Moon in Libra

Like I have already written somewhere, the story of the Moon in neverending. For the Moon is all we live, all we recognize as close, all that touches us for a moment, penetrates to the most intimate being and at least for a moment opens it and makes it soft.

In the story of the Moon in Libra, that has more the traits of a fairy tale, the Moon can’t be seen with the naked eye, as the description above. So the person is not especially gentle, nor compassionate, nor does he exhibit the necessary care, compassion for others that you might, at the very least, expect from a Moon. Then again, there is also no visible coldness, no despising or repugnance, no fear…at least not at first sight. Looking into that character, considering that the face of every person most resembles her Moon that symbolically rules with eyes as mirrors of the soul, we will notice maybe another touch of class, as if it generally has in it some aristocratic Voyvodinian or Austro Hungarian gene.

We will notice that the upbringing and a kind smile is the way that she wins the sympathy of others…. When she speaks – she speaks eloquently, she knows how to listen, is able to respond, and when she can not, then she just smiles or with some move acts out her adventure, impressive, often fascinating others with her sense of dialogue and all kinds of conversation, as if she was a born diplomat. Then again, the reason why you find a lot of people with the Moon in Libra in politics, jurisprudence, diplomacy, ministries does not come from talent, but from a true need to be celebrated by others and only there where an applause may be received, this person can truly find himself. Whether it be a courtroom, fashion runway, gallery or bilboard from which the person with this Moon will smile and advertise a completely irrelevant product for the times in which we are living; that has nothing to do with pure survival, but that is not relevant, since he believes that only beauty and joy can make people happy.

What does the world look like through his eyes made of the Moon in Libra?
That world is neither vicious nor evil; it is beautiful, people are beautiful, good and moderate. He will tell you that people live a good and nice life, that those just returned from the Bahamas; and that friend just married a famous sportsman, rekindling personal hopes that a good life is also in store for them, just as for all others…. almost a fairy tale, so hords of refugees and the helpless can pass by these people while at that very moment their gaze will be firmly attached to some expensive dress or suit from a brand new collection that hangs temptingly in a gorgeously arranged window.

Subconsciously, the soul that is nevertheless gentle, choses here for itself a special level of living, as if it is afraid that to be confronted even once with the horrifying picture of the world, he will never be able to put a smile back on his face, which is why these people seek joy and impart it to others.

Are they popular?

More than that, since the only true ambition that this Moon carries within it is to be loved, popular, fun, not take a smile off his face… And that so necessary popularity he will most easily attain in public – where the audience is largest. That is why he choses journalism but only the TV kind, because only it carries the joy of appearance, just as a cover page, even once in a lifetime, or a role in a movie, in a commercial, on stage, and when you find out from some chat that he once received gold medals in sports competitions, although his build and attitude do not strike you as particularly athletic, you should know that behind that success also lies the hunger for fame that was at the time the only motive for success.

Often women will chose one of these professions, unconsciously attracting some famous and successful man, for if themselves are not famous, then he at least must be famous or popular. But, in our country, the husband of this woman is many a time a famous womanizer, charming and a true seducer, robbing them of their need to be like that, and then what happens to these women? A big dilemma (Libra is the sign of every dilemma) here is whether it is wiser to be beautiful, seductive, charming or good? As if it is impossible to have both in one. Am I to be my whole life the mistress of a famous politician? Or should I marry and use my goodness as well as a fear of loneliness that comes with age, to spend life with someone just as good but meak?

Destiny that is always somehow determined by character, is always the one that will determine the principle that she will, of the two, chose for herself – if it is a woman; while men will not shy away from multiple liaisons, undoubtedly complementing the principle which the one beside them lacks. So if their wife is a model of universal beauty, they find for themselves a lady friend, a soul they can, after lovers embraces deep in the night, that are never too passionate, tell long tales of themself, with who they will have a language in common and a temporary shelter. And if their wife is like this, then the true challenge for them will always remain a good looking woman, long legged and with an exceptionally beautiful face, better still if she is successful and famous, that has bad luck in love because of her beauty. Is beauty a curse?

It is so here, for she will be loved for her beauty and for nothing else, which is why she will truly understand all ladies of a similar fate, from Maria Callas to Mona Lisa.

What kind of love do they seek for themselves? A true love, a fairy tale one, that will be the merging of beauty and goodness. And since this is hidden deepest for them, they will, just as politicians, sooner or later compromise in their marriage, and the breakup of a long relationship or a divorce is a step they find hardest to take, or almost never, knowing that the following one will surely lack one of the two phenomenons.

Which is why only a festivity, the Cannes Film Festival, or at some other magnificent plaza, fashion shows, music that emasses in their collection, dance, audience, applause, expensive, carefully chosen gifts, brings joy necessary to suppress the concern that ocassionally threatens to destroy them.

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5 thoughts on “Moon in Libra

  1. preet kaže:

    that is so not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Denise kaže:

    This is completely true! I am a Libra/Sag/Libra and everything that was posted here rang true with me. Excellent interpretation! 4 stars! 😉 lol

    Much Love,
    Darlin’ D/Denise

    1. cosmic lover kaže:

      I think that some of these interpretations are a reflection of the lack of knowledge of evolutionary astrology. Like miss Jan Spiller(author) told me a long time ago, there’s a lot of negativity in astrological writings, and that’s alright as long as they include a interpretation for the more evolved soul.

  3. Reminder kaže:

    A reminder to anyone who reads about their planetary positions or houses…you have to read them with the thought in mind that, even each interpretation of each individual aspect tells you SOMETHING about yourself, you have many more planets in other positions which tell you more than this. Hence no astrology who offers articles on one specific aspect intends to tell you all of who you are in just one aspect! That would be silly. Instead you should be collecting the interpretations and combining them into a single article about YOU so that you can get the most accurate interpretation. Looking at this and then saying, „That’s not me!!!“ is quite premature. The fact is, combine this with your other aspects, and voila — there you are. The cake is not the eggs, nor the cake mix — it’s the finished product.

  4. JELENA kaže:

    it’s negative because it’s about moon. moon gives you hell so he wouldn’t be in hell. Sun gives you heaven so your shadow CAN’t pull you down.

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