Moon in Sagittarius

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If the Moon is, as I have already written, tenderness, forgiveness, care, dreams and the pure emotion of love, then positioned in Sagittarius he is all of that times ten! For the Jupiterian Sagittarius now with his positive and constantly affirmative perspective of life, constantly awakens and forces this person, with Moon in Sagittarius in his chart, to dream with eyes open, to never lose his faith in good, his faith that there is a happy ending to everything. Although the Moon is a being that does not embrace Reason or any kind of logic except the human one, grounded in the belief that the greatest joy lies in helping others, aiding someone and to be true to ones dream or some mission, here he now because of Jupiter, becomes intermittently consious. As if logic, justice, ethics and decency mix with those primal emotions, so out of the need to care and give, he can now build someone a house, educate another person, adopt other peoples children, or any other thing that has a grain of justice or an ethical mission.

This is why these people will never be derpived of that emotion of pure joy that they undoubtedly feel every time they do a good deed. The greatest missionaries, builders, physicians, all of those who founded various funds, legacies, humanitarian organizations have something of this Moon. And no matter where the person may come from, no matter what kind of remote place, he carries within him not a small town, but a cosmopolitan trait; whether he is telling you about what the fashion on the streets of New York is, or while he is describing to you some jungle in the Amazon or what is the filmography of a certain actor – you ask yourself where did he get all this from since he lives where you do. It almost seems funny, but the tougher the life of this person, the more it is bordered with baricades imposed by society, politics, a tough existence, the more the Moon will drive the imagination and the need to create in the world a small world that is only his, in which he is free to read, write, paint, travel, believe that true values are not lost by gathering around him intellectuals, artists, people of style and class. Some sort of irony of life forces these people to, in situations as the contemporary one is, focus all the strength of their imagination on a dream of foreign countries or some sort of a home far away from their birthplace, to a dream of university and schools they will complete although they are not persistent, nor strong willed, to a dream of wealth even if their monthly pay isn’t more than 150 Euros.

This is the Moon that will cry only when he can not help anyone else, when he is helpless to do anything to improve – not himself, but the world. Here tears will burn for the child in Iraq, the hungry of Ethiopia, for the demolition of historical monuments, the burning of books, the persecution of intellectuals, the misery of the student who must work in order to survive, although he could be pure genius; the injustice that expands as the darkest of clouds threatening their faith in the victory of Good. That is why they cry when Good is losing, when helplessness turns into silence before injustice and evil.

The mother is often from afar, or the grandmother, just as a woman with this position of the Moon in her chart will go somewhere far away from her birthplace and only there will she start a family. Why is that so? Partly because in the genes and earlier her predecessors frequently moved, travelled, so that is a kind of genetic predisposition, according to the principle “there will be that which has already been” and partly because far away places, just as any journey, fortifies optimism and faith, as well as fertility. And there is no one that this person can not lift, elevate their mood, heal, secure financially, with no regret if there is not enough for himself. He firmly believes that Good is returned with Good and nothing else, which is why Life always puts only good and helpful people in his way, only well payed jobs, so everything seems as some kind of “luck”. So however much he may give, he always receives double in return and always has for himself and for someone else. He seems naive to others, so they often inquire why he needed to save some guy, a friend from bancruptcy, why he needed to move so frequently, change schools and universities, jobs, why he didn’t accept the challenge which held the promise of a lot of money and a secure life…”Ethics!” Maybe he will tell you, and maybe not, that ehics are his basic value, there is no amount of money that can buy respect and save face, althouth they are easily lost.

And that is precisely why the challenge becomes to walk through the world pure, with an unsoiled soul, so even if he messes up at some point in his life, does some follies, become criminal or immoral, the way out is inevitable since this soul is hurt by only one thing – the fact that it can not even pretend to be evil, let alone truly be evil. He gives love, but finds it hard to receive it, since he is used to giving, whereas a woman with the Moon positioned here will rather give up the opportunity for a wealthy marriage for the sake of love for a pure and noble man, as Shakespeare wrote in “Hamlet”, as if he wrote about this Moon:

“Rich gifts wax poor
When givers prove unkind!”

