Lilith in Scorpio

“Badem Music Video” © Mehmet Turgut Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika.

“Leave that alone, Paulina! That vindictiveness is unworthy of you, and you should accept your suffering as an inevitable punishment for passion. Such a law obviously exists.”
Leonid Grosman, “Roulettenburg”

Everything here is a question of to be or not to be! Everything is a life or death struggle. And nobody can understand these people when they say that love is not love if it does not hurt, if there is no jealousy, pain, abandonment and comeback. If there is not even hatred and the darkness of frenzied passions and unsustainable desires, or that violent need for attention, looks, giving and owning. The eroticism of these people is morbid, for only in the face of rejection and the end that wounds the pride is their bitterness created and their hatred, love and passion awakened! Only when they are left and deceived, when treachery supresses faith – they move from fanatic love to the opposite extreme, thus beginning to hate with the same intensity if not even greater, the person that hurt them and that they were ready to, only the previous day, give everything for! They plan their vengeance, they even feel a type of disgust. Psychologically, Lilith positioned in Scorpio in its domicile is closer to women. Sometimes a person with LI in Sc uses rituals and rites, magic and the like in order to hurt or to gain the absolute attention of the person she is attracted to. If however, the person who has Lilith positioned here is not of an agressive or violent temperament, then she herself can be the victim of someone else’s rage, then it is she and her love that are in danger from others. In any case, after one humiliation and insult, especially women with LI in Sc have a problem of sexually opening up to men, to give themselves up and enjoy sex which is in their thoughts 24 hours a day! As a compromise, they strive to draw attention to themselves emphasizing their sex appeal by provocative clothing, uninhibited behaviour.

Generally these people are talented for sex of which they are aware, because it is only in sex, through the touch of two bodies, that they find satisfaction (and the touch is something that is obsessively missed since childhood, no matter how harmonious the family in which the person grew up as a child was, there still was not enough touching, embracing…), which is why they later in sex look for adoration and proof of love. If they wanted to, they could destroy up to three marriages through sex, but they find it hard to realize even one!

The feeling of degradation and lack of self esteem become the biggest problems of this person. Moderation is a word he does not know, everything is either – or! That is why things easily slip to extremes, from apathy to euphoria, from depression to hysteria, from ascetism to an insatiable hunger for passionate nights. Although men will experience her as a fatal seductress, Lilith here gets her maybe most sinister shape so it is extremely hard for her to approach anything with a pure heart, with trust and openness. This is also, of course, applicable to men with LI in Sc, that seek justification in everything for their defensive attitude which they use to shield themselves from new wounds. They do not trust women, sometimes even to the point of complete bitterness toward the female gender which may lead them to the opposite extreme (George Michael). A malicious use of sexual energy, whimsical sex and manipulation of their partner through erotic dominance can be frequent here! Relationships usually crash accompanied by the worst of scandals.

Sex and death hold an equal fascination! The transience of life and the constant presence of death in their thoughts make these people keep their senses alert at all times, ready to furiously and disdainfully snatch and raid what they please from life. They don’t believe in luck, and they constantly put it to the test whether through gamble or other vices with life itself as the stake. The suicidal is deeply hidden from the person, so no matter how much everything that is happening to her looks like an accident or bad carma, the person has envoked her destiny long ago, that evil and being lonely, death itself whether in some drug or dangerous person that will radically change her life. Truly, these people often times chose for a partner a fanatical and dangerous person, that is almost regularly some weirdo, a wild and antisocial person, a rebellious nature that they are sure will provide no security ( Whitney Houston had LI here and such a marriage with Bobby Brown and all the problems with heroin, and Carmen Electra, also with Lilith in Sc, had a marriage with Denis Rodmann that was measured in days only to recently enter into a serious relationship with the contraversial rock musician Dave Navarro). After such an experience, like Phoenix she raises from the ashes and she is beginning a seemingly different life as a new person, recupperated, full of life. Only when she finds herself on the bottom, only when the emotional pain becomes unbearable, does the person grow! That is why this is an extremely difficult position for Lillith, which can however, if the person decides to work on itself and its awareness, bring about incredible results and rapid progress, since the energies it possesses are not of this world and their power is incomprehensible!

Also, there is a great need to be an authority to others, while they themselves will only respect those that somehow strike fear into them or, even more for those who they fear for. A primal evil inhibits any kind of affirmation of life, joy, healthy love, romance, without destructive powers in the background that threaten to destroy, every seemingly harmonic state as soon as it finds itself at its pinnacle, when they care about it the most! That is why they constantly strive to have control over the lives of their dearest people, to manipulate with other people’s lives, being, emotions and they use sex as a means to achieve it! However, sex is also the means other people can use most easily to hurt this person, reject her, face her with defeat, loss, loneliness and lack of control over certain situations.

