Lilith in Taurus

“Of a Thousand Faces” © Felicia Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika

“… My cook hoped I would fall in love with one of them, but my zeal exceded her hopes: all beauties had their turn and all were satisfied with me; the cook was also rewarded for her services.”
Casanova “The Memoirs”

This is one of the most natural positions of Lilith who was, according to Hebrew myth where she is mentioned as Adam’s first wife, herself created from earth. Those born under her influence are very sensual and very fertile which is why she almost regularly brings unwanted pregnancies to women and problems with genitalia to men, genital infections and other diseases, and all because of too much pleasure in youth, lust, fornication and hedonism. In their youth they are usually interested in little except pleasure, all is subordinated to laughter and beauty. Later, when they first begin to fear old age and disability, death, they start their serious quest for the “elixir of immortality”, so that their enchantment and intoxication with this world, their “dolce vita” could be celebrated as long as possible!

If we needed to describe her, she would be the belly dancer with voluptuous curves, big eyes wide open. Goddess of sensuality that knows the long forgotten rythm of the universe, rythm that drums somewhere in every one of us, tribal dance, that starts gently and joyfully and then in a growing trance she gives herself up to frenzied passions, instincts and senses that vanquish the demons of night, darkness and death. Only those who have Lilith positioned here can establish contact with her, can awaken her! Fabulous sense of rythm! Truly, these people will only with the help of joy, laughter, music, dance, sex, with the help of their talent to see beauty in everything, they will elevate their consciousness and find the divine within themselves! They are extremely talented for art, painting and singing in particular, although trading in art objects and paintings as well as jewelry is also possible.

Partnerships will, from early youth, be an important part of their lives. With kisses and sex they manage to overcome all obstacles. Any form of renouncing pleasure here is impossible because Lilith will lay its trap. Sensualities are emphasized and very early on they manage to recognize their impulsive nature. During their life they will change many partners. These are people whose sexual life is exclusively based on the visual and tactile so affairs and infidelities are easily possible. A hint in the air of some pleasure and fun is sufficient. They feel strong sexual desire in kitchens, restaurants, at various receptions, at glamorous ocassions. Oral sex and kissing are of great significance to them. They usually have big, sensual lips and in time their voices deepen to an “invitation to sex”. Financially they are quite sound, but often make wrong investments, they easily squander money especially on pleasures, love, gamble…

It is paramount that during their life they maintain a direct contact with nature that is to them the greatest existing mistery. They are connected to the earth and her energy with their heart. They are very traditionalist and respect the cult of family.

Celebrities with Lilith in Taurus: Maria Callas, Aristotel Onasis, Goran Milekic, Pavarotti, Julia Roberst, Vlade Divac, Stefan Milenkovic, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder, Eric Burdon, Tracy Lords, Shakira, James Redfield, Samuel Becket, T.S. Elliot.

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8 thoughts on “Lilith in Taurus

  1. Shannon kaže:

    This hits it pretty well for me!! (; Not only that, but I am a Scorpio, My Juno is in Scorpio, my Moon in Leo, & my Rising is in Taurus!! My Venus is either in Leo or Libra. I think Libra. Any who, other than that I am a very loyal bird. Since I’ve fallen in my 1st love & departed I am waiting for that One and only special True Love!!! So No I don’t hop around at all, but i can still enjoy myself along the way!! LOL!!

  2. Dadu kaže:

    Kinda true, I have Lilith in Taurus with 5 planets in the 2nd house (taurus house) I always suspected that even when I’m very aquarius I had a taurus touch since I love pleasures, candies, sex.

  3. olyalyalya kaže:

    Hehe big eyes and big lips is all moi. Now if only I could dance….

  4. Allan kaže:

    Hmmmm I know this isn’t exactly a personalized description, I got my Lilith at 2 Taurus 8th, Pluto at 2 Scorpio 2nd. Ive never caught an STD yet, didn’t start getting into sex that much till I was older… I have nothing to prove, know what I’m good at! lol My hand does wonders 😉 but i’m really good at psychical contact maybe Venus in Taurus? Don’t relate to this hooker in boots really…I stay true to myself. Pluto in 2nd usually keeps its talents to themselves cause of being the house of SELF-WORTH… Wonder if Taurus works that way…Possesses vs being Possessed. Now speakin of Lilith? I believe I stole the bitches heart, and she LOV me cause I don’t care if she wanta be whatever way she wanta be….but bitch shut up lol I herd you the first time with my ears opened wide, listening attentively. I also hear the heartbeat of the drumin Earth 😛 thanks for the article.

  5. Editing kaže:

    Im in love with a man who has lilith in taurus. (Me being a woman, and him a man) We’re taking things slow ; friends state. He loves to be in the kitchen though. A good cook too. He doesnt do one night stands and he hasnt been dating anyone recently. He is very sweet and hes does listen. Me having lilith in pisces, anyone know if men in taurus likes rough sex? I think he also has mars in leo.

  6. Reecie kaže:

    This sounds like my mother…

  7. Plutonian Goddess kaže:

    My Lilith is retrograde in Taurus .. What does that mean ??

  8. Elven eleven kaže:

    Well, with Lilith in Taurus and Venus in Sco ….. good Lord, help me please :)))) 🙁

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