Moon in Aquarius

Always when I see a chart in which the Moon is positioned in Aquarius, a sky blue color flashes before my eyes. For the Moon in Aquarius are the heights of the soul. If the Moon in Cancer would be the soul, ready to give, care, be joyous, then the Moon in Aquarius is the soul ready and able to ascend and be not only the soul of one person but the soul of the whole world. And I can clearly say that these are true humanitarians who would gladly, if they only could, put their arms around all humanity, put all people under the same roof – heveanly unite them and give absolutely everyone the same amount of love, tenderness, joy. This is therefore the principle of social justice that is unfortunately hard to achieve.

That is why the greatest joy for someone with the Moon thus positioned is when destiny smiles at him and he actually becomes a scientist researching a cure for some vicious disease that will save millions, or the one that will by working in human rights (which they are always interested in no matter what ocupation they are in) struggle for peace in war zones or feed the hungry as an activist of some humanitarian organization. He will also be satisfied as an artist who creates work that burns with truth, who without mincing words, without shame or compromise of any kind is burning with the desire to open the eyes of the world with his novel or movie. He will also be satisfied as a physician who will be the best in his field, for his secret is that he sees a person in every one of his patients. So he speaks, listens to him, talks to him so there is an incredibly long line in front of his office. He will consciously self sacrifice for some idea whose higher purpose he sees. But, for instance, what kind of a salesman would he be? A bad one, for his nature is to give away not to sell. Politician? People would love him, but his fame would be short lived for he is too full of ideas, too much on the side of the people. In my practice, I have often a time seen him in famous people. Because, on its own, the Moon will always represent fame, and positioned in Aquarius means that it is easy to attain it, for Aquarius is the trend of the times, so the person is in no way extraordinary, but is instead the mirror of what is most wanted, listened to and loved, which is why in our country many low quality singers, and other famous people who are not exactly supposed to be role models have Moon in Aquarius that makes them the reflection of the cultural and every other level of the country we live in.

People with Moon in Aquarius, their nearest ones will often characterize as being nervous and tense, being hard to talk to, while someone who is new in their life, some total stranger, will be fascinated by the energy that their every action, move and sentence emits. So why is it then that they are readier to sacrifice for total strangers than they are for their nearest ones? Because only a victim that is absolutely without a hidden agenda is their imperative. In the moment when they have to stand up and defend someone in the street, in the post office or wherever they may find themselves, when someone needs skin, blood, money – they jump right in – especially if the victim is a genius. This can be a problem, and often times it is, especially when they have a family of their own. They find it hard to separate from the primary family, but in their own families, especially if they are functional, it happens that they put the interests of some completely ephemeral persons ahead of their own interests, or their partners or their childrens. Guided by a cosmopolitan soul and a sense of innate humanity, they waste no time on compassion for those who are fine.

This is why they sometimes seem arogant and cold, putting everyone in his place, guided by norms known only to them for which they utterly believe to be the only correct ones. This is where stubborness comes from, sometimes even frenzy for they are quite uncontrollable when they are active. Apart from frequently being gifted for some sort of art, profession, they empathise with geniuses whose knowledge or work they respect. Nevertheless it is impossible not to love them, which is the reason they have lots of friends. People simply feel good around them.

Because they have a big soul it is hard for them to settle down in one place. That is why they are frequently homeless, they live in rented apartments without ambition to at any cost secure something since a kind of security here lies not in owning real estate, but not owning it which leaves the door open for them to easily move on. Lots of moving, sometimes even loss of real estate, often in charts this represents property that is nationalized which is the reason that this person has no aspirations for property, feeling it would be a burden to him.

They are characterized by flawless intuition, they are romantic in their faith in destiny and the unknown, which obsseses them.

And naturally, as the Moon in Capricorn would give the same as the Moon aspected with Saturn, all I have said about the Moon in Aquarius pertains to the Moon in any kind of aspect with Uranus.

