Moon in Pisces

Those who have seen the Wim Wenders movie “Lisbon Story” may recall this sentence which is perfectly suited for starting the story about Moon in Pisces, “If only I could be all people in all places…”

If the Moon is the soul of man, if people are the Moon, if the Moon is every single human destiny and if Pisces are the deepest power on the sensual level, and through the sensual also the power to, through the depth of psychological understanding, discover the secret that connects all people with identical aspirations, then the Moon in Pisces is someone who indeed has the privilege to at least at one period of his life, live this Wenders’ sentence. But, to clarify why this gift is specifically given to them, I must begin the story of Moon in Pisces from the beginning.

From childhood, which is often hard, chaotic, and where the ideal of a family is created only in fantasy since life in reality knows nothing of it. Whether because of bad relations between parents, non-existant authority or frequent moves that destroy the peace and harmony of the home, simultaneously creating deep in the subconsious a dream of the ideal home and family. Also, youth is hear also a trap for the soul that will fall in the net of either vice, immorality or shame for at least a short while, and sometimes even forever – which depends on the other phenomenons of the horoscope. And it seems that only those, of all Moons in Pisces, who have survived the fall and at the bottom of their being have seen all of those fallen, lost, discarded, disowned later become the ones with the most tenderness and love for the whole world. That is a gentleness that can’t be seen, it is secluded in their somewhat dreamy eyes, and usually no one can even imagine how much love, enchantment and vulnerability is inside them. As they wake up, a strange restlessness is inside them. Only dreams can save them from the nightmare of their everyday life and yes, that is why these people will tell you that they love to sleep, that sleep recupperates them, that only in sleep their soul can briefly hide its eyes from those who suffer and who are alone. And because these people have at least once in their life been left at fate’s mercy, a sort of oath of care and compassion to all those that carry such a destiny becomes the foundation of their faith.

A faith that only God can save Man. Although Man will, in his ignorance later call Lord’s Grace a “miracle” or some “fortunate circumstance” that pulled them through. And then, when God embraces them, which He often does, when fate smiles at them, when yesterday’s misery of living, their wrethced everyday life in which they could hardly make ends meet, or wondered while trembling with fear “God, what will become of me?”, when everyday life turns into a song, faith is born in them. Faith that no one can ever question, because they don’t talk about it, they carry it inside of themselves quietly, almost afraid they will desecrate it by an uttered word. By acquiring faith, they are rid of the demons of their soul through forgiveness for everyone and a prayer for forgiveness for themselves. The true meaning and strength of this Moon still remains what is said at the beginning of this text, and that is family over which he trembles and worries. Moon in Pisces knows all the traps that life can put in someone’s way, he has seen the greatest suffering and the greatest pain, he has seen death and her powerful vertigos, so all worry here stems from fear for the weak, and those are always children, for fear whether they will be strong enough to resist all of that. Solitude, their inadvertent sattelite throughout life, no matter how big a family they may have or how many people may love them, is there as a Guardian Angel, to remind them that everyone is born alone and with his separate destiny, that it is impossible to protect all people and give them consolation. For pain is a friend. Wandering it the road. Loneliness is a temple. However these people chose to live, the moment they enter into forming a family, they are on a mission, althogh their future family will also carry some chaos within it, whether through moving around, misunderstandings, family complexities, outside interference….

Concerning occupation, because of an aspiration to downfall, because of wandering, Moon in Pisces is frequent in the charts of criminals, gangsters, people from the other side of good and evil, which is why they have later sought redemption through investments in churches, hospitals, orphanages. It is frequent in charts of psychologists, since he carries within a million characters and an extraordinary sensitivity that enables him to enter with ease; he becomes you while you are telling him your story and maybe he doesn’t know what you will say next, for he is no prophet, but he knows what your soul seeks, how you feel, you can not disguise pain with any kind of smile. Artists also have him, that work with paintings, since he is pictures, characters, millions of portraits in which he sees a deeper story; so he can also be a movie director, painter, photographer, iconwriter, actor…

