Lilith in Pisces

photo: “The Little Mermaid” © Borda
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“ And I saw her as a sad thirtieth child of Valentine that fell, not as Lucifer rebelling against God, but because she too passionately wanted to be united with him! All things in excess become sin.”

Lawrence Durrell, “The Alexandria Quartet”

Lilith in Pisces represents the dreams, fantasies, uthopia, focused on some endless horizons and the infinity of everything, which is why she sometimes feels driven out of her far house to Earth and among people that mainly do not understand her. Because of the need not to experience the end, because of the fear of losing or crumbling of ideals, these people can for years endure a strange state of life that is not of the heaven of from the Earth, believing in something that is long gone since. It is very difficult for everyone that has LI in Pisces to accept a difficult situation as it is without experiencing in the process a large psychological shock after which they usually require a long time to come back to normal and even that under the condition that a person is strong enough to conquer their own weaknesses. Otherwise nervous and psychological conditions are frequent, halucinations, drugs and opiates, medicine, anything that will pacify the true pain of the soul that life brought.

She is a good friend (although she will sometimes exhibit false compassion and interest in other people’s problems) but when it concerns them – there the blockade happens, losing the grip. This is where great self deceptions come from and every attempt of the environment to pull this person “into rationality” results in her even greater isolation. Sensitivity is dangerous here since it can at a certain moment turn into a pshychological reaction, so ofthen these people have the need to ask for the help of a psychologist after greater emotional breakdowns.
On the other hand, this is an excellent position for mediums, public work, masses, in all that is global and especially in jobs that are done according to feeling, so we find many of them among artists and musicians in general. They will regularly get calls from a person they were just thinking about, or they will dream a dream that will materialize in detail exactly how they dreamt it, since they are extraordinary channels for transmitting information, they easily recept telepathic messages, as well as bad vibrations from the environment and their senses are hypersensitive. However, since they are very receptive of other people’s negative energies, they should learn to say “no” in life or to protect themselves from exhaustion in some other way. Especially if they work in hospitals and similar places that are by definition filled with negative energy.

They are intuitive and they easily comprehend another person but only if the life of that person does not pertain to them, because then they become extremely subjective and incapable of passing realistic judgement. That is why it is necessary to consult with others regarding themselves. Since they are constantly in their parallel universe, these individuals have a talent to express their ability in psychiatry, healing of nervous ailments, drug addicts, while they should stay away from hypnosis, regression, taking medication on their own and other situations that may lead to comatose states.
In the spiritual sense they have an emphasized fear of going to the other side, the unknown, mystic or they show an extraordinary passion toward it, especially to magical rites, are interested in kabala, shamans etc (Allistair Crowley).

These people often seem happy and content to others, as if they don’t have a care in the world, since they are themselves afraid to delve deeper into themselves and face a pile of fears and disappointments they have deeply suppressed usually under some new illusions.

Indeciveness and hesitation are present here as a problem that is possible to solve only through rejection of fantasies, unreal ambitions and the fear of dominance of others over them, which happens in their life only too frequently.
Lilith here creates an almost astounding naivety in love which is why their love life is often chaotic, so they never manage to see in time where their love life is headed. When they realize – it is usually too late, since disappointment is inevitable. It is as if this person must always be the victim of a love relationship.
Various stimuluses, candles, a special “ritual” atmosphere are necessary to wake from a deep sleep the erotic and slow sensuality that needs foreplay, foreplay, foreplay…constantly delaying the moment of action! Sex usually happens in some strange – semi-conscious state, at night, in the water, in hospitals, closed institutions, hotels, at work. These are definitely very imaginative lovers that, because of their great shyness, do not succede in sharing their erotic fatasies with anyone, especially their proneness to S-M relationships, because they enjoy when the partner exhibits power over them and pain here represents a kind of pleasure. That is why they will at least once enter into a relationship with an agressive man that will try to physically molest them (Tina Turner, or Mike Tyson, who is himself like that).
If fully activated, Lilith in Pisces will produce, but more in men than in women, many perversities. There is a strong pathological need to belong to someone, to love someone fatally, as a deity. That is why we see idolatry here, fetishes. Much gossiping and slandering…
The positive use of this energy gives great intuition, high spiritual abilities, supreme musicians and generally artists (Isidora Duncan, Salvador Dali).

