morality, therefore to be moral in love – is a punishment worse than prison.

Love is the act of giving, sex is the pinnacle of love, and these women artists in one and the other are often wrongly perceived by men as either easy or of those that seem to have too much experience and are left by them although they remain wanted by them. But it is not experience, but a thirst and hunger for life and seizing life always and everywhere, taking every kiss, every warm look, “give to me and I will give to you, and if you don’t give, I will still give you since I can not say no”. And these people, men and women, will never honestly be timid and moderate in love, nor in any other pleasure that life gives us. And tomorrow, when they are mothers, they will grow fat, because hormones are doing their thing, their appetites will grow and their family will be satiated. Husband will be satisfied in bed as well as at the table, children healthy and fed, herself happy and satisfied.

Only with years will she understand her build, her curves wich she has so often in youth hid with the color black, her kilos that have given her pain, since it is impossible to hide genes and all of that passionate impulse that is strengthened if the person is also born under the sign of Taurus and even more if Mars is also in Taurus. And if your husband has this, then you should know why, from the moment you married him, you gained weight, since he wants to see your appetite for life, which a very thin woman will never have, and his head will never turn after such a woman even if she is as beautiful as an angel. Only curves and a voluptuous woman can awaken the instincts and a yearning for family in these men. Only the one that enjoys everything and with a smile rejoices and with selfless giving – although unknowingly, is saving herself from day to day.

And untill a woman with Moon in Taurus does not truly grow into a woman, her mother will be all of this, which is forceful in her care, which makes everyone eat including the guests even when no one is hungry. The mother that helps the entire world and often, since the Taurus is physically very strong and shows her strength by moving things around the home when father is away, or taking an old refrigerator down to the basement, and still with no reproach, without “I must do everything myself!”, as if it brings her joy to know that she can do everything and while she can… This is why these are usually voluptuous and healthy women – strong women, and if they do have any problems, in youth they are usually tied to hormones and glands, and later the womb, breasts, wich is why these should be regularly checked, although they, each and every one of them, are aloof in this regard.

Today they will work in banks or in bakeries or they will show their artistic talents to the world in some galleries, maybe they will sing by the piano in some small bar, since they almost always have beautiful voices, and they respect and collect music, they are great collectors of records and all that awakens emotion since their life has only one ambition, to become the Ode of Joy.

To a large extent this is also valid for the Moon in the Second House of the chart, although the sign in which the Moon is found is very significant in revealing the psychology that drives the being to a certain behaviour.

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6 thoughts on “Moon in Taurus

  1. Cool Blue kaže:

    I just recently came upon your website, after searching for information on Lilith. I’ve been reading these posts on the Moon in each sign and wanted to say, Wow! This one in particular on the Moon in Taurus is real poetry.

    Thanks very much for the work you put into writing them.

  2. Mbali kaže:

    Amazing post! I’m a taurus moon woman and after reading this i feel truly beautiful.

    1. neefa feefa kaže:

      & so do i!!

      completely inspirational !!

  3. hoho kaže:

    Thanks Sanja. I am a Taurus Moon man, and this article describes my mom very well with a Sun in Taurus. I think from what you say here that I will look for a Leo who likes to keep her shape and is willing to fight hormones. I am careful to avoid Capricorns who do keep their shape to stay perfect, because I do not like taking orders. I am a Libra Sun. Always looking for the better mate.

  4. great kaže:

    „in motherhood she will grow fat…“ i think this came up in a couple of posts – also the one about cancer i seem to recall. i cannot respect an astrological opinion of someone who uses such ugly words to describe what is after all, only one celestial body is someone’s natal chart. maybe you are describing the lowest expression of the sign? i don’t think moon in taurus girls would like people to say they are fat, or to be fat, i dont… especially since moon in taurus is governed by venus – it lives through all the senses, not merely the sense of taste, it therefore enjoys visual, tactile, audio *beauty and art, harmony manifested in nature rather than more abstractly in language, like the libra.

  5. Kat kaže:

    Hm. Ironically, my mother was anorexic, and had a very strange relationship with food. I.e. she used to stuff me, but starve herself. She was a Sagittarius with Moon in Taurus – premier narcissist, easily swayed by „gurus“, and all about surface appearances (a total of 7 Fixed sign influences in her basic natal chart). No love there – none whatsoever. Not what I would call love, anyhow. And a complete inability to debate – a „my way or the highway“ attitude. For this reason, Sagittarius and Taurus are two of my least favourite signs. Though this article is poetic, I find it uber-idealistic.
    These people will never want for anything. Anything they want, such as a high standard of living, they come by relatively easily, and without seeming to have to do very much work for it at all. They are mostly free to pursue their artistic pleasures as they choose, and tend to live off other people.
    Yet still, I am glad I was not born one. As hard as it may have been with my Cardinal/ Mutable Aries/ Pisces/ Gemini/ Virgo influences, and even though I had less of a commercial „nose“ than my mother, I did still produce better and less cliched creative work than her. I worked my socks off to get the accolades (Saturn in the 10th), whilst my mother pottered around for most of her life in depression and obscurity, cursing her husband and child, her domestic life, and the fact that she had ever gotten married or had children – even though she had absolutely no impetus to get up and go do something else. Taurus, I’m afraid, tends to get itself mired in unending stuckness.

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