It is ideal if a person with Lilith in Scorpio choses a profession that will bring her in touch with this kind of people, with all human pathologies, whether through politics (Vojislav Seselj, Che Gevara), writing about the secret of human evil that is familiar to them (Andre Malreau) or by acting out on the scene such pathological characters that have, not by coincidence, made Jack Nicholson, who has Lilith positioned here, famous! Also, two of the greatest Sci Fi thrillers, horrors and pathological movies directors, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch! LI in Sc gives also exceptional analysts, psychiatrists, surgeons…

It is also interesting that through dreams or some other strange ways the dead frequently communicate to them. They are inclined (especially in their youth) to spiritualistic seanses, they are interested in the occult, astrology, hypnosis, magical rites, mundane life is made up of these little ritual actions, they appear mysterious to others, they avoid talking about themselves, but if Lilith is badly aspected, all of that directly leads them to madness. Money is also important to them and an important factor for their health! The best advice is for a person to accept things as they are without losing hope in a better future, but it is exactly that which seems impossible here!

The following also have Lilith in Scorpio: Ivo Andric, Milja Vujanovic, Blondie, Akira Kurosawa, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Brad Pitt, Annie Lennox, Louis Sachmo Armstrong, Gabriel Garcia Markes, Alain Prost, Fernando Alonso, Barricelo, Gwyneth Paltrow

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27 thoughts on “Lilith in Scorpio

  1. Renee kaže:

    Sanjaperic ! You always have the BEST and most ACCURATE lilith descriptions.!!
    Thanks so much! you have been of so much help to me and my research!

  2. gb kaže:

    Thank you for your description! It’s amazing, this can teach us some aspects of our lives…

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      thank you 🙂

  3. Wendy kaže:

    I have Pluto in 8th House, Lilith in Scorpio, MC is also Scorpio, and I have tons of aspects between these and all the other planets/signs; however, I am a Sun Sign Aries, but I’ve never acted or even thought that much as an Aries. I have taken a few of those “what sign should you be?” quizzes, and it always points to Scorpio. Could this be a reason why?

  4. Ceci kaže:

    This is so accurate.. I´ve got Moon in Scorpio and Lilith too, your description is incredible for both moon and lilith. Well done!

  5. Kacey kaže:

    First of all, thank you for posting this.

    But second of all… the quote at the beginning? What book is that, exactly? I cannot find it! It’s a book/story/novella called “Roulettenburg?” Are you sure?

    Did he originally write it? The internet brought up “The Gambler” but I found a complete text of that with no mention of the quote you used (which I love, and has inspired me to read wherever it came from).

    Please respond! Thank yoU!

    1. sanja peric kaže:

      Hello Kacey,

      this is one of my fav books about Dostevsky’s life… Biography was written by Leonid Grossman, and in Serbian, name of the book is “GRad ruleta” which means “The City of Roulette”. When I tried to find English translation I couldn’t find anything, except in German (which is original) “Roulettenburg”.

      But I think that this is the same book:

      1. Sonia kaže:

        Hi! Do I read up on True Lilith or Mean lilith?

  6. Danny Ketcherside kaže:

    The interpretation you have here scares and intrigues me at the same time. With LI in SC, Does this mean that I will always struggle with my soft spiritual inner self as well? This leaves me with a dark but rather accurate impression. It seems as though I’m fated to be alone.

  7. Diogo Freitas kaže:

    This is really strange, it seems you had describe me! I`m a scorpio ascendant with lilith tightly conjucted. To add some more intensity i have my sun, jupiter and venus in the 8th house (all in gemini) and pluto in the 1st house. My family since i was born has received huge inheritances from relatives. I always have a feeling that i am very strange and too intense. I feel i easyly intimidate some people while sometimes i feel intimidated by others. I love sex, sex is the best! And i have to have plenty of it. I understood what you mean with unorthodox/malicious sex. One of the most accurate things you`ve said was:” it is only in sex, through the touch of two bodies, that they find satisfaction (and the touch is something that is obsessively missed since childhood”. I loved your precision. You must be an amazing astrologer.
    Diogo Freitas, Portugal

  8. Susane kaže:

    Aló Sanja, this have been a great description that helped me understand a little bit more about my chart –that’s me, at the end–. I first came to read more about moon in cancer and now, reading more about this position, gives me a much more comprehension about that lunatic days I can have sometimes, and also about the fascination about dark things.
    Thank you for sharing all this work.
    Greetings from Mexico.