Now, when in its monthly cycle the Moon is going through the sign of Aquarius, in which it will, as in all other signs, spend two to three days, it is good not even to try to organise yourself. Open up to your instincts and follow them. It is certain that there will be surprises and plan changes, unexpected situations. That is usually when the atmospheric pressure is somewhat lower (regularly the ailment of all who have Moon in Aquarius in their charts), so headaches are possible, hard days for those with a heart condition etc… If you spend these days at home, expect sudden, maybe unannounced, guests. Sleep will be irregular, do not try to rest during the day for as you slowly fall asleep, the phone will ring, or the neigbour will start to drill. Solution: turn the phone off, but don’t be surprised if your absolute weariness passes completely, and you jump out of bed and start working. This is a good time to visit theatres, cinemas, I have noticed that this is what usually happens in the city. For example, opening of Movie Festival (FEST – festival in Serbia) coincided this year with the Moon in Aquarius. All in all this is a time when your mind, soul and imagination work as never before so use it to make your ideas public. Be truthful, open, do not get a nervous breakdown because of a short circuit, absence of a phase, trouble with TV transmission, only if in your natal chart you do not have Moon in Aquarius, prepare for being asked for loans. Maybe you will instinctively, on the wings of the power of magnanimity to the world, say yes withouth checking your finances.

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34 thoughts on “Moon in Aquarius

  1. Mike kaže:

    Aquarius is an AWFUL sign for the Moon. It’s cold, barren and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius makes the Moon feel alone and lonely and possibly subjects it to chaos.

    Aquarius is the Moon’s sign of death (8th house) — figuratively: Death of feeling.

    1. livi kaže:

      Woah, mike do you have aquarius moon yourself or why are you being so harsh and cold against people with aquarius moon? i personally have this in my natal chart and i dont think i am a cold, ruthless person. yes, i may be logical in my thinking and way of seeing things but im not brutal, cold and its not like i dont have any feelings. in my experience my sister with gemini moon she is much more “cold” emotionally than i am. you have to look at house position and aspects its getting. i have it in 2nd house(exalted for moon) and ive got aspect from pluto intensifying my emotions, also trine jupiter and opposite venus in leo. moon is not fallen in aquarius, its rather more difficult in scorpio (even though its a water sign) and capricorn (detriment).
      also there is something wrong about this article, i do not put strangers first before my family. although i care about humanity in general, im more of a family person.

    2. shireen kaže:


      go to hell.

      moon in aquarius

    3. V kaže:

      lol. wrong.

  2. Daphney kaže:

    Very beautifully said, my moon is in aquarius along with my sun, mercury, venus and jupiter. I feel like i sacrifice for others far too much. However it feels so right. I can’t explain exactly how, but there is never a moment when i don’t put others first. I am friends with everyone and I truly care about others especially the underdogs. I have been mentally exhausted because of this and most of it is totally unappreciated because it is for people that don’t even have the capacity to appreciate. My love and personal relationships suffer tremendously because of my love for the world.

  3. jess kaže:

    I read somewhere that the moon in aquaius is not ideal, and it is far more better for men than women. However:
    sun in pisces + moon in aquarius
    sun in libra + moon in aquarius

    gives good results for both men and women, making these people more attractive to the opposite sex than other sun and moon combination.

    I personally think the moon in aquarius is different, stunning though but complicated.

    1. Melita kaže:

      I am Libra sun/ Aquarius moon. What you say is true. Men love me! All of them!

  4. jimmy kaže:

    i love having a Aquarius moon 🙂

  5. lis kaže:

    I have a moon in virgo and the descriptions of moon in aquarian fits my character so I wander what really is true as I give give etc however my rising is in aquarius. So really I don’t think one should base chracter traits purely on moon value?

  6. Elm kaže:

    It is so wonderful to have the moon in Aquarius.
    But I can tell from my life experiences that by having moon in Aquarius (nature) at times one can suffer alot.I wish everyone in the world have had moon in Aquarius,it was then when there was no need for a heaven outside this world.
    Whether cold or warm_ humanity comes first.And I don’t think someone who puts others first (be it; family,friends or the world) could be ignorant of peoples heartily feelings.
    People with moon in Aquarius could be best compared to a candle_ burns to give light to others.

