Lilith in Sagittarius

photo: „Female“ © Eliona Zale
Displayed here by kind permission of the artist / Slika je objavljena uz pisanu dozvolu umetnika.

“But it’s a poor fellow who can’t take his pleasure without asking other people’s permission.”

Hermann Hesse “Steppenwolf”

Truly, all would be well here if it were not for morals, consious and the question of “good and bad” that stands as a barricade to every pleasure. Sexuality is frequently complicated and a person can make order of it if he approaches everything as an adventure. If he plans and moralizes – nothing will happen. Temptations are great here, especially on trips and abroad, so a man with Lilith thus positioned will stop his car in the middle of the night on a road in order to spend unforgettable and passionate moments with an unknown woman, and the woman will more easily open up abroad and in every other new environment than she will at home, she is more free, more ready for risk, adventure, a turn of the life, so there we have relationships with married men, older, richer. The man will make known that he is a free spirit, that he doesn’t like being shackled – he is the eternal boy. Sooner or later there will be a problem with the law, others will sooner or later judge the behaviour of this person. That is why this position is not good for marriage either for Her or for Him since the opportunites are plentiful only after all connections, however the person may have been modest and alone in its youth.

Often a time there are great breakups, of large, global proportions (Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinski both have Lilith in Sagittarius). This person often adds a note of the mystical, exotic and the unique to the most ordinary experiences. All of this because Lilith in Sagittarius gives the person a specific fiery energy with which she moves to action not only herself, but also all others that come into contact with her. She awakens immorality in others, forces them to dangerous games, as if saying “ Come on, move, don’t wait, now is your chance – you’re not going to waste it, are you?”. In their search for truth as the greatest ideal, these people will demonstrate their courage and ability to elevate themselves above others with their spirit. However, in order to achieve this, they usually need a lot of time and experience that will lead them through lies, deceit, idolatry, illusions and dogmas, false teachers and prophets, for in the end they must put their trust in knowledge, intuition, faith that they themselves possess and reject all that has given them their false identity! The possibility to fly high on the wings of their imagination turns them into true visionaries of the future, so this position of Lilith is frequently found in the charts of astrologers, mystiques, esotherists ( Allistair Crowley, Dipak Chopra) and the two, perhaps foremost artists, movie directors – prophets of the 20th cenury also have this position – Emir Kusturica and Stephen Spielberg!

On the other hand, people with LI in Sagittarius have a problem communicating with the surrounding world, which is why it seems to them that no one gets them or understands them. In youth this is a big problem, which is why a person will strive to impose herself, at any cost, to some great, and by others accepted society, public, to in some way gain not only the attention but also love and favour from others. Instead of searching for her own identity, she copies others, immitates their types of behaviour, has idols, pushes herself into the jet set, persistently follows trends so she would be representative and respected. To the slightest mocking and remark she reacts immaturely, she gets angry and retreats into her shell, just like a child that is disciplined to take off her mother’s or father’s shoes and put them back in their place! There is something good in these people, but it’s hidden from them until the moment they face their real ME. Self confidence is false as is the whole world that they build on pomp and celebrations. That is why sooner or later she must reject all that is not hers and seek the spirit and purity of spirit that she possesses along with perfect intuition, for she is connected with the entire Universe day in and day out, which directs her and sends her signs, prophetic dreams, images. That is where the interest in parapsychology comes from, in life after death, myths and secrets of ancient civilisations, archaeology, religion, the whole cosmos. In life they will often meet unusual people, seers, healers, prohets, wise men, those that will evolutionarily influence them and provoke them to expand their spirit in various ways. They are talented for healing, and are also good public speakers. In the absence of a strong spirit, superstition is pronounced. Passions are also great, especially for speed (Grace Kelly who dies because of her passionate driving, had LI in Sagittarius, just as the famous driver of F1, Manuel Fandjo).

Others with Lilith in Sagittarius: David Bowie, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Wilbur Wright, John Steinbeck, Tennessee Williams, V. Mayakowski, Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Bruce Willis, Russel Crowe, Freddy Mercury.

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9 thoughts on “Lilith in Sagittarius

  1. Chris kaže:

    Being a skeptical astrologer I have never given heed to Lilith but this reading is so accurate it has given me pause for thought. That I have it sextile Venus and Trine Pluto adds to the scenario.

    Thanks for your wonderful work.

  2. Marina kaže:

    This is VERY true for Black Moon Lilith trine Jupiter. I am very prone to turning lovers into “Gurus’” “. But this Lilith is a sucker for being worshipped too!

  3. I had a boy friend that I could sense that he was unfaithful till I found out that his lilith is in Sagittarius, i feel better knowing!

  4. Anonimni kaže:

    Its amazing I have Lilith in Sag. Its true I'm not as rushing into something like sex mostly cause my sun (cancer) and my moon (scorpio) are like pull yourself together that will never happen get on with life. And its also true that I meet mystical people I have met a lady I'd consider a medium she can see spirits and hear them read tarot runes and native american runes. Very sweet lady. But it feels like my true passion is being locked up, my feelings are being held back by reality. And I'm quite imaginative, trines with lilith are with Mercury(leo) and Jupiter(Pieces) Its amazing….

  5. Nish kaže:

    This is scary and soooobtrue on sooooo many levels. I’m at a point now where I am trying find ME! I had the dreams… I’m looking for this spiritual connection and I have no idea why I want to go abroad so bad lol

  6. R kaže:

    This is very accurate. But of course, with Lilith and Moon at the same degree of Sag, in the 1st, I would say that. Thanks for the confirmation !

  7. Cloe kaže:

    I’ve only recently discovered my Lilith is in Sagittarius. Interesting post – I’ve cheated on every partner I’ve had. The cheating has been spontaneous and not premeditated. In my last relationship, a sudden opportunity to sleep with an extremely handsome man presented itself, so I took advantage of it. This was a year into my then relationship. The experience was completely over shadowed by the immense guilt I felt afterwards. Hours after it happened I confessed to my partner and ended the relationship. It has been a year and I’ve been on many dates but do not want to commit to another one because I seem to have such poor control over myself. I also often feel suffocated in relationships and I feel as that motivates me betray my partners. It doesn’t help my Venus is in Aquarius and my Moon is in Gemini.

  8. Ingrid kaže:

    Is this the asteroid Lilith or Black Moon Lilith you are speaking of?
    I have BML in Sagittarius conjunct Ceres and am trying to make sense of this in terms of how it may have impacted my children with whom I was sometimes volatile, much to my deep sadness now…
    I very much appreciated your article, thank you. Wondering if you have any thoughts on the BML / Ceres conjunction?

  9. rintin kaže:

    the worst spiritually destructive, parasitic, perverse and depraved creature i have ever known in life had both moon and lilith in sagitarrius conjunct. moon/lilith is already a occult aspect and he abused it to satanic levels.

    the most invasive, perverse, and satanic pedophile and rapist who used that to invade another’s soul for energy drain kind of like spiritual identity theft. this scum was always pulling more evolved souls than it which showed me just how sick this universe is to placate as well as serve up like prey others to feed it’s scum spoiled and wild lifeforms because god is the demiurge.

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