Moon in Pisces is almost a rule in the charts of media personalities, because of the nature of their job which demands a total chaos, millions of contacts, adapting to impossible situations, but also in charts of drug addicts, alcoholics and addicts of any other kind. In these High Tech times the internet itself is connected to Pisces. Moon in Pisces is a billion people that you can not see, who are where you are, but with whom you are connected through the net, the same one in which those with Moon in Pisces have fallen into during their youthful roamings, the same one that is usually on their windows to protect them from mosquitoes, and if it is not a net, then it is a vine of grape, since they love wine, and often a time someone from the past actually owned a vineyard. Because of the abundance of the element of Water, which this position of the Moon carries, they are drawn to the sea and the warm south, a house on the beach they should definitely have, for every other house draws flood, drafty winhdows, neighbours bathroom leaks, tiles fall off, washing machine is leaky, and a million other combinations that spell trouble with water. In the days when Moon passes through Pisces, you could be hypersensitive, touchy, susceptible to bad and good things, almost “divine” vibrations. Imagination is active which is why we should be careful since we are prone to idealization, imprecision, chaos, overlooking important things. Psychological sensitivity makes us susceptible to the manipulation of others, we could be a victim of a scam, lie, betrayal, but we can also contribute to that by allowing ourselves to ride on the tide.

On the other hand, those are the days when we will be more romantic than usual, when we will, with a clear consious, set aside all that is “important” and with wine and candlelight (an atmosphere people with this position of the Moon particularly like) indulge in pleasure with a partner, good company… Loneliness in not advised, since in solitude tears are very possible, everything seems somehow harder, as if everyone has forgotten us, we feel a type of self pity and loss of hope. People with this transit are very vulnerable and easily hurt. The most beautiful are the summer transits of the Moon in Pisces, at that time all sea shore restaurants are full, as well as coffee shops on rivers, walkways, parks…we all feel the vibration in the air and the thrill of the inevitablility that life holds for every one of us. As if the moon gives us a chance to feel that what those with him in their Pisces, already know, that you can give up everything except your quest and your ideal.

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11 thoughts on “Moon in Pisces

  1. It feels so true…
    I love the website and photos
    they reflect the feeling of the signs

  2. erin kaže:

    I have sun and moon in pisces…so yah I understand this completly!

  3. Unknown kaže:

    Twice in one day…

    Alexandra Sanja Peric…

    May your energies spread 7 fold, 7 fold faster and 7 fold stronger
    – to the next 7 generations for the next 7 millennia.

  4. Vicky kaže:

    „The most beautiful are the summer transits of the Moon in Pisces, at that time all sea shore restaurants are full, as well as coffee shops on rivers, walkways, parks…we all feel the vibration in the air and the thrill of the inevitably that life holds for every one of us. “

    I love living in Florida.
    Its perfect for a Sagittarius sun with Pisces moon.
    I feel this EVERYDAY of my life.

  5. felicia johnson kaže:

    Now I can have a little understanding of why michael jackson is the way he is. He is very emotional and sensitive. This is why he love children due to their spirit and imaginations. Sadly, he has been betrayed by his family (la Toya), other people who have surrounded by him for years, and his fans most importantly due to the fact that he is very vulnerable. This is why michael jackson died in a peaceful way. He was overdose with drugs but the main point is that he wanted to sleep a lot if not wanted to sleep and wander off while he is sleeping. As michael jackson wakes up, he realize how the world treated him as a odd, weirdo, crazy, ugly man who do bizzare behavior. But i understand now of why he was drug addict. He didnt want to feel pain. He wanted to feel love. that whats important to people who have moon in picses including michael jackson. I feel that michael jackson didnt get love besides his mother and children. No one else!!! anyway, I want to say I love you michael Jackson and Rest In Peace…truly a legendary icon for many generations to come.

  6. Me! kaže:

    I wasn’t planning to comment, but I had to… I’m also a Sagittarius sun, Vicky! 🙂 I love this article, and the picture is beautiful.

  7. Ryan T kaže:

    Wow, this is spot on, everything from how I deal with people’s feelings and problems. My friends always call me their personal psychologist. I’ve been long drawn to shady activities for profit when out of a job as well. The entire description suits me.

  8. Rebekah kaže:

    Also a Sagittarius Sun with Pisces Moon. 🙂 Never met any others before.

    This article is awesome… thanks for writing it. So true to my moon. Have had to overcome some dark times in life… only to become the stronger, more compassion person that I am now.

  9. Brandon kaže:

    I have moon Pisces 12th, water is my elixir for everything. Non-addictive, and it speaks directly to my elusive soul. I would never ever trade my vastness and depth of feeling and sensitive emotion for anything.. despite the mountain of melancholy I also have called home

  10. Kim kaže:

    My husband is a Pisces moon and I’m a Scorpio moon. It feels as if we found one another in the dark and saved each other.

  11. Mg kaže:

    Pisces moon/sun/jupiter and lilith. Hiding behind a cap rising. Like butter cream in dark choccolade coating. Not everyone will appreciate the surprise.

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