Moon in Cancer

All that any man would associate “moonlight” with: enchantment, romance, deep shyness from own tenderness and an even deeper need to merge in love with a loved one, a need to fantasize, a very special urge for constant daydreaming that is hard to resist, from which when awakened, a person briefly goes red if noticed by someone; all of that now lives in one being at age 15 as well at 60…

So every look from these people that have Moon positioned in Cancer, whose eyes are extraordinarily big and dreamy, which shine in the dark from all of that water they carry, since tears have here flown in rivers in the past of the female genes, gives away emotions and feelings.

Only here can the eyes attract or repel someone with magnetic force, assimilate the object of desire, searchingly not curiously, but rather emphatically and melting with the eyes of the other person, so these people – great psychologists and connoseurs of the human soul, extraordinary writers and poets, skillfuly and unobtrusively dive into your darkest depths, giving themselves up completely to intuition they trust, so don’t be surprised if you have only just met them and they start talking about your biggest weaknesses or obssessions. They are not malicious. They are good, but not as Moon in Sagittarius who will show his goodness through noble acts, justice and morality, or Moon in Aquarius who will feed the hungry; their goodness is the goodness of spontaneity, the unwritten Code of Planet Earth which says that all human beings should respect one another, respect animals, plants, forests, nature, sky, water; all that carries life within it deserves respect, needs to be cared for and deserves grace. That is why, before they can be expected to run to aid, they give help to the entire world by spreading love, warmth, attention, as missionaries of humanity and comfort through the indestructable power of compassion and forgiveness. This is why if you have Moon in Cancer, be sure to forgive everyone and forget, because then your soul will be freed of the bad spirit and darkness who always here, well entrenched in armour, is lurking for the moment to replace fantasy with black thoughts, to change scars made by the ones nearest to us, by those who we trusted most, believed in most, into agression and fear and create an alienation to the point of the need to be unsocial.

This is why youth is the hardest period here, for sorry is the Moon in Cancer that wants to take revenge when insulting on purpose whether verbally or otherwise he insults himself the most, seeing others not change, acting toward him in the same way, while he is left with a severed soul and question: “Where have all the good people gone?” . And then, if there is no support necessary for the correct development of these children while they are small, if their goodness and gentleness remain to live only in their imagination, youth drives to vice, drives to the lake of vice, whether it be called alcohol or any kind of narcotic that will set the imagination free for him to, bitter, dissapointed and alienated from everyone – the only true philantrope, want to die. Because the pain in his soul becomes unbearable, and his trust in people an unfinished dream. And if he has even a touch of aggression in the rest of his chart, there lies the problem, there are the good children that got hurt, there is a desire for self punishment, there is an uncertainty and shame, millions of complexes which the ones to whom he should have been a role model now give to him while he watches them live their lives content and happy. Incapable of being jealous, incapable of sincere hate, incapable of competing, he withdraws, gives up, forms his armoured world in which he will only be honest to himself. A false goodness is not his. His every tear is full of pain, and when he cries for himself, he is in a way also crying for you and for the entire world, for he is furious for not being able to stop loving people, driven by a need to be with people, hoping all along that something will turn.

Lyrics are in the soul of these people, songs are their comfort, they are musical and collectioners of many things, often times of music, they surround themselves by the same kind of people: artists before pragmatic thinkers, soulful people rather than rational; in love with the past and souvenirs, they diligently keep everything, carefully handle secrets, respect other peoples privacy, not easily revealing their own; in love with color, they love movies, directing and photography, painting. A strong imagination, supported by the right direction and education can bring about extraordinary architects and inventors, writers and humanitarians.

In childhood they are emotional and vulnerable, their greatest concern lies within the family, whether in the face of the alcoholic father, divorced parents or deaf to their child, or, if they are lucky to have good relations, again their soul trembles for their close ones, fearing that every separation will bring something bad to someone. Later, they become very devoted parents, especially women with this position for whom motherhood literally becomes the goal and a chance to create Man. So never say that you do not want children, when you will call unto them in your dreams and pray for the day to arrive soon.

In marriage it is important that men and women with this position have a partner who is not in the least bit agressive, since noise, agression, intolerance and carelessness will only hurt you and leave you deeply wounded.

In conclusion, a small prognosis: from end of September 2007 untill May 2008, Mars will be in Cancer and everyone that has this position is sure to go through very emotional situations, new loves and breakups, decisions to get married or have children and a home; there will be a lot of relocations, and many opportunities to put your knowledge and skills to work – just do not give in too much to dreams that can take you into the laziness of vice.

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4 thoughts on “Moon in Cancer

  1. shir kaže:

    This is true.

  2. anggie kaže:

    My sentimental cancer moon =]. I love what u said here : “Be sure to forgive everyone and forget, because then your soul will be freed of the bad spirit and darkness who always here.” I think that’s a good way to keep everything undercontrol, since i always feel like sponge emotionally, lol. Thnx u. ]

  3. Lyra kaže:

    Sanja, you rock, I LOVE YOU, You know Who!!!! <3

  4. Jessie kaže:

    This is the most astoundingly beautiful and accurate description of Moon in Cancer I have ever read. Spot on and splendid, you are right, lyrics are in my soul, and not everyone gets that, so I have to let it go. And yes, forgiving in order to quiet the beast. It is always there, sitting in ego, stranded from heart, lost its soul. . . but when you feel understood and know there are others who experience the same, the suffering becomes the sojourn and all makes sense and is well placed. Thank you so very much.

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