  7. Sophia kaže:

    I think it is interesting that Aquarius Moons feel so connected to their sign. They truly love it. I do; that is what brought me to this article. I feel like we have a lot to offer the world. I wish all my fellow Aquarius Moons the best. Although I do not agree with the section about low-quality lunar Aquarian talents. The people I have known who were born with the moon in Aquarius are great talents. I do admit, as well, that I have a tendency to prioritize friends over family and help strangers very easily. This is because the moon also represents the mother and family, and Aquarius, being the sign of humanity and friendship, may tend to feel more of a connection with friends who are equally eccentric and have common interests, who they respect, than with family, who they may feel they have less in common with.

  8. joe kaže:

    I have moon in Aquarius in my natal chart,Sun in Capricorn,so it makes me quite cold,friends say „How you can be soo cold?“ But yeah,when someone needs help,Im glad to help them,but when it comes to feelings,then I’m very cold,have heart broken loads of girls,I have venus In Aquarius alos,it makes me colder even more.

    1. Cassandra kaže:

      But you’re a heartless Caoricorn. That’s why.

    2. milica kaže:

      I have sun in capricorn, moon in aquarius and veneus in capricorn :-O what does it mean? I write here becouse I found we are similar …

    3. Bambi kaže:

      Wow how strange, I have Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon, and Aquarius Venus as well (plus half my chart is Capricorn) except I’m female. Never thought I’d meet someone with such a similar chart as me. What’s your ascendant? Mines Pisces. I find I can be very cold but that’s mainly surface level or by choice. When you look deeper I’m actually very caring and empathetic. I have sadly broken many hearts too tho, but I think that comes from a place of fear. I find it easy to walk away from most lovers tho there’s this one Aries man that brings out long standing love from me. Aries is very opposite to me while also sharing some similar characteristics

  9. Oracle kaže:

    I am Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Sagittarius Ascendant in 0 degrees, but barely missing Scorpio Ascendant by mere seconds. I did care a great deal for my family until they betrayed me. I’ve been good to friends also until they’ve repeated things I have said or mentioned something to someone of insignificance that I said and I pulled away from them because they could not be trusted after learning that they talk too much. I expect appreciation, but rarely get it!

    However, I do care a great deal about the world. Justice and fairness are my best friends. Everyone has the right to live, but everyone does not believe this. I believe the world wishes to be understood, loved and accepted more than anything else.

    I believe Aquarius Moons are trend setters, compassionate, cold, aloof, highly spiritual and can be very good at being alone, but can be very sociable and friendly when they need to be. They are usually dependable, likable and wonderful to have around. If a woman has this placement, men are very attracted to her once they get to know her because of her humanistic ideals.

    I have this placement and I love having it, because it gives me great pleasure to know that the world so desperately needs me!

  10. N kaže:

    What a beautiful analysis! I’d just like to comment on the notion arisin by many that having Moon in Aquarius is dreadful; how can that be so? The moon is the soul and yes we may not be the most emotional of people, but our soul is one of empathy, understanding and freedom. The reason why one calls us cerebral is because whenever for example, someone does me wrong and my rising Scorpio screams, on reflection my moon in Aquarius emphasises, understands the human nature and looks through the eyes of the person who acted against me, thus the anger no longer exists.  @Mike the placement certainly is not barren and desolate. Did you not read the article? It is a soul that is constantly moving and fighting for humanity, yeah we are a bit more free than others, we can move on and don’t like chlostrophobic, suffocating situations but that’s ’cause we’re so free and hate to be bound. Obviously Lunar Aquarians would love their placement, because we’re true eccentrics and like to ride a different course to the rest of you…

  11. Marcus kaže:

    I have a moon in aqua, and a venus,sun,mercury, and jupiter. Humanity has woren me down over the years, ive retreated, bought a big farm, and just wonder around in the woods alot, like who i am, but just a magnet for the ungratful, anyway ill figure it out and maybe one day ill come out of exhile rejuvenated, and if not at least well rested.

