Moon in Capricorn

There is something frustrating in masses. I always notice it when I am in a rush: in the green market, flea market, at Sava Centre, anywhere in the Boulevard…mass is always represented by the Moon in astrology. The Moon and Cancer as a sign ruled by the Moon, represent nations, people, gatherings, the public, turnover, traffic…. of course, it is quite desirable to have a well positioned Moon if you are into, for example, commerce, or if you have a private clinic, because the Moon will show whether you will be sought after by others, or whether it will be the other way around…but in everyday life and in its everyday movement the Moon influences precisely these most simple human relationships…you know what I mean: you don’t exactly always go to the post office with a wide smile. You are not always in the mood for weddings and celebrations, you don’t always feel the same and sometimes you really need solitude. As an astrologer, I sometimes a bit fervently track the postion of the Moon, but usually only after some strange things have happened to me. As for today, today the Moon is in Capricorn… For all of those who work in humanitarian jobs, therefore work with people helping them, giving them advice, taking care of them etc (physicians, defectologists, sociologists, lawyers, all tradesmen that offer services of the existential type etc, that service people in that which is mundane and necessary, official and formal) it is desirable to have in their charts Moon in Capricorn aspected with Saturn. Why? Because Saturn represents foremost the sick, uncared for, and in a psychological sense shows that the person will always have in his environment someone to take care of or someone who needs help. There will always be someone present to remind with that presence that pain always lurks in the corners, that there is no time for relaxation, as well as that people need people. On the other hand, these are people that know precisely how to recognise true suffering, a real problem, just as well as they can “smell” everything false, because they have gone through the tunnels of pain, loss, disapointment and thanks to their experience they can handle anything they encounter in life. Now, a problem arises when such a person, simply born to be a physician, psychologist, pedagogue, do humanitarian work etc, does not do that, but instead choses a completely different profession such as commerce. He then starts to be unbearably concerned for his loved ones, unnecessarily pushing himself into every moment of their lives. He creates a problem and a need for worry even where there is none. He suffocates. He stalks. His thoughts are black, he is scared, doesn’t hope for anything good. Doubts everything. It occurs to me that such a Moon (in Capricorn or aspected with Saturn), because of his psychological need for solitude and his emotional unpredictability (emotions here are strongest on the level of desire, wanting but not realization and getting what they want), he is often involved in art, and then mainly in architecture, sculpting or teaching (for traditionally teaching represents the mission of dispensing and transmitting knowledge), sometimes they chose literature or philosophy precisely because of the need to explain the inevitability of transience – for you will never talk them into New Age stories of eternal life or astral projections. They are where they are, and they know very well where that is, no pink glasses. And in that kind of world a good friend can only be a “Saturnian being”, who, 90% of the time is someone who is no longer among the living, to whom they, through talking about them, erect a monument: be it Dostoyevsky, Plato, Nietzsche or someone else. They grieve (Moon is all that “touches us”) for a time long past, but not for a specific moment; they are prone to nostalgia, but generally for a time that once was. As if they would manage better in some past century. It seems almost absurd that they are often popular and “interesting” to others. Their attitudes attract others to at least listen to them if they can’t follow them, because to walk side by side with them is hard, since they do not need anyone. Not just like that. Only if it is necessary to take care of someone, only if it is someone vulnerable, sick, weak, alone. That is why it is good, when the Moon transits the sign of Capricorn in its 28 day cycle, to be alone. That is when we are responsible, dedicated, we believe in true values; just as when the Moon is in Pisces we float on clouds, unrealistic in our desires. In practical terms, when the Moon is in Capricorn, we should find time to reflect on our achievements, on what we really need to be happy. Because what we need are not aeroplanes and trucks, it is always something we already have, but need to give it priority. It is also not rare that we are at our busiest then, burdening ouselves with a list of obligations. No, then we are not in the mood for chats, light comradery and going out “without a cause”; while Hamlet or a show in the Movie Archives would be like dessert. If you were to spend one such day in the house, and not get into tidying or any kind of intellectual work, you would be overwhelmed with a sad state of mind, melancholic, but not depressive. It is more as if you would prefer to curl up and wait for spring, since you would feel, deep inside, the absence of sun rays which people with this position always feel. This is probably why these people always feel cold, but that is not relevant now. What matters to you most in these days is security, responsibility, mental work. Great days for dentists, physicians, expert advice, making plans, organising money, learning… But beware of your own despondence and accusing your loved ones of emotional denial. Believe me, we are the ones that have denied it to ourselves, acting as if we do not need protection, or help; as if we can do everything on our own…

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3 thoughts on “Moon in Capricorn

  1. ailu kaže:

    so how do i undo it to myself and learn to accept the love offered to me, how and when will it ever be enough? no matter how much love i get, i always feel i need more…..

  2. AqrSUNCapMOON kaže:

    omg my moon s in capricorn and i really agree with the characteristics (or something)

  3. Damarys Pinzon kaže:

    You are really wonderful. I read your Lilith in Scorpio article and now this Moon in Capricorn.I’m an attorney, but I don’t do what I love (help and service) but to help wealthy corporations, Banks and general commerce, and I don’t feel happy (I feel academically stimulated because I’m Gemini, but the sense of fulfillment is not there). Because of your article I have elevated a prayer opening my life to be of service (while being able to provide for my family as Taurus rising)…on the other hand I feel already that you helped me to love myself more. May life bless you everyday for what you do is a labor of love.


    (Originally from Colombia South America, but living in Boca Raton, Florida USA)

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