Those are merchants that can only live off the rich and famous, while they can not sell anything to the poor and needy, but instead just give it away to them. Maybe that is why Moon in Sagittarius belongs to many owners of restaurants, motels, private schools, publishers, tourist agencies, hotels, gas stations, builders who build for the rich and then they support others, since they often have at least five people on their back.

And if we lower him a bit and reduce him to the level of an average citizen of this particular country, then he is the best worker that easily gains the trust of his superiors, which is why in time he advances to the position of chief, director who gets a loan and buys an apartment without difficulty, that is someone who enters financing out of optimism and belief that work is a mans salvation, knowing he is incapable of living in any other way. He will never accept being a welfare case, to be on someone elses back, since his inborn shame does not permit him to – healthy and capable – be helpless. And he can forgive everyone but himself, for he carries deep within him a guilty conscious, so the harder sins press upon his soul, the subconsicous sends for helplessness to awaken the good in times of trouble.

Today all commerce, international law and business, the entire story of the European Union comes down to the ideal that Moon in Sagittarius carries, the ideal of justice and optimism, prosperity that is based on work, intellect, faith in a good life. But an ideal is an ideal, and life is life, so she is often disappointed in false promises she believed in, false charities; isolates herself so she could in solitude reanimate the true values which she never loses sight of, not even in the greatest downfalls or downtrodeness. This is the shine of faith and ethics, the strength of a spirit that only wishes to create, to give birth to, to dispense knowledge and good.

When the Moon passes through the sign of Sagittarius, all people that work with clients, live off turnover, usually have their hands full, because this is foremost retail and wholesale, crowded shopping malls, crowds in the street, on the highway, in schools, embassies or stadiums. In these days there is a readiness for giving, whether it be money or advice. Morals are awakened, the desire for order and values to shine once again, people becoming determined in obiding by morals and law, not finding understanding for “cutting corners” and laziness. That is the reason someone will get a bad mark those days, because the professor wasn’t willing to “give him a break” because he thought that by doing that, he would trample upon trust in knowledge as a value, everyone will have to pay the penalty for some misdemanour for these are the days when the traffic police will not want to accept a bribe, embassies will issue papers only to those that have complete documentation, only those with best CV-s will get the job etc. On the other hand, these are also the days of family gatherings, joint outings, dinners, trips, contacts with foreigners or those who live somewhere far away are intensified, and the TV – the window to this world of dreams will not be turned off.

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6 thoughts on “Moon in Sagittarius

  1. Esma BAYCAN kaže:

    Wonderfull! So nice to read… Incredible! I don’t know what else to say, well I’m also a women with her moon positioned in Sagittarius, sun in Cancer , Pisces Rising , but all you wrote, that’s exactly how I feel!!!

    1. Reyna kaže:

      While Mercury is Retrograde right now, my advise is DO take it easy! Be good and ptiaent with yourself. And, btw, I wrote an entire article on Mercury Retrograde on my Facebook account ASTRO DOYNA (or Doyna Fan Page). I am one of those individuals affected by it quite strongly so, I understand Mercury Retrograde quite too well by now

    2. buy levitra kaže:

      That’s a nicely made answer to a challenging question

  2. Tahira kaže:

    This is a very indepth discription to what I feel and think. my sun sign in in Aquarius and Moon sign is Sagittarius. I love this well written peice of work. Very detailed and intense.

  3. JessicaCha kaže:

    My moon is in Saggitarius and my sun sign is Aries/Pisces cusp.. This article, though, is very thorough and I do feel like this is definitely a part of who I am.

  4. laura kaže:

    i am a taurus with sag moon and ascendant. i am always happy even when i dont need to be- thats what my friends tell me.i also have an aries mars and am a very active person. i am happiest when i go on a tour. i dream about going to places nobody has ever gone. i believe friendships last longer than love affairs. i hate to commit and then taken for granted. for me to be loved is to be given a lot of space. i love people, all kinds of people selfish mean good or bad, i believe every person is good. there have been times when people have taken advantage of me and i have not even noticed it until someone else tells me! i have studied a lot of birthcharts. it is my favourite time pass.
    my negative side is only a weird kind of depression when i feel obligated to do something or may be laziness.
    well written by sanja peric inspite of herself being a moon in scorpio she is able to see light heartedness of moon in sags. she is incredible.

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