Apart from those mentioned above, these celebrities also have Lilith in Pisces :Angelina Jolie, Enrique Iglesias, Osama Bin Laden, Rupert Murdock, Samantha Fox, Al Pacino, Jean Rene Lacoste, Jessie Owens, Pancho Villa, Pierre Cardin, Alfred Nobel, Albert Camus.


written by Aleksandra Sanja Peric, 2010.

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37 thoughts on “Lilith in Pisces

  1. John kaže:

    WOw, this description of Lilith in Pisces truly hit right to the spot for me! I’ve been to tons and tons of Psychiatrists, I constantly live in a dream world full of illusions, and I have a lot of nervous and mental (“soul”) problems. A very good and accurate description, I’m totally stunned.

  2. Airavine kaže:

    I’m surprised this is somewhat accurate. Even if I don’t have a psychiatrist, I still have dreams, illusions, and unusual senses. I do need some kind of mental help at some times, but I try to work that out with myself. My sun sign is a Cancer, moon in Leo, and rising sign Sagittarius. I am a working artist too. Amazing information on Lilth in Pisces.

  3. Leona kaže:

    This was the best description of my ‘Lilith in Pisces’ to date. You were spot on with so many elements:
    *The feeling that I’m living in a illusory world.
    *The intuition and ESP.
    *The need for psychoanalysis at times (actually very important in my life – necessary to keep me in touch with what everyone else sees and experiences)
    *I avoid all drugs and ‘dreamy’ therapies such as hypnosis, because I have always sensed deep down that they could do me more harm than good. Fine for some, but not for me.
    *Needing to assume the role of ‘victim’ within a relationship.

    But the best point for me was the one which said….. ‘a strong pathological need to belong to someone, to love someone fatally, as a deity.’….

    My biggest, cruelest and all consuming part of my life is that I have never felt truely loved by anyone or anything. It seems like no-one has the ability to love me in a way that is sufficient or comforting. This feeling is intensified by Liliths positioning.

    I live like a leaf in the wind, bidding my time, waiting for the end of this harsh and heavy existence.
    Many thanks

  4. me kaže:

    Wow. deep n informative. To leona, ur last statement resonates with me. granted all the perversion/delusions?!/and love saga, we r also deeply spiritual beings,yes we r Real, i wouldn’t expect others to validate this because they can’t SEE like we do. People do live partially in the spirit realm n the physical realm simultaneously. a beautiful writer by the name of “ben okri” touchs on this at depth.

    just by the wording of ur expression, the last statement u made, i recognized it immediately.

    my words r obscored n pours out of me backwards so communication is still tough for me, words r 2 restrictive to express the boundless energy inside me.i chat more on the net than i do physically talk.

    i have to work on my telekinesis and psychic ability, its very strong n destructive(not against self but others). lol

  5. v kaže:

    i took lsd when i was younger but not by choice; it was an ‘accident’ given to me by a so-called guy who wanted to date me. i was able to, under the drug read people’s thoughts and know exactly waht they said. when i relayed this to my girlfriend she was really afraid/slightly shocked. i stay away from anything hallucinagenic and it scares me of what i can see through the ‘veil’….

  6. vo kaže:

    Its true we are creative. I on the other hand than most people who posted am on medication to treat schizophrenia. I could have literally dozens of thoughts in one minute or imagine I am talking to someone or more people in my head all at once and it could seem totally real. I sometimes regret that I’ve been on medication for so long but I am a „crazy“ so I need it. I do like the idea of living in a fantasy world and escape at times but it backfires and my family’s normal so they anchor me. For a painter your descriptions would be awesome to paint. There’s so many good ideas to work with if you have this placement. I’ve had a few good ideas for painting. I am also a creative writer and hobbyist musician.

