Moon in Aries

„I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill,
on Blueberry Hill, when I found you.
The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill,
and lingered until my dreams came true…“
(Louis Armstrong)

What would life be, I wonder, for people born with Moon in Aries if life would not be worth conquering? If life would be eternally foreseeable as a recurring dream, or if life would be absolutely certain even if that guaranteed great safety? For these creators of life he would then be like a flat line and nothing else at all. For what kind of a life is it if it does not have any thrill, if it does not warrant any action? What kind of a love is it, if it is not guided by frantic enchantment, if it does not require conquering and if the flame does not last, even after ten years of waiting if necessary, what kind of eyes are those that do not shine a fiersome shine, threatening every new day, provoking it so as it would not provoke them. And what kind of a man is he who is not true to his desires, who betrays his desires, who gives up, abandons hope, loses courage? No. Here there is nothing at all that can stop and hinder a man to move upon the paths to which the light of the Moon guides him.

And this is the exact picture of every man that stands under the street light, as well as a woman, and perhaps for that reason the mother of the above cited Louis Armstrong who had the Moon in Aries, was a prostitute, but in his dreams and memories she is brave and deserving of love, and for whom he laboured in his early youth in order to get her off the streets. This same Louis will sing, with his sonorous voice the most beautiful ever recorded ode to the world, saying :” What I play is life!” And yes, the only thing that will inspire a man with the Moon in Aries is life, but not as a metaphysical term, unknown in its essence, but life as a personal and authentic experience of one man. This is therefore a story of Man and his soul, of Man with his fervent desires that do not let himpeacefully sleep.

Dreams pursue, because everything in Aries pursues, forces, fanatically pushes to labour, conquest, whatever, and those dreams are only dreams of excitement, of the pleasant shiver that will shake the body at the sight of some young girl or the touch of the hand of a memorable man that is desired throughout life in the subconscious of these women. And that is why a person with Moon in Aries must never be adjusted. He is foremost a marginal “situation”, that either through his profession, character or behaviour, will always declare that a man must experience everything on his own and “what good are other peoples experiences to me if they are not my own?” I want life, my life, yells this being from his depths and moves to daring, to supreme courage, wich does not necessarily mean that a person should be Number One enemy of the state, as Al Capone was (Moon in Aries), but he could instead be a great master like Borges (Moon in Aries), doyen of modern literature. In all that is modern, new, untried, different, authentic, tenacious, sharp and critical as an educational slap in the face of humanity to snap out of its stagnation and come to life, to let blood course through veins.

These people realize themselves which is why, regardless of their age, they always find inspiration in their eternally brave and youth obsessed spirit and are later celebrated and trusted by that same youth. These people are outstanding pedagouges who do not utilise the learned basics of pedagogy in their work, but personal example which others readily accept, these people are born leaders – which is obvious from childhood.

So can we judge anyone here for occasional rudeness, pushiness or ruthlessness, sometimes even for being scandalous (Angelina Jolie), if in the end you still know that the only true ambition and secret need of these souls is to conquer, create and – if something is authority here then it’s the soul that permits feelings to dictate, command, determine the next goal, that leads from battle to battle, from love to love, tireless and impatient in its eternal restlesness to protect itself from lethargy and depression which abhore, which are intolerable, which they attack as the worst of demons when a person is without goal and when he lives in the endless emptiness of silence, peace and certainty. Man then saves himself by fleeing everyday routine that scares him and that he never sees as part of himself but as the enemy that threatens to kill the liveliest part in the person. Whether he will run to the street or to a vice, to another country or another woman, whether he will change his job for the eighth time, you must understand that a man is only trying to save himself this way, as Virginia Wolfe failed to do (Moon in Aries)


“If I could live my life again
I would try to make more mistakes in the next one,
I would not strive to be so perfect,
truly, very few things would I take seriously.
I would expose myself to dangers,
travel more,
watch more sunsets,
climb more mountains
swimm more rivers.
I would go to more places
that I never went to…
For, if you do not know, that is the stuff of life,
only moments; do not miss the Now.”

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3 thoughts on “Moon in Aries

  1. Luciana kaže:

    You also missed Kant there who I understand also had a moon in aries

  2. Ashley-Michelle kaže:

    I’m an Aries Moon. Very well written 🙂

  3. Bashora kaže:

    Nope; she’ll forgive quick.I have the same Libra sun Aries moon pancemelts, and I’ll forgive within 24horus (depending on the situation and how serious it is) but her Scorpio venus and Leo mars might mean she takes longer than me (however I have Scorpio mars, and Scorps hold grudges like there’s no tomorrow)If it’s nothing too serious I think you’ll be okay in not too longLibra sunAries moonVirgo venusScorpio mars

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