  12. Zen kaže:

    haha. I find Mike’s comment to be very accurate. I have a cancer moon. Of course I am very sensitive, intuitive, soulful and emotional. I have often found aquarian moons to be my arch nemeses. I guess because I have strong Saturn and Uranus in my chart (uranus conjunct sun, saturn conjunct AC) I have attracted many Aquarian moons throughout my life. I can tell you they are not the kind of people you can confide in when you’re really having a tough time. They won’t understand your emotions. They are not nurturers. They will make you feel stupid for having emotions. They will NOT have an available shoulder on which to cry. Dare try it, it will be very awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved.
    They do mean well though. And they DO care about humanity as a whole. They will fight for what’s right…from afar. Their caring is completely intellectual and logical. We SHOULD actually care about humanity and lunar aquarians really understand that. But caring about people on a one on one intimate basis is NOT what they are good at. I don’t care how many of the above posters insist that they are sensitive or soulful people. THEY ARE NOT and the sooner they realize that the better off they and their family and friends will be.

    1. Arya kaže:

      thanks zen,
      my mother has an aquarius moon. how bloody spot on your comment is its almost scary! i am a 12th house and asc leo and everytime i would cry and i was in my room she got angry and told me to close the door. not hey are you okay, whats wrong? nope. weirdly enough i fell in love with this guy with a sun moon saturn stellium in aquarius in the 10th house…he is seriously driving me crazy. if you dont catch him by surprise it can get hard to get him hooked his asc has to be gemini! and by reading alot of these posts i have realised the arrogance of the aquarian moons! thats actually a leos job. oh yeah i love these guys but if you go on astro theme´s website you can (NO JOKE) find the „anit-christ“ listed as a celebrity…with an aquarian sun and moon…need i say any more! ^^

    2. dalalalla kaže:

      OMG I wonder what your downfalls are. YOu sound just perfect!

  13. jiacintha kaže:

    I think i might be more emotional than some moon aquarians as my sun sign and rising is pisces…although, I tend to get along with capricorns. My sister has her sun in capricorn and my older brother has capricorn moon..there’s the odd arguement, but we get along fine 🙂

  14. jiacintha kaže:

    And I wouldn’t say I was heartless…in fact I care deeply for my family and friends. More often than not I act as counsel for my friends if they need someone to talk to, I feel saddened if I ever see one of my loved ones hurt or upset 🙁

  15. Vanessa kaže:

    Wow, the article and the comments really opened my eyes. I’m an Aquarius Moon, Pisces Sun. I’m pretty humanistic, a lot of people may think I’m naive, because I’m both the dreamer and the social reformer, but I have it in my head that I’m going to somehow help drastically improve humanity someday, or at least it’s a dream of mine. As for relationships, I look at helping my family sometimes as more of a duty/obligation. When I help friends, co-workers, and even strangers, however, I see it more as my compassionate side.

  16. Anonimni kaže:

    My sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius. Both my Sun and Moon happen to love freedom. I have many personal friends, and we like each other but I prefer to be alone most of the time so I have room for freedom. Yes, I care about humanity. And it’s true, I live in rented apartments without ambition in owning real estate and I move once every few years.

    Nice article, thank you!

  17. maureena kaže:

    I find this rather accurate, it covered almost everything I believe in. I’m a Capricorn with an Aquarius moon, Venus in Aquarius aswell as Saturn in Aquarius. I stand out alot, get accused of being too distant or aloof and detached. Often misjudged as a cold hearted person, but this isn’t the case at greatest weakness is the people. The unfortunate, beaten souls, I will give and do anything to stop their pain. I am also in the human rights feild, which I know was also covered. I do notice that I tend to see above my emotion’s, I would look at it as if I was observing in it a laboratory instead of being consumed by it.

