Pluto – Lust for Life

I don’t know whether you have wondered what makes a man get up when the bottom is yet a faint word that you speak with ridicule, trying to explain your state to others. I also don’t know whether you have ever looked upon autumn as strength, rather than the end, as birth rather than death. A leaf will fall, but the root will remain. Rain, winds, fogs and clouds…, someone will say…”dog day”, probably not even realising that in the soul of every one of us there lives an eternal autumn, it lives and is born again every time. But you do not see it. She is often well hidden from this man, as energy that now lives in all people, brave as an epic, made of libido, that will surely emerge in life first as anticipation and then as fear that every impulse has in it, even desire because, how is it that he-the man, conscious and contemporary, now is possessed by a terrible, animal hunger?

I am telling you this because every chart hides somewhere within it Pluto; whatever your Sun sign may be, that will grab you when you least expect it as a tidal wave and drag you to the bottom. And there, if you give in to him, the sensation that will possess you will resemble the beginning of something that will never end, because you won’t want it to. Which is why you will joyously give in to it every following time…

Pluto was the Greek God of the Underworld in whose empire the sun never shined, a world surrounded by the pale flowers of death and five rivers: Styx, the rivers of Wailing, of Woe, of Fire, of Forgetfulness that took everything of this Earth into eternal oblivion, just as every one will, with slightly pronounced elements of Scorpio send to oblivion even the one he loved till death just the day before, if he’s hurt, which in this case means only one thing – betrayal.

So various persons come to mind, marked with an implacable belief in themselves, that had the impressive Scropio in their charts that gave them strength, courage, example. For this sign gives birth to people that always give an example of how to be free to others, how to be unafraid of challenges, how to awaken the beast in yourself, provoke energies that are seemingly not of this world and how to stand up to them, how to wrestle with your own fears…
What people usually notice when they are in Pluto’s hold is that they lose control over their own lives, “that they don’t have time for anything”, “ that they want to change everything, doesn’t matter how…”. Truly, this time would logically demand silence and listening to our own being. But it seems that exactly at this time we become speedy and moody, we lose rythm thus producing an incredible chaos in our lives, no order, health problems, losing money or hysterical spending sprees, many love quarrels, dramas and scandals, new fated and dangerous liaisons, because, on top of everything already said, this is the most theatrical impetus in the chart, which constantly turns life into a tragic comedy. Passions are enflamed, doubt destroys all harmony, and the need for fullfilling every desire, even the smallest one will rebelliously and contemptuously stand up to anyone who attempts to stand in its way.

The power of Pluto is attractive, almost irresistible. Almost unattainable. Fatal and deeply transfoming, it represents the aspiration of the soul to rise from ashes, and turn its greatest fear into the greatest joys. As a volcano, deeply in the subconscious (“underworld”) it nurtures strong, flaming and dynamic forces which manage to bring to life all that is forgotten and deadened. And I will tell you another secret. There is no other planet that will more passionately, fanatically, courageously and determinedly seek the truth than Pluto, for he is the truth. But, the final truth, definite and for others still unclear, the one that is called death. The final one, that nonetheless carries the essence of life within it, which can only be truly understood by people who are blessed by this planet.

And to accept death would mean, in the words of the greatest of all Scorpios, and a pure plutonian type, Fyodor Mickhaylovich (Dostoyevsky), to accept suffering, because “…a man loves life because he loves pain and fear.” It is only after destruction and fall, after the darkest nothingness, tragedy, devastation, fatal events that couldn’t have been foreseen or changed, that a man meets face to face with that furious strength that he carries within him from birth…and there are two paths.

To be degraded in rage, alone and left, abandoned and macabre, without faith or hope, angry with everyone, he himself becomes demonically evil, in one word the avenger, that will destroy to the end his own but frequently also the life of others. Or to understand that everything is transient, just as existence itself and that all things in fact only change, the shape is different but the energy endures. It is alive and can not be spent, as an eternal element it renews Man, encourages him always when he is ready to make a radical move, revitalizes his strength, renews his will and only then brings peace. It is exactly that Plutonian jump into the challenge, the abyss, into the unexplored and deserted, into drama, restlesness, chaos and darkness that awakens in him the joy of Phoenix, that many will never understand since they have forgotten that in the beginning God created everything from the darkness.

It would be ridiculous to talk about Pluto and not talk about sex, which is different from the archetypical Leo’s jubillant, seductive, luxurious, open sex, that blazes as lightning in a short passionate moment. Pluto’s insights on this field are different. He is slow, demanding, so entering into this relationship, it is as if you are floating in some inter-space between this and the other world, it is the experience of symbolic death, act of creation and destruction in one. Of pronounced eroticism, simultaneously dramatic and magical, the sex life of Pluto is always eventful, because they do not allow their sexual energy to fall under a certain level, often destructive and obsessive. Sometimes the strong libido and desire for dominance can force them to act manipulatively toward a partner, to be demanding; or the reverse situation happens in which someone else treats them in that way. Attaining true love is possible only through a lasting relationship and in no way through frequent and agressive partner changes, through which the person is rejecting any possibility of being committed for fear of rejection. For them a relationship with another person represents an irresistible force that transcends the boundaries of personality and leads to physical and transcendental experience.

Regarding health, all Plutonian types are prone to diseases because no one can suppress their traumatic life experiences as deeply as they can. They bury inside them all of their emotional wounds, anger, fury, jealousy, shame, humiliation, envy…Maybe they will casually tell you that they have no problems…and they will truly believe and feel it is so, because they have pushed all, especially the biggest problems so deep inside them that the sun of truth will never independently even touch them. And while all of this is fermenting in their subconscious, they only wait for the event, person, moment, death that will force them to understand the impotence of their power, the weakness of their strength, the frustration of their energy and dig into the discarded aspects of their personality.

Diseases, when they get them, are strong, breaking but short in duration because of their forceful vital energy and strong constitution and they get out of their sick bed much stronger and healthier than they were before. Their cold is never a light cough or just a cold, it’s a proper viral infection, the flu is not just flu – its pneumonia, and headaches are not transient and light, but black-out migraines that last incessantly for three days and more…Because Pluto is extreme! Their life is in danger many times, they attract danger as well as a mass of strange characters that can complicate their lives sooner or later. But that is what they want…when they are sinking, they sing slowly, a long time and deeply suggestively and fatalistically forcing their own body to overcome the boundaries of human endurance and strength and to heal itself.

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2 thoughts on “Pluto – Lust for Life

  1. Fil kaže:

    “Regarding health, all Plutonian types are prone to diseases because no one can suppress their traumatic life experiences as deeply as they can”


    Pluto29 Libra Second house, trine sun, oppose ceres

    “Their cold is never a light cough or just a cold, it’s a proper viral infection, the flu is not just flu – its pneumonia”

    ive had pneumonia 6 times usually around nov-dec the first and last time came with a 106 fever that almost killed me!

    love ur work

  2. lee kaže:

    Hello,I deeply enjoy your writing I think its rare and beautiful.I have a quick question to ask.Does having Pluto in the first house when the rising is in libra still gives a person (me) a plutonian force.or is it covered by the diplomatic libra?

    thank you
    much good

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