  7. polly kaže:


    But oooh… „…Lilith in Pisces will produce, but more in men than in women, many perversities such as group sex, HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS“.

    Do you really think that homosexuals are perverse????


    1. sanja peric kaže:

      dear Polly,

      all articles about Lilith I wrote 9 years ago, and many things that I said I should rewrite.. my mind is not the same, the time (epoches) is different, we all are became more opened and tolerant to each other meanwhile… so thank you for marking this sentence, I will change it instantly.

      1. Divinity in love kaže:

        lol what you consider tolerable would be celebrating if you also had access to higher realms of knowledge.

  8. dawn kaže:

    I thought I was crazy!!! I have lilith in pisces, moon in pisces, vesta in pisces, saturn in pisces, pallas in pisces…
    Its weird like I have the ability to know things about people, especially those close to me. Sometimes, it just comes to me and its like, without a doubt I just know its true. the atmosphere of a place affects me alot, I tend to soak up energy like a sponge its really annoying. I’m easily affected by the moods of those around me. And yes, like Leona, I feel the need to throw myself into relationships fully, I give my heart and soul and end up being the ‘victim’ in relationships. And yea im attracted to controlling and possessive peopl, and they to me. Yes, I have suffered from bouts of depression already.

  9. lauf kaže:

    Despite all this, i felt some kind of warmth in obscure blue
    inside while reading your words

  10. mermaid kaže:

    very very true!
    especially what Leona said “ My biggest, cruelest and all consuming part of my life is that I have never felt truely loved by anyone or anything. It seems like no-one has the ability to love me in a way that is sufficient or comforting. “

    im the same way – im afraid i will never find a partner that will love me. I have been called cold hearted by some ,thats only because i think they dont understand me

    just wanted to add that my lilith is conjunct my pisces moon by a 2 degree orb in the 10th house. Im a cancer rising to the moon is my ruler, just wondering what this could imply?

  11. :) kaže:

    Lilith in pisces.. Bully 🙂

  12. dark moon kaže:

    Oh boy! This is me to the last word!
    Also have Saturn Rx Pisces and Chiron Rx Pisces, makes for some „interesting“ stuff- the soul pain is incredible most of the time and relationships….. have given up on ever having a decent relationship with anyone, always get abused in one way or another. Not worth the pain and not worth the risk of a broken heart yet again.

  13. Mudpie kaže:

    This makes sense to me, although I also have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Pisces all in the 12th house (along with Lilith), so the Lilith placement just accentuates it all. I suppose the fact that I have held onto my sanity throughout my life is approaching miracle status. I think I have Aries rising to thank for that. Although I have had various psychic experiences, I was told to be careful with this realm, especially channeling and seances, because I could be swept away, so to speak. I can feel this danger very close to me and I am always able to pull back in time. Forget relationships, however. I am 62 years old and I never married. All my relationships were disastrous for me. I gave up on that realm of my life over 10 years ago, and am much happier alone than I ever was in a relationship. Such is life in the 12th house.

  14. Ryan kaže:

    This was incredibly accurate. It gave me goosebumps as i read each sentence. I don’t even know what to say, amazing.

  15. Lucy kaže:

    Very accurate and concerning will we with Lilith in Pisces be able to have a sustaining loving relationship? I am loved by so many, my children included, I just can’t seem to sustain a male female relationship, will that change?

  16. TAMMY kaže:

    I have been married 21 years to the same guy. Have a rich fantasy life. Husband says I should write. Sun in Taurus & Moon in Aquarius. My dream life is highly charged and sensory, so much that I can smell scents and feel the wind on my face

  17. This was so dead on its scary. I wander if lilith in pisces tend to be more or less successful in the world. I am a writer/poet/muscian/singer but I wander if just because I am drawn to the arts if I ll actually be able to live with it as a profession. I’ve given up on what others call reall careers. I am a recovering heroin addict, however on a methadone maintenance program and se a therapist often . The sex part was dead on. I am a male, and I usually have sex in the middle of the night, I like to be overpowered, etc. I want to know more. I am a Gemini sun sigh, however I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart.. Scorpio riding, ascendant and I know a couple more cant remember which tho.. My Venus is Taurus. Anyone able to read natal charts?

