Moon in Gemini

Now, while you are watching someone who has the Moon in Gemini, no matter how intelligent or not that person may seem to you, you should know that you have before you someone you can take everything away from except the right to finish his sentence or to finish a thought – whether it be his own or somene else’s. And while you are watching him lower his voice as if he is mumbling something in his beard, as he will mutter in his sleep and not only while he is a child, but also later, while he is talking to himself, and often with himself – even out loud when his thoughts run away wih him and come out of the darkness – you should know that you have before you a person that often does not know that he originates from a family in which women had to be either educated or very good in certain skills that required reasoning, swift thinking, cleverness and at least one specific kind of knowledge.

Today, it is a talent for languages, because even grandmother had to know more than one language, and if not grandmother, then her sister, that perhaps lives somewhere far away; but in any case, learns langages easily, so this can be either a polyglot and good translator – especially if the moon is in the Seventh House, as well as anyone who uses thoughts and words to address the world, from paper boy to journalist, from speaker to editor, from blogger to writer or dramatist, to the person who, while secluded by shadows, is painting the city in grafitti, which again represent a certain thought since they convey a certain message. And there is almost not one person with Moon in Gemini that hasn’t at least in childhood written on the walls of his room, scribled and expressed in that way the true potential of this being to make thoughts public sooner or later. If he should be a writer – that would not be an error or if he were to do anything connected to writing and books, words and thought.

These are all collections of poems, collections of short stories, collections of folk stories and that which humanity has devised; because somewhere deep in the psychology of these people there indeed exists a need to gather all of humanity under one roof, to discover a connection between all people, to prove that “all people are brothers” , to prove for the three hundredth time “how small the world is, so in Vienna on the street I met Marko from the neighborhood…” and as if a man learns so many languages, only to prove that the world is small and that “how many languages you speak – that is how many people you are worth”, or today he goes to Facebook – which is precisely what we are talking about, “book of people” in which everyone is registered, noted, so he is looks forward to a conversation or meeting a childhood friend, while planning a picnic with a new friend three days later.

This love is specific in comparison to dialogue and the inspiration for a story that is never amiss and especially appears when all are gathered around a table to enjoy food. Then along comes Moon in Gemini who starts a conversation, interrupts the meal, in the same way as his thoughts often interrupt his sleep since they are battling with the subconsious that wants to push them aside even then. This is a spontaneous aproach to other people, unburdened with complexes and fear of rejection, because when you carry inside you the belief that we are all brothers and kin, why would it then be hard to approach and start a conversation…which is why, while your child is small, do not transfer only your fears to him, do not alienate him from people because you think his communication is too uninhibited, do not dehumanize him, because in the time of alienation and objectivization of completely everything, rare are those who will be able to animate through stories, talk and contacts.

And since the Moon is multitude, this is not only a multitude of books and papers, but also a ton of wood stacked in a truck trailer as the resource from which the paper will be made or that will warm a house, but this is also a multitude in the sense of traffic – where the passion for changing cars, telephones originates, this is every multimedia invention and this is the alarm clock on the cell phone that has to be able to interrupt nap and sleep, this is every reminder in the telephone or the computer, the photocall option on the cell phone, where alongside the ring, you can also see the picture of the caller, these are the children that secretly record from their school benches and today that is also the website You Tube with video clips from the entire world, as another specific collection. Apart from being a collection, it is also a series, a TV series, but these are also commercials that interrupt when the action is at its most dramatic, most interesting, which is the reason why this is the aspect with wich good designers, inventors and creators of commercials, short forms or programmers which will create milions of practical programs from a cyber cookbook to an interpreter of dreams.

House, real estate is here somehow always more than one, and with a man “home is where the woman is”. Often there are two women, not rarely even three, just like the woman mainly has a sister who – if he would be brave enough to admit to himself, has always attracted this man more than the one he married, or it is his own sister who in a way becomes the idol and the type of woman he would like to marry – unprepared for incest which is suppressed from the conscious to the subconsious, just as the memory of incest that someone had commited in the family past is completely erased to oblivion.