    1. Bambi kaže:

      I have all the signs you listed as well except my Saturn is in Pisces. I loveee how you said you tend to see your emotions from afar as if observing. I deeply relate to that. I think that’s our intuitive, analytical, and aloof characteristics that causes that and I find it to be an extremely useful tool

  18. William kaže:

    I am a moon in Aquarius with a Virgo sun sign,and Leo rising. I always wondered why I felt different than everyone else until I discovered I had Aquarius in my moon, I thought it was the Virgo side. I enjoy being alone, but I love people at times. As an Aquarius moon I find myself lost in myself feeling misunderstood.Emotions of love struggled to find a permanent place in my heart. Although, I long for the perfect companion. I keep faith that one day we will meet and together we will survive all the ups and downs that true love is associated with.

  19. Enka kaže:

    Aquarious moon in the 8th house here lol. I can be very cold and very truthful but sometimes I hold my tongue because I know more sensitive souls cannot handle the brute force(aries sun) of words(aquarius moon) that strikes precise and critically(8th house). My moon is also an exact conjunct with my saturn…:/

  20. hoho kaže:

    Thank you Sanja. This answers Livi. I have a moon in Taurus. To me, the Aquarius Sun or Moon is a nightmare because they are distant and absent one way or other. I just came across a beautiful Sagg who is lots of fun, and I started planning a future, until she told me her time of birth in Odessa to make her Moon in Aq. Damn. Will not be there when I need touch and feel and lean-on and sing together and dream together. And she will run away when I try to hold on tight with my Pluto square Moon. But to a Moon in Gemini she will be just wonderful and light and perfect. Where you stand depends on where you sit.

  21. Ammy kaže:

    I’m a Sun Saggitarius, Libra rising, Scorpio Venus, with and Aquarius Moon. I’m a very fun, loving, friendly person but its the Aquarius Moon that gets me. I’m very distant at times because I don’t want to burden others when I’m emotional or I dont understand what I’m feeling myself so I withdrawal from friends and family until I figure it out. It hurts me and I feel lonely. But I end up explaining later. However its a bond breaker.The biggest thing that I fear is vulnerability. It gives me a sense of insecurity so I only trust myself with emotions. Emotions make me feel out of control. I helps us to step back and examine why we are feeling the way we do. Which is reason for the distant and aloofness.

  22. Ammy kaže:

    The flip side Moon in Aquarius is that we usually put others ahead of our own feelings. It may be the Venus in Scorpio coming into play. I love people. I love giving. I’m not the garage sale type when comes to getting rid of things. I find more pleasure in giving to someone that is in need. We are very creative people. We strive to be different. I despise a copy cat. I know I am very quirky. I do things in ways others do not understand. I have my own system. I have to have freedom in my work and be allowed to have a certain amount of creativity.

  23. Nathalia kaže:

    People with aquarius elements ( moon, venus, mars, etc ) and aquarians are very difficult to deal in general in my opinion. There is always a wall between aquarians and others no matter how friendly they appear to be.

    Despite of their humanitarian side, their shadow is very egocentric and proud, much more than any leo I have known. Expressing deep emotions is always a signal of weakness to them.

    Aquarians are so individualistic that it becomes a negative trait.
    Most of them are incapable of adapting to others, sacrificing a little of their freedom to others. The others always have to adapt to them or just leave them.

    What they want to change in people and in the world ( outside ) is a projection of what they have to change in themselves but they are so blind to see that. They want to change a humanity, except themselves.

    I have a lot of virgo in my chart. I know I am very critical and need to improve this aspect, but I am also very down-to-earth despite of having venus in virgo in the 12th house.

  24. FendiGucciPrada kaže:

    Aquarius moon here with a Taurus Sun. Really confused at people claiming such and such sign is awful. I mean have you met a large enough sample of ppl with that sign to make that conclusion? Just bc [inset awful person in your life here] is that sign… doesn’t mean everyone is like that? Geez. There’s such thing as birth charts people and relationship with other signs on that chart.
    For me personally, I don’t think people see me as cold or emotionless (a lot of my close friends are water signs). I am very sensitive to people’s feelings and empathetic to a fault really. It is just my own emotions that I have a hard time expressing.
    As for humanitarian… YES. Most my daydreams involve saving the unfortunate from greedy corporate bastards. But I am earth sign dominant (Taurus and Capricorn), so being „homeless“ is not going to work for me. Nope.

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