  9. Umar kaže:

    Hie Aleksandra,
    Whatever u described about lilith in scorpio over her was just perfect. it refelcts my personality a lot i have lilith,pluto,juno and my rising sign in scorpio in the 1st house.
    Can u send me a link to to send my birth chat to you or send link to your articels revealing personality of a person like me.
    Sun aquarius 4th house
    moon Libra 11th house
    Mercury in aquarius 3rd house
    Mars,venus,Satrun,Uranus and neptune in Capricon in 3rd house
    and juptier in Cancer in 8th house

  10. v kaže:

    i’m born in october 3rd of 1989 at 10.00 am
    where’s my lilith?

    1. Diogo Freitas kaže:

      Where were you born?…

  11. Delafina kaže:

    Wow, I have Lilith in Scorpio, but this sounds nothing like me. I’m a fairly sunny, extroverted person who enjoys being liked and showing affection for the people around me. I’m fascinated by neither sex nor death – just love. I’ve been told by everyone I know who pays attention to such things that the sexual vibe I give off is „girl next door,“ not „fatal temptress,“ and that if anything, I’m too trusting and open.

  12. Lærke kaže:

    Hi Sanja

    Thank you so much for your work and effort.

    This (Li in Sc) is – how I would describe my view upon the world. Maybe it is related to the fact that I have Scorpio rising? I was wondering if it would be possible to ask you to do a whole chart with interpretings – and in English?

    I would love that very much since I fully enjoy and can relate to your interpretations.

  13. Rayne kaže:

    Great description by the way, but I am not so proud of being a Lilith in Scorpio I am constantly torn between ideas of love, beauty and sensuality by my Venus in Taurus that wants close friends, my Aquarius Moon that wants to accept and liberate others, which gives me this dreamy idea of friendship and wanting to be united with others and these ugly emotions that this Lilith gives me, jealousy hate envy and this uncanny thoughts of “peace only means reloading your guns, there is no such thing as brotherhood, people are always going to fight”. So I am often my own dream maker and dream destroyer due to my dreamy Aquarius moon and my bitter Lilith. I am so often torn between thoughts of both good and bad I think one moment “that would be a beautiful thing if…” than “fuck that that will never happen because”. I also have serious trust issues and the urge to open up to people at the same time. This is a really hard position for me. It’s funny because I am also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, kind of a coincidence that my Sun is in Gemini, so I have a cynical twin and a loving twin. It’s also kind of funny how in your description you said that we could be interested in astrology, because I started reading up on my chart by the time I was 8yrs old.

  14. Charlotte kaže:

    So accurate…in romance I have never been able to love a person until they’ve hurt me to some extent first. I have always thought I must be twisted in some way but now I can put it down to my Lilith in Scorpio 🙂

  15. Satania kaže:

    Impressively well-written! Thank you for this very accurate description, it is SO me!!

  16. lorigen kaže:

    This very accurate for sex is 24/ hours of thinking all the fact is true to me.yhanx astrologer

  17. Tom kaže:

    Thank you for this. Now I understand myself better again. I’m 41 years old and been interested in astrology for a long time but this really opens new understanding of many things in my personality. Peace to everybody.

  18. danyell kaže:

    wow! hot! lilith and moon in scorpio here!

  19. arane kaže:

    I have lilith in scorpio in the first house. And somehow this not describe me =/

  20. April kaže:


    „A primal evil inhibits any kind of affirmation of life, joy, healthy love, romance, without destructive powers in the background that threaten to destroy, every seemingly harmonic state as soon as it finds itself at its pinnacle, when they care about it the most!“

    I think there is a problem with syntax as the meaning of this sentence is not comprehensible. Could you please reformulate it?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Danielle kaže:

      I get the impression that the author means that Lilith in Scorpio lives in paradox, contradiction, and sabotage. They express through their shadow love for something or someone only after it’s threatened to take away or destroy something or someone they finally managed to care about.

    2. sanja peric kaže:

      April, you are right about translation. All those Lilith articles I wrote 11 ys ago and translation is not bad, but it is not true to original. My english is not good to translate it in a better way, so I will try to explain: primal evil – actually, the fear of evil. LI in Scorpio see evil (dark side) as a very powerfull, even stronger than Good as a fundamental force. And primal fear of evil may cause fear of being too happy, relaxed, romantic. Even if we are, there is a fear that all those nice emotions and feelings can be taken from us in second! So after first several expirience where that egzactly happened, the person with LI in Sc learn how to inhibit, control emotions and not to be overwhelmed and uncontroll.

  21. Michael kaže:

    What happened to the transit tracker?

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