This is a love for social games, this is kolo – as a folk dance in which everyone is holding hands, just as the hands will be a symbol of friendship, closeness and love for this person also later in life, touch as contact, but not as sensuality but as a condition of communication. Hands that connect or links that link or thoughts that attach to thoughts, but the most important thing is, he will think to himself, that I am not – alone.

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7 thoughts on “Moon in Gemini

  1. Nat kaže:

    I appreciate this. Thank You. Although, i must say one thing that bothered me about this paper, i know it’s yours and you should do with it what you must but since my moon lies in gemini, i feel obliged to let you know i almost always feel alone. I feel distant from the world. You forgot to mention how we feel detached. In my thoughts and in my words i can relate to anyone and everyone but in reality i can not. It’s only when i’m writing do words give me this opportunity. In my books, i find unity, but in my waking life, it’s only me. Your last sentence bothers me, it’s the only inaccurate thing. Maybe i’m wrong? Perhaps just another side talking? However, i never once thought to myself, i am not alone. Oh, and yes, i did write on my walls. How’d you know?

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      something else do this ‘detach’ thing.. Maybe position of the Moon in houses? Or maybe Mercury sign? And about writing on the wall.. 🙂 Children with MO Ge need to say the world how they feel inside…

  2. Tahara kaže:

    So, I hate writing, everything says writing. I stopped as a child, only would practice letters. Loved to read then. I used to write to myself when I was down, like I was an angel looking over my should saying get up, get up. Alone, detached, dont belong, dont keep friends for long but no one expects it from me. At work I mingle all day, want people feel acknowledged that I see them, I don’t want anyone to feel invisible, i hate that to. I am a pleb. I couldn’t study, learn, where would I put it all, there is so much information to process and observe in every moment. I hate facebook, twitter, I hate posting and being public, makes energy all messy and to much information. But I am here just to acknowledge truth when I read it, correct myself a truth I identify with, because all is truth if someone believes, I believe. Every day I know I am not alone but I am, have no room for permanent people then they can have fixed views on who you are and it traps you and limits your free expression and to never be the same person twice. he he lilith aquarius. I cannot remember the last time I said hate, wow. Thank you for articulating what always feels like a complex experience that no one gets, its such a feeling to make sense almost as good as when your busting go an then relief and smiles. You should see me text!! one on one, no probs. went on a bit, sorry.

  3. Amanda kaže:

    Wow this was really dead on, except for I’d have to agree with the others that I feel alone…all the time. I feel connected to everyone and everything in my mind, yes…but put me with a group of people and I feel as if they’d never understand…or maybe it’s not that they’d never understand, it’s more that there is so much going on in my mind that there isn’t enough time to express it all clearly, even if I talked to them for a month straight with no sleep.

    “I couldn’t study, learn, where would I put it all, there is so much information to process and observe in every moment.” Tahara

    Really liked that…I pretty much feel like that is the story of my life. Not just to do with studying and learning, but with everything! There is always so much to process! Feels somewhat like a mess.

    Oh, and I definately wrote on my walls, with a fat black sharpie. I wrote “we’ll all float on.”…which interests me because you say that “..somewhere deep in the psychology of these people there indeed exists a need to gather all of humanity under one roof, to discover a connection between all people..” which I think is accurate, inside myself I identify largely with that claim about being a lunar Gem. Haha, sorry I wrote so much, but that could have been seen coming, right? =]

    I loved reading this!!! Thank you!

  4. t kaže:

    I am a moon in gemini and I as well always feel alone and detached. But when I write poetry its connected.
    Oh and I totally live to put the pieces all together in one puzzle. It must all fit. What has been has always been and will always be.

  5. zoe kaže:

    can u please explain the paragraph abuot incest more? what WAS that? lol

  6. Beck kaže:

    I think we surround ourselves with people because we feel alone and it’s a way to sort of tell ourselves that we arn’t alone.

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