Lilith in Virgo

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“ To fear is to die a hundred deaths daily! A man fears everything in this world, great and small, the insect as well as the lion, mean words as well as illness…which is why he always attacks, hates the fairest and unwillingly listens to the wisest.”

Jovan Ducic, “Leutar Mornings”

Lilith in Virgo guarantees a shining intelligence and a brilliant mind that can lead a person to various high positions and a successful career. He approaches work maniacally and is capable of working day in and day out. This is why he is a truly fanatical worker, that tirelessly spends his nights over books or doing some job, incapable to adjust to any team, although he is often in life faced with that. He is always the best in what he does, although on the side, carefully observing the development of the situation and waiting for his 5 minutes! Although in some cases when Lilith is badly aspected, he acquires work and money with difficulty, often changes jobs or the hard conditions at work adversely influence his health.

The need to prove himself as different is pronounced quite early in life, most frequently as a consequence of some humiliation in childhood and early youth, not being able to find an appropriate field for self expression (the novel “Little Prince” by A.S. Exipery – LI in Virgo, presents a story of overcoming this rejection by the human race, a primary misunderstanding and miscomprehension from people). The person is very eloquent and critical, analytical and detail oriented in every undertaking. That is why we have an inclination for mathematics, physics ( Thomas Edison), languages, literature in general, psychology, acting, medicine (Hans Berger, EEG)… These people believe that somewhere there is a key for every problem, no secret is unattainable, and the human brain is a true treasury in which we only need to look into without fear! (Erne Rubik – LI in Virgo, in the eighties marketed his “Rubik cube” and made millions think!)

These people usually possess a sense that is particularly keen, as well as a pronounced sensitivity to outside influences and, weather conditions, which only confirms that these people are located between what is above and what is below, as a sort of connection. They are hypersensitive. With the Black Moon in the sign of Virgo, the person should have strong ties that connect him with Earth and the rythm of nature. But it is usually not the case in youth, when the realization of weaknesses of the human being goes on and its helplessness before the higher powers, old age and death. This is where various fears come from and to overcome them, much intellectual work, contemplation, travel and liberating of spirit is necessary.

Their emotional life is in jeopardy mainly because of a difficult situation in childhood and youth, poverty and modesty that will exist here throughout life. Women and men will not find it difficult to enter into emotional relationships, but there will regularly be problems in the sexual relationship, in relationships that are not sanctioned by society, that are banned by morals or some other ethical rules…In the early youth of these people some public humiliation happened which made them ashamed of their bodies, so they often neglect it, suppressing sexual desires and defending themselves from sex often times saying “ I’m tired…” or “I have to work…”. Libido can not be seen here at all. The person seems completely detached from its animus. However, all of this is just an illusion, so the glasses slyly hide lucidity and every perversity of Woody Allen who has Lilith in Virgo. The greatest temptation for this person, whether it be a man or woman, lies within the workplace. Only in the workplace there will appear a person of true sex appeal that can snap them out of their monotony and strip the mask of their false disinterest in sex. Especially women with Lilith thus positioned have a pronounced instinctive and earthly appearance of the feminine, they are sensual and they love men which they are ashamed of admitting to themselves. That is why they retreat, completely devote themselves to work, sometimes have gynecological problems (all on a psychological level because of their repressed natural sexual need). Men can get venereal diseases so protection is compulsory. Men usually prefer younger girls and those who are inexperienced. When there is no sex, their desire for perfectionism comes to the front, their need for cleanliness that gradually turns into mania! Too strong a libido culminates in passionate intellectual work, a complete fascination by books, thinking, writing and a fascinating capactiy for the most accurate analysis and insight into the human spirit. As if the animalistic is hidden all the time behind lascivous thoughts, just like Henry Miller who in his youth admired the shamelessness of Lawrence’s “Lady Chaterley’s Lover”, only to later himself write a crucial trilogy of sex, depravity, street sin and love pathology.

In people that are not engaged in intellectual work, this position of Lilith is dangerous since it brings heavy thoughts, words, the need for agression – usually through verbal attacks that are an attempt of releasing the pent up energy. That is why they gossip as a form of therapy, their inexplicable need for interfering in other people’s lives (this is why this position is frequent in charts of politicians, journalists, criminals).

Here health can be seriously damaged through frequent stressful situations, especially due to unsatisfactory relations in marriage or the family. It sometimes brings a hard life to women and a difficult life for the mother.

With Lilith in Virgo : John Fante, Thomas Edison, Jim Jarmush, Meg Ryan, Dalay Lama, John Coltraine, Tolstoy, Louis Bunuel, Raikkonen, Coutlhard.

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7 thoughts on “Lilith in Virgo

  1. kaarthika kaže:

    “Their emotional life is in jeopardy mainly because of a difficult situation in childhood and youth, poverty and modesty that will exist here throughout life”
    – wow!! this so true..

  2. james kaže:

    „strumming my pain with his finger…“ fantastic and such a true analysis of my lilith placement. Thankyou. I have a question though sometimes my lilith is said to be in Virgo while in most it’s placed at the very begining of libra how do I know which one I am?

  3. Oracle kaže:

    Thank you so much Sanja Peric for your concise description of Lilith in Virgo. It is the best I’ve read so far. You are so right when you describe how Lilith in Virgo experiences having to prove themselves and is misunderstood by the world. It is so very true how I was humiliated during my youth and had a very abusive and neglectful childhood of feeling worthless as hell. High school was for me a down trodden experience because I had a very bad reputation that brought me much humiliation and condemnation.

    I go through perfectionism and is a clean freak to the point of maniac. I delve in intellectualism and spirituality without religion, I can’t live without it. I find myself writing a lot expressing myself through literature and life experiences. This is pretty good, because it talked about me pretty accurately. I was shocked that Woody Allen and Dalay Lama were Lilith in Virgo.

    And the sex part was true too about me. I repressed my sexual desires for ten years and now my significant other can hardly keep up and I would whether read, write or meditate instead most of the time. To be honest, I’m not interested in him anymore. The description of a woman’s appearance with Lilith in Virgo is so true for me. There is nothing else in the world I would rather do than to have a most accurate analysis and insight into the human spirit and of course, making a lot of money!

    I’m Capricorn Sun woman with Pluto in Virgo, Lilith in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio, Aquarius Moon, Gemini/Sagittarius Rising, Pisces/Virgo Midheaven, Aquarius Ascending Node, Leo Descending. Please Sanja, tell me more.

  4. Tina kaže:

    is this about Mean Black Moon, or True Black Moon, or asteroid Lilith or what?

  5. Chloe kaže:


    Just out of curiosity, is your partner a Virgo Sun? I’ve heard that there can be dissonance when there’s a conjunction between the Lilith and the Sun, in synastry. I need to know because I’m Lilith in Virgo, and am considering being with a Virgo Sun man.

    Thank you!!!

  6. wow…my Lilith is in Virgo.

  7. Shannah Faith kaže:

    Taylor Swift also has Lilith in Virgo.

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