  18. Editing kaže:

    This post is straight on. Im in my teens – very late teens and its becoming hard to live daily. You would think a person with her sun sign being sagittarius would be open and impulsive. It seems like everyday I have to edit myself (I edited this post several times and still came to the conclusion of doubt) or be a person with rock solid walls. Then I chase myself with ugly thoughts in this air tight dungeon. I do take drugs for those nasty weekly days but im scared of being addicted. Maybe I already am. Sorry for the upsetting post but its just how I feel. Thank you for posting, on a postive note. Theres not many lilith articles on the web.

  19. WC kaže:

    I have to say I am a great skeptic, but I did my natal chart on astrology cafe and most of it is so accurate it is scary, especially the Lilith In Pisces. To Leona, I too resonate with what you said about you feel at times you are just waiting for it all to end.

    I have suffered severe depression my entire life and even when the symptoms are mostly in remission, I feel a weight of sadness on me that I can never seem to get out of my system no matter how much therapy I have done, yoga, meditation, etc.. It feels there is always something pulling me into a state of unhappiness.

    Just the other day I emailed a shaman to see what could be done as I feel it is something my „soul has been cursed with“ for lack of better words. Like I was born with it.

    I pick up intensely on other peoples’ stuff and it can be harsh at times. I see through so much.

    My other aspects are as follows so if there is really anything to astrology, am I screwed or do I need to just channel these things in the right way and what could a shaman possibly do if these things are already fixed. It seems I need to work harder than must to find balance, peace, and joy in life. I have been told I am very intense, but I am not loud. I am still trying to get over a bad relationship in which I refused to see how awful it was and it seems at times like the final straw to have been severely and emotionally used and damaged greatly by a narcissist. I feel it so intensely I have a hard time being around any scene or even that reminds me of him and the power he has in it. It is going to take a long time to heal I feel and I just have to accept that.

    Thank you for this article. It makes sense.

    Ascendant Scorpio 17.16
    Moon Pisces 20.19 II Sagittarius 17.10
    Mercury Leo 0.52 R III Capricorn 21.43
    Venus Cancer 17.03 IV Aquarius 27.54
    Mars Cancer 16.30 V Aries 0.04
    Jupiter Cancer 19.51 VI Aries 26.09
    Saturn Pisces 29.12 R VII Taurus 17.16
    Uranus Virgo 17.40 VIII Gemini 17.10
    Neptune Scorpio 19.25 IX Cancer 21.43
    Pluto Virgo 17.00 Midheaven Leo 27.54
    Lilith Pisces 13.56 XI Libra 0.04
    Asc node Taurus 21.39 XII Libra 26.09

    1. Madcap kaže:

      I often think of past lives and have a constant feeling to go to places I feel like I have been or belong. I also have a nonstop search for knowledge and truth. I also can’t help but think often how people seem to be wasting there existence here and I seem to suffer a constant melancholic state that I am telling myself to overcome. It has been worsened by a drawn out relationship where I of course got my heart broke, a couple times. This is crazy accurate.

  20. Achilles in Heels kaže:

    Finally, some really accurate information on Lilith in Pisces. All of this really resonated with me. I have my moon in Pisces too. I have found this placement incredibly difficult to understand. In fact, slowly but surely, my whole life has ground to a halt by the weight of this incredible Lilith in Pisces anchor.

    I tick many of the boxes, lives in another world, depression, musically orientated, strong sense of hearing and an acute sensitivity to sound and extraordinarily subtle vibrations…particularly of the psychic kind.

    Has anyone mentioned ‘memory’? I have always had access to memories from ‘previous lives’ or more accurately ‘previous existences’. These memories are as fresh as if they just happened. They are quite ethereal in nature – sounds, brief images, feelings, colours, a brush of skin against a texture/fabric…but nonetheless, they are real. I feel this is very much part of the Lilith in Pisces affect.

