Moon in Leo

This in fact should not be a story. This is a poem, or better still, an Ode to Life that never loses its strength, or joy, or smile. This is an Ode to the Child and a child’s smile, to all the children of the world, this is the Joy of Europe, the biggest childrens show ever, and women in UNICEF that gather resources for the hungry in Zambia. This is an ode of all the brave women, women warriors, women who have boldly carried their strength, who keep the family on their own back, who, with the pride of a queen talk about their child and their work, talk about their life, looking upon it as some sort of experience which gives them the right to be proud and vain of the exactly the kind of life they have been given.

That is why you will here everything except lamentations and moaning from this Moon, he is born with eyes open and yearnful to see and admire life, so he will even after the greatest of struggles, look the new day straight in the eye. This is why this Moon in Leon will forgive everyone, but not as the Moon in Sagittarius, who is capable of understanding and forgiving, here instead we have an ambition to celebrate life’s greatness with forgiveness. It is possible that not all people are good, but “I will show by example how it should be done and how pride transcends any evil and unjustice” and truly these men and women will mean it, will say it and behave in this way always when they can celebrate their pride, celebrating themselves in this way also.

That is why there is something endearing and childish in these people, as they are on some kind of a stage all of their life, they carry a specific naughty spirit, and as if they never forget the characters they wanted to resemble with ten, even if they work in boutiques or market stalls they always wear make up or a smile as an ornament on their face, they entertain their environment entertaining themselves, awaking in people that dormant and forgotten childishness. And there is nothing lovelier than child plays here, or childrens birthdays, magnificent cakes for which they are usually masters, and these are also all the childrens birthdays that owners of this Moon will remember with pleasure and later all the concerts, for this is not only the scene, but also the stage, and in the comtemporary world the mothers of all of those musicians and DJ’s that are trying to become famous for at least 15 minutes, as double Leo Andy Warhol would say.

Psychologically, there is a courage here with the ambition of maintaining fame and pride, the desire to be ………. and an example to others. And vanity becomes an imanent principle of love and with this life imposes and attracts situations in which this very vanity can be jeopardized, situations wich will force them to accept defeat, but the soul can not accept this, but instead as an eternal victor puts before itself new wars and new victories, new challenges and new chances to prove its relentlessnes. And there is no bigger dream here than the dream of glory, the dream of big succes and applause from the masses, of admiration from others, which are the true talents that should be developed here while the child is young. So if you have a child with the Moon in Leo , don’t turn your head, give him applause, develop his three hundred talents, for he finds joy in sport and music equally, in school as well as university and later in working in an environment that gives him the chance to show he is the best, to work with the best, to aspire to success and to the dreams wich he, enchanted by the Moon, has dreamt for years, at every stage, in public he is without shame, for he doesn’t know shame. Almost of an exhibitionist spirit, he wants to grab the first chance to show all that he knows and can do and all that he is talented for.

And even if he is defeated and threatened, he will move forward, these people go forward because they draw strength from the fact that they are alive and that life is worth living. This is why I say that this is an Ode to Life as the greatest battlefield in which only the strongest and bravest survive. These people will therefore admire all the greats and all the famed, from Elvis to Marylin, to Tolstoy who wrote Anna and Prevert who wrote Barbara and Maria Calas, the Diva of divas and all the unknown women made famous by the famed, and all the unknown women who married the famed and successful, and all the unknown women that gave birth to the famed. And if these people can empathise with anyone but children, then it is with the famous, with all the presidents, and particularly with women in leading positions, heads of states, so they will be grief striken by the death of Princess Diana, they will understand Carla Del Ponte, and when they find themselves in such a position, which is often, they will receive the support of those who are rich and powerful. But, when the circle of luck changes, and all goes downhill and they remain alone, they will find an even deeper understanding for themselves and those like them, in that very loneliness that they carry, as they do, all of those visible to others, all those crucial to a company, a state, a policy, that have become a brand and a symbol for the masses that have forgotten to see in them a human being as they themselves are.

Understanding their own dreams of glory, they understand the dreams of all the powerful and famous, and understand the pain, sacrifice, courage and the price that needs to be payed to make a dream come true, even briefly. And a dream is as a dream, rarely comes true….so if you see a woman that shines even if she works as a school cleaning lady although she wanted to be a university professor, or at a market stall even though she dreamt of having her own luxurious boutique, and if instead of acting, today she is selling theatre tickets, you will recognise in her the pride of Moon in Leo. You will recognise the glow in her eyes that will tell you that she still dreams, for this is the only position of the Moon in which dreams (Moon) live eternally and await their fullfillment (Leo – life).

Apart from all of the above, this is a devotion to the Father as an authority, this is a devotion of a woman to man, to the husband as an authority, although her strength is five times that of his, but she voluntarily gives him this strength of hers and these are often times women who can make successful characters out of every man, which is where the famous sentence “behind every successful man there is a woman” originates from. In love they are proud, but also in love with love itself, for love is the manifestation of life, an eternal awakening, so more than conquering, these people enjoy love because they admire it, they admire what love makes of them, they love themselves when they are in love, when they are dazzled, enchanted. And this is a certain love that does not question years and that can arrive even later.

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  1. Béatrice kaže:

    Thank you for this wonderfull description of mig moon position, and congratulation ! Tenderly,


  2. Thank you very much for this post, it has helped me A LOT!
    ( I am not Moa tzi, but as I hav'nt Face book, he let me use his.)
    I am a girl with the moon in Léo. And thanks again, – you kan join me by :

  3. T. Nicole Merritt kaže:

    This is absolutely divine. Thank you!

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