    Also, does anyone else with this placement feel that their depression is caused by the complete futility of the current human way of existing? I always feel this enormous sadness in me when I see that humans have this wonderful playground and they choose to create a hellish reality instead of using this space to develop something profoundly beautiful.

    I think the sadness comes from the realisation of ‘what it could be’ contrasted against the chaos and ugliness of what is. Perhaps we all suspect that we need to escape to a different world because this one is too unnecessarily damaged.

    Of course, it could be just me…

    Thanks x

    1. OldSoul kaže:

      I feel your comment word by word. I also have „memories“, sometimes I am not sure if it was a dream I once had or something I have actually lived. And most of the times I’m very sad that I can only remember so little.
      And about the depression part, I don’t want to go there. Goethe used this word in one of his books „weltschmerz“. That’s exactly what this is about.

  21. PETER SMITH kaže:

    Please subscribe me to your site. I found your interpretation of Lilith in Pisces to be uncannily accurate. Thank you!

    1. sanjaperic kaže:


      you have subscription form in sidebar menu… thanks

  22. Amal Kadry kaže:

    You are absolutely amazing; thank you for sharing your gift; you help us to heal by knowing our selves.

  23. Anonimni kaže:

    mike Tyson

  24. Black Lilith kaže:

    Thank you for this article.

    Lilith in 12th house Pisces is wrecking my life. I also have Moon in 12th house but in Aquarius. Asc in Pisces. Sun Trine Neptune. Neptune square Venus. Neptune sextile Pluto. Neptune in Sagitarius in 9th house. NN in 8th house Scorpio. Uranus in 7th house trine Moon.

    I am currently obsessed with finding myself and to find oneness with the universe. I feel insanity, too much empathy and also the need to escape. I am not in sync with everything around me. I feel very out of place and that no one understands me. I am unable to sustain any relationships because of my inability to relate to the mundane world.

    Dreams, mysticism, astral projection, etc… are important to me.

    Maybe it’s self-inflicted all these self-pity, self-absorption and self-destruction but I’m still trying my best to find a way around it.

    I am mostly depressed although I hardly show it as I am usually alone. I also neglect being a good mother to my young daughter who is being cared after by my mother and I feel very guilty about it. I am a single mother and I work as a freelance writer and a musician.

    I try my best to be of service to others all the time hoping that self-sacrifice might help. I also think I have healing abilities. I believe I was born different and with certain prior knowledge. I have been practising non-attachment all these while.

    I have this urge to find someone whom I can totally devote too. I know it is also impossible that is why I have chosen non-attachment.

    All these have taken the joy out of living.

    Maybe some of you can relate to this.

    Light and love.

  25. Black Lilith kaže:


    I can also relate to your comments… esp the last sentence.

    I have always thought of myself as a kite… waiting, waiting, waiting…. for someone or the wind to guide me home…..

    and release me from this torment and pained existence.

  26. human being kaže:

    It was extremely interesting reading this description, and all the comments, though i cannot say it is comforting. One thing about my experience is that it often feels very unique, so perhaps it is nice to know i’m not alone. What, however, are the „solutions,“ or at least practices, efforts, we can make in order to make the experience of existence easier, more comfortable, less isolating? are we, as it were, doomed to this depression, darkness, sensitivity, isolation? I would love a spark of hope and guidance, or am i naive in believing that we can find healthy love and peace yet? why does it sound and feel like such a dark hand of cards?

  27. Evolving Soul kaže:

    My Lilith is retrograde in the 4th house and in Pisces so I can totally relate to feeling like the victim and feeling alone especially feeling like the black sheep–not so sure about the physic abilities. I am an artist though with very vivd dreams, and they sometimes lead to moments of deja-vu in the real world. I can be intense with a Scorpio rising but I think my Virgo Sun helps to harmonize my relations seeing as I have a need to help people and fix chaotic situations but as far as relationships go, while I agree with the darker sexual inclinations, I could never be with a person who abuses me in any way because I have a fierce streak of independence with a Moon in Sagittarius so while I do have a need to be loved and accepted I have even a greater desire to accept myself and be my own best friend. I’ve always been a bit of a hermit, so instead of taking that as „Im alone“ I take it as I’m in tune with myself. I don’t feel a need to throw myself into relationships because I am focused on evolving spiritually and emotionally. Unfortunately, I experience intense rifts of depression that leave as fast a they come. But with my teen years finally over I feel happier and rejuvenated. I may be wounded but I’m constantly healing.

  28. Candy kaže:

    On point for me. I have prophetic dreams and I am a channel. I have suffered from depression on and off my whole life. However, some parts are a little off. As even though my true Lilith is in Pisces, my mean Lilith is in Aries. I think a lot of people who read this, expect to see a complete comparison. Don’t forget the influences of the other aspects of your chart. For example, for me, a lot of the uncertainty and softness of this placement is hardened and spiced up by a very dominant Aires in my chart, including my rising sign and a sun sign in Aquarius. Consider other influences in your personality from other planets. Some could cancel out or balance undesirable traits.

  29. Ihaveworkinahour kaže:

    mine is this and i have two other friends who have their lilith in pisces too.. that I know of at least and we are all really loving people and like different jokes and we all have a serious passion for the arts!

    1. Student kaže:

      I can relate to some of the descriptions but others are very off. I do feel very receptive to my environment (about half the time), i know that i have an incredible imagination and a deep interest in philosophy, the occult and psychology. I was born around the same time as Aleister Crowley (who i guess is a fellow Lilith Pisces) and i feel like i can relate to his desire to do the impossible. Lilith is all i have in Pisces though, so Pisces is likely not a very powerful influence in my chart. I have a Sagittarius Mars and Scorpio Venus which may influence my approach to relationships. I know that i am not a masochist because any attempt at dominating me sexually by a lover turns me off immediately. In fact, i think i have some sadistic tendencies since i do seem to be aroused by feeling as if i have power and dominance over others sexually and emotionally.

  30. Olivia kaže:

    This brings so much comfort for me, knowing that I am not alone in feeling this strange, stuck-between-worlds, half-light life every day. It’s good to see there are others out there who feel similarly. I find myself attracted to places that feel in-between, especially old buildings, abandoned buildings, etc. It’s crazy to see how much you can feel in these places, as if they hold vibrations from long ago.
    Some things I’m learning about having my dark moon in Pisces:
    -Remember that what you feel is true, is true, no matter if no one else understands you.
    -Also remember to take time to yourself in a comforting place, build yourself an altar of safety and security, because these spaces are necessary for those of us who constantly feel blown away. Go out into nature, where it is quiet, find a tree and sit under it, feel how sturdy their roots are, even though the wind may shake their leaves.
    -Be there for yourself, because no one else will ever be able to fully meet you in the misty in-between world you constantly inhabit.
    -When you do meet a fellow dark moon in Pisces, keep them close, because our understanding and empathy for one another is invaluable.

    Thank you, Sanja, for your incredibly intuitive and thorough astrological analysis– you have given us such a gift.

    Peace and love,

  31. Cai kaže:

    I’m very curious on the dreams part. I’ve had so many dreams that blow my mind, they are so intense and always cause a wave of euphoria. I’ve died, returned to the womb, been hugged by a spirit that felt like the ultimate love (even the word God came to mind), broken through christian rose windows and catapulted into outer space, visited many other planets to collect different flora species to bring back to earth, been in different spaceships, had conversations with Gaia, met shamans, been given information by seemingly extra-terrestial beings, saw the earth in its last ice age melting, saw an ancient submarine that was futuristic in form, seen ancient languages that I can’t make out, turned into a ball of colors and light, been given secret information by two russian scientists (in this dream I also brought my friend who speaks russian to interpret for me? lol)……..

    Also, most of this rings true for me. It’s been years of depression and victimization and illusions. The moment I decided to take responsibility for myself